lol the guy at the back's like stop peter stop what are you doing peter

StarkQuill (QuickFic)

So this has nothing to do with anything, just a random little scene. I wanted to try a text only quick fic, and hopefully it works out and you can figure out the characters without me having to describe them lol.

“Stop staring.”

“I am not staring, I’m just gazing… in interest. It’s been a while since I’ve seen another human. This is purely scientific watching.”

“Okay. But the human you are scientifically watching, is being guarded by two soldiers who rival Drax, so maybe be a little more discreet.”

“Nah. They aren’t that scary. Besides the one has a metal arm. Maybe he’s related to Nebs.”

“Do not call my sister Nebs!”


“Hey what’s StarMunch staring at?”

“I am definitely not answering to StarMunch.”

“What’s StarCrap staring at?”

“The human.”

“The blond who can’t find a shirt that fits? The brunette with a murder-face and an arm I’m considering stealing? Or the real pretty one who keep staring at StarJerk?”

“Enough with the names, alright! Geez! And I’m not— did you say he was staring at me? Oh crap, guys look cool. Look like um, look like you are being told something very important by your wise leader Star Lord. Maybe look–”

“He’s coming over here.”

“Oh no! How’s my hair! Mask on or off? On or off!?”
“Stop staring at the aliens, I think you are weirding them out. That’s not really the way to get on their good side when we are hoping they will help us.”

“I’m not… staring. Just observing them. For science. Star Lord is human anyway, maybe I should go over and introduce myself.”

“Or, maybe we should wait for the rest of the team like we already discussed.”

“I’m going over there. How’s my hair?”

“Damn it. No. Just stay here. Follow the orders for once.”

“I don’t like the way that raccoon keep looking at my arm.”

“Lots of people look at your arm.”

“But usually in fear. Not while laughing and making grabby hands.”

“You both are ridiculous. I’m going over there.”

“Stay here!”
“What did we just–”
“Why doesn’t he ever listen?”

“Hey there. Welcome to earth. Or back to Earth as the case may be. Tony Stark.”

“Peter Quill. Uh, or Star Lord, as I am known throughout the galaxy.”

“Iron Man. Even though the suit isn’t technically iron at all.”

“Well Iron Man. You uh… want to see my space ship?”

“Are you personally going to be giving me the tour?”

“Oh definitely.”

“Lead on Star Lord.”
“I am Groot?”

“Yeah, he almost wet himself when the human called him Star Lord.”

“I am Groot?”

“No, buddy they didn’t want anyone else to come along.”

“I am Groot.”

“I know. So rude.”

“I am Groot?”

“No, it’s probably not just a tour. When he said tour he meant… something different.”

“I am Groot?”

“I’ll explain when you’re older. Just stay away from StarButt’s quarters for a while, eh?”

“I am Groot!”

“What!? No more TV for you! How do you even know that word!”


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Peter x Scared Reader

Summary: Desperately needing a relaxation day, the Reader is faced with her biggest fear, but don’t fret! Peter is there to save the day. 

Word Count: 913 (sorry, it’s short)

Warnings: language, fears, spiders, razors, spa day, tears, fluff, and fluff, caring Peter, more fluff. (Let me know if I missed any). 

A/N: Here’s part 2 of my Fears Series! I whipped this out so fast, I surprised myself. These fics are flying out left and right, guys. I cannot stop myself. I know this is short, but I didn’t really know how to make this very long, so hopefully this fulfills your Peter lovin’ needs! Enjoy reading and as always, feedback is appreciated. (p.s. can I have someone to kiss my nose like that pls holy frick ??)

At least once a week you’d try and dedicate a relaxation day for yourself after a hard week of being an Avenger and all.

This week, that day landed on Friday.

During this time, you usually wait to get home from school, a mission, or some other nonsense, to you begin your ritual.

After eating some delicious dinner Vision and Wanda had made for the whole team, you say your goodnights and headed off towards your quarters in the tower.

Making sure you prepared beforehand, you reach your bathroom with everything you needed sprawled out.

Face masks, body scrubs, hair masks, tweezers, nail polish, you name it.

By golly, you’ve been waiting for this day all week and you were definitely going to treat yourself, no matter what got in your way.

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.: how to catch a nerd 2 :.

this series is going to be my favorite thing to write tbh ♡

Since I’ve got so many readers hyped for this story, here’s an early update ♡


[how to catch a nerd taglist]: @parker-barnes-af , @preciousnewt , @samanthasmileys , @lostinghemazewithhallows , @1022bridgetp , @literature-loving-girl , @fashionlive15 , @raksh-thedemonlady , @tiny-friggin-human , @clean-and-claire , @imsecretlyromanburki , @devan-d , @legendarydazekitten , @fxcking-meatball

don’t repost/plagiarize this series.


Peter couldn’t hide the grin from his face the more he talked to this girl. She clearly had an intelligence that matched her beauty, and that just made him all the more interested in her. [Name] embodied everything he ever wanted in a girl, and he looked forward to getting to know her better.

Unlike the girls at Midtown who only wanted him for his looks and for the chance to climb up the social ladder, he knew that [Name] was different. They never wanted to get to know who was beneath this cool guy exterior, and Peter was tired of pretending all the time.

Which was why he was was so drawn to [Name], maybe with her, there was a chance.

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A propos of absolutely nothing, here are all the things I love about the ‘get Erik out of prison’ sequence in XMDoFP …possibly more than the ‘get everyone out of the mansion’ scene in XMA because I’m a sucker for even the slightest hint of dadneto.

