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The New Girl PT 1:
Reader x Jungkook x Hoseok
You’re in a new girl group BigHit is debuting and you’ve stolen the heart of two off the BTS members. One who happens to be shy in front of girls and one who is a little less confident in himself.

** hey guys!!! Sorry I’ve been MIA for quite sometime! I just needed time to relax. (Work has been hard!) but I hope you’ll enjoy this new series and I’ll be more active now on! Leave me some text request to do! Because I’m honestly stuck. Lol❤❤


Pairing: Jim x Reader 

Word Count: 2643

Warnings: Some swearing, fluff

A/N: Wow I definitely didn’t intend for it to be that long. Also, one day I’m gonna get everything together and start making headers for these posts, but that day is not today. Today I’m going to sleep because I’m currently dying from cramps. Hope you guys enjoy, though! Also, there’s a pic of the bike I mention at the bottom of the fic if any of you are curious. 

You knocked frantically on Jim’s door. Bones was gonna kill you. A few seconds passed without answer and you pressed your ear to the door, listening for movement. Hearing nothing, you pounded on the door again.

“Jesus Jim answer the goddamn door,” you called.

If Jim could’ve yanked open the automatic door, you’re sure he would’ve. He was scowling deeply, hair sticking up in all directions - the first time you’d seen it anything less than perfect. His shirtless torso was still perfect, though, and those gray sweats hanging dangerously low on his hips were downright tantalizing.

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How to convert CAS objects to Toddler

I was going to do a voice over but I chickened out and got too shy to do it :< sorry about that. anyway, a while ago, a few people messaged me and ask on how to convert it for toddlers, given that there isn’t much stuff for them yet. so I thought I’ll do a quick video on it. (a rather crappy one, i’m sorry, i was in a rush) BUT hopefully it helps. for personal conversion or something. I just want to point out that I’m no expert, I just figure out these stuff a while ago. and if you’re someone new that’s looking to do some cc, i encourage you to! and practice practice practice! <3 it can be a bit addicting lol, for me at least.

OKAY, instructions below. incase the video confused you guys. (or you can just ask me if you need more help)

STEP 1: getting the mesh you want to convert & the texture/specs etc

> mesh
open up your sims4studio click the cas button, search for what you want and go to the mesh tab and export LOD0.

> texture/specs etc
on the texture tab below, you can see that there’s diffuse, shadow, specular, normal etc etc. be sure to check all of it. if it’s empty you don’t have to export it. for my case, I’m doing the round glasses so I will need to export the diffuse & specular section since there’s an image on it. save with a name that you’ll know.

STEP 2: getting the toddler rig

> toddler rig
re-open your sims4studio or cancel the whole thing like i did, select clip pack > animation button then name your file, once done; go to the clips tab and you will see the export, import, rig and a dropdown bar. Click on the dropdown bar and select toddler, export and name it something you can easily identify it as.

STEP 3: appending object to rig in blender

Open your toddler rig on blender. on the top left bar; select file and click append. I’m gonna assume you guys picked the glasses as well, now look for the the child round glasses mesh, click on it and go into the object folder and select s4studio_mesh_1 & s4studio_mesh_2. then link/append to library (shown on top right)

STEP 4: mesh checking and stuff

okay so now you have the child glasses in your blender. as shown on my video, you can see that I’m checking which object belongs to which mesh by toggling on and off at the eyes in the right column section. if you want the round glass part you’ll need to keep it, but since I don’t need it, I just right click and delete it.

Also, I don’t know if anyone else does it, but I usually delete the rig01. click on the little triangle beside s4studio_mesh_1 then go to the tiny wrench section below and set the object to rig as shown on video.

STEP 5: adjusting the object to fit the rig

make sure you’re on edit mode! to check, you can select or look at the bottom part of the screen where it says edit mode. if it’s not, just click and select it.

okay, here’s some shortcuts for you to maneuver your object around.

A key: select/deselect all
R: rotate
G: moving it around
G+Z: moving objects vertically
G+X: moving objects horizontally
G+Y: moving objects back and forth
CTRL+ALT+Q: quad view
S: scaling/sizing objects
S+Z: scaling the object vertically
S+X: scaling the object horizontally (you can press x twice for another type, just try messing around and see which fits your liking)
Mouse>scroll wheel: to rotate the whole thing and view around blender

on the video, you can see me using G+Z to move the selected glasses down to the toddler’s level. (make sure you press the A button before doing the G+Z so the object is selected)

next you can see me using S+Z & S+X to try to scale it down a bit and adjust it around to fit the toddler. G+X and so on are used. basically the stuff on the shortcut section I just typed. once everything is done, click save as, name it and save as blender file.

STEP 6: putting everything together for the toddler

I’ve never typed anything this long for a very long time lol and if you actually read everything till the end, thank you for your time. seriously. anyway, final step.

open up your sims4studio or go back to it. make sure you select “create 3D mesh” then next. since I’m working on the glasses, I’m going to select one of the toddler’s glasses > click okay > name your file. if you’re working on other stuff like hat then I recommend you pick one of the items from the hat catalog. it’s easier that way. 

okay, go to your mesh tab and import your toddler glasses mesh that you just did. make sure you import it to all the LODs. which means all 0, 1, 2 and 3. NEXT, import the texture and specular that we exported earlier from the child version.

done? okay. so you probably see this blue thing on the toddler’s eyes. (remember in blender we deleted it because we don’t need it) so to fix it, go to the warehouse tab, and check on the geometry. zoom in and see which is which, and delete the glasses section (the inner part, NOT the outer rim)

now you can just go back to your mesh tab and like, click it and see if its gone or not. once done. SAVE AND HOLY CRAB I’M DONE TYPING MY HANDS HURT. i don’t have to do a recolor tutorial right?? i’m sure you guys know how.

ANYWAY, THATS IT. ENJOY, HAVE FUN, BLABLABLA QUACKQUACK. Thank you for taking the time to read my long list of instruction LOL. anything else, just ask, I’ll try to help.

NOTE: I forgot to add that you can just delete off the toddler rig package & child glasses package file. we don’t really need it since what we wanted was the meshes (you can see me deleting it somewhere in the video) but if you still want to keep it around then go ahead. ;>

well, now y’all know my name LOL. i forgot to change it <_< >_>

Merlin X Reader - Why I Love You

Anonymous said to randomfandominserts:can you do a Merlin imagine of the small things he falls in you with of, like your laugh or the way you do something or treat someone.

I hope you enjoy! I have one request left in my inbox (It’s a Remus one lol do you guys really like my Remus writing that much?) so send in more! Remember, I’ll do imagines/one-shots, blurbs, drabbles, preferences, ships, and anything else you can think of, just ask! Also, if you’re unsure about a fandom, just ask me and I’ll tell you if I write for it! Okay, this is long sorry enjoy!

