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Eunhyuk's letter to the members
  • E: Before promoting our 4th album , I was thinking to write a letter for each member. I bought 12 pieces of cards, and I started to write on it, “I hope that we’ll work hard together for the coming album, so let us encourage each other”. I really wrote to the members according to the age, starting from Leeteuk and Heechul. But when I wrote until Shindong, I felt tired already. There are too many members, and I also don’t have time to write all the letters, so I gave up.
  • T: Ah you should at least give your letter to me, since you already wrote it.
  • E: If I only give the letter to you, it seems like…
  • T: You can give it to me secretly.
  • E: Now I’m still keeping those cards in my drawer.
  • T: Then I’m going to take a peek at your drawer tonight. (laugh)