  • Why exactly do Charles and Hank have a blueprint of the Pentagon???
  • And how much of the overall plan were they able to come up with just by looking at that? Did they know how many guards would be between the elevator and Erik’s cell?? Or did they have to wait for Peter to ask him if he could do this?
  • Charles was driving and Logan hated it.
  • Charles, Logan and Hank were all crammed into the front bench of that car.
  • Peter’s mother’s car is turquoise.
  • She keeps the chain lock on the door like that’s going to stop Peter doing shit.
  • There was a car ride with Charles, Logan, Hank, and Peter. Did they stuff Peter in the back by himself? Or did someone have to sit next to him? Was it Charles, please tell me it was Charles “he’s a pain in the arse” Xavier.
  • There had to be a moment where they explained their idea to Peter but how much did that cover? Did Peter know he’d have to break the glass like that or did he just come up with that on the fly?
  • Also there’s a truncheon on the guard’s uniform that he steals - he could have just used that but since when did anyone related to Erik ever pass up the chance to be all Extra with their powers?
  • How was Erik not covered in tiny cuts and pieces of glass.
  • MIND THE GLASS means ‘get out of the fucking way,’ Erik.
  • Do you think Fassbender did that pull up all by himself or did he have help
  • Peter had his hair tucked under at the back to make it look short, since guards probably wouldn’t be allowed chin-length hair.
  • Then while Erik is climbing up out of the cell, Peter undoes his hair.
  • Erik is totally up for being rescued, even though it’s by this crazy kid who showered him in glass. “Lol don’t care who this is or what he wants, let’s blow this popsicle stand.”
  • How did those slidey doors work without any metal anyway?
  • How long did it take Peter to work out that anybody he takes on a superspeed run is in danger of whiplash? Or did Charles or Hank casually mention that maybe Peter should try not to break this dude’s neck while escaping?
  • I LOVE Erik’s little quirk of a smile when they stop in the elevator like “holy shit that’s a cool power” before the nausea catches up with him.
  • Peter changing his clothes back - were they just lying in a heap in the corner of the elevator? Because I can imagine him making a little duct tape bag with those wide gaping moments and hiding them there, taped up against the wall like the guard.
  • That guard was not paid enough for that shit
  • Charles, Hank and Logan did not tell Peter who they were breaking out. They probably told him “his name is Erik and he controls metal and we need him” but never mentioned the ‘maybe shot JFK’ thing.
  • “I don’t know karate, but I know crazy” like Erik you really like this kid, don’t you? I see you. You think his powers are cool and you’re joshing with him, even while you struggle not to puke.
  • Evan Peters’ smile is very cute <3
  • “My mom once knew a guy who could do that” Twin faces of “… wait” because both of you are smart little beans.
  • What kind of conversation did Peter have with his mother like “no you’re not alone, there other people out there who can do things like you, I knew a guy one time - well, a few times - who could control metal” but like leaving out the fact that that mutant is his father????
  • Erik robbed of the chance to go down the “and who is your mother, exactly?” road because Charles punches him in the jaw so hard he spins.
  • Peter’s face when the door opens like “hey, see I got him”
  • Peter continuing to make conversational faces at the guard while Charles and Erik bicker.
  • But also nobody else ever bats an eyelid at the guy being strapped to the wall.
  • Erik’s little nod to Charles, like was that actually agreeing “okay we won’t kill anybody” just moments before flinging a bunch of kitchen knives up into the air or???
  • Peter waiting until the very last second, when all the guns have been fired, to say “hey yeah I don’t think this was in their plan, I should probably do something. But let’s make it fun.”
  • He’s going so fast that every step he takes along the wall smashes the tiles
  • He slaps that guy and pokes the other one in the face. The speed he’s going at, that’s two very concussed humans. Maybe a broken jaw.
  • That other guy is getting a plate frisbee-d into his face
  • The bullets have barely left the barrels at this stage and Charles, Erik and Logan are still exactly as they were when Peter started.
  • How do plastic guns work anyway. Don’t guns get hot when you fire them?
  • Haha these hot plastic guns are going to smack these guys right in their faces it’s gonna be great gimme that hat
  • Oh fuck right bullets
  • He zips back to the guys EVEN FASTER than he was going before
  • He moves the bullets and this is where i get emotional because to me at least it echoes a page in the comic Magneto: Testament* where Erik and his parents are lined up by soldiers and shot, falling back into a mass grave. You see the bullets coming towards them and you infer that Erik’s powers instinctively protect him but he doesn’t really even know he has them never mind controls them so everybody else dies. My sappy, over-analytical brain loves that this time it’s his son moving the bullets. And although Peter moves the bullets heading for Charles first, he’s standing directly in front of Erik and smiles at him
  • before zipping away to stand at the opposite side of the room, just in case the guys were in any doubt who just saved their collective bacon.
  • Erik’s face going from “wtf was that” to “holy shit it was him” then looking to Charles like “who tf is this guy because really you could have just waited in the car”
  • And then secondarily looking at Logan like “I don’t know you either, who the fu- ew”
  • Ok let’s get the fuck outta here
  • Did they just casually stroll back to the parking lot, all soaking wet and with Erik in his prison PJs??
  • What was going on upstairs - did they evacuate the Pentagon when the fire alarms went off or when the alarms for Erik’s cell went off? Or is everyone else still getting on with their day? Like Hank is still on the tour or waiting in the car?
  • Holy shit there was a car ride to their airport with Charles, Logan, Hank, Erik and Peter.
  • Did they stop to get Erik some clothes? Or did they bring spares? Like it’s been ten years but Charles still has Erik’s shit lying around the house.
  • The plane has an Xavier coat of arms on the tail holy shit
  • Peter kept the hat
  • “I saw your flight plan in the cockpit, why are you going to Paris?” like they literally told him nothing about the plan just “break into the Pentagon and get Erik” and Peter’s just like “haha yeah ok sounds fun”
  • Logan, just let Erik have the newspaper, he’s been in jail for a decade he has no idea what’s going on.
  • “Take it slow” hahahahahahahahahahaha I wonder what ever happened to that poor car. Can Peter even drive? Like it wouldn’t take him long to learn, and he’d have killer reflexes but like why would he need to drive anywhere???
  • “You’re going to find this hard to believe but you and Charles send me here from the future.” Erik’s face like What The Actual Fuck, it’s been a really weird day today and that’s still the biggest crock of shit I ever heard.

The end, mostly. I could go on like, did Peter ever admit to his mother he helped break Magneto out of jail and what kind of chewing out did he get? That guard who was taped to the elevator wall, like, did he get shot by the plastic bullets? Or was he just totally shellshocked by the whole experience and when people question him afterwards he’s just like “nuh-uh, that guy could be anywhere, listening, and I wouldn’t even know he was there until after he got me so no I ain’t talking.” “you mean Lehnsherr?” “what? No, Lehnsherr’s the least of your worries. It’s his friends you have to look out for.”

*Magneto: Testament is a really good comic. And by good I mean harrowing and intense.

No, It’s Bucky: Part 11

Fic Type: Reader insert

Relationship/pairing: Bucky/ Female Reader

Word count:  2,665

Warnings: Bad writing (lol) A few curse words, more bad writing and more curse words

After a fight in the 12th grade, the reader and Bucky don’t speak for 6 years until the reader moves back to her home town for a work.


A/N: Here is Part 11. I think the next Chapter will be the last so guys, It’s nearly over!!!

All errors are mine.

| Part 10 |                   | Part 12 | - Coming soon     

Job interviews are actually the bane of your existence. How does answering a series of predictable questions show your work ethic and prove to the potential employer that you are the best person for the job?

And why the hell did you insist on being interviewed for this job, honestly!  Are you insane? Have you actually gone off the deep end?!

Your potential new boss Peggy looked at you with a smile on her face, it was a look that scared you and comforted you at the same time. With an exhale, you continued on with the interview. From what Peggy had explained about the position was that this class is the outcome of an influx of new students and no space in other classrooms. Basically you had a whole new class to teach if you accepted the position. And the pay was about double what you are making now.

Your heart was definitely torn. This was the kind of position that you have dreamed of, not many out of college students get the opportunity to have; let alone be offered a full time position this soon. And if you take the position, all you have to do make arrangements with the school you are at and then you can start Monday.

With a smile you shake hands with Peggy and make your leave. Your decision had been made. Now it was time to let everyone know.

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Be Mine?

@buckysendoftheline requested: Ok so I got a request if your taking any! A peter x Reader where the reader is best friends with Peter and Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Reader is sad because they don’t have a Valentine and Pete knows it (he has a crush on reader) then on the day of Valentine’s Day he buys her like teddy bears and roses or whatever and asks reader to be their boy/girlfriend. He could say like “can I keep you” something so cute lol. Ok I’m done…BYE

author’s note: hey! I know Valentine’s day was a few days ago, and I meant to post this on the day but this week has been crazy busy – so, because of all the heart-wrenching angst I’ve been pouring out into this blog, I figured it was time to give you guys a little (it’s kinda short, sorry!) fluff. Even if it’s a few days late. <3 enjoy!

Peter Parker x Reader

   “Ugh.” You groan, watching yet another couple kiss. “This is a public space, do they have to do that?” You ask, rhetorically, and your best friend chuckles slightly from his locker next to yours. “It’s Valentine’s day, I think they’re entitled to it.” Peter says, amusedly, watching as you crinkle your nose and turn back to grab your textbooks. "It’s gross…” You state, because you’d never admit to Peter that you actually want to receive flowers and chocolates, and be the couple kissing in the hallway. You know he doesn’t feel the same way about you, so why ruin your friendship by telling him you like him? 

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Requested By Anon

Pairings: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Peter has created a chatroom.

Peter has invited Y/N.

Peter: Hey babe! Cap’s letting me leave training early today, do you want to go watch Loki’s play?

Y/N: Yes! He hasn’t stopped talking about it. I’m pretty sure if we don’t go he’ll kill us…

Peter: What’s it called again?

Y/N: Uh… A King Among Fools. We should invite Wade too!

Peter: He ruined our last date!

Y/N has added Wade.

Wade: Please Peetie. I’ll return your wallet if you let me come.

Peter: No.

Peter: Wait, you have my wallet?!

Wade: How else am I to sustain my luxury lifestyle? Y/N won’t let her dad adopt me…

Y/N: Okay one, buying Spider-man and [Your Superhero Name] merchandise is not a lifestyle. Secondly, WHY WOULD HE ADOPT YOU WADE, YOU’RE A GROWN MAN.

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Touchy— Sirius Black Imagine (Slytherin Reader).

Okay, so I got this idea because I saw a headcannon of Sirius not knowing personal space and I can totally believe that. I have a friend that’s extremely touchy so yeah, I kinda took his attitude with me and his other female friends to do this (just that I don’t like him at all, lol). Hope you guys enjoy it! :)

Also, I accidentally posted it in the wrong blog, so yeah, now the organization is fucked, I tried to fix it, I swear I tried.