“Do you need some help with that?” Your kind voice stood out in the castle halls, and Merlin paused to listen. “Here, you shouldn’t try to carry so much at once. Arthur will understand if you have to take two trips, I promise.” Merlin glanced around the corner to see you taking armor from a newer, younger maid. She was maybe 13 or 14 and was quite shy around the royals.

“Will you come with me this once, (Y/N)?” the girl asked, her gentle eyes staring up at you as you took some of the heavy metal out of her hands.

“Yes, I’ll come this once, Harlyn. But next time I expect you to take two trips rather than struggling like this, alright?” You smiled at the girl and reached over to ruffle her hair, making the young girl laugh and nod her head.

“Alright,” she agreed. Harlyn walked around the corner, stopping to smile at Merlin. “You’re lucky to have (Y/N). She’s so kind.” Merlin smiled and gave the girl a little nod.

“Indeed. I’m very lucky.” Harlyn walked off toward the stairs, you following behind. Merlin reached out to catch your arm and brought you closer, placing a quick kiss on your temple. “That’s one of the reasons I love you, you know.”

“My kindness?”

“Mhm.” He kissed you once again before letting you go. You shot him a smile before taking off after Harlyn.



Your laughter was beautiful.

It was what Merlin imagined a million angels would sound like while they sang. It was the comforting sound of a warm, crackling fire, the peaceful sound of waves lapping against the sandy beach, the quiet trickling a clear stream made as it flowed over the pebbles that rested underneath. He absolutely adored it.

The way you laughed enticed him. The way you would take a brief moment to comprehend what was happening, the way your eyes crinkled as you realized and broke out in a wide, toothy smile. How you would open your mouth ever so slightly and just release the beautiful noise. Everything about it was beautiful.

Whenever you laughed with or at Merlin, he would take you in his arms and kiss you. You would always give him a look, a curious look, a look that asked him, “again?”

“I just love your laugh,” he would answer.



Often, after a long day, Merlin would find you curled up on a bench in the palace courtyard. You never liked to go back to your quarters without Merlin, so you always waited for him to finish with the prince before going back to get your sleep. This often led to you falling asleep on the bench.

You were precious. It was always a sight to see, you curled up on that wooden bench. Your hair would be falling from its ribbon prison, tugged loose by a long day’s work. The hem of your dress would often be muddy by this time, dirtied from hours spent walking back and forth between the castle and where the knights trained. You chest would rise and fall ever so slightly, signaling that you were, indeed, asleep.

But the sight of you asleep wasn’t what got Merlin whenever he saw you curled up on that hard, unforgiving bench. The fact that you had waited, even when you were too tired to stay awake, is what warmed his heart every time. It reminded him of all the reasons why he loved you.



“But Arthur-” Merlin could hear you pleading with the prince, even halls away. Your voices stood out, bouncing off the stone walls of the palace.

“But nothing, (Y/N)! You’re not in charge here.” Arthur was standing his ground. Merlin wondered what it could be you were arguing with him about.

“Arthur, she’s simply a child-” You were desperate, Merlin could hear it in your voice.

“Which is precisely why she should not be employed here.” There was a quiet breath, a sad sigh.

“Please, Arthur. Tell me what she’s done wrong.”

“She’s much too slow-”

“You can’t expect her to carry every bit of your heavy armor in one trip. I told her it would be fine to take two, especially since carrying so much could injure her…”

“(Y/N), I understand you care for the girl, but she can find work elsewhere. She doesn’t need to work at that age, anyway.”

“Maybe you didn’t, Arthur, but she’s not a princess. She’ll have nowhere to go. She sleeps in the servant’s quarters. She has no family to go to.”

“Then she can stay with you. Problem solved. Now move, I need to go-”

“I’ve no room! I don’t have a place of my own.”

“Then she can stay with you, Merlin, and Gaius.”

“Arthur, please.” Merlin could hear that you were crying now, so he turned the corner to see what was happening. He immediately walked to you, pulling you into his arms.

“Arthur, couldn’t you reconsider? Harlyn is young, after all.” You sobbed into Merlin’s chest as he bargained with the prince. “I’ve no clue why you can’t let her stay, even a little longer.” Arthur sighed and brought a hand to the back of his neck.

“Fine. I’ll let her stay for a month more. She can work in the kitchens.” You looked up at Arthur.


“Yes. Now stop crying.” Arthur walked around Merlin, leaving you in Merlin’s arms.

“Oh, thank you.” You were smiling now despite the tears that dripped down your face. “I love you, you know?” You pulled him down into a kiss.

“You know, you’re very passionate. And caring.” He brought his mouth to yours once again. “I love that about you.”

“You seem to love a lot of things about me.”

“You’re a very good person, (Y/N). I’ve no clue how you came to love me.” You ran a hand through his hair, looking him in the eyes.

“You’re an amazing person too, Merlin.” You smiled at him, moving your hand from his hair to his neck. “Almost… almost as great as me.” You grinned as the boy laughed.

“Oh. And you’re modest, too.”

jealous (isaac lahey one-shot)

Prompt: Isaac sees Saga and Scott get a little too close for comfort and accidentally kinda spills the beans about his feelings towards her.

Requested: “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” from THIS PROMPT LIST.

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Saga

Warnings: intense making out, awkward Isaac, visual biology, and honestly just expect some swearing lol sorry

A/N: ISAAC LAHEY YAS. Cute baby boy. Lil puppy angel. I love this kid, so I hope you guys love this one-shot. (sorry I’m so cheesy) Please tell me what you think & let me know if you guys would like more of this! Thank you, much love xoxox

PS: pls pretend his eyes flash golden in the gif.

“Seriously, Scott, I fucking owe you. I honestly wouldn’t have passed without your help,” I wrap my arms around him and hold him close. “You’re the greatest friend I could ask for and I know you like me better than Stiles. Don’t worry, I won’t tell him.”

“A) You are very welcome, it is an honor to be your friend.” Scott squeezes me and spins us both around. “And B) Stiles is walking over so I can’t confirm or deny anything.”

We laugh and he puts me down just as Stiles walks over and eyes us suspiciously.

“What is going on? What were you two weasels planning behind my back?!” He glares at us and Scott and I can’t help but laugh at his reaction.

“We were only planning your demise,” I shrug and Scott nods. “Don’t worry, I talked him out of using fire ants as a torture method.”

“Y-” Stiles looks disgusted as we laugh even harder. “You two are evil! Pure evil!”

Stiles continues to cringe and yell as Scott and I lean against each other, smiling at the small destruction we’ve caused.

