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Reylo is fine.

Rian Johnson said there will be no romance that is central to the storyline in The Last Jedi – that doesn’t mean there won’t be one at all, and in fact we know a central romance was the plan from the get-go*. Johnson went on to specify the absence of a Han and Leia dynamic, and how there would be no relationship like that.

Reylo is fine. 👍

The Vanity Fair writer name dropped two very popular ships, St//rmpilot, and of course Reylo, when quoting Johnson above. Most people are reading this to mean that these ships specifically won’t happen, when NO WHERE is that said. Period. Reading comprehension is fun!

[Note: St//rmpilot WAS actually debunked by John Boyega and Kathleen Kennedy/Lucasfilm, but Reylo has NEVER been discounted… quite the opposite].

Reylo is fine. 👍

JJ Abrams has said a central romance* was “no doubt” in the works since the beginning, and it has existed before Finn was created. Unlike Jedi Killer [Kylo Ren] and Kira [Rey] who both have been CENTRAL figures since conception. 

[Note: F//nnrey was debunked before conception and again a few years later by John Boyega].

Reylo is fine. 👍

The Databank and canon sources [novelizations and commentary] provide irrefutable statements that Rey and Kylo Ren share a mysterious connection, that their destinies are intertwined, that Kylo feels compassion for Rey, that she senses his vulnerabilities, and the hints at redemption keep coming … all of these facets exist to make their relationship THE MOST OPEN TO POSSIBILITIES, and nothing that was revealed in the VF article hinders their potential. They will continue to have “a very interesting relationship moving forward.”



I’ve been wanting to see a La La Land with Guang Hong and Leo for quite a while now, especially after reading the tidbit stating Guang Hong dreams of being a Hollywood celebrity. So pair that with the music-loving Leo and we got ourselves the La La Land aesthetic ~

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#4 My Neighbor’s A Jerk

Summary: (Office AU) There’s this mutual feeling between you and your jerk of a neighbor, called hate. With every ounce of passion filled in your veins you both commence that feeling from day one of meeting each other. But what happens once, one of you are at the receiving end of the other’s help? Maybe you will learn how to co-operate?

Word Count: 3137

Pairing: Bucky x fem!Reader

Genre: RomCom

Warning: none

Author’s Note: things have started to happen, you’ll realize when you get to the end of this part, enjoy! :)

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i was telling my friend about the time i saw shatner at wizard world comic con last year and he told us how he used to prank DeForest Kelley on the set of one of the star trek movies. every day, Kelley would make a bagel and he’d put the bagel in the toaster and then leave it, and so Shatner would go and eat it before it finished toasting, and when De came back he’d be like “um… I thought I made a bagel” and Shatner would say “um no, I don’t think you did?” and he would do this multiple times in a row to make him think he was losing his memory.



“Glory for I, Zote the Mighty! I never doubted myself, never faltered, and now I have achieved everything I desired.”

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tea time for anon. prompt: secrets

some of the deepest secrets are the ones that are out in the open. 

some scouts have booze, others stray cats, many have special spaces in the training woods with their names carved out in the bark of tree trunks. levi has none of these. there’s no diary under his mattress, or lacy underwear deep within his dresser drawers. he has no hidden space to hide contraband, or a mistresses out in the capital. levi is as closed a book as he is open. he hides nothing about his interests or his intentions. in his stoicism is the truth, and everybody seems to have him figured out.

it’s no secret that erwin and levi are close. there’s rumors about them, but even if they are true, they don’t effect morale. mortality rate is too high to care about sexuality, about relationships, about anything much else but oneself. erwin is a capable and ruthlessly intelligent leader. levi is the strongest and most compassionate of them all. their secret is public, but it just somehow makes them stronger. a bond worth fighting for, even from on the outside, even from their men and women that have taken the wings. because together they fight for humanity; together they are humanity’s greatest hope.

erwin has levi mapped out. he has a routine, sticks to it so strictly that if it strays he becomes a compressed bottle of rage. erwin is included in on this routine–from sunrise to dusk, he’s cared for in little ways. shined boots, oiled leather straps, groomed horse, restocked blades. erwin has stopped fighting him on these things, appreciates being thought of because sometimes he forgets to think of himself. when on base, they’re almost always together. erwin knows levi; erwin knows everything about levi.

that is until his finger hooks into levi’s uniform pocket, his lips lingering on his captain’s. he leans back in his chair, digs his finger deeper down into the pocket as levi tries to move away. he succeeds, shoves erwin’s hand and steps aside from his desk.