Since Y/N could remember, she had been great friends with Regulus Black, their families were allies and friends since forever.

When they entered to Hogwarts it was not a surprise that both of them were sorted into Slytherin and it was also not a surprise that Regulus’ brother, Sirius, always being a rebel, was sorted into Gryffindor, she didn’t get along quite well with the older Black.

As years passed by, she found herself to grow a friendship with no one other than James Potter, the guy could be a really nice person once you met him, for that, Sirius and her grew closer as well, but they had a slight problem, Sirius was extremely touchy with his female friends and Y/N was no exception, although she didn’t like to be touched that much, she learned to accept it. Her friendship with Regulus was as strong as always, but he didn’t like that she was friends with his brother, so he didn’t spend time with her when she was with his brother’s friend group.

She was now reading by the lake, hanging out with Remus and Lily (that she finally had accepted to date James), they were all doing their homework and sometimes chatting quietly when their peace was interrupted by James, Sirius and a quiet Peter following them.

;“Guys! You should’ve seen that Slytherin’s face, it was priceless!” James laughed as he remembered the prank he had just done.

“Uhm, Slytherin here” she said annoyed, they always did that.

;“Yes babe, but he was a bad Slytherin, not a good Slytherin like you” Sirius said as he put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer.

;“First of all, don’t call me babe, second of all, what defines who’s bad and good? I bet you didn’t even give the guy a chance” she said as she turned to her book again, Sirius took her chin and turned her to look at him.

;“First of all, I’ll call you babe if I want, I do that with all my female friends (and James), you know that. Second of all, I know you’re good because well, you’re you, and I know he’s bad because he was bullying a first year Hufflepuff girl” he said and she nodded a little less mad.

“Fine, you win” Sirius smiled and gave James a high five, letting her chin go.

;Later that afternoon, she and Sirius were the only persons there, Lily and James went to make out, Remus went to take a nap and Peter followed him… that dude only followed the other three.

;Y/N was still reading and Sirius grew impatient as he was bored, he placed his head on her lap and looked at her read.&

“Hey… Y/N…” she hummed in response “Stroke my hair, pleeeeaase” she looked at him with an eyebrow raised until she sighed at his puppy eyes.

;“Fine” she started to stroke his hair and Sirius smiled widely, closing his eyes.

“Thanks babe.”

;“Don’t. Call. Me. Babe” she repeated.

"Oh, come on, I already told you I call everyone babe, no need to be mad” she stood up angrily letting his head fall to the ground “Ouch, that hurt! Why are you so mad? Dammit Y/N! It’s just a stupid word!” He huffed while looking at her angrily.

"Ugh, dammit Black, you just- you just don’t get it!” She yelled at him and started to walk away, she wasn’t going to fall, she wasn’t going to tell.

"Of course I won’t understand if you don’t fucking explain me Y/N” he answered standing up.

;“I hate it! I hate that you call everyone babe, I hate that you are touchy with every female in Hogwarts, I hate that you’re so fucking blind that you can’t see, I hate that…” she shut herself up before she said anything else.

;“Why do you hate it so much Y/L/N?” He asked curiously but still annoyed. That’s when she exploded.

“You wanna know why?! Fine! I’ll tell you, I hate all those things because I want you to only do those thing with me, I want you to be touchy only with me, I want you to call no else but me babe, that’s why, that’s why I hate it so much” she answered and when she realized her own words she turned away “I have to go” she ran away as fast as she could to her dorm.

"Y/N! Wait!” She heard Sirius called but she didn’t stopped until she was in the safety of her dorm. She sat in her bed and buried her face in her pillow.

;“Ugh, stupid, stupid, stupid…” she kept calling herself. Truth is, she had a crush on Sirius since her fourth year at Hogwarts but she was too afraid to tell, she had been good at keeping it to herself until then, why had she talked? Why had she talked? Now things with Sirius would never be the same.

;A few hours later she finally got the courage to go out of her common room, when she did, she was surprised to find Sirius there, waiting.

;“Finally, you went out” he said and without another word, he pulled her towards him and kissed her. She stood there in shock, eyes wide open, until she finally gave in the kiss, they stopped after a while “Now is it clear that I like you back? Don’t worry babe, I promise that from now on, you’ll be the only one I call babe” Y/N chuckled.

"You better not be lying, Black” she smiled and kissed him again, bursting out her feeling wasn’t a bad idea after all.

Public Service - One

“You know it’s been better since we broke up,” I looked up and saw Stephanie, a girl whom I had no interest in, yet hearing that sentence made me want to invite her to coffee and have her spill everything to me. “Tom is just so childish, I need someone with a career, someone who can do literally any one thing. Tom can’t do anything.” Truthfully, I had stopped listening to her after hearing her and Tom had broken up.

Stephanie and Tom were forcefully introduced to the parks department through our boss, Sandy. She had made it a personal task to see that Stephanie’s problem had been taken care of. Ever since we’d met them three months ago, I knew Tom and Stephanie weren’t well together. Stephanie didn’t believe in Tom and that’s what Tom needed – a support system.

“You and Tom aren’t together?” I didn’t realize I was talking until the question had already come out. Sandy and Stephanie looked toward me and Stephanie nodded, confused.


“Nothing, I don’t care.”

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fridges-of-neverland said:

Another amazing imagine from you coming up soon because I have another request! Can you please create an imagine where the reader is bilingual (can speak two languages {English and French}) and one day, on Neverland, she decides to annoy Pan by speaking to him only in French (which he doesn’t understand) which leads to him learning French and the reader, who doesn’t know he can speak French, tells Pan she loves him in French and then he reveals that he’s also bilingual and lot of fluff? Thanks!!


Warning/s: nothin?


Summary: you speak two languages

Note: I don’t know how to speak French because they don’t teach that in my school so I used google translate. So blame google for mistakes ;D

You have been living on Neverland for a while now and Peter found his way to your heart. The problem is he doesn’t even know he did. You’ve grown a fond of Peter and you didn’t know how to tell him. You’re not even sure if you want to tell him. Chances are either he likes you back or he doesn’t and everything gets awkward. You needed to forget that problem of yours and find something that’ll keep you entertained. You thought back to when you were in school. Your school thought you different languages and one of them is French, which you were actually fluent at. You figured that the lost boys only speak English so they might not have an idea on how to speak other languages. But you still needed to find out so now, you’re testing your skills on them.

“Avez-vous les gars savent parler français?” You shouted through the camp.
(Do you guys know how to speak French?)

You only received confused looks for an answer but it is enough for you to know that they obviously don’t know how to speak French.

“Ce serait amusant” You walked off to find Peter.
(This would be fun)

You walked around the jungle, trying to find Peter, but you weren’t lucky enough. By now, you have given up and are ready to go back to camp when Peter suddenly appeared in front of you. You gasp in shock as Peter smirked at you.

“Were you looking for me, love?” he asked. You nodded.

“Actually, yes. I have a question for you.” You stated with a smirk.

“Which is?” he raised an eyebrow at you.

“Sais tu parler francais?” You asked.
(Do you know how to speak French?)

Peter raised an eyebrow. “What?”

“Donc, vous ne” You smirked. 
(So you don’t)

“Why are you talking gibberish now?” Peter looked at you with an amused face.

“Il est pas du charabia. Il a appelé le français.” you smiled.
(It’s not gibberish. It’s called French.)

Peter squinted his eyes at you. “You see, love. I know you know better than to annoy me.”

“Oui. Voilà pourquoi ce serait si intéressant.” you smirked as you began to walk away.
(Yes, i do. That’s why this would be so interesting.)

Peter grasped your hands before you can completely walk away.

“Wait. What language is that?” he asked.

“French” you answered.

He nodded and let you go.

You’ve been going on with your plan. Following Peter around and talking to him in French. It may be fun for you but it wasn’t for him. Seeing him frustrated made him look cute. You sighed to yourself. It looks like this little plan of yours isn’t working. You’re having fun, yes. But you’re main goal is to forget about the feelings you are having for Peter. Yet you’re here admiring how he looks cute when he’s frustrated.