“What’s going on here?” Isaac walks over and I try my hardest to control my breathing and my heart rate.

“Oh, nothing. Saga and I were just–”

“THEY ARE PLANNING MY DESTRUCTION, ISAAC!” Stiles hides behind the 6 foot god. “Help me.”

“Actually,” Scott wraps an arm around my shoulders and smiles down at me. “Saga and I were celebrating her passing her Biology finals!”

“What? Congratulations!” Isaac smiled at me and I’m very sure my heart rate skyrocketed. Way to keep cool.

“Wait, seriously. So I’m not gonna be destroyed?” Stiles fist pumps the air and smiles at me. “But good job, Saga. I’m glad you passed your Bio final. I’m starting with my History final tomorrow, so please wish me luck.”

“Stiles you are a genius. Don’t sweat. Besides,” I whisper and he leans closer. “I got Lydia to tutor you.”

“NO. NO WAY!” He screeches and runs off to the men’s bathroom.

“Your best friend is so wierd,” I whisper under my breath and Scott laughs. “Thank you again for helping me pass.”

I wrap my arms around Scott and I swear I hear Isaac growl a few feet away. By the time I look back, he’s perfectly back to normal. Wait, is he smiling?

“It’s my pleasure, Saga,” Scott smiles and I turn back to him. “Now, I gotta go get ready. Tonight’s a big night.”

“I know. Text me and let me know how it goes!” I smile as Scott nods and walks off. “BE SAFE!”

“OKAY MOM!” Scott yells back and walks out the doors.

I turn to face Isaac who doesn’t seem so happy now. I frown and look at him, causing him to roll his eyes and shake his head.

Originally posted by bilesandthesourwolf

“Okay, grumpy pants,” I whisper, knowing he can hear me.

“Why don’t you say that a little louder, Saga?” He turns to fully face me, arms crossed against his broad chest and his pelvis in perfect view for–NO, do not think like that right now. He’s being annoying.

“I called you grumpy pants, Isaac. Why are you so pissed?!” I poke his chest and he growls, eyes flashing yellow as I glare at him.

“I’m not pissed,” he whispers, trying to contain himself. “I just don’t think it’s okay for you and Scott to be all cuddly when he’s, he’s–”

“He’s what, Isaac. Spit it out,” I lean to the side and look up at him, his sea blue eyes resurfacing as the golden glares retreat.

“He’s annoying,” Isaac pouts and huffs out, his arms now resting at his sides.

“He’s annoying? Really? Is that the best you could come up with?” I roll my eyes and begin walking, Isaac quickly following. “He’s one of my best friends. He promised to help me study if I helped him with asking a girl out. Relax.”

“So you two just studied and stuff. Nothing else?” He sounds slightly relieved so I looked over at him with a raised eyebrow. “I mean, not that it’s any of my business. I was just wondering.”

Wait a minute,” Isaac and I stop walking and I turn to face him. “Are you jealous?

“J-Jealous? What, no! Why would I–” I slowly take a step towards Isaac and he gets flustered. “Why would I–” I take another step towards him, his back hitting the wall as I stop a foot away from him.

“Why would you be jealous?” I whisper, my breath fanning against his neck as I took one final step closer to him. “I don’t know, really. Why would you be jealous?”

My nails slowly trail up his chest and reach his neck, I feel his breathing get ragged under my touch. Our eyes meet and he slowly inches closer, his face a hair away from mine. I brush my lips against his and slowly pull away. Isaac lets out a small growl and I bite down on his bottom lip. His hands rest against my hips and he presses my hips against his. I whimper against his lips and he smirks, pulling my bottom lip into his mouth and sucking on it. My hands move up to the back of his neck and–

“AHEM!” Isaac and I jump away from one another as Lydia and Stiles watch us, amused and disgusted.

“Okay, did you get Lydia to tutor me so you and Isaac could reproduce in the hallways?” Stiles gagged. “I get that you passed Bio, but please keep the visual representations at home.”

Behind Your Back [Part 2]

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Newt x Reader / Minho x Reader [ prev ] [ next ]

Request by anon: May I request an imagine? How about Newt and Y/N dated, but then another shebean. (Other than Teresa) came up, and Newt cheated on her with the new girl. She was depressed and became an introvert, then her best friends (Teresa) convinced her to move on to Minho, since she had a small crush on him. Around the time she asks him out Newt realizes that the new girl was “getting with” other glader behind his back. He wants to get back with Y/N but realizes it is too late. Sorry for the long req!

A/N: I am completely floored with how you guys reacted to the first part of this request; So here’s the next one! I deviated a bit from the request, and I’m sorry! but this felt more natural. Enjoy !! (I take forever just looking for gifs lol)

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anonymous asked:

I feel bad for you little snowflakes triggered so easy. And clearly you and goldbeams got nothing going on or else she wouldn't be begging for attention every night. At least you tried, you'll learn to accept you failures eventually. Sorry if this comes off as "aggressive" to you guys. Lol

imagine being so triggered that u send hate to me and my best friend bc we think it’s creepy to have strangers on Tumblr telling her she’s so sexy when she’s jailbait and also has more to offer than just her internet appeal???
and I’m pretty sure ur the one who doesn’t have anything going on bc ur sending hate to random girls on tumblr???? And tbh pretty sure this would come across as aggressive to anyone, not just us, lol :)

get over it

pairings: yoongi x reader

word count: 4,203 (this is the most i’ve ever written what is this)

genre: smut and a bit of angst ig

for this request

Originally posted by yoonmin


Being a bartender in one of the biggest bars in town was something you loved. The name of the bar was DeTane, and the pay was more than what you wished for and the people in your work environment were easy to get along with. The customers that came to the bar acted responsibly as they needed to and there was hardly any trouble around. Although the customers usually came to the bar to get out and have fun with friends, there were a few people who drank just to forget. Men and women of different ages came to you to whip up the strongest beverage you could muster and you gladly listened to their sob stories. You had no problem with this, even though at times you feel you’re being an invasion of privacy, they would always talk about their problems. But no one could blame them. You were the type of person who would just listen and advise like an expert that they found it hard not to spill everything to you.

Those kind of customers would regularly return after talking to you and would often bring along friends under their recommendation, because not only were your mixes good but the whole atmosphere of the bar was one that everyone seemed to enjoy. However, as of late, the type of customers who’d come with broken hearts weren’t coming as often. You thought it was because it was the end of the year and most people would just forget about their troubles before the new year so they could start off fresh. But just because it wasn’t often, that didn’t mean no one would come up to you.

