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June 21 2017

Happy Summer! I have now been out of school and happily at home for one whole week! 

This summer I will not be taking classes, so forgive me for a lack of studyblr content on this blog until I decide to start self-studying something, revising, or just go back to school lol. BUT DO NOT WORRY, MY ASK IS OPEN and I will continue to answer questions; I basically live on Tumblr lol. 

Instead I will just be taking some time for myself. I’m going to get into the things I used to do with my free time before I spent my days studying so much chemistry in college, such as tennis, drawing (some rusty portraits pictured here, still trying to warm up to it…), cooking, and embroidery. Tbh it’s only been a week and I’ve been bored a lot already (it’s really weird going from intense studying to having no responsibilities at all) so I will probs try to find new hobbies lol

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful summer so far! Stay cool out there and do something you lOvE love love.

Btw, should I get a new macbook? Mine is from 2011 lol it still has the DVD/CD slot and it weighs more than babies


lets-tari-me-world  asked:

Hi! First of all, I wanted to tell you that your blog is by far my fave on tumblr like everyday I have to check it to make sure I did not miss a text! I love how it's like an ongoing story and not random texts :) I have a question about Baekhyun, does he really call the fans his daughter or is it just in your story? Thank you :) PS : When I clicked to send a message, I had to choose between fan mail and ask, hope I chose the correct option lol I'm still new to tumblr

That might sound weird but I’m really happy you sent me an ask bc I saw you in my notes a lot  (≧◡≦)
Yes Baekhyun actually calls us his daughters and himself our “dad/daddy”!
For example last year he sent a food truck and his message said “appa has to go to work now” (appa is korean for dad)

I’ll get your message either way, however only ask can be answered publically :D

HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FOLLOWERS AND FRIENDS WHO ARE PIECES OF SHIT I hope your new year comes with happiness, prosperity, confidence, miracles, and self love. I wanted to thank the following people who have made my last couple of months on tumblr a second home.  

just wanted to shout out to these guys for being with me throughout the years because they knew me before I deactivated and we’re still friends to this day. I love you guys a lot and I’m sorry for constantly snapchatting but yah get used to it lol (and i swear over the past couple days, i came off as high but im really not lmfao. i just love puns and dumb questions) @miniheartfeels @kago-make-dean-some-pie @the-creepy-unicorn (you guys shes taking art requests on her art blog @drawing-unicorns and shes like phenomenal so go request) @idek-valentine @nikiforov-yuuri @kilin-trash @yer-a-fairytailwizard-natsu

My new mates that I made in like the first couple of months upon reactivation. You guys are like the Tumblr soulmates and I’m so thankful for you guys Punmasters: @erzawesome (bruh I keep on wanting to say your URL is aleena XD) @doctorwhodunit @cant-bokutouch-this WHY ARE ALL YALL DAMN NAME PUNS IM SICK OF YALL

 Tagging people by whatever category lol 

 The Floridians. What’s it like being closer to hell and how do y'all deal with hurricanes: @fucking-dragneel @fairytailsgemini 

 Some part of the USA that’s not close to me obvi: @gruviaforlife @idek-valentine @thecrowalchemist @thatartcorner @thatcrazyfangir1 @miss-zei @cosmicloveoftheages @melichamaa (i think youre from murica. i honestly dont know but just know i love you lol) @daydreamingburrito@lucyheartfiliaxxnatsudragneel @queenheiwa@neato-ft @thespace-dragon @blade-of-hope 

 The shade room: @googler49 @lillitu @madamevil

The Bi Bean Lancaster Machine: @black-cats-bring-good-luck (I really suck at holding convos so I apologize for you wanting to be my friend and I suck at trying to be lol) 

 The gif master: @anime-an-cats 

 The VIP/ Hall of Fame Follower: @khamillahsstrive 

 The “idek how we started but we just clicked”: and did you start drama -__- @senseichoptitties 

 Got damn Europeans like why y'all had to be born there: @rain-on-me @thevampgirl19 (she is my lil sister and ill gladly fight if you steal her away from me) @conyane (youre so precious. i know its legit only been like a couple of days since we started talking but youre honestly adorable and i hope you get out of your shy zone because people will love you just like how i do) @lucyheartfiliavevo @toomusiccheesecake @kasumifates (my response time is horrible so im sorry BUT  I DONT LIKE HOW YOU CAME TO ME SWEET AS EVER and you just lowkey a bish on some real shit like fight me) @pennytf @m-hamartithia 

My fellow Spanish people who plans to help my fluency although idk how so GOOD LUCK BUT I LOVE YALL THOUGH: @ginamontier (the love of the language has brought us together and our constant snapchatting brings us even closer. expect more coming your way cause you are stuck with me mwahahahahaha) @shinywings1 (AGAIN ALL I CAN DO IS APOLOGIZE. IVE BEEN ON AND OFF ON HERE but omg thank you so much like thank you for teaching me about the language as well as your culture as well. youre really fun to talk to like i was so hype when you said you were into fairy tail cause i thought we would only talk when it came to spanish lol) @nymphnayade (i owe you a lot cause youre too sweet and again i suck at responding) 