“Something wrong?” Peter asked. You were currently following him through the woods, trying to annoy him.

“No. I mean non” you said, going back to your French mode.

“You can tell me anything.” he said, looking at you.

“In French?” you grinned making him roll his eyes at you.

“As long as it makes you feel better. Even if I can’t understand your gibberish, at least you can let it all out” he smiled at you. It was actually a good idea. You can confess to him and he won’t even know.

“Okay.” you nodded.

“Je pense avoir des sentiments pour toi . Je veux dire , je ne pense pas parce que je sais que je fais et je suis peur de vous dire que dans l'anglais parce que vous pourriez ne pas sentir la même chose et tout serait maladroit et nous ne serai plus proche.” you spat the words out.
(I think I have feelings for you. I mean I don’t think because I know I do and I’m scared to tell you that in english because you might not feel the same and everything would be awkward and we won’t be close anymore.)

Peter looked at you. You grinned knowing he didn’t understand your confession. Your grin fell as you saw Peter smirk.

“Je vous aime aussi, l'amour.”
(I like you too, love.)   

Your eyes widened in horror.

“You understand..” your mouth was open in shock.

“Yes I do, love. It’s a good thing you told me what language you were speaking so I can learn it on my own.” he winked at you.

You blushed as you realized that you have just confessed to him and he understood it.

“I-I need to go” you stuttered and tried to walk away. Tried. Peter stopped you.

“No need to be shy, love. I’ve been waiting for you to say that and now that you have..” he held you face and planted a kiss on your lips.

“I can do that.” he smiled at you.

“What do you mean you’ve been waiting for me to say that? Y-you knew?” you stuttered.

“No, love. I didn’t know. I was waiting for you to say that so I can know that you feel the same way about me.” he grinned.

“So you like me?” you asked and he nodded.

“So it won’t be awkward for the both of us?” you grinned and he nodded again.

“So that means we’re a thing now?” you asked and looked up to him.

“Only if you want to”

note again: I heard that it’s  fridges-of-neverland ’s birthday so I tried my best to make this oneshot now. As a present XD. I know it sucks but hey! I tried my best. Thanks for the support and you know, the requests you’re sending. You’re not spamming me at all. I’m actually glad that you aren’t running away from my imagines yet xD. I wish you a Happy Birthday and I hope this isn’t too late. Anyways have a good birthday love! xx

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Tattoos - Alex Summers & Warren Worthington pt 2

Summary : it’s been a little over a month since you met your two soulmates and everyone starts asking you three questions about certain things and you become very uncomfortable.

Word Count : 1k+

Warnings : fluff, unprotected sex (cover it up yo), fingering, anal sex (reader receiving), cursing, ugh basically a shit ton of smut.

Prompt : everyone has a tattoo of their soulmate’s mutation (if they have one) and you have two completely differet tattoos, because you have two soulmates.

Pairing : Alex Summers x reader x Warren Worthington

A/N : lol this is shitty writing don’t read. (pls read tho) the sex scene in this is based off of the head canons here   by @kurtwxgners so all credit to them and her head canons.

part one

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It’s been a little over a month since Y/N finally met your two soulmates, and man was she happy. Alex had the great idea of asking Charles for a bigger room so that the three of them could room together, one so Y/N could help them with their problems and two, they just didn’t want to be away from her. Charles was all for it, saying that he already had a room ready because him being the nosy little shit he was, he already found out the three of them were soulmates. So they moved into the new room, getting a humongous bed that the three of would share, a couch, a desk, and any other necessities that they may have needed. Also the room had a built in bathroom which Y/N were over the moon about.

 The three soulmates sat outside with their other friends, talking and discussing random things. It had started off with them doing their homework but then Peter being Peter started to get side tracked, which led to the rest of the group getting side tracked. Y/N sat in between Alex and Warren, Warren had one of his wings stretch over the two of you, it made him feel safer when he knew that the two of them were literally right under his wing. Alex had his arm wrapped around Y/N’s waist, also feeling safer knowing that this was real, and that the people he cared about weren’t just his imagination. Y/N played with the grass, a soft smile etched into her face. The group couldn’t help but smile at the three of them, they were all happy that Y/N made the two boys so happy and calm.

“So.” Peter coughed, leaning on his elbows. “How far have you three gone yet?” IF Y/N had been eating or drinking anything at the moment she probably would’ve choked. She couldn’t stop the blush that spread from her neck and up her face. Alex and Warren glared at Peter, as did the rest of the group. He shrugged. “What? I’m just curious.” Jean rolled her eyes, leaning against her own soulmate; Scott Summers, Alex’s kid brother.

“We haven’t done anything.” Warren said. He almost sounded disappointed at the fact that Y/N hadn’t even kissed them. She really didn’t want to admit it, but she hadn’t even had her first kiss, let alone lost her innocence. Y/N was now scolding herself in her head, hoping to god that Jean wouldn’t go poking around in her thoughts. Unfortanetly though Jean did go through her thoughts.

“Guys stop, you’re making her upset.” She said, becoming the over protective mom-friend that everyone loved her for being. The conversation stopped and Y/N frowned, embarrassed that she were the cause of all this. She moved out of Alex’s grasp and the protection of Warren’s wings and walked off without saying a  word to the group. Her head hung low, tears stinging her eyes as she walked. Alex and Warren looked at each other for a minute before getting up and following their soulmate.

Y/N stopped at the small pond / lake that the school had on it’s ground, the water rippling with each tear drop that fell to the ground. Stay calm. She said to herself, taking in deep breathes and trying to clear her mind. She didn’t want anything bad to happen, it didn’t matter where she was, she could easily cause a Tsunami or Earth quake any where in the world.

“Y/N? Doll, are you okay?” Alex asked softly, his hand landing on her shoulder. Y/N nodded, drying her eyes quickly and then looking over at Alex, a sad smile on her quivering lips.

“Yeah, I’m perfectly fine.” Lie. Alex sighed, and Y/N looked out at the water.

“Why’d you walk out on the group? I know Peter can be a bit nosy and obnoxious sometimes, but it wasn’t that bad was it?” Warren asked, tilting his head at Y/N.  She sighed, playing with a strand of her hair.

“I just didn’t like what he brought up, okay? I felt uncomfortable..” She mumbled. Alex chuckled, not thinking anything of it.

“What, it’s not like you haven’t at least kissed someone.” He looked down at Y/N, half hoping for her to reply but her quietness was the only response. “You haven’t had your first kiss?” Y/N shook her head, becoming more and more embarrassed by the second.

“ No, it’s not like I talk to a whole bunch of people here, and I’ve barley left the school grounds since I first got here and-” She shook her head. “You guys probably think I’m a prude, huh?” She sighs, letting her thoughts get the best of her. Warren frowned, wrapping his arm around her.

“Of course not, beautiful. You’re not a prude for not having your first kiss or not having sex,” He kissed the side of her head. “But with that just being said, we now have to make your first kiss absolutely mind blowing.” Alex quirked an eyebrow. “We’re going to take you out on the best date, and then give you the best first known to man. Sound like a plan?” Y/N giggled, nodding and looking between the two boys.

“Sounds like a plan.” The boys smiled, kissing each of Y/N’s cheeks, causing her to giggle and attempt to cover her face.

“Alright, well go get the girls, tell them that they need to get you ready for our date and Alex and I will get this rolling.” Warren smile. Y/N nodded then ran back over to her group of friends, whispering to Jean what was going on. Jean told Ororo and Jubilee, the three than dragged Y/N inside, going to find Raven.

Jubilee decided that they’d get Raven in on this too, mostly because they wanted to look at her closet. The girls walked down the halls, checking some of the empty class rooms and then finally going to Professor Xavier’s office. Jean knocked on the door, hearing a ‘come in’ before opening the door. To their luck Rave, Charles, and Erik were all in the office.

“Sorry to interrupt Professor, but can we borrow Raven for a few minutes?” Jean asked, looking between the three adults. Charles shrugged.

“Go ahead, why do you need her if I may ask? Is something wrong?” He questions. Jubilee giggles and shakes her head.

“No, Y/N has her first date tonight with Warren and Alex, and we were wondering if we could look at her closet for date clothes?” The question goes directly to Raven. She nods, a smile on her face.