“levi?” erwin says softly. he misses the heat on his skin, the smell of dark tea and honey on his breath. levi stands with his back to erwin, brings his hands up to his breast pocket and tucks the paper back in. “what is it?”


erwin wants to reach out to him, drag him back into his arms and feel the softness of his skin against his own. “all right.”

levi’s hand stays on top of his pocket before he finally takes the paper out. he holds it in his hands, folded and frayed around the edges, having been worn against denim for so long it has started to tear along the folds. his finger draws under the edge and he opens the paper as he turns to face erwin. he reads the words scrawled across the surface as erwin watches him intently, curiously. levi hands him the paper, his head down, as if he is a scolded child waiting to be reprimanded.

erwin takes it, eyebrow raised, and holds it carefully in front of the candlelight. the parchment is rough to the touch, and the pulp of the paper has rubbed away some of the ink of the words. it’s clearly levi’s handwriting, beautiful and careful with each loop of his cursive. it makes erwin’s heart seize–everything about this man is nothing short but awe-inspiring.

he reads it again. and a third time. there’s not much written on it, four words to be exact: he sees the sky.

erwin looks up, his eyebrows drawn close, and asks silently for an explanation. “i don’t know.” levi says quietly.

“a mantra?”

“i guess.” levi trails. there’s something he’s not saying, something he’s unable to say, but is trying to find the words. he sighs with frustration before settling on something. “i guess i forget sometimes.”

“forget what?”

“why i’m here.”

erwin places the paper down onto the desk. “to protect and free humanity, was it not?”

“yes.” levi says. “or it was.” levi turns his gaze up to the office windows behind erwin. he’s afraid he’s already said too much.

“how do you mean?”

“i should be looking at the sky too.”

erwin runs a hand along his cheek, his brow creasing with more thought, as if levi has presented him with an incredibly difficult riddle. “i am not sure i follow.”

“you’ve become my sky.”

erwin looks up from the paper, stares slack jawed at his captain who refuses to look back at him. there’s a sadness in levi’s eyes, something darker than usual. erwin has seen him deal with grief, has seen the minute differences of the creases of his skin as he works through each emotion. but this brought out lines along his eyes that made him look much older than his age, like the reveal had taken twenty years off of his life and cast it ugly across his features.

“i see…”

he sees now. this secret that is not a secret. this secret that levi wore in his pocket, a reminder to deny his feelings in the face of freedom. that outside of erwin’s office and bedroom, he has to play the role of weapon for humanity, to dedicate his heart to them instead of him. and even though they knew–their soldiers, hange, mike, nanaba… they never once felt the hesitation levi always had to fight against. the need and desire to protect one–to live and fight for erwin and erwin alone.

erwin folds the paper again, making sure to fold exactly as it had been so many times in the past and leaves it on the center of his desk. “it is difficult for me at times as well.” 

levi looks at him now, the whites of his eyes showing more. “how?”

“you are my soldier.” erwin closes his eyes and sighs softly out of his nose. “i fear the day i hesitate to put you into harm’s way.”

levi studies erwin, watches as erwin’s face falls into blankness fitting only for stone, and leans over to pick up the paper. he holds it over the candle flame, waits for it to catch before pulling it out and letting it burn between his fingers. they both watch, the flames licking and crawling up ladders of burning paper, until levi shakes his hand and lets the small nub of parchment fall to the desk and burn itself to ash.