My fellow lovelies of Asia with time zones that make me wanna kms: @juviarainworld @asrainoyume @baerandish 

 Aye aye matey with a crickey crocodile(do you even say crikey): @meadowofstars 

 The marriage squad: @oneofthewolfchildren @nikiforov-yuuri @gay-trash-cats 

 And all these other lovely people! @be-a-super-human (im sorry for not responding a lot but thank you for the laughs and you just better be apart of a big magazine corporation when you get older) @wendychuu (dude your juvia is fine lol like you dont need to make a ‘better’ one like you wanted to. i reallly appreaciate it because it wasnt expected) @omgsniarf @aerithneko @thedragneellucy @janatscake @smashley-03 @mrsallsunday @liviona @watchmist1412 @awkwardyunyoo22 @leashykitty-chan @rigolotekitten @yvvri @ratcopters @erwiinsmith @wildest-dreams-at-midnight @phantompierce-okamoto @lucyheartfiliathecelestialmage @sanguine-fairy @endragoneel @tsunderegirl13 @tea-lief @jiyu-koya @buberryz @empowerlucy @unashamed-shipper @im-natsu-sure-about-this @imfabulous69 @indayiashow @impracticaldemon @envinxx @celestialgoddesslucy @illustraice @atrailof-whispers @roar-of-the-fire-dragon @roxychild94 @celestialmagelucy @celestiallucyheartfilia @blue-rika @hannahstokesy @zukosfangirl(how many damn blogs do you have lol cause i see them) @swagsorcist @celestialyukino77 @terironi @celestialheartmage  @aerithneko@lumenfairytail @lucy-heartflawless @phantompierce-okamoto @air-of-fire @nalumage @nalu-natic @tardisesandtitans @krystal-tsuki @lord-rogue @faelise @seilahtheshipper @natsu-dragmeme @natsu–firedragon @mangiepieft @avnai @seulil @alwaysnarichtsu @miraclealchemist @minammi @moonlustelara @fangirlingatmidnight @phantompierce-okamoto @passionmangas-mb @sagventurous @saradauchiha @akamethereaper @iceskatinghoe @heavenlybodiedjellal @icequeen009 @dreamsofria @stardresss @startgj @selenba @indayiashow @flip-a-dip-me-off @shadowhawthorne @starburstskies@llamabeansforllamas @doginshoe @christinelucka @dragneelmedown@lilawinters112299 @eesaflo @raprap-kun @tendous-satoris @pokenuzleaf @skyfairhurst @the-mystifiying-walnut @larakurdi28 @faesass @pityamnesia @fairiesinthemeadow @theshelbylee @infinitefangirlsquared @endragoniru @elieglory3173  @schizo-baby @gruviiaaa @msmanga14 @hymad@sunflower–sasuke @acilegna8 @juviin @pessimistic-neon-narwhales 

 My hands hurt now lol #mobilelife

My lovely romanian lettuce is taking requests @drawing-unicorns so mmmhmm go do that right now. go follow. go request and yes i know i did this twice

okay im done but thank you guys for everything!

updated business card! old one here

looking at it from a smaller scale i realized i need to make the font bigger orz and ive just been grinding away drawings. drawing gets enjoyable when im in the zone so i probably never ever say stuff. oh i’ve also noticed that not a lot of people use tumblr as a journal or blog but they just passively post pictures? (maybe it’s just me i’m still very new at this lol) ah how i miss the old times.

I’m always a slut for inukag

degected-deactivated20150328  asked:

What are you talking about?

lmao let’s take a refresher course

you sent me “suck my dick you whore”

i sent you this back

you said something about fuck you

i told you i was going to report you

you changed your url

too bad your new one is still right here

here’s some lame ass anons you send for attention

here’s the anon you sent my friend at the same time you tried sending me hate a few days ago

here’s us talking today about how you’re still around

still around

still desperate for attention

get off the fucking internet and get real help

i’m sick of seeing you try to treat me and my friends like shit just so you can get a little more attention in life.

stop sending me and my friends hate messages, stop harassing us for attention because you can’t deal with your own problems.


Thursday in the Park

I’m going to try and keep a New York Fashion Week diary and keep y’all updated with what I’m doing, where I’m eating and sights I’m seeing. Yesterday I arrived and it was an EXHAUSTING day. My flight left at 6am and my day ended at 3am. I went to a Tumblr NYFW event and saw my favorite Tumblrers (lol I think I just made that word up) thestylingbook, kmitt, ryan etc. Before the event I walked around Central Park just to soak in the city and get used to taking public transportation again. I took the subway in the wrong direction twice and I’m kicking myself for it. I don’t have time to keep making those mistakes hahaha! Although I consider myself a city girl, and no matter how well you know New York, I feel like people still mess up so I can’t be too hard on myself for getting lost. 

While I was walking around Central Park I got amazing news that I will be shooting backstage and runway at Prabal Gurung! I was so happy I was twirling my umbrella around like a mad woman. Going to NYFW is intimidating enough, but flying in with relativity no confirmations is even scarier. Sometimes brands don’t get back to you until the day before the show! I’m so happy to even have the opportunity to travel here and experience what we all love so much in person. Cheers to NYFW, Tumblr and FASHION!