“Of course, I’m going to help you girls because I have been waiting for this day for months.” Raven says as she gets out of her chair. She turns and looks at Charles and Erik before saying, “We will continue this conversation when I get back.” The two men chuckled and nodded, and with that the girls skipped down to Raven’s bedroom.

They pretty much ran to her room, all of them far to excited for this date. Y/N couldn’t help but be nervous. This was her first date, they were going to be her first kiss, how could she not be nervous?

Raven opened the door to her room and walked to her closet, pushing back several layers of clothes before getting to her ‘date night’ section. She grabbed a few dresses, a couple skirts, and some fancy crop tops. Ororo told Y/N to go take a shower and they’ll pick out her outfit. She nodded and traipsed over to the bathroom, taking a nice, hot shower. The hot water definitely helped calm her nerves, as did the shower gel. Y/N got out of the shower to see black lace panties and a bra sitting on the toilet seat. Her face heated up, making her skin appear even more red than it already was.

“Uh, guys? Why is there lingerie in here?” She questioned from inside the bathroom. She could here the four girls out in the other room chuckle.

“Because you’re going to wear it, duh!” Jubilee giggled. Man she seemed to be the most excited about this whole thing.

“Guys, it’s not like I’m going to be having sex with them tonight! It’s the first date, nothing will be happening.” Y/N sighed. The girls didn’t answer so she just decided to go with it and put the undergarments on. Tying a robe around her body she walked out to see Raven holding up a black, velvety dress with a slit up one of the legs. Y/N gulped.

“That’s a little revealing, don’t you think?” Y/N questions, her voice uneven. “I don’t want anyone to see my tattoos.” The girls laughed, Raven shoving the dress at her.

“They’re your soulmates, honey, don’t you think they would want to see your tattoos?” Question Jean. Y/N shrugged, taking the dress.

“Plus, I’m sure you’re going to look super hot in that dress.” Ororo added. She chuckled, smiling gratefully at your friends. Without saying another word Y/N walked back into the bathroom and tugged the dress on, zipping it up in the back. The black dress hugged her curves perfectly, curves she didn’t even know she had. Taking in a deep breathe she walks back out into the bedroom, the girls jaws dropping at the sight of her.

“Damn, you look better than me in that dress.” Raven admits. You blush and sit down at the vanity Raven had in her room. Raven excused herself, saying that she was going to find the boy and check up on them. Jean decided to her makeup, Jubilee was doing her nails, and Ororo was doing her hair. The three constantly told Y/N to stop moving, saying that she was going to make them mess up their piece of art. Y?N just giggled and tried her best not to move.

It took them two hours to get her hair, makeup, and nails done. Y/N’s eyes were closed, far to nervous to actually open them and look in the mirror. Jean finally got her to open her eyes, and boy was Y/N shocked at what she saw. Her eyelids were gold, with a small amount of eyeliner to make her eyes pop, with dark lipstick. her hair was teased and pinned to the side, and her nails were painted black with small accents of gold on different finger tips. She grinned.

“Wow..” Y/N breathed out. The girls chuckled and moved Y/N out of the char, going and grabbing a small velvet box. Ororo handed it to her, Y/N’s face twisting in confusion.

“What is this?” She asked, her fingers tracing the black material.

Jean shrugged. “We were going to wait till your birthday, but we figured that meeting your soulmates was just as big of a deal. Go on open it.” You took in a breathe as you opened it. Inside the box was a gold necklace shaped like the planet. Carefully taking the necklace out of its box, Y/N realized that it was a locket. She looked up at her friends, each of them nodding for her to open the locket. And she did.

“Guys.” She whispered. Inside was a picture of her and her friends sitting outside the school. Tears brimmed her eyes, but they weren’t sad tears; they were happy tears. “Thank you guys, so much.” Y/N said once she looked up at her friends. They all smiled at her.

“You’re welcome, now don’t cry! You’re going to ruin your makeup.” Jean chuckled. Laughing softly she blinks away the tears and clips the necklace around her neck. The three girls finished off Y/N’s outfit with some bracelets and a ring before deciding that they were finally done.

“These boys won’t know what hit them when they see you.” Ororo says, smirking. Y/N smiled ad slipped on the velvet black shoes and the four girls walked down the staircase, all of them giggling and smiling. Jean walked ahead of them, poking her head around the corner to see if the boys were down there or not. Jean nodded back at the other three girls and they proceeded to walk down the stairs.

Alex nudged Warren he saw Y/N start walking down the stairs. Both of the boys watched, their eyes going wide and their jaws hanging open. Y/N couldn’t help but blush at their reactions. It seemed as though all of Y/N’s friends had gathered to see her and her soulmate’s go on their date. Erik, Charles, and Logan walked over to the boys, a warning gleam glistening in their eyes.

“If you so much as hurt a single hair on her head I will-” Logan started off saying but Charles stopped him.

“Go have fun you three, but not to much fun.” The boys chuckled, looping their arms with Y/N’s as they all walked out of the mansion. Alex and Warren led Y/N along a lowly light walk way path under the darkening sky. Y/N let out a content sigh, causing the boys to look down at her.

“Something wrong, love?” Warren asked. Y/N shook her head, smiling up at the winged boy.

“Nothings wrong, just happy that’s all.” She said with a smile. The two blondes grinned and continue to walk until they reached a canopy like structure. It had lights strung all over it, a table and three chairs seated around it and soft music was playing, but Y/N couldn’t quite figure out where from. They all walked over to the area, a smile spread across their faces. Sitting down, Y/ hadn’t even realized that there was food on the table.

“We asked Raven to help make the dinner, we hope that pasta is alright?” Alex questioned as he pulled off the metal lid of the center plate. Y/N nodded, smiling at him.

“Pasta is my favorite dish, so you’re lucky.” She chuckled. The three fed themselves, heaping their plates full of the pasta and talking until the food was gone and the bottle of wine they had was empty. Y/N didn’t drink much, maybe one or two glasses. It was Alex and Warren who had drank all the wine. They all stood up, deciding to walk around a little bit more. Y/N held the boys hands, their hands far much bigger than hers. Alex held up their intertwined hands, comparing their sizes.

Chuckling, he places a soft kiss to her hand. “Your hands are so tiny, doll.” Alex teased her. Y/N playfully frowned, making him chuckle. “But you are adorable, for being so tiny.”

“I may be tiny but I can easily kick your ass, mister.” Y/N said, trying to keep down her giggles. The three walked until they got back to the front doors of the school. “Thank you for tonight, it was absolutely amazing.” The boys smiled.

“We know one thing that can make it better.” Before Y/N could even ask, one of the boys had placed their lips on hers, then all to quickly pulled away, allowing the other boy to kiss her as well. Y/N smiled when he pulled away. The boys smiled back down at her, opening the doors to the school and making their way up to their shared bedroom. Y/N closed the door behind them, then kicked off the high heels, sighing as the tension in her feet was finally released. The boys had started to undress themselves and put on their pajama pants. Mean while, Y/N was struggling to reach the zipper on the back of her dress. She jumped around, moving her arms to try and get the zipper down. Finally she did, and she pulled the velvet dress off of her bed, unaware of the stairs that she was getting from Alex and Warren.

Both boys gulped, grabbing Y/N’s attention. Once she realized that she was almost completely exposed to the two boys she blushed and subconsciously wrapped her arms around her body. Warren walked over to her, his hands grazing her arms and sides, until he undid her arms and kneeled down, beginning to kiss his way down her stomach. Y/N bit her lip, watching him closely. Alex walked up behind her, his lips ghosting her neck until they finally attached themselves to her heated skin. She moaned silently when Alex began to kiss and suck on one certain area of her neck. Warren glanced up at him, smirking. He stood up and walked the three of them over to the bed. They sandwiched Y/N between their bodies, Warren behind her and Alex in front of her.

“Love, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. Just say the word and we’ll stop.” Warren whispered ever so gently into Y/N’s hair. She shook her he, craning her head back to look at Warren.

