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How would guys react to their baby girl teething on their fav things?


♥Shu: Ugh, careful… You’re going to electrocute yourself if you bite my mp3 like that… Ah, look a this… You got it wet. How bothersome…

♥Reiji: No! Not that–! -he quickly grabbed the bottle away from his daughter’s hands- This is a poison I’ve been working on… Good grief… You shouldn’t enter here, little one.

♥Ayato: My takoyaki!! Ah, you little punk… You’re going to pay for this, mini-me! -he said, holding his baby close. Of course, he didn’t mean it.- Ah, it’s still edible!

♥Kanato: Ahh! Don’t touch Teddy! You have a lot of toys in here! -he might be a father now, but he’s still a kid on the inside who goes crazy if something happens to his belongings.-

♥Laito: Ah, don’t touch my fedora, please~ You’re a really naughty kid, ne~? Come, bite this, instead. It may soothe your aching teeth~ -Laito gave his toddler one of his macarons. He didn’t like sharing very much… But it was better if he sacrificed a few macarons instead of his fedora.

♥Subaru: -He panicked the moment he saw his child playing around the rose garden, trying to get one of the roses in their tiny mouth- NO! Sheesh, this is dangerous…-he took off every thorn of the rose, and handed it to his child- There you go…


♥Ruki: -Sigh- Don’t touch my book. How many times have I told you this? -he grabbed it and put it on a higher place.- Come with me, take these candies, instead.

♥Kou: Agh, don’t bite my cds, Nyan-chan! I’ve bought you a lot of plushies, haven’t I? Go play with these instead! Ahhh… I hope my cds still work…

♥Yuma: Heh, are you feeling hungry? -he chuckled when he saw his little daughter nibbling on an apple- Here, take these grapes. Those are softer, y'know.

♥Azusa: No…! -his eyes widened when he saw his baby daughter grabbing one of his knives- Don’t touch… Those, please… Your mother will… Hate me if something… Happens to you…


♥Carla: That’s my ham… -a really creepy voice came out of him- Hm… What should I do with you? Your attitude is the same as your mother’s.

♥Shin: Hey, don’t bite that! -he took the nuts out of his baby’s mouth- You could choke on those. And you don’t even have teeth yet! Haaaah….


Lost Eden Order Special Bonus Badges - Sakamaki

These badges took time for me to find actually ones that are HQ enough to use, and even then some parts had to be edited/cleaned. I’m not claiming credit for them, but I ask that anyone who renders these or uses them for cursors, to please link back to this post and include my url. If not, then please go look for another source to render.

Mukami Family Headcanons Pt.2 :3

 If kou catches anyone so much as humming one of his songs he will tease them relentlessly about it for days (yUMA MAD)

 Ruki sometimes gets headaches (from thinking too much lol) so Kou thought it would be nice to make dinner for them instead of him… unfortunately Kou can only bake and cant cook for shit, so he called in azusa. Long story short they almost burned the kitchen, giving Ruki a bigger head ache. In the end he came down and they decided for take out.

Yuma, Kou and Azusa bought Ruki a #1 dad mug as a joke for fathers day. He still drinks from it.

 “Azusa, I’m going shopping, you need new clothes right?”

“No… thank, you…Ruki. I have…enough sweaters.”

Yuma comes stomping down the stairs: “OIII, does anyone know where my- AHA!!! SO YOU’RE THE ONE WHOSE BEEN STEALING ALL MY SWEATERS, AZUSA!!!”

“They’re big…and…warm.”

Ruki then began wondering whether his missing knitted pajamas also somehow ended up with azusa.

 Ruki developed a habit of reading in quiet dark places as to not be disturbed. And sometimes he gets so engrossed in the book he doesnt hear his brothers calling for him. This has resulted in ruki being accidentally stepped on, bumped into, or causing his brothers to scream many times (cause he’s literally just sitting in the dark in the middle of a room when they flick on the light whats not to scream about)

 Surprisingly enough, sometimes the sakamakis visit. usually at unexpected times, and its usually laito or subaru. 

- Laito just randomly leaves his house and heads over to the mukami’s during lunch time (Azusa didn’t mind, and kou depending on his mood, it took yuma a while to chill about it tho- but since he came so often Ruki allowed him to stay as long as he’s tolerable. As soon as he’s his pervy self he GONE)

- Subaru rarely visits, but when he does it’s to completely get away from his brothers for a while. Yuma sometimes agrees to let him wander around his garden but not to touch anything. He also doesn’t tell Kou because he understands Tsunbaru needs some time alone- that is until Kou looks out the window and goes over to pester him. 

- Ayato did visit with laito once for lunch, but only ONCE because he made the mistake of insulting Taylor swift, to which kou took great offence to and ended up blasting her songs infront of ayatos bedroom window. He only left when Reiji got in touch with Ruki to tell him about Kou’s whereabouts-

“Please…take him back. I know we don’t need sleep but I’m getting a headache.”

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The White Prince & the Maiden of Prayers

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