lol the look on lizzie's face

Mine friendly PSA that Finny has canonically blushed along with Lizzy, someone who is in love with Ciel, while watching the earl appear looking fabulous. and this is not even the only time he has blushed because of Ciel, lol.

(also, again, look at Mey-Rin. Is she thirsty for everything? jesus).

Kuroshitsuji Chapter 117 Analysis: Letting Lizzie Go

I’ll start this analysis by posting a shot where Sebastian begins to discuss the issues with a cult mindset and failure of attempting to suppress human emotion and  devotion through destruction:

In this scene, Sebastian is briefing Ciel and Edward on what he witnessed from going uncover at Sphere Music Hall and explains why just destroying the cult alone wouldn’t be enough to shake the grip Bravat, the Lords, and the S4 have on the people of London.  After a certain point, Edward then asks what options they do have if they cult can’t be so easily destroyed.  However, rather than answering him, Sebastian takes a beat and looks out the window:

It’s as if he’s sensed something.  Moreover, he doesn’t continue by answering Edward, but rather smiles and continues with his explanation on the hearts of humans–shifting a pointed gaze at Ciel as he does so:

And on the next page we see that Lizzie has escaped the townhouse:

This wasn’t something done without purpose: This shows that Sebastian clearly knew that Lizzie was escaping and did nothing to stop her.  Now, on one hand it could be his way of annoying the crap out of Ciel by saying, “Lol, you told me to bring her here, not keep her here! Give me the right order, bocchan!” However, I don’t feel like that’s the case this time because of what he says and the way he looks at Ciel in the previous page.

The chapter already showed that he has no real care for Lizzie beyond the fact that Ciel cares about Lizzie and he knows that she’s important to him.  That, as he mentioned, was an inconvenience for him because he couldn’t seriously harm her in a fight or kill her without facing Ciel’s wrath for it.  Instead, he’s having to put on a show of a gentlemanly nature and a sense of regard for Lizzie. 

But Lizzie can act as an inconvenience to him in more than one manner.  Because Ciel loves her–whether people find it in a romantic sense or not, it’s obvious he cherishes her–and because of Lizzie’s strong love and loyalty to Ciel for all this time, she’s someone for Ciel to latch onto other than Sebastian himself.  Sebastian can’t have that.  He wants Ciel’s soul to be broken, crushed, and corrupted for when the contract ends and it’s finally time for him to take it.  Being loved by another and thereby being able to give love in return is a means of redemption in that respect–the complete opposite of what he wants.  if Ciel shows care for anyone other than himself and trusts someone other than Sebastian because of the contract, then his soul isn’t quite what Sebastian is wanting most.  It’s all about trying to flavor Ciel’s soul to perfection.  

He can’t just kill everyone that Ciel cares about, otherwise he’s making himself the bad guy in Ciel’s eyes.  However, with Lizzie’s current devotion to Bravat and the Lords, he doesn’t have to get rid of her.  She setting up the pieces for him by escaping on her own: All he has to do is instill a sense of loss and betrayal in Ciel.  

It’s more damaging to Ciel that Lizzie has escaped on her own without saying a word to him as to why than for Lizzie to have tried to escape, but with Sebastian stopping her and Ciel confronting her himself.  That’s why Sebastian doesn’t bother to say or do anything when she leaves.  It’s a subtle way of hurting Ciel.  And he says what he does in the end because it's his way of saying to Ciel, “Lizzie’s heart doesn’t really belong to you and it never will.  She’s choosing Sphere Music Hall over you.  You might think she’s loyal to you and that she loves you with all of her heart, but she’s made it clear that that’s anything but the truth.  You only have me to rely on as per our contract.”