“I want this, I want you two.” She breathed out. That was all Alex and Warren had to hear, because the next thing Y/N knew was Warren’s lip attacking her skin and Alex’s lips on hers. For this being Y/N’s first time doing any of this, she was pretty damn good at kissing. Warren pulled back from her neck, unclipping her black bra and throwing it the ground. Alex groaned, his hands going up and cupping each of Y/N’s breasts. She let out a soft whimper and pushed her chest into his hands. Warren had moved his pajama pants to the ground, his hard on pressing against her back. Alex moved one of Warren’s hands to Y/N’s chest, squeezing his hand and causing Y/N to let out a soft moan.

Only for a second were the three out of position. Alex pulled his pants off as well, also having a hard on.

“You see what you do to us, baby? You make us so hard for you..” Alex mumbled as his fingers moved down to her panties, pulling slightly on the thin material. Y/N bit her lip as her panties were finally discarded and thrown across the room. She felt two fingers go through her slick folds, not knowing whos hand it was.

“Shit, Alex she’s so wet.” Warren grunted in her hair. Y?N moaned at the feelings of his hand touching her soaking core. “Did we make you this wet baby? Huh?” He whispered. Nodding, Y/N leaned down and captured Warren’s lips in a sloppy kiss. Alex took this as a chance to push two of his fingers into her tight hole. Y/N moaned out loud against Warren’s lips, the new feeling of Alex’s fingers inside her making her knees buckle. Warren held her up with his arms, his lips still attacking hers. By now both of their lips were swollen. Alex had started to thrust his fingers into Y/N, making her moan so loud that Warren had to cover her mouth. With only a few more thrusts, Y/N’s body was trembling with pleasure from her first orgasm. Alex pulled his fingers from her pussy, wiping them against his lips and then Warren’s. The sight made your heart swell.

“She tastes delicious, doesn’t she Warren?” Alex cooed, raking his hand through Warren’s curly locks. Warren nodded, ghosting his lips over Y/N’s, barley letting her taste herself on his lips. The boys pulled their boxer briefs down, groaning as their cocks finally sprang free. Y/N’s mouth went dry as she took in how big they were. They chuckled, kissing her softly.

“Don’t worry, princess we’ll be gentle.” Alex said as he laid down on his back, pulling Y/N down with him. Warren coated his cock in her wetness, just so it’d be easier when he pushed into her.

“I want this pretty little ass, baby. You okay with that?” Warren asked softly, pushing away any stray pieces of hair before placing a gentle kiss to her shoulder. Without warning Warren had started to push into Y/N, making her moan loudly. Warren pushed all the way in, stopping and letting her adjust before Alex slid his way into her pussy. Biting her lip she stayed still, taking a few deep breathes before nodding and telling the boys to move. It started off slow, long thrusts that made Y/N’s stomach tighten.

“Fuck Warren I can feel you moving in her ass, god it feels so good.” Alex groaned. Warren sucked on Y/N’s soft flesh, leaving blue and purple marks down her neck and shoulder. Alex held tightly onto Y/N’s waist with one hand, the other one gripped her breast. The two thrust into her at the same time, same speed, getting Y/N to her second orgasm quickly. Warren leaned down, locking lips with Alex in a heated make out session. The sight nearly made Y/N cum again, but she held back.

Once the boys had started to get to their own climaxes, their thrusts slowed, becoming sloppy and careless. Warren’s hands  left prints on Y/N’s ass, along with bruise marks on her waist from Alex.

“F-fuck, I’m gonna cum, fuck..” Y/N mewled, her head hanging low and soft pants escaping her mouth. Warren and Alex thrusted a few more times before the three of them came simultaneously, each of them mumbling curses and each others names. They didn’t pull out onto they had caught their breathe. A sheen cover of sweat cover the three, but they didn’t care. Warren walked to the bathroom, grabbing  a damp wash cloth and cleaning up the mess that him and Alex had made on Y/N. When he was done they all laid side by side with Y/N in the middle as usual.

“That was absolutely amazing.” Y/N breathed out, grabbing her soulmate’s hands and squeezing softly. They both smiled at her, moving closer to her and cuddling one another. Warren’s wings spread across the three of them and Alex’s arm draped over Y/N’s waist, his fingers tangling together with Warren’s.

“I love you two, so much.” Alex mumbled tiredly. Y/N smiled, kissing his forehead. Warren mumbled an ‘I love you too’, already half asleep.

“I love you too, both of you.” She said softly. Warren shuffled, a smile spreading across his flushed face. Alex smiled and closed his eyes, falling asleep next to the people he cared more for.

The next morning Y/N was anything but sore. There was an ache between her legs, not a bad ache, a good ache, a memory of last night. She smiled as she woke up slowly, trying to wriggle out of the boys’ grasps. Once she had she got herself ready, not sure if she’d wake them up or not. When she got out the shower she was surprised to see Warren and Alex awake and dressed. She smiled, walking out with the towel wrapped around her body.

“Good morning.” She beamed.

“Moring beautiful.” They both said. Y/N giggled as she went through her closet, looking for her outfit. The towel started to fall I the back, showing off a bit of her angel wing tattoos. Warren noticed,  coming up behind her and pulling the towel away from her body. She shivered as the cool air hit her skin, but she didn’t question what Warren was doing.

“How come I didn’t notice this last night?” He mumbled, probably to himself. Y/N giggled as his finger tips traced the out lines of the wings, while Alex watched with a frown on his face. Y/N pulled out a skirt and crop top, turning around and frowning when she saw Alex’s pained expression. Walking over to him she wraps her arms around his neck, pressing a soft kiss to his lips.

“Don’t frown, your tattoo is right here.” She held up her left wrist, the plasma beams showing perfectly. Alex gave a small smile before pressing his lips to her wrist. She pulled away and got herself dressed, going slow just to tease the boys. Giggling she finishes getting herself ready, winking at the boys before walking out and going to get herself some breakfast. Alex and Warren looked at each other before sprinting after, just like when they first saw her.


Requested By Anon

Clint has created a chatroom.

Clint has invited Natasha.

Clint: Hi.

Clint: Natasha.

Clint: Hello.

Clint: It’s me.

Clint: Your favorite Archer.

Clint: Naaaaat.


Clint: Say that really fast and it’s just nanananananananananananana.

Clint: reply pls.

Clint: pls.

Clint: tasha


Clint: Okay so you weren’t ignoring me?

Natasha: No…

Natasha: You’re supposed to be covering Wanda, not chatting!

Clint: I am! Plus Vision is not letting her leave his sight….  OR SHOULD I SAY NOT LEAVE HIS LINE OF VISION! BA DUM TSSSS!

Natasha: I’m blocking you.

Clint: No wait!

Clint: I have a question.

Tony has joined the chat.

Tony: Clint why are you using your phone?! Use the optical head-mounted display I designed for when we’re on missions.

Clint: … the what

Bruce has joined the chat.

Bruce: It’s like Tony’s helmet. You’d be able to see the chat and reply by speaking.

Natasha: Always ready to answer questions…

Clint: … why didn’t anyone tell me about this?

Natasha: I thought you knew about it.

Steve has joined the chat.


Steve: I don’t see why we can’t use our comms instead of this, Tony.

Tony: EMOJI SUPPORT. 🖕 (middle finger emoji)

Steve: 🖕 (middle finger emoji again)

Tony: 🖕 (and again)

Steve: 🖕 (once more)

Bruce: I’m shocked, Steve.

Natasha: Gasp! I always thought our precious Steve was a saint!

Wanda has joined the chat.

Wanda: Why is Clint sitting in a corner texting? I don’t think that’s very safe.

Clint: If only someone told me about the new invention I wouldn’t be. If only. Back to my question.

Natasha: Shoot.

Clint: WHEN DID WE RECRUIT THE AVATAR? She took out not one, not two, BUT 10 GUYS BY JUST EARTH BENDING OR WHATEVER. She’s got this. We don’t even need to be on this mission.

Wanda: That’s Y/N. She’s probably my favorite Avenger now.

Steve: I thought I was your favorite…

Wanda: Besides Steve.

Tony: And…?

Wanda: And Tony.

Natasha: :(

Wanda: Okay, you’re all my favorite!

Clint: She makes Thor, the mighty Thor, look weak.

Thor has joined the chat.





Steve: dot dot dot

Steve: How did you guys do that?!