Like the black-haired young man sitting on the stool in front of you. You could immediately tell that he was one of those people and so you made your way up to him, “Hey there, welcome to DeTane. What can I get you? First drinks are always on the house.” You say. He looks up at you and you almost lose your breath. His pale skin was tinged with small brushes of pink underneath his eyes, on the tip of his nose as well as around the lips, which you could only guess was from crying. But nonetheless, he held a mysterious aura that made him even more attractive than he looked. “Just the strongest you have, please.” He asks, before dropping his head down. You nod before turning around and going off to make his drink, appearing in front of him a few minutes later. “Thanks.” He spoke as you offered him a small smile to which he falsely returned before grabbing his drink and taken a long swig from it, his eyes clenching tightly as the bitterness hit him, immediately making the world around him spin slightly.

You turned around to serve a few more customers before another one of bartenders returned to help you out. Once all the customers had gone to return to the dance floor, you turned your head to see the man still sitting at his stool. You made your way over to him and grabbed his now empty glass, “Another one? Or do you want something else?” You ask, turning around to place it in the sink, “I’ll have a round of shots this time, thanks.” He says, crossing his arms over the table. You nod and grab a shot glass as well as a full bottle of vodka before placing it in front of him. He handed you a bill in return before helping himself to a few rounds of the mini beverage.

“It must’ve been a serious one, huh?” You ask, grabbing a cloth on the counter to clean off the drops of liquid splattered on the surface. “4 years long serious.” He replied, glaring at the bottle as if the bottle represented his partner, or ex-partner. “Ouch, 2 years and over are always the worst.” You say, remembering back from all the customers who’d come in looking worse than this man, and saying how their partner of 2+ years did something wrong. “I mean this is what happened right,” He starts off and you drop your cloth into your apron to give him your full attention, “We actually broke up a few weeks ago because we loved each other too much. But when you love someone so much, it becomes too suffocating. When we were apart we longed for each other so much, it actually killed both of us emotionally.” He says. You nod as you drink up his words. He was putting his emotions into each syllable, you could tell by the tiny crack in his voice as he spoke, and it only encouraged you to be hooked in even more. He took another shot before reconnecting his eyes with yours, “So we decided to just take a break, but that turned into a break up. And just a few hours ago, she came by my place and told me that we should both move on to other people.” His voice is quieter now and you have to lean in closer to actually hear him over the loud music. You’re close enough to notice the small tears that appear in his eyes, and you finally understand how heartbroken he really is.

“So did she move on?” You ask, your voice a gentle whisper as you lean a little bit closer so he could hear you. “No, worse. She was seeing someone during the week we broke up. She said it was so she could lose some of the feelings she had for me. But c’mon, who’d actually believe that bullshit.” He says, before he snaps as if he’d just realised how close you were to him. “Don’t come closer.” He whispered once again, making your cheeks heat in embarrassment, “Sorry, I just couldn’t hear you.” You apologise before you catch his head shaking, “No, it’s not that. It’s just that you smell like her.” He says. You stare at him in shock, being heartbroken was one thing, but being reminded of your lover was even more painful than that, and you knew the feeling exactly. “I’m sorry.” You says, looking at him with sympathetic eyes, just as the first tear rolls down his cheek.

He quickly wipes it away before he quickly finishes the drink, “Don’t worry about it. I should go now…” He looked at your name tag, “Y/N.” You nod, feeling too awkward to say anything, “Alright, thanks for coming in…” “Yoongi. Min Yoongi.” He finishes your sentence before turning around and walking out of the bar. Poor guy. You think to yourself. Too blinded by love that he can’t see what he needs to get over it.

That day wasn’t the last time you spotted Yoongi. A week later, he made another appearance in front of you. “Yoongi. You’re back. How’ve you been?” You asked, flashing your usual smile at him. Almost instantly, his reply is a small smile in return and an ‘Okay.” He sits down on the same stool and your hand up the now clean glass before walking over to him. “How is she?” You ask after you start making the drink he’d ordered. “She’s so confusing, I swear. It’s like she’s taken a complete 180 and now she wants to get back with me. I’m sorry I know how I sound like a teenage girl who’s just broken up with some fuckboy, but I just don’t know what to do. I love her but I hate it at the same time.” He says. You give him his drink, as you look at him in sympathy, “I wish there was some way I could help. But I’m a bartender, not a matchmaker. I have no guarantee anything I suggest will go right.” You say.

At this point, you know what he needs. A rebound. A person for him to be with just so he can see what it’s like to be with someone else before he makes up his mind. But you know that now isn’t the best time to tell him that, so feeding him with white lies is what you do for the next few weeks, all while hinting little things about your idea.

You had no idea why, but everyday as you walked into work, an eager thought washed over you as you hoped to see Yoongi once again. There were customers who’d told you their sob stories, but they were always the same and were never as deep as Yoongi’s. You felt like his story was a sad romance and you just found yourself hooked onto him. Thinking about it now, you realise how cringeworthy you were when the bar was beginning to close and you weren’t able to see the male once again. You had no idea, but Yoongi loved coming in to see you too. He liked how you listened to him when his own friends wouldn’t. He liked how you attempted to give him any advice. But nonetheless, he’d still always come back more blue than the visit before.

And you were slowly getting sick of it.

On the last visit, just when you thought he couldn’t have been more heart broken, he walked past the large crowd and over to the bar. You noticed his puffy red eyes, and you silently thanked your lucky stars that you’d asked you manager if you could finish early for the night for ‘family business’. He took a seat at the stool as you began packing your stuff, “Wait Y/N. Where are you going?” You hear his voice ask you. You sling the handle of your bag over your shoulder and exit the bar before making your way to him. As you’re walking to him, his eyes fall over your figure, having only seen the top half of your body, he only notices how perfect you actually looked. Once you finally reach him, his eyes immediately snap up to meet yours, and he swears you’ve trapped in some sort of daze. You no longer smell like his ex-lover and that’s because as soon as you got home that night, you threw out that perfume, despite the fact that it was one of your favourites, and switched to a different one. “Come with me.” You say, wrapping your small hand around his wrist before making your way out through the back entrance.

You pull him over to your car and climb into the driver’s seat after offering the passenger. “What’re you doing?” He asks after a few minutes when you’re driving out of the car park and down the road to your apartment. “I’m helping you. You clearly need to get over this lover of yours, and there is only one way for that to be happen. Be with someone else.” You say, but once you hear a scoff escape his lip you raise an eyebrow up at him. “What makes you think I want to fuck you?” He asks, crossing his arms over his shoulder, “Everyone notices the way you look at me whenever you come to DeTane. We’re not stupid and also, because I want to fuck you.” You say, in a nonchalant tone. He almost chokes on his saliva as soon as you say that, but he quickly recovers himself as you park your car beside the tall building. “Well then. What’re we waiting for?” He asks as he slides a hand up the inside of your thigh. You bite down on your lip as your hand snatched his away, “Yoongi, inside.” You say, resting his hand on his own thigh before turning your car engine off and exiting the vehicle.

