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Suigetsu is me when I think about Ship Names. Hahahaha seriously, I don’t know how ship names get approved and accepted by fans. Is there a Ship High Council out there? Will there be bill passed? Will someone approve or veto these proposed ship names??? I will never know..


cry out [RIJF'16]

  • team taka: forms and spends the most time with part 2 sasuke thus becoming a huge part of his character arc, willing to help sasuke defeat itachi together, willing to help sasuke destroy kohona, joins akatsuki for sasuke, fights killer b and eight tails along side sasuke, sasuke almost dies but karin heals him while juugo infuses his flesh in order to keep sasuke alive, suigetsu risks life in order to let sasuke and the others escape, sasuke gains the power to be able to extinguish the amaterasu flames when karin was about to die, infultrates five kage summit and fights along side sasuke, karin heals sasuke again in kamui's dimension, karin helps sasuke defeat danzo, is used to symbolize sasuke's fall into darkness, and is eventually thrown in jail for being affiliated with sasuke, taka reforms and joins orochimaru in order to revive the past hokages, taka follows sasuke to aid the allied shinobi forces even though said shinobi never gave a shit about these kids, saves tsunade, sasuke wouldn't be able to use his susanoo along side naruto without juugo transferring natural energy into it, karin senses sasuke is dying and awakens her chakra chains while she and the rest of taka try to get to sasuke in time, basically becomes one of the most functional teams in naruto
  • kishimoto: lol taka who dat

Here’s me avoiding all responsibilities and totally ignoring that it’s almost been 2 months :D

As (many?) of you may know I went to both NYC shows, general admission for the first day and VIP for the second day!! I was going to do a write up in the following days after but I was still pretty overwhelmed then and have pushed it back till now, whoops. Warning, long post ahead as I gotta fit 2 days in somehow HAHA

So keep reading if you wanna know how I kissed Toru’s cheek, ran into them and got selfie + sign with Toru :D

All photos are mine/taken by me.

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