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i got so bored that i decided to go to this place in the woods thats kinda reserved because theres no way to keep going unless you step over a ton of high bushes and no one wants to do that lol. anyways i grabbed my bike and thought you know what im gonna bring my ukulele too and mess around on it. BUT when i finally get to the spot i see a man? he had a heavy jacket on with his hood up, crouched over the bushes. i was like what the fuck its 86 degrees why does this guy have a jacket on? why is he crouched near a bush? why is he even over here to begin with no one ever comes over here? but then he raises his arm and i see he has a FUCKING MACHETE IN HIS HAND?!?!!?! and here i am with my bright yellow bike, ukulele in a yellow sundress ready to jam. so needless to say i bolted right out of there as fast as human possible

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Hey you said you think each MC has a different dynamic/personality, what are they?

keep in mind these are my own interpretations so don’t be offended if you don’t view them the same way. after all, you are the player and you can interpret them as you please :)

MC1 - super cute and fluffy. generally very innocent, but enjoys teasing (which gets her into trouble at times  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) very pure. i get that from the shape of her eyes & her long black hair. her features are generally very soft.

MC2- sexy, laid back. i get this from her sultry eyes. she likes to tease and be teased. looks like she can be a tsundere sometimes, but really cares for each of them.

MC3 (red haired mc) - fun, flirty, doesn’t take anyone’s shit. like if you pissed her off, you’d be dealing with a crap ton of trouble. will stand up for what she believes in, regardless of who you are. 

MC4 - tomboy, teasing, likes to be in control. would be a really good friend in general i feel like, doesn’t care about what other people think of her. good at comforting. real.

MC5/ unicorn?? - bruh wtf i don’t even know ok

Housemates!NCT Part 6

Your university runs out of dorm space, forcing you to find a last minute living arrangement with some international students. In other words, you’re basically screwed.

Warnings: alcohol, drugs, sex, profanity

Word Count: 1,534

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10

Also check out my College! thing too to help you tide yourselves over as i’m a shit head :)

College!Jaehyun | Ten

You guys are going to hate me when you get to the end of this chapter LMAO IM SORRY IN ADVANCE. 

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I would say I can’t believe how much my fandom wall has grown, but I’m trash, so…

The top is halfway through my freshman year of high school and the bottom is now (I’m about to enter junior year!)

it’s always been you

Hi @peithir! I’m not sure if you’re “fulguryy” (if not then I’m sorry and pls ignore this) but well if you are then I’m your horribly late cs secret santa! I’m so sorry for being so late.

You mentioned you liked “childhood friends AU” and while I’m not too big of a fan of the trope, I gave it a shot for you so forgive me if its shit lol. I hope you like it and merry late christmas <3

She is seven when she first meets him.

All lanky limbs and dark ruffled hair moping his pale forehead. And those eyes, those blue blue eyes with such sincerity and wonderment in them she could not tear her own emerald one’s away from them.

She was playing football with her father when she tried to catch a rather high throw and slammed into him, sending them both tumbling down on the ground, her back to his front. She rolls away from him, her face flushed in embarrassment but as she rolls to her back, she sees a hand in front of her face, and then him.

She takes it shyly, allowing him to pull her up as she apologizes furiously for the fall. Her father is beside them in a moment and another tall curly-haired man who didn’t look much old was hovering over the fallen children. David cradles her cheek and asks her of her well-being before he turns to the boy who now has the older man’s arm slung around his shoulder.

The two men get talking – something about new people, England, new start, in the accent Harry Potter talked in, but Emma’s attention is diverted by the boy in front of her as she studies him, smiling once their eyes meet and he blushes.

“I’m Emma” she says, waving a hand in the air.

“I’m Killian” he replies, offering her a grin.


She is twelve when she first comforts him.

Liam drops him off to her house for a week stay as he has to fly back to London to take care of some property they had to sell. Her parents had offered, or rather, insisted on Liam leaving Killian with them for the week as her mother was home for her maternal leave with her baby brother Leo.

They had just eaten the grilled cheese sandwiches her mother made them and were laying on her bed with their shoulders touching and their hands inches apart from each other beside them.

They were silent, hearing the ticking of the clock and the rain pouring outside.

He spoke first, “My brother is selling our house in London”

Emma turns her head towards him, noticing few tresses of her long blond hair on his shoulder, “You don’t want him to sell it?”

“I don’t know” he says softly, still staring at the ceiling, “That’s where we all lived as a family”

Emma gulps down hard. She knew all about the accident that took away his parents, making the Jones boys orphans. Liam, at the mere age of 18, had fought tooth and nail to make sure he got the custody of his little brother. Once that was final, Liam used the inheritance money and moved to Storybrooke, Maine. The first time Emma and her father met the Jones boys, they had only been in the country for about a week. Of course her parents had practically adopted them both – asking them to join them for picnics every weekend, family dinners, holidays, and even family trips.

“You have to let go” Emma whispers, surprised at how she even came up with saying that, “That’s your past. Focus on your present and future”

“I just miss my family so much” he chokes and Emma feels his body shook. She sits up abruptly, watching the tears stream down his cheeks, making her heart twist in pain for him.

She moves to lay half on top of him, her chin digging into his shoulder as she grips his hand tightly, “Hey Killian” she repeats until he finally looks at her, his breath hitching with his silent sobs, “We’re here for you. We’re your family now, I’m your family”

His face breaks into a smile and she snuggles closer to him, resting her head at the crook of his neck and smiling as she felt his other arm come around her to hold her closer.


She is seventeen when she first feels something.

Prom is pretty dull to the surprise of no one. But it is much worse for Emma as she is all alone at her table as a slow song plays, every couple dancing except of her because her boyfriend was currently drinking with his friends in the parking lot.  

For the first time during the night she smiles as she feels his body press to her side, “Would you care to dance, mi’lady?”  Killian asks, wiggling his eyebrows. He cleaned up pretty well – his black hair slicked back, the light scruff now growing on his jaw was shaven off for the night, and the black tux he borrowed from his brother surprisingly fit well despite the size differences in both the Jones.

He had shown up to her house after getting ready, her parents fawning over both of them and taking hundreds of pictures. They’d driven them to the meeting place of everyone and let them go with a hug, Emma then falling into the arms of her boyfriend, Neal, and Killian heading towards his date, Tink.

“Don’t you have to dance with Tink?” Emma asks, looking around for the petite blonde.

“I already danced with her”

“Killian you can’t ditch your date to dance with me. What happened to your good form?” Emma tries to mimic his accent and smiles as she sees the familiar grin on his face from whenever she teases him for his accent.

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