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Top 3 Things Tag Meme

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Goal: (I don’t even know 9 people to tagg here lol)

Relationship status: Taken - since 5 years now gosh x.x

Favourite colour: red :) and black (I love the combination)

Lipstick or chapstick: nothing.. I’m not girly enough for such a shit xD

Last song I listened to:  E Nomine - Die Schwarzen Reiter

Last movie I watched: Vaiana/Moana

Top three tv shows:
1. Bones
2. Game of Thrones
3. South Park

Top three characters: (oh fuck what?! This is hard…)
Cor Leonis
2. Nyx Ulric
3. Titus Drautos

(I really would like to add Gladio, Balthier, Auron etc.. but.. only 3.. it’s terrible xD)

Top three ships:
1. Balthier X Fran
2. Ignis X Aranea
3. Yuna X Tidus


One Punch Man ⇨ Saitama

Happy Birthday Julia!

I was tagged by the rad and lovely, @kiefeon and @bongtokingprincess to take a hit. Had to edit this post cause I was also tagged by @astr0zombies that I just saw and I was going to tag her haha love you dude!

I therefor tag, @sex-drugs-scooby-snacks @reminiscent-nature @chrisbahkah  @kawaiidabber and @stonerjpeg oh and the entire world cause fuck it. smoke up

Stay gnarly. Stay dope.