You’re making your way up to you unit when you feel Yoongi’s presence right behind you. He hands rest on your butt as you walk up the stairs, squeezing them a little making you yelp out in surprise. You let out a frustrated sigh as your hand rummages through your bag, your keys being pulled out once you’d found the chain. You stop in front of your door and with fumbly hands, try to unlock the door. You feel Yoongi’s lips hungrily suck on your skin, while his hands roam the front of your body, “You’re not… Helping here.” You manage to hiss out as he squeezes one of your breasts with his hand. You quickly unlock the door and step inside, slipping out of your shoes before Yoongi followed you inside and closed the door behind him. He crashes you against the wall and immediately connects his lips with yours. He easily takes our hands with one hand and holds it up your head.

He lips move down to your neck before he sucks on your skin, giving each of the purple spots a small kiss as soon as he’s satisfied with the colour. You suck your bottom up between your teeth as you look at him, “Fuck Yoon-” He cuts you off mid-sentence by crashing his lips onto yours, slipping his tongue in as soon as your lips connect. You shake your head before pulling back from the kiss. “You think you’re being dom? Ha think again.” You smirk, pulling your wrists from his hold while your hands wrest on his shoulders as you push him to the other side of the hallway against the wall. Your lips are attacking each other’s again and your tongues are wrestling in his mouth, yours taking over his. The kiss was captivating your breaths and before you knew it, the burning in your lungs were too strong that you had to pull away. You rest your forehead on the dip in between his neck and shoulder, both of your soft pants filling the air. You lean your lips forward to place soft kisses along his collarbone. “Y/N. Bedroom.” He whispers into your ear.

You nod before taking his hand in yours and you’re leading him up the small steps before entering your room. You push him back onto your bed before climbing on top of him, stopping on his waist with your legs on either side of him so you were straddling him. You hands slowly went up to unbutton your shirt. Your hands moving at a teasingly slow pace that has a low growl emitting from Yoongi’s lips. You let out a small chuckle as yours fall on his, “Patience, Yoongi. Let me help you.” You whisper, leaning down to place a soft kiss on his lips. He leans in towards the kiss, wanting to get more of you but you sit back up before he can even try, causing a whimper to escape from him. You smile down at him before unbuttoning the rest of your shirt and dropping it onto the floor beside the bed, leaving you in your white bra and black leather jeans. You smirk to yourself at his awestruck reaction before you stand up and pull your pants down your legs. You climb back on the bed and pull his jeans down his legs, your eyes never breaking off his hard gaze until the bulge in his pants is standing too tall not to notice.

In one swift movement, your hands grip the waistband of his boxers and you pull them down his legs, discarding it to the floor. You admire his impressive length for a few seconds before you wet your lips with your tongue and lean forward, licking a long strip up from the base to the tip, earning a shiver to emit throughout the male’s body. Your hands grip his thighs as you place a chaste kiss on his tip to catch the few drops of pre-cum that’s falling from the tip and before he could even let out a small sigh, your mouth is wrapped around his long cock. Your head bobbing up and down to take as much of him as you possibly can. You watch the expression on his face shrivel up in pleasure as his hands, which were previously gripping harshly on the sheets, fly up to your hair, tangling themselves in between the strands to pull you in closer. The feeling of him hit the back of your throat causes a cry of pleasure to escape his lips.

The sight makes you sigh in content and as you feel your saliva building up in your mouth, on natural instinct, you swallow what you can. The sensation making Yoongi thrust his hip upwards, causing you to gag. Your hands moved up to his hips to hold him down as you felt his cock twitch in his mouth. You moved one of your hands to play with his balls, playing with to encourage his orgasm. As soon as you hollowed out your cheeks, he immediately came undone, his back arching off the bed as his load shot down your throat. You slowly bobbed your head up and down to ride out his high, lifting your head up after a few seconds. You placed a small kiss on the tip of his loose member before sitting up straight to look at his face, a smile appearing when you watched his face become worn out. “That was the best fucking orgasm I’ve had.” He says, after a few more moments of just lying in silence. You smiled in victory before leaning down, your hands grabbing the hem of his shirt before pulling it up, you barely got to see the skin on his stomach before his hands catch your wrist. “No let me.” He offers, his hands digging under your arms to pull you up. His lips met yours in a passionately rough kiss and before he knew it, he flipped your position so he was on top of you.

He pulled back from the kiss and your eyes met once again, from this angle you could see the dangerous lustful look in his hooded eyes. “I’m going to fuck you fucking hard, you’re going to rethink all those thoughts you had of me in the bar.” He growls, dipping his head down to bite on your collarbone. A cry of pleasure escaped your lips at the feeling of his tongue running over the painful pleasure from his bites. A small whimper escaped your lips as he sat up, the feeling of his mouth attacking your soft skin disappearing completely, his hands grabbed the hem of his shirt before pulling the fabric up over his head and dropped it on the floor. Your eyes widened as you marvelled his built frame, covered by his milky white skin. Once he noticed your eyes drinking up his figure, he couldn’t help a cocky statement from escaping his lips, “LIke what you see, babe?” Your cheeks heated up as your eyes flew up to his, “N-no.” You simply stuttered, making him chuckle before he leaned down, planting his elbows down on either side of your head, his face was dangerously close to yours, you could make out the fine details on his lips as he spoke, “Well that’s a shame, because by the end of this, it’s going to be covered with deep red scratches from you.” He growled, crashing his lips to yours once again before pulling back.

He moved one of his hands and placed the tip of his finger on your lips, before trailing down your neck and in between the valley of your breasts. His movement stopped, as did his gaze on your bra, you watched him with a hitched breath as his arms wrap around your body, one hand lifting your back up while the other skillfully unhooks your bra and in a matter of seconds, your bra is forgotten about. Next are your panties. His eyes fall on the growing patch of stain that has darkened the spot on top of your clit, and it has his cock growing harder again. He hooks his thumbs into the waistband before pulling it down your long legs. Once it’s completely off, he brings the material up to his mouth, his tongue slipping from his lips as he licks a long strip up the fabric, groaning at the sweet taste of your juices. “Fuck, you’re so perfect.” He moans as his finger runs up between your folds, collecting your juices on his finger before sticking into you mouth.