Bruce: LOL shame.

Clint: I’m sorry but… I… You’re mighty, Thor. Very mighty.

Thor: I am just jesting! Yes, Lady Y/N is quite powerful indeed.

Steve: She’s been a member of the team for… 3 weeks now?

Natasha: Yeah, I’m honestly very surprised that you didn’t know, Clint.



Clint: WATER.

Bruce: Only Clint would describe that as being slapped with water.

Sam has joined the chat.

Sam: Steve ON YOUR LEFT!


Sam: Revenge is mine.

Bucky has joined the chat.

Bucky: Steve tell Sam to stop saying “Falcon Punch!” every time he punches someone.

Sam: I’m not.


Bucky: The proof is there, Steve. PROOF.



Bucky: Oh my god.

Y/N has joined the chat.

Y/N: Why does Sam keep shouting that?

Sam: I’m not!

Y/N: Sam honey, you do realize the chat is voice controlled? Whatever you say will show here.

Clint: Water. Earth. Fire. Air.

Bucky: How is he an Avenger?



Steve: Concentrate on the mission!

Tony: We should have left them at home.


Bucky: STOP IT!




Clint: Long ago, Bucky and Sam lived together in harmony.  Then everything changed when the Falcon Nation attacked.




Steve: Sam stop hitting Bucky! Bucky, don’t hit Sam!

Wanda: … And we call Peter a kid…

Sam: I didn’t do anything!

Bucky: The proof is right there!




Y/N has been disconnected.

Clint: Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop Sam.  But when Bucky needed her most, she vanished.

Bruce: Is Y/N okay?

Tony: It’s time the other guy made an appearance. Y/N needs help near the warehouse.

Bruce has left the chat.



Sam: Stop copying me.

Steve: You two are grounded.

Steve: No more missions for the next 2 months.

Tony: Why can’t they be like Peter? He’s so well behaved.

Y/N has joined the chat.




Clint: Three weeks passed and I discovered the new recruit, an airbender named Y/N, and although her airbending skills are great, she still has a lot to learn before she’s ready to save Bucky.


Wanda: I take it the mission is over? Since we’ve defeated everyone. Well, Sam still has to defeat Bucky.


Natasha: Why can’t we have normal missions anymore?

Tony: What fun would that be? They’re literally just swatting each others hands. No actual slaps. It looks like a fight between two kids.

Y/N: Nope, kids can fight better than that.

Tony: True.

Tony has left the chat.

Steve: Nat, get Bruce and we’ll regroup at the jet.

Natasha has left the chat.


Steve: Y/N, get Bucky. I’ll get Sam.

Thor: Is Lady Y/N going to float Sir Barnes in the air while Sir Rogers carries Sir Wilson away like a mother would carry their child?

Y/N: Yes.

Steve: Yes.

Thor: I would like to witness this.

Thor has left the chat.

Steve has left the chat.

Y/N has left the chat.

Sam has left the chat.

Bucky has left the chat.

Clint: But I believe Y/N can save Bucky.

Wanda: Clint Vision says stop being weird.

Clint: Tell Vision he’s grounded with Bucky and Sam.

Wanda: He says sorry.

Wanda has left the chat.

Wade has joined the chat.

Wade: Hi there.

Clint: Hello, Wade.

Wade: How embarrassing. He thinks I’m talking to him.

Clint: We’re the only ones in the chat!

Wade: I just want to let you know that the Author will be on hiatus for a short while.

Wade: But once she’s back, there shall be the DC/Marvel crossover AND the new recruits chat.

Wade: Which I’ll be in both, of course.

Clint: What crossover?

Wade: So stay tuned for that!

Wade: Do you think Clint would get along with the Green Arrow?

Wade: Hahahahaha probably not.

Clint: Who?

Wade: I’m looking forward to seeing Clark.

Clint: Who?

Wade: What about you? Maybe batsy?

Clint: Who?

Wade: I know some of you are looking forward to uh

Wade: Barney Alan.

Wade: Berry Alien.

Wade: Betty Aladdin.

Wade: Whatever, he’s fast okay.

Clint: WHO?

Wade: Are you an owl now, Clint? Don’t be rude. Can’t you see I’m having a conversation over here!

Clint has left the chat.

Wade: Remember short hiatus. Till then, beautiful reader!

Wade has left the chat.

Stupid Leaves (Peter Parker Imagine)

Request: “for the prompt thing #14 and #38 for Spidey, if you’re not bored of him. please?” - anon

Prompts: #14 “You remind me of someone” & #38 “On a school night?”

A/N: I wrote this imagine in the present tense lol let me know if you guys like it better in the past or present tense! Let me know if you guys want to read Peter Parker/Spidey’s point of view of this story!

Warning: Mentions of stalking/harassing, mild language (one little b word)

Summary: You go out to Central Park on a Sunday night to get some supplies for tomorrow’s lab project. You didn’t expect to bump into Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man.

Part Two: Peter’s Point of View | Part Three: The Monday After

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A/N: This was so fun to write! It took a much different turn than I expected. Be prepared for feels and laughter.

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.

Anon(s) said: “Idk if you’d want to write this as a roommates thing or not (it’s cool if you don’t lol) but what if there was one of those parent/guardian-teacher conferences at the school, and they’d tried to talk their way out of it like they’d done a few times before, but the school insist on an adult attending bc they start to get suspicious, so Derek and Peter after some convincing, would have to begrudgingly smarten up and pretend to be concerned about Isaac&Y/n’s grades and attitudes to school etc. xP(Second Message)And like Derek would just be totally done with it before it had even started, but Peter would properly get into it and deliberately try to make it as awkward as possible for everyone involved 😂 idk why I find this so funny sorry haha(Third Message) Haha and if it was one of those conferences (the most awful kind) where the student has to sit there awkwardly while they’re being discussed, Peter would deliberately try and embarrass them in the most horrible ways, and what if the teacher who was talking to Derek was one of those overly inquisitive people, and kept asking them questions about why he hadn’t been able to come sooner and random nosey stuff and they’d both just be bluffing but whoever was with Derek would end up blurting out some(Fourth Message) kind of bizarre answers and Derek would just be glaring at them like ‘really? what the actual hell I didn’t sign up for this shit I swear when we get out of this you’re done for’ but he’d just have to go along with it😂 sorry for the amount of messages I’ve sent, I’ve been thinking about this too much haha”

“Haha omg I just thought of a little idea for a roommates thing where Peter or Derek (probs Derek haha) gets tired of y/n and Isaac’s constant bickering so they buy one of those little spray bottle things for when they just can’t be bothered but the others don’t know that they’ve bought it so Isaac and y/n are just arguing as usual and then they suddenly find themselves being sprayed in the face with water and they’re just like ‘wtf?!’ but when they try to protest it they just get sprayed more 😂”

“OMFG and then a while later Peter and Derek get into some heated argument about something and y/n just spontaneously grabs the spray bottle and does the same thing to them but then one look at Derek’s dripping, even angrier than before face, has her like ‘oh shit shit shit’ and she’s like dashing out of the room trying to find somewhere to hide while ramblingly trying to reason with the pissed off lycanthropes and isaacs just loving the whole situation cause it’s isaac 😂😂”



You stood there, mouth wide open in what was supposed to be protest to what Isaac had just said, but now was simply a result of pure shock.

“Did you just….” You opened your eyes wide, causing Isaac to snicker. “Was I just sprayed in the face with a squirt bottle?”

“Usually they do it to puppies as a training mechanism, but I guess it works with adolescent werewolves, too.” Derek smiled proudly, admiring the bottle in his hands.

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Anonymous said:

Can you do an imagine where the reader and Felix are really close and Peters really jealous 😊

Warning/s: cringy, Felix being .. different and the amount cringe


“You SO like him.” Felix teased. When did he became a love expert?

“Shut up!” you quietly shouted.

“Ohh! You’re blushing! What a cutie” he cooed, pinching your cheeks.

“Seriously, stop it” you growled at him.

“I bet Pan can make you blush that you’ll look like a tomato” he laughed.

You punched his stomach causing him to hug his stomach. When his head lowered, you put him in a headlock. 

“Why would you do that?” he groaned.

