lol the quote

BTS in less then 10 words

Jin: living, breathing work of art, appreciate

Suga: threat when awoken, you’ve been warned

J-Hope: cute in Korea, hot in America

Rap Monster: mix tapes hotter than Jimin’s chocolate abs

Jimin: very big ass, even bigger heart

V: beneficial to your health, not your boyfriend’s sanity

Jungkook: I, the meme king, declare that girls have cOOTIES

  • Natsu: I love you, Erza.
  • Erza: I love... cake.
  • [A day passes with akwardness]
  • Erza: [talking about the "elephant" in the room] Natsu, it's just that... if I say it, and then we break up, what would I tell myself?
  • Natsu: You could tell yourself you still have cake, we both know how much it means to you.
  • Erza: OK, I deserve that.