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hey yall i just had a question to ask you guys because its been on my mind… what do you guys classify as ‘semi-smut’ vs ‘smut’? would you say like intercouse is smut while oral, forplay, masturbation, etc. is semi? or more like if theres nudity its smut? and like suggestive is semi?

sorry this is random, i just been thinking about it because i feel like ive been inconsistent about it, especially after i published only one pt 5 with the mutual masturbation shit… like idk if thats smut or semi smut? meh

More Watertribe Lance
Also avatar Lance this time because we talked about this with friends and we are lance trash we wondered what kind of pet Lance would have if he was the avatar… Like Aang has Appa and Korra has Naga.

And we ended up with a Peacock-Lion because it just suits him perfectly

(also it was supposed to be Keith’s pet -bc yeah it’s definitely more a firenation-ish beast- but things happened ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i’ll write headcanons someday lmao)

People have been messaging me about someone using my artworks (the CG art of Unknown’s Son is the most used one) to sell a bunch of phone cases on sites like (which has horrible horrible horrible support system, I can’t even contact them because their website support page sucks) or aliexpress and some other shady sites idk

i’m so kjdshfkjdshg hhhhhhhGHH #$&#^*&$ i guess ill try to look at how to report these #$&#^%#@ later after work ((or just make the watermarks more obvious next time LOL)) O<-< //wheezing


a couple of sketch pages from the other day!

homeworld jasper, an attempt at designing her agate, and some more spike squad

“I think we ought to live happily ever after,“ and she thought he meant it. Sophie knew that living happily ever after with Howl would be a good deal more hair-raising than any storybook made it sound, though she was determined to try.

"It should be hair-raising,” added Howl.

“And you’ll exploit me,” Sophie said.

“And then you’ll cut up all my suits to teach me.”

-Diana Wyne Jones, Howl’s Moving Castle

Painted on borrowed time so lots of messy details sorry argh >_<;;

One of my favourite Ghibli movies , and the book made me love it even more! <3 I was always afraid to draw fanart for it, because I kept feeling like I would mess up (and I did lol); well in the end I listened to some advice and just went for it aha. 

Speedpaint here!  

kpop male groups as students
  • BIGBANG: been in highschool for 10 years. super smart and funny but have been held back because they all managed to fail their tests. still cool though and the younger students throw rose petals at their feet as they walk the halls. one guy managed to pass the test so everyone is sh00k and super sad. savage but cute
  • EXO: memes. everyone likes them except the teachers. lost a few squad members as they transfered countries. hard to keep track of but they still c00l af. everyone knows their jokes and they all have managed to get hella good grades. also hella rich and have their own table with aspiring ceos and football stars lol
  • BTS: teachers hate them. stand on tables and throw books because they refuse to be apart of the schooling system. started riots during exam period but didn't get expelled. hella cute and are involved in every club. sometimes problematic but everyone somehow loves them hehe
  • SUPER JUNIOR : most of them are in uni. everyone knows like, that one squad member because he was savage. sometimes that one guy comes back and they have a ceremony but people forget him eventually lol. senior students still remember them from freshmen year. used to take up the whole damn cafeteria cause they wouldnt stop recruiting members.
  • SEVENTEEN: lost a few guys in primary. replaces suju's spot in the cafeteria and eats all the goddamn food. everyone knows them when they're walking around in the halls as a group but separately... nah fam. sometimes you can hear the vocal members in music class from the otherside of the building
  • GOT7: gets shit grades but people love them. one guy made them hella popular because he was too extra in class. some members are unpopular but they still have freshman chasing them lmao. sit at the front of class and you can hear their laughter from outside. ruined the school play by dabbing everytime they went on stage. became viral tho so it was worth it
  • MONSTA X: freshman love them because they're extra at the appropriate times. Too early or too late to trends but they're still a crowd pleaser hehe. teachers hate them because they got scholarships for "no reason" (even though they're very smart!!). photo day is their day
  • ASTRO: everyone loves them. teachers love them. the principle hates them because they distract everyone with their happiness. pass all of their exams and are involved in many clubs. everyone only knows that one guy tho because of his photo day picture (he looked hella g00d)
  • BAP: got expelled for doing the same shit as bts l o l. but the principle called them back in after a few years because he realized that they got scholarships for a reason lmao
  • INFINITE: no one knows every single guy individually but they can sense their outgoing atmosphere, yknow. everyone ignores them but they also don't want them to graduate and leave lol
  • VIXX: no one talks to them because they're scared they will get roasted and become twitter famous lol
  • KNK: known for being the tall freshmen. no they dont play on the basketball team. no one knows their names but its because they seem shy when in reality everyone's too lazy to look up all the time and talk to them so they just ignore them
  • SHINee: did they graduate? no. the teachers won't let them so they have to suffer a few more years. worth it tho because they inspire every student. sometimes bring chaos into the school but the principle is cool about it lol
  • NCT : freshmen who appeared from nowhere. jk they were in their rooms srudying the entire time cause their parents were hella strict. had to be split up into groups according to favorite subjects because the teachers felt sorry for the cafeteria ladies at this point. some guys are in more than one group tho cause their parents hate them yikes
  • BtoB: no one remembers their grades. they just know them lmao because they're handsome and speak in a lot of ceremonies. seniors who look like they've been friends for 15 years. kinda quiet but... also hella loud lmao
  • WINNER: one guy left the school and everyone cried. got shitty grades because the teachers forgot about them. had some amazing test results but no one noticed
  • iKON: were supposed to be studying music but somehow their main subject became japanese. no one knows what they do because they all spend their life in that goddamn japanese class room. teachers pay too much attention to them