“we can’t let anything get in the way.” levi says flatly.

erwin’s lips draw thin. he nods once, slowly, morosely. “understood.” but he doesn’t, and neither does levi. 

war knows no bounds–much like love. but they never, ever wanted to have to find it. never thought they could find it. never thought they were worthy of finding it. and now they wish it to be a thing that never had found its way to them. to not have it etched so deeply upon their hearts, burning under the shadows of white and blue wings and along fields of bloodied men. 

where the only futures that were open to them were ones that could hold no promises.

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HOW does Bendy have ANY fans if THIS is how he treats them??? He's justified in being angry at the people who won't respect his boundaries- but ALL those gift-giving people were being so nice and were genuinely concerned and wanted to help. What I'm getting from all this is that, because he's a demon, that apparently means that being a massive jerk is Bendy's true nature. If that's the case, I wonder why people would want to hug him at all, let alone be a fan of his. I thought he liked his fans?

“Lemme take a wild guess and say you ain’t one of ‘em? Listen. I adore my fans. Hell, I adore anyone who just wanders into the theater on a Friday night. But my fans don’t love me because I’m a nice guy. Bein’ a good guy is Boris’s job! My fans love me because I’m hilarious! Charismatic! And sometimes ya love to hate me! Don’t like it? Blame Joey Drew. But if I was you, I’d thank him instead. I’ve brought one hell of a lot of laughs into this crazy world, and it was never by bein’ a sweetheart.

Nobody who comes to see us perform and knows about us beforehand ever came in expecting to see me helpin’ cats down from trees or savin’ damsels from distress. They came to see me make mischief. Ruffle feathers. Create a little chaos. It’s what I do. Ain’t specifically because I’m a demon, it’s because I’m Bendy. The Dancing Demon. Little Devil Darlin’! It’s because I’m me.

It’s like this: I trust a fan who cares enough to send me a gift knows I’m not gonna send ‘em a thank-you card. I’m intense, I get mad, I get weird, occasionally I say and do some nasty things. That’s just who I am. And if I changed I wouldn’t be the same demon my fans fell in love with in the first place. I’m just kiddin’ half the time anyway.

Remember how Boris came in to stop me destroyin’ all them gifts? Well he’s around to make sure you guys don’t hate me too much. Don’t you get it? We’re cartoons. Timing is in our ink. We may be real now, but we’re still toons. He stops me bein’ too destructive and I make him look real good in the process. If I stopped bein’ a jerk, he’d be bored out of his mind! He’s the hero, and I’m… the antihero! We’re scrappy! We’re underdogs! We’re imperfect. We’re characters. It’s just who we are.

Tell me, would’ja really want it any other way?” -BTDD


someone asked about my process, so here’s how that last Cullen came to be. when i’m working in SAI, i work on one layer, and when i hit a point where i think it’s hanging together ok, i copy the layer and continue working, so that if i flub it up completely i can revert back to a previous layer copy instead of scrambling to fix it, which… as many of us know, can be a headache.

anyway, once things are almost done i usually do an extra layer for shading, another for colour tweaks, and another for bg or w/e? i keep beards and stubble on an additional layer too, in case i change my mind. 

But nobody is saying this wasn’t a telenovela move, lol? Omg, just stop being so condescending. EVERYBODY here is familiar with telenovelas and its tropes since we’ve all been JTV fans, but so far the show hadn’t gone as far as killing a beloved main character. They’d just killed the Zazo twins that weren’t even that familiar to us and one of them was a villain. People are surprised because JTV hadn’t pulled off a telenovela trope as dark as this one before.

Still, people aren’t that surprised since his death has been hinted on season one, they are, in fact, frustrated. Because warning his death didn’t equal preparing the public for it. They created a captivating character, made us fall in love with him, made us watch him grow, get shot, lose his job and still be a mature and loving person who just wanted to get his life together for him and his family (instead of falling into drinks like most male characters on tv) and root for him only to kill him in the most sudden and unnecessary way.

People are pissed, learn to interpret. And people do have all the right to be pissed. Stop being a condescending jerk and saying things like “lol, I don’t know why you’re pissed, it is a telenovela” and trying to underrate and ridiculize people’s feelings. It is not because it was predictable that it wasn’t heartbreaking and people aren’t allowed to be disappointed.