lol the kiss


For @avengeultrons - thanks a million for generally being very sweet and supportive (and for being my very first Instagram follower)!! It’s always a joy to talk to you, and I wish we lived closer to each other so that we could meet up in person!

I love when making out with someone, it starts off with soft, slow kissing and maybe even a little pause every now and then just to smile. Then in 0.5 seconds, the intensity increases and next thing you know is you’re trying to pull them closer, but you physically can’t because you’re already body to body, your fingers are digging into their back and you’re breathing heavily while they kissing down your neck.


So, Keith and Lance’s rooms are right beside each other

AND they have matching clothing

AND they get easily jealous of each other

AND they’ve both flirted in one way or another 

AND they’ve both seen each other shirtless (I know they were going swimming but…)


(Enough said)

AND they argue like a couple

AND they’re together a lot 

AND they’ve literally held hands

AND they both care about each other

And we’re just supposed to believe that there isn’t anything going on between them??