“I told you to stop” you shrugged and giggled.

“Y/N! Felix!” Pan’s voice shouted, making you let go of Felix.

The both of you stood straight.

“Yeah?” Felix asked.

“I don’t appreciate what you’re doing right now.” Pan said.

You raised an eyebrow while Felix smirked. Oh he’s up to something.

“What?” you asked yourself.

“What do you mean?” Felix hid his smirk.

“It means I don’t like seeing anyone flirting. We’re supposed to be children here for Christ’s sake!” Pan hissed angrily.



“We aren’t flirting..” You trailed off, looking at Felix. You cringe at the thought.

“No way” you added.

“Hey! What’s wrong with me?” Felix commented.

“Anyways. He’s like a brother to me.” You laughed.

“Oh?” Pan asked, raising an eyebrow.

You nodded.

“Just tell her, Pan” Felix put a hand on Pan’s shoulder.

“Tell me what?” you asked.

Pan sighed and walked closer to you. Felix walked off, leaving you two.

“I like you Y/N” he said.

“What?” you asked in disbelief.

“Don’t act so surprised” he scoffed and crossed his arms.

“Wait wait wait” you pointed a finger at him.

“You were jealous of Felix! Oh my god this is.. something” you laughed.

Pan, feeling insulted, started to walk off.

“Wait!” you yelled, grabbing his hand.

“What? Gonna make fun of me more? ‘Cause I really do-”

“I like you too” you blurted out and blushed.

Pan smirked causing you to blush even more.

“You look adorable when you blush” he cooed, cupping your face, causing you to blush even more.

Pan led you back to the camp, stopping when Felix went to you.

“Oh my god! I was right! You look like a tomato right now!” he laughed causing you to blush in embarrassment.

Pan saw your struggle and hugged you, hiding your face with his arms.

“Yeah but she’s my tomato”


Requests are OPEN

Library Crush (Remus Lupin x Reader)

Request: Not a request, just an idea that had magically appeared on my head while studying biology at 1 a.m. in the morning.

Warnings: Idk I just wrote this in a rush and didn’t check it so… SORRY FOR THE TYPOS AND ALL THAT STUFF!!
Word Count:

A/N: Yes!! I’m finally back and ironically on the night before my exam week :D Anyways, I hope you enjoy this one, btw since I ship Wolfstar I had to put it somewhere lol sorry if you don’t.

Remus Lupin was desperately dragging his three friends into the library. He tried to ignore the groans coming out from the three young boys while secretly keeping an eye on his crush. He had seen her in the library for the first time, weeks ago. At first he didn’t really payed attention on her since he was too busy losing himself in the stories he was reading. However, as the weeks passed, he started noticing how harming she was. Suddenly the piece of hair falling down on her face while she was focusing on her work, biting her soft lips, made his heart bump a little faster.

“Merlin Moony, calm down! We are in the library, you don’t need to hold my hand this tight!” Sirius protested, while grinning at his visibly anxious friend.

The four boys were taking his seats when James whisper-shouted: “Hello Moony? Are you listening to us?”

“Huh?” Remus asked, completely confused. “I said, weren’t you going to study Potions? Why are you staring blankly at the books?” James asked again, clearly offended by the lack of his best friend. “I-I umm…Yes I will study Transfiguration, just give me a minute Wormtail!” Remus replied to his friend, still looking around to find Y/N.

A loud laugh coming from Sirius snapped him back to reality. He turned around to face his friends, who were smirking at her. “Okay, spill it Moony, what’s going on?” Sirius asked, raising his eyebrow. Remus looked at the trio, who were impatiently waiting for him to say something. He stared down at his long fingers and stuttered: “Well-I- umm…”

“I kinda have a crush on this girl and I come here everyday to see her but I was never able to talk to her,” He murmured quickly, hoping none of them had heard him. He tilted his head since he was surely worried that none of them made a sound. Sirius burst out laughing while Peter and James were silently laughing. Remus felt he heat coming up on his face and whisper-shouted sarcastically: “So funny guys, really, yeah!”

“We are not laughing at the fact that you couldn’t talk to her dumbass! We are laughing at the way you told us!” Sirius explained, finally able to stop his laughter. Peter nodded and James asked: “So, who’s this lucky girl,”

“Yeah tell us who the future Mrs. Lupin is,” Sirius nodded while hitting Remus’s shoulder firmly to encourage him. “I can’t.”

“What?!” The trio whisper-shouted at the same time, surprised by their best friend’s answer. “I just can’t tell you guys. I know how crazy you will all three go, trying to set up with me and Y/N-“

Remus stopped, covered his mouth with his hands and gasped: “Oh god.”

James grinned at Sirius and pointed at the girl sitting at the back of the library, silently reading a book. “Let’s go Padfoot, we have a date to set up!”

The two boys got up quickly, leaving Remus all red, hiding behind a book while Peter still silently laughing, watching his friends walking over to the girl.

You flipped over the page, biting your lips while trying to understand the confusing subject. You were too tired to study anymore yet, you had to study. You let out a loud sigh when you suddenly heard the chairs in front of you being pulled back.

Two boys you knew very well, yet you thought they didn’t even know your name, James Potter and Sirius Black sat in front of you, leaving you with a confused gaze.

“Hello my dear! Good evening!” Sirius waved at you, smirking. You smiled back at him.

“Hello…” You awkwardly whispered, not having a single clue about what was going on.

“How’s it going?” James asked this time, raising his eyebrow.

“Fine, I guess. How is it going with you guys?” You asked, this time more confidently.

“It’s perfect,” James winked.

“But there is a tiny little problem,” Sirius gritted his teeth.

You bit your lower lip and started playing with your fingers, now you were worried. “What’s that?… Should I be scared?”

“There is nothing to be afraid of darling. We were just wondering if you would like to go on a date with our beloved friend, Remus?” Sirius asked simply, leaving you all red and shocked.

“I’m sorry, what?!” You whisper-shouted.

“Oh! Please forget about our rudeness. We hadn’t even met yet. I’m Sirius Black and this is my friend James-“

“Potter. James Potter.” The two boys smiled at you while you were trying to process what Sirius had just said.

“ Let’s go back to our topic.  I think my friend here meant that, would you like to meet our friend Remus too?” James asked. You didn’t know what to say, they were clearly trying to set you up with the boy you had been watching secretly in the library for months. You didn’t know if they were joking or not, maybe they were making fun of you, stalking Remus. The thoughts were running in your mind while the boys were impatiently waiting for an answer. Without further thinking, you were just going to give an answer when suddenly Sirius cut you off:

“He is a true gentleman,”

“The definition of a perfect friend,” James added.

“ Has everything a girl can desire for. And by everything, I mean everything,” Sirius explained by pointing down at his pants, mouthing “it’s huge” You burst out a laugh at Sirius’s desperate attempt.

James nodded, laughing silently at his friend: “Yes- Wait a second how do you-“

“So! Enough chit chatting Prongs! We don’t want this young lady to change her mind!” Sirius cut James off and turned back to you: “What do you say?”

You stared at the boys who were staring into your eyes like puppies. You couldn’t resist their looks and said: “Okay! When do we meet?”

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A Growl Like Wolverine.

Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader

Featuring: Alex Summers

Request: Can you please do a Peter Maximoff x Reader about how he’s super overprotective of you and just basically growls at any one who could possibly hurt you, including the other x-men? please and thank you.

Word Count: 1097

Warnings: Fluff ( I think?) angry reader (is that even a warning? Lol ) Two swear words.

A/N: So this was my first request. Thank you Anon for this request **Sings Hallelujah. I hope this is close to something you wanted Anon. Also sorry took me a while I was working today. I hope everyone else enjoys it. It could be shit I don’t know… Anyway Much Love. G xx

Originally posted by heavyflovv

Y/N groaned as her opened palm meet her face in horror. Y/N was simply minding her own business, studying her physics work that was due in two days and poof there he was. Peter Maximoff, was sitting straight opposite her on the other side of the desk with that stupid toothy grin on his face. 

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Words: 1,237 
Pairing: Reader x Isaac
Warning: if you dont like torturing dont read this lmao
Summary/Request:  could you do an imagine where isaac has to look at you while together get tortured by some alphas?

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