The sight almost brings tears in your eyes at how painfully slow he’s being, but it doesn’t stop the small whimper to escape your lips, “Fuck me, Yoongi. Please.” You beg, looking into his eyes. “Since you asked so nicely, princess.” He agreed. “Condom?” He asks, “I’m on the pill.” You reassure, making him nod before he grabs your wrists with both his hands, holding them on either side of your head, his face a few millimetres away from yours, “Ready to picked you fucked into oblivion?” He asks, moving his position so he was sitting in between your legs. A small for you is all he needs before he pushes his member all the way into you. He doesn’t allow you to adjust this, much to your dismay, before he pulls his hips back and snaps it back. You arch your back off the mattress as you let out a cry of pleasure at the feeling of him filling you up. His thrusts eventually began growing slower, yet at the same time they were powerful that you were if he hadn’t been pinning you down, you would’ve hit the headboard by now.

After a few more thrusts of his hips, he released his hold on you and sat up, taking one of your legs and throwing it over his shoulder before his grinded into you. You let out a strangled moan at the feeling of the new feeling before one of your hands up behind his neck, pulling him down so that his body was lying on top of yours. His grinds began growing faster, making your moans of his name growing faster, “Fuck, Yoongi.” You breathed out, biting down on your lips as his powerful thrust began meeting with your jerks. “You like it when I’m pounding into you, don’t you babe.” He growled into your ear, causing you to nod as your mouth turned into a small ‘o’ shape. Your hands flew to the his back, your nails digging into his skin at the pleasure of him in you. Your hands travelled down his muscular back, making long red lines to appear following your nails. The pain turned Yoongi on to no end, as both of your highs were starting to appear. He moved one of his hands down to your clit, rubbing on your sensitive bud to help you with your orgasm, while his name continuously escaped your mouth in soft whimpers. “Cum for me, baby. Cum around my cock like I know you can.” He growled into your ear, his teeth latching itself onto your earlobe as he pulled it back slightly. The pleasure he was giving to you was becoming un🐻able (i’m sorry i had to. if you’re on a computer or something that doesn’t see emojis, it’s a bear. and also don’t read the tags if you hate this pun) for you, in a matter of seconds, you clenched your walls around him and came around him. “Fuck, fuck Yoongi,” You cried out as his high washed over him a couple seconds after yours, low grunts escaping his lips as he came undone inside you. The feeling of his seed entering you, making you bite down on your lip, hard enough to draw blood. He continued riding out both of your highs before he pulled out of you and falling on the space next to you, wincing slightly as his scratches touched the soft fabric of the bed.

You turned your head towards him, a worried look on your face, “Fuck, I’m sorry, are you alright? I didn’t mean to scratch you that har-” He cut you off with a kiss on your lips, to which you immediately melted in. He pulled away seconds later, giving the both of your to regain your breathing before he replied, “It’s fine, I asked for it.” He smiled. You returned the smile and looked away, already feeling the air beginning to escape at the curve of his lips. The two of you lay in silence for a couple minutes, regaining from probably one of the best sex both of you have ever had before he turned to you, his arm looping around your waist to pull you in closer to his chest. “Thanks for this. I don’t think she’ll be on my mind again anytime soon.” You let out a small laugh through your nose before looking up at him, “I’m glad I could help you forget, even if it was just for a little while.” You reply before leaning up and placing a small kiss on the side of his lips. “Not for a little while. You’re going to be the one stuck in my mind. I’ll forever remember how you moaned my name as I fucked you balls-deep and how pretty you looked with your mouth wrapped around my cock and also-” Before he could finish talking, you capture his lips in yours for a rough kiss, pulling away after god knows how long. “Round two?” You ask, getting a reply from him before he crawls on top of you, with his hands pinning you down, both of you ready for a much-needed round two.

this is a one-shot pls don’t kill me and ask for a part 2 coz i can’t do that

also, i cried when i found out about yoongi :(( hope he feels better soon

So I don’t know if anyone still cares or reads...

But I’ve been thinking about working on and updating one of my klaroline stories. (I know, ages right?) Either Not Quite a Century, Disturbia or A Father’s Fear. I’ve got a little more than half of the next chapter for NQAC. Let me know what you guys think.


Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. 

— Gérard de Nerval 

i just wanted to draw them in suits and holding flowers lol forgive meeehh

Worth Much More (Rafe Adler x Reader)

Requested by Anon.

A/N: Okay guys, so here’s a Rafe fic coming your way. Tbh I have no clue of what I’m doing lately so I’m sorry if this fic is just meh. I think I need to sort my life out lol. Anyways, I hope you guys like it!

Closing the front door behind you, you stepped outside; feeling alone again. You couldn’t stay indoors anymore; it was one too many time that you parents were having a go at you. Constantly being blamed for everything bad that’s happened, you were made to feel worthless like some dirt on the ground. Usually, you would pick yourself up and get through with this, but this time it was too much; even for you.

With your head hung low, you practically dragged your feet across the pavement feeling the tiny raindrops lightly tapping your head. You just wanted to run and hide yourself away from these bad feelings, but it was never so simple. Somehow these corrupt thoughts always found a way into your mind, tainting all the good things with the bad. You felt worthless.

Your feet kept moving forward, without a clue to where you were going or if you’re ever going to come back here. With the never ending raindrops wetting your hair and clothes, you felt the cold air surround you. It seemed that this was the only comfort you had today, but maybe you deserved it; that’s what they said would have said. You let your feet carry you into the distance of the familiar roads, feeling like a complete stranger to the surroundings but it’s not like you were welcomed in the first place. After all you were the disappointment. Feeling the tears well up in your eyes, you let yourself cry as you hold yourself. Not even realising that you walked all the way to his house.

Standing outside his front door, you debated whether to knock or just leave. He was the only friend you had, or at least that’s what you thought. You spend a short moment just staring at the door, not even sure of what to do or say, maybe he wasn’t even at home.

Slowly moving your hand away from yourself, you lightly knock on the door and quietly wait for a reply. It wasn’t long before you heard the front door unlock, soon greeted by the familiar face of Rafe Adler. As your eyes trail up to meet his gaze, he wasn’t sporting his usual smile upon seeing you but he wore a more serious expression instead. “(Y/N)… What are you doing here?” It was hard for you to speak without beginning to cry again, you thought you must look so pathetic standing right there in front of him. Knowing that you made a mistake, you shouldn’t have come here in the first place.

“I-I’m sorry to bother you, I’ll just leave.” You spoke quickly, as you tried to hold the tears in before turning to go, but you were stopped by his hand instead. “Wait, you don’t have to leave.” He still held onto you. It was hard for you to keep yourself together in front of him, so you just stayed quiet hoping he would let go, but Rafe had no intentions of doing so. Knowing that something was wrong, he wasn’t just about to let you walk away on your own.

