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What Lies Within

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Well, after my dash got spamed with KS stuff I went to check out what all the fuss is about n now this happened. Thanks for giving me another horribly dark n fucked up thing I never asked for but am totally on board with  :’D (but srsly, what is it with me n psychotic people? *looks at all the hannibal art* *sigh* )

Woot woot homestuck is making a come back two months after I’m getting into it??? Motherfunking MiRaClEs
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⚣ James and Thomas ⚣ (Black Sails) :: This Love

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“masquerading as a man with a reason, my charade is the event of the season / and if i claim to be a wise man, it surely means that i don’t know”

oh yeah yello / distance cake / keep the car running arcade fire / everyday superhero smash mouth / hurry hurry air traffic controller / don’t stop believin’ journey / carry on wayward son kansas / kids mgmt / frontier psychiatrist the avalanches / through the fire and flames / dragonforce / la devotee panic! at the disco / time to pretend mgmt / just can’t get enough depeche mode / the safety dance men without hats / once in a lifetime talking heads / dancing with myself billy idol / closing time semisonic + bonus tracks (youtube + 8tracks only)

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Steven Demayo and why human-centric episodes are important/not filler

I know it’s been said before but now I think it bares repeating; human-centric episodes are just as important as plot heavy episodes even if they have little relevance to the plot (because, in the grand scheme of the show, I feel it IS relevant). Like a analysis I reblogged a little earlier noted, ever since the beginning Steven’s been trying to get in touch with his gem half and occasionally getting to hang with humans (from season 1 we had Frybo, Lars and the Cool Kids, Joking Victim, Onion Trade, Beach Party, Island Adventure, Keep Beach City Weird, Horror Club) and I think it’s obvious he needs to spend more time with them to keep in touch with his humanity because he really does think it’s his duty to protect them (hell, in Frybo he says it’s his job). Every once in a while he needs to step back and actually spend some time with them.

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Here’s a cover I just recorded a few hours ago. I’m sorry for only doing a small part lol I know i messed up the end of the verse and some lyrics  , but I honestly struggled to finish recording this on time , so I couldn’t re-do the last part! Please don’t kill me for ruining this amazing song lol I tried my best in a small amount of time T_T 

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Review for Falling Into You - Chapter 10 by @lazydaizies

Oh. my. fucking. freakin. god. I. have. no .words. This was such a slow burn and HOLY HOT DAMN SHIT. You burned that house down. Oh my god. Is it warm in here or is just @lazydaizies amazing writing skills?! I feel kinda attacked. And just…SWOON. I can’t. Ok. I’m gonna stop rambling now hahaha.

Attention: Spoilers start here

New Years eve!! What a great day for all the fans of this fic eheheheh. Oh boy. You have no idea. I’m so done LOL. I have no clue how to write a proper review this time. xD

Just one line and I CAN FREAKIN FEEL THE TENSION. Like physically. This is crazy hahaha / They hadn’t made any move to go past some heated kisses but the need and tension was in the air and they both seemed to know that tonight was most likely the night./

OMG. That talk with Justin. / “Jesus Christ, Justin!”/ That line sums it up pretty good haha. But he means well and he’s really just being a good friend. So thank you Justin! :D

Let’s switch to Emma and Betty! You just gotta love Emma right?! / “Well, I’m guessing with the way you two are still doing the eye fucking that you haven’t actually done the deed,” Emma said laughing./ Laughed out loud here xD

I love the lyrics of the first song Betty sang!!! So so much. They fit so well (…obvious…it’s the title of the whole story…but I just have to say it lol). I squealed…it’s so cute!

THE SECOND SONG!!! You’re trying to kill me, right?! / Jughead felt his entire being go still.  Betty’s eyes never left his and people in the crowd were turning to see who she was looking at.  He didn’t notice anyone, his eyes on the woman who had stolen his heart.  She was telling him she loved him and his heart felt like it was going to stop, it was hammering so hard./ Oh Juggie, I feel you. I literally can’t! This is so beautiful. I love it!!! / Jughead stopped in the middle of the room and held her gaze.  He didn’t care about anyone else in the room, all he could see was her and the love shining in her eyes./ Just gonna leave this here. I’m dead. xD

/Betty?” he said softly.“Yes, Jughead?”“I am completely and hopelessly in love with you,” he said, his voice shaking and gruff.  Her eyes filled with tears and her smile took his breath away.“I love you so much,” she whispered, her arms coming around his neck and her hands pulling his head down to hers.  He felt her kiss in his soul.  His hands cupped her face and he kissed her hungrily, trying to brand her with his mouth. / My heart is very full right now! Couldn’t stop smiling I swear.

How is it possible they are so freakin’ cute and hot at the same time?!?! I can’t handle this. xD Seriously…. xD And just read this:  / He just looked at her, for long moments, his hands brushing over her skin, as if trying to memorize her./ Again one simple but very effective line. Gnah, Or this! : /“How do you know?” she asked again.“Because every part of me was made for you,” he said and his words made the heat in her stomach to spread all over./ OMG!

And like how much emotions are in these lines?!?! /“Are you sure?” he asked hoarsely.  “God, please say yes,” he almost begged.  “Yes, yes I’m sure,” she moaned.  He didn’t move, watching her face, wanting to remember her desperate for him.“I love you.” He needed her to know before he went further.“I love you too, Juggie,” she whispered, her eyes getting misty.“I’m never letting you go after this Betty.  You’re mine and I won’t ever let you go,” he said, his voice shaking.“Do you promise?” she whispered, a tear slipping from her eye.“I swear on my life,” he whispered back. / Hell, yes!

HOT DAMN. You’ll be forever the queen of smut haha. 

And now let’s talk about the perfect ending for this chapter, yes? / There was nobody else he could have ever hoped to share this with and he felt like the luckiest man on the planet.  His life was officially perfect./ SO GOOD. I love it and I’m smiling like an idiot here!

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‘when i was a child, i heard voices. some would sing and some would scream.’

a chaotic fanmix that will take you on a psychopathic rollercoaster; all dedicated to the lovely but dangerously misguided and undoubtedly crazy, callista ross.

the devil within - digital daggers / blood on my hands - danielle parente / runs in the family - amanda palmer / seven devils - florence +the machine / oblivion - patrick wolf / twisted nerve - bernard herrmann / bad moon rising - mourning rituals / mad world - gary jules / mister sandman - chordettes / arsonist’s lullaby- hozier / black sheep - gin wigmore / breezeblocks - alt j / help i’m alive (acoustic) - metric

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