lol sterek shippers

  • My sister: Are you reading fanfiction??!??!??!
  • Me: What?! Pffft, no, what even is fanfiction?
  • Me: *quickly closes, ao3 and tumblr*

Sterek fan: Gives impassioned argument about Teen Wolf’s problem with queer representation and says Sterek is CLEARLY the answer to that.

Me: Points out that if you are looking for more queer representation on Teen Wolf, there is no particular reason to privilege the Stiles/Derek slash pairing over other slash pairings on that show as potential canon material.

Sterek fan: “Fuck off.”

Me: Wow. Good come back.

Hey, I don’t think what Posey said was right per se (I think it was mainly just terrible wording. That happens. He’s only human, after all), but I don’t like this little victim complex the Sterek shippers are pulling here. Some of you guys just ruin the whole show and you seem to think that you run the fucking thing and god forbid that Stiles and Derek date or show interest in anyone besides each other. Seriously, just those 2 being in the same location gets your panties wet and all of last weeks episode, instead of focusing on the fact that Stiles is turning into a fucking demon and was going through a shit ton of emotional turmoil, you were too busy freaking out that Derek identified his bat. I have nothing against shipping, but when you overanalyze every little thing to make your ship seem more canon than it actually is, it gets annoying. So yeah, I can understand Poseys frustration.