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A) Age: 24 now yay!!!!

B) Biggest fear: to be killed for some weirdo who was just passng by in extreamly painful ways…

C) Current time: It is 3:29 pm

D) Drink you last had: green tea OwO cold!!!!

E) Every day starts with: smiles and “This will be a wonderful day!”

F) Favourite song atm: “quiero oir tu voz” by  Mago de oz

G) Ghosts, are they real?: no! but yet I get really scared by them lol

H) Hometown?: a weird place named CDMX D:!!!!

I) In love with?: acrilycs! and my gf I gess XD

J) Jealous of?: being jealous is bad and poisonous! I always try to make all jealousy in admiration :) but I always get jealous when I see others have good and nice fathers  ;_;

K) Killed Someone?: I hope not!!!!!!!!! D:

L) Last time you cried: las week my doggy got sick ;A; but he’s fine now so I’m happy !!! :D

M) Middle name: I have 2 names so the middle would be -ine Ad- xD

N) Number of siblings: 1

O) One wish: Art supplies OWO a LOT of art supplies OvO

P) Person you last called/texted:my mom :3

Q) Questions you are always being asked: do you teach? and I say yes!!!! but then they never appear lol

R) Reasons to smile:health, love and happiness! even if there’s one missing, you can always reach it in the near future!

S) Song last sung: this is embarassing but it woul be “Los angeles azules, 17 años “ D:!

T) Time you woke up: 6 am

U) Underwear color: *checking*…. blue with bunnies xD

W) Worst habits: I trust in people very easily lol

X) X-rays you’ve had: neveeer XD!!!!!!

Z) Zodiac sign: aries!


One Punch Man ⇨ Saitama

Happy Birthday Julia!

I was tagged by the rad and lovely, @kiefeon and @bongtokingprincess to take a hit. Had to edit this post cause I was also tagged by @astr0zombies that I just saw and I was going to tag her haha love you dude!

I therefor tag, @sex-drugs-scooby-snacks @reminiscent-nature @chrisbahkah  @kawaiidabber and @stonerjpeg oh and the entire world cause fuck it. smoke up

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