lol the only manga i read anymore

“Most friendship is feigning, most loving mere folly” -William Shakespeare

I know that quote is for both Lawless’ relationship with Ophelia and Licht but I can’t help using it for both Lawless and Licht ❤️

Someone!…Someone! Give me a room to breathe BECAUSE I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! These two are just adorable and hot!!

Even the quote is kinda depressing(?) or not related to their relationship… Feign: pretend, bluff Folly: foolishness

I can’t help it that their relationship is the complete opposite of it XD or idk what I’m saying anymore lol Sorry but right now I’m going crazy! I’m excited with so many things: Servamp New Project, freedom from school works, starts to create my fanfics and novel, reading manga, watching anime and…JAPAN!!

For now, I will be in hiatus for posting but I will still be active by just reading the posts here XD only 24 days and school is over and my 4 months vacation is near! I will be creating a new video for my comeback and I hope I improve well during my breaks XD