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Quinx Ties

((reuploaded, since I received some notes asking where’s the rest 2 that I promised I draw ^^; . Seems like the one reblogged was the original WIP one haha, sorry about that! So here ya go, already with Mutsuki and Saiko -))


🎈🎂 3…2..1… and make a WISH! 🎈🎂

thank you thank you thank you so much to my friends and mutuals that happily sent over their sims to help celebrate Luna’s 25th birthday! i thank you guys for trusting me enough to have your beautiful sims in my game. it was so fun, and i loved seeing them all interact (during the small moments i didnt pose them all LOL) and i appreciate every single one of you for making my experience in this simblr community a great and fun one. you guys are absolutely amazing and i’m very happy to have met you all. truly! 

i hope to do some more of these kinda things in the future. but for now, this is it! Luna’s celebration is over and she welcomed her 25th year with a bang, thanks to your amazing sims: LOOOOOOOVE YOU GUYSSSSSSSSSSSS

Charlotte @catssimblr
Sabrina and Nolan @homesicksims
Emery @charmedsims
Peaches and Dil @pixeltrashcan
Laney @something-wicked-sims
Layla and Aiden @stillgotme
Zina and Austin @neutralsupply
Haleigh @peonysimmer
Kerry @recklessims
Leah @katheryan
Penelope @peculiar-simmies 
Nora @beaute-sims 
Evan @phantom-sims
Mathis and Leslie @simsxbayxworld
Hae-Ju @kanashii-sims
Mischa @vamprocillin 
Leelo @barleycoffee
Remilynn @kaileysimmie 

Well first I was about to write a long ass post about why Xayah x Rakan ISN’T an abusive relationship, because I’ve seen people saying that shit everywhere with the dumbest reasons but… Dude I’m way too old for that kind of drama. I’m too old to fight these kids, buddy…

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neovember 1 intro

i guess i never really made an introduction post so uh

yeah i go by reety on here and my un on neo is clareety. ive been totally in love with neopets since i was a lil kid, which we can probably blame the CoM plot for. im a canadian polisci student (hoping to get into grad school next fall) and i really like cats and pirates. ive taken up art again, in huge part thanks to the tag, after several years of uni kicked my art-ing into hibernation and uh i guess thats it

in addition to neopets im also into mass effect, pokemon, loz, animals, and reading. i like to bake and cook too.

So anyway, Happy October/Halloween to ALL you Aces out there!!

You Demi-sexuals, you Gray-Aces, all of you inbetween, you sexually repulsed, sex neutral, and sex-positive aces.

Including you straight aces!!


This does not apply to exclusionists, idgaf if they’re ace or not. Exclusionists Aren’t Allowed. : ) 🖕🏻

You know whenever BTS posts a selfie with an american artist they meet I realise again and again that im apparently living under a rock because i can never recognise those celebs.

  • Yuuri: You don't have to say anything. Just stand by me!
  • Narrator: Viktor stands by his side.