Stepping outside and into the rain, he traced his steps around you to meet your face. Still refusing to look at him, you watched his feet as he stood in front of you. Rafe didn’t ask any questions, instead removing one of his layers he placed it around your shoulders keeping you warm. “Come on, let’s get you inside before you catch a cold.” He spoke gently, as he placed his arm around you and helped you inside his house.

Finding a comfortable spot for you to sit, you watched Rafe disappear to the kitchen before returning with a hot drink in his hand. Taking a seat next to you, he hands the hot drink over to you. “Drink this, it will help.” Feeling the instant warmth of the cup, your hands adjust to the new temperature; no longer being cold. Thanking Rafe, your eyes wander from his to the drink in your hand. A moment of silence passes before you decide to speak, “Rafe.” “Hmm?” “Do you…do you think I’m worthless?” You felt a hint of sadness taint your heart as you spoke those words, reminding you of your parents.

Continuing to keep your eyes focused on the drink in front of you, you were too afraid to look at him; maybe he thought the same about you too. Instead of confirming your fears, he moved his hand to cup your face, and caressed your cheek, “(Y/N) look at me.”

You followed his command, as your eyes slowly trailed back to his finally noting the shocked expression on his face from the choice of your words earlier. “Listen to me, don’t you ever think of yourself as such and screw the others because they don’t deserve you.” Rafe couldn’t even keep his voice down half way through, he was angry at the people who made you feel like this. You could see how serious he was about every word he said.

Feeling all sorts of mixed emotions crossing your mind, you felt the warm tears rolling down your face as you began to cry. It’s been so long that you’ve been made to feel like complete dirt, but here was a person who says otherwise and you almost couldn’t believe his words.

Leaning his face closer to yours, you felt his lips brushing up against your skin down the trail of your tears. His arms find a way wrapping around your body, as he pulls you in closer to his chest letting you cry away your sadness.

The whispers of his sweet words into your ear let you know you were worth much more than that.



I come to Tumblr in hopes of sweet-sweet Dakuryon fanarts, and there’s little to none. Have some trash from my sketchbook :D 

First one was about maintenance and breaks (and I’m glad that Tera’s community manager’s liked it enough to retweet lol), and second is OBVIOUSLY AN ORIGINAL AND TOTALLY NOT OVERUSED STEROIDS JOKE. It’s funny. Please laugh. 

I am so lonely in liking this character I swear ahahah 

*cries into pizza*

Can I just say that I love Emma Cullen?

Like her husband was killed in cold blood along with other people, and she made damn well sure their killer wouldn’t get away with it

I mean she even straight up said she was the only one with the balls to do it

AND (spoiler) she got her revenge on her husband’s killer and shot up a lot of bad guys in the process I mean what more could u want?

More of Mika's jealousy
  • Mika: hey, Yuu-Chan, what were you doing back there with that red-haired guy?
  • Yuu: oh, nothing, I just gave him a couple of kisses, that's all.
  • Mika: ...YOU. DID. WHAT?!
  • Yuu: I gave him some kisses, you want one too? -pulls out a bag of Hershey Kisses-
  • Mika:
  • Mika: ...idiot
Bond (J.S)

|1.7k WORDS WOOOO! Wassup my people, Jaimie’s back with another one for yaaaaaa, it starts of aight and gets shit as it goes on. You all know how much I love daddy!imagines so lol here’s another one and expect more 😊. I WILL GET AROUND TO DOING REQUESTS WHOCH ARE A YEAR OLD NEARLY HAHAHHA IM SO SORRY. I got bored and just gave up, soz guys, luv yas|

I carefully rest Rosie down in her crib and walk out of the room as quietly as I can. She’s such a light sleeper, even someone down the road closing their car door wakes her up in a fuss. It really doesn’t help that not even five minutes into her first nap of the day, four very loud, very obnoxious boys stomp their way into my flat, shouting and laughing at each other and slamming the door shit behind them.

It’s no surprise that the baby monitor next to me starts blaring out the 4 month old baby’s cries almost instantly.

“I’ve told you guys so many damn times to walk in silently and close the door quietly! Do any of you ever listen? No!” I hiss in a huff and start back down the hall to her room.

“Sorry!” John shouts after me - as Rosie’s father, he should have known better, especially since he was the one who slammed the door shut!

I look over my shoulder with a death glare at my old hook up buddy, “Shut up!” Rosie was a surprise baby. We were both surprised, to say the least.

After spending another 20 minutes calming her down and putting her back to sleep, I slip out of the room extra quietly and go back to the living room. John, Nate, Dillon and Derek had made themselves comfortable on the sofas, each with a plate of my food on their laps and a can of my Fanta each. None of them live here but they act like they do. When they notice me behind them, they turn around and I can instantly tell that they have something to tell me.

I sit down on the fluffy rug in front of them. “Do you think you can keep quiet whilst you’re here and she’s asleep?” They nod their heads, their mouths too preoccupied with crisp sandwiches to actually tell me yes. “If any of you wake her up, you’re getting her back to sleep.”

“Is she sleeping okay lately?” John asks after he finishes his mouthful. “I know you said last week she wasn’t.”

“She’s sleeping but only for an hour or two at a time, she’ll wake up to any noise in the night. I can’t even go to the bathroom without her crying or whining.”

Nates face breaks into a small smile, “Aw, she’s a mommys girl, how cute.”

I shake my head, “No, she’s just needy.” She’ll be a lot more independent when she’s older, I can already tell. But for now, she’s got me to cater to her every want and need.

Derek stuffs a handful of crisps into his mouth right before he asks, “If she’s not a mommys girl, is she a daddy’s girl?” He better not do that around Rosie when she’s older, she needs good manners.

“Nope, I don’t think she even likes John that much to be honest.”

Yep, every time tries John cuddles or feed or do anything with Rosie, she squirms away from him. He tries not to act like it effects him but I can tell that he’s upset by it. He never really got the chance to bond with her the first week of her life and he always seems to come around when she’s asleep. She’s never spent a night at his place simply because that’s their hangout place, that’s where they smoke and I don’t want her being in that environment.

“She knows he’s her daddy but she prefers me doing everything for her.” One day she’ll let him.


“Anyway, what did you guys come over here for? Other than to steal my food.”

Dillon, being the only one without a mouthful, answers my question. “We were gunna ask if you’re coming to Skates party tonight.”

“You couldn’t have asked me over text or called me?” I live 30 minutes away from any of these guys, and that’s without traffic.

“Well, Johnny boy wanted to see his daughter and we all wanted food, so what’s the point of us wasting money on food and him wasting gas coming out here by himself. We made it a road trip.”

Of course they didn’t want to spend money on food, they eat mine and expect me to just let them. “You lot are constantly eating my bloody food, I’m left having to ration on apples and toast every time you come round.” I need to be eating well if I’m breastfeeding my daughter and surviving on apples, bread and butter for up to 4 days before I get paid is a right pain in the ass. “But to answer your question, no, I am not going to Skates party tonight.”

