lol the other night

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What are your smutty and or funny head canon for Kai? I feel he enjoys and prefers dom but there is a special list of people he would wana sub for ( aka the entire list is bonnie's name written ten times and now Rebekah since your anon mentioned her and let be honest Rebekah always is a dom lol). As for funny headcanon, Kai would prank everyone around him with his Magic ( he favorite prank -turn invisible and pretend to be ghost lol)

The other night I was looking for inspiration and channeling my inner Kai when I thought up something beautiful. I thought someone would never ask lmao. I feel like he’d run a porn blog on tumblr. Just picture it. It makes sense after a while. ;)


I don’t know why, so don’t ask.



Here’s a relax drawing thing from a couple of weeks ago.


👑✨my favorite Jaebum looks✨👑  #10

       ↳ MNET Asian Music Awards Hong Kong 151202

‘Cause it’s me, you, you, me, me, you all night~

yeah they’re gonna bang. (if that wasn’t obvious enough). 

Ugh, me and my sketchiness. Coloring would take me a century and I don’t have time to spare for that.. 

Anyhoo, I was kinda going through an art-block, so I decided to draw this to get something outta my system. Not satisfying, but at least it’s something~ x) 

Consider this as something to make up for missing out on their anniversary. So let’s say that this is taking place on Nov. 8th where they’ve got a hot night planned with each other, lol.