lol that landing

Sure, there’s plenty of fish in the sea, but there’s plenty of pancakes on land. And unless you’re on a boat RIGHT NOW, the sea is…way over there. So far away. There’s a greater chance you’re on land right now, which is sturdy and dry, easier to navigate. The sea? It’s awful.


“One incident in the early 2000s even had her laughing quite uncontrollably mid-catwalk: wearing a bathing suit for Issey Miyake while carrying a prop suitcase stuffed with wizard hats and robes.”- InStyle Magazine April 2016

alright i’m gonna address the movie La La Land real quick.

1. First off, if you don’t like musicals, why would you think it’s a smart idea to watch the movie? It’s not the movies fault you don’t like musicals.

2. It’s not a white savior movie. Yes, Ryan Gosling’s character really likes jazz and is trying to preserve it’s tradition, but at no point is this movie legitimately asserting the idea that a white man is the only hope for jazz music.

3. This movie isn’t a love letter to Hollywood. In fact, Hollywood is the source of Emma Stone’s character’s defeat, Ryan Gosling’s character following a money making job instead of his dream, and ultimately keeping the two from having a happily ever after ending together.

4. This movie isn’t just a love story. To me, it spoke volumes about the society we live in which stomps all over people with real ambitious dreams they seek to achieve. I mean, it’s even an allegory for the directer/writer of this story for creating his dream, a musical in a culture that’s been over musicals for decades.

5. Moonlight did in fact deserve best picture. However, the fact that people are shitting all over La La Land without even an actual understanding of the film is uncalled for and ignorant


– Guess this is our only way out.

– After you, then.

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