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Another Legion Theory

Again, spoilers for Legion ‘Chapter 5′ below, as well as ‘could be’ spoilers for later episodes in the future. You guys have been warned -

I just had this thought that perhaps David met Charles when he was a child. The Shadow King, having been in David’s mind for so long, probably would’ve wanted to check in on his enemy (they have a history in the comics) and so why not meet the man in a form that would be non threatening, and even poke some fun out of the fact that the boy is his son and he doesn’t even know it. I’m not sure how this would actually work considering David’s powers have not fully manifested, maybe Charles fell asleep while using cerebro or something like that and he had David say his name to get his attention i dunno

David and Charles would probably perceive this meeting as a dream, a really strange dream at that, but there would be no harm to it. Afterwards the memory of this encounter would’ve been erased, or at least concealed. But David would always wonder, “what did the stars say?”