“Y/N!” Nate frowns and drops the crusts of his sandwich on the plate. “You have to come! It won’t be the same without you!”

“It’ll be just like your last party I wasn’t at,” I brush it off, they had a party I didn’t go to on New Year’s Eve, they were fine without me then. “You’ll survive.”

“But it’s my birthday!”

“You used to come out with us all the time!”

“Why are you being such a downer? You were so fun last year!”

John didn’t say any of that, it’s kind of his fault I don’t go out anymore. He was the one who thought it would be fine to use an expired condom and didn’t tell me until I found out I was pregnant.

“I have a baby now! I’m a mum! I have an entire person who needs me to look after them!”

Frowns take over all of the boys faces, like they’ve only just realised what I just said. I think they think that because John gets as pissed as a stick and as high as a tree whilst being a father that I’ll be able to do it too.

But, no. John isn’t our child’s full time carer, he’s just her carer whenever he can be bothered to come around.

“Why can’t you ask one of your friends to look after the baby?”

I can’t stop myself from rolling my eyes, why can’t they understand that my baby is still a newborn and I need to be with her and I’m breastfeeding and I can’t drink alcohol and they know I don’t like being anywhere near any kind of drugs. “Because, believe it or not, all of my friends are all of your guys’ friends and all of them will be at your party tonight.”

“What about your family?”

“All of her family are in England, dumbass.” John answers for me, why are these guys so clueless all of a sudden? None of them have ever met my family because my family live in a different country, in a continent. “I want you to go, Y/N, you need to have some fun once in a while,” I don’t know whether to take that as an insult or not. “But I don’t want Rosie left with a stranger, so, I’m willing to let you go tonight and I’ll look after her.”


John wants to miss his best friends birthday so I can go without worrying about my baby being left with someone I don’t know? And so he can spend some one on one time with her?

This is new. Really new.

I really don’t know what to say. I’m touched, I am, but Skate is Johns best friend, I can’t let him ditch him just so I can go out and sit in a corner and watch people get drunk.

I’ve matured now that I’m a mum, I’m breastfeeding my baby, therefore I can’t drink alcohol until she’s finished nursing, and honestly? I don’t feel like going out. I’d rather sit on my sofa with my baby, in my tracksuit and watch the Kardashians.

That’s my idea of fun now.

So that’s exactly what I tell the boys. And their voices started to get louder, and louder, and louder, loud enough that Rosie started screaming and crying. They woke her up and they ate my food so it was definitely time to kick them out of my flat.

John wanted to try and help me out with the baby, which failed because she always refuses to calm down when she’s in his arms, so the boys waited downstairs in the car for him to come down.

I don’t think they realised that I wasn’t joking when I said that Rosie really doesn’t like John that much.

“Hold her right up against your chest.” I sigh after nearly 7 minutes of Rosie wailing in her fathers arms. “She’s not going to settle down if you’re holding her as far away as you possibly can.”

“She squirms away whenever I try to hold her properly though.”

I roll my eyes at him, “No, she squirms because you can’t hold her properly.” I reach out and gently push his arms up to his chest. “Maybe you should try with your shirt off.”


“So she can feel your heartbeat against your chest and she’ll start to bond better with you.”

Almost instantly, Rosie is back in my arms and Johns shirt is discarded on the floor. She’s taken away from me and practically shoved against her fathers chest.

She stopped whining.

She stopped moving completely, she stopped whining and moaning and cuddled up into Johns chest. A huge smile made its way onto his face.

“This is possibly the best feeling ever, He grins, his eyes not leaving his daughters face. This is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. "Maybe if I never have a shirt on around her, she’ll prefer me to you.”

I can’t help but laugh, “You think she’s gunna let you hold her like that when she’s a teenager?” He must’ve forgotten that babies grow up and get to the ages we just passed.

Oh, I just cannot wait for those days.


“Oh shit, yeah, I forgot.” Of course. “But seriously though, I want to build a really strong bond with her now because she’s my daughter, you know? I love her to pieces and even though I won’t be around every day and I’ll be across the country sometimes, I want her to know that I’m just a phone call away. No matter how old she is.”

“She knows, J, she loves you too.”


here you ago anon, a wall of messy writing with a few drawings lol

buddy is such a nice mix of being human-like and also beastly, i love drawing him so much. aaaa  😍

i might do one of these of lester too if anyone wants it; i’m afraid people might think lester is “easy” because they can just give him a typical pretty boy face/body and omg there is so much more to him than that. i’m very passionate about lester’s attractiveness shining through despite being a very sort of average/awkward looking guy and when hes drawn as a perfect pretty twink it basically robs him of this appeal. lol.

god my writing is awful jfc i’m so sorry

Page 51

My computer charger broke and I had to order another one so I had to go like 4 days without drawing O.o It was hard lol. But everything good now!!!! Ghahaa i just had to share my lifes problems with you guys lolol… Want more? OK my obsession with Harry Potter has been reawakened and it has seriously taken over my life, if anyone plays Pottermore anymore my names Magicflame832, come be my friend lololol. I am so sorry I’m freaking crazy. Also Slytherin FTW As always thanks for reading!

Cz accidentally writes a passionate essay about UTAU and stuff.

Oops, long post guys. Sorry. I just sort of work up this morning and started typing it. It seems important, so I’m just gonna put it here and make sure to shove the rest of it into a read more down below. Good luck. LOL

I never had formal training in linguistics. In fact, I hadn’t studied it at all when I started my work in UTAU back in 2009. This gave me quite a disadvantage when it came to working with other people in the fandom. No one really took me seriously and I didn’t know any of the right vocabulary. “What do you mean by glottal stop??” But I think this may have actually given me an advantage when I started to work with English in UTAU.

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Serial Killer Calum Part 12

AN so I know I haven’t updated in ten thousand years, but fun fact for you I’m in my school library, because since I don’t have to take my physics final I can do whatever tf I want so I’m in the library and I feel really dirty  just don’t want anyone to see what I’m doing lol let’s hope they don’t look over here. Sorry it took so long guys, but officially I am done with school so hell to the yeah @ me I’ve finally done something right. Hope you like this one, love you lovely people xx

Your POV

“Calum, wake up,” I shook him awake, he was completely naked lying next to me, as I was in one of his shirts yet again.

“Five more minutes,” he mumbled, squeezing his eyes shut and waving me off with his hand.

“Wake up, something happened, and we have to fix it.” His eyes shoot open and he looks at me, my hair’s a mess, and he glances down at my attire, as he is completely naked and I’m not. “Would you like to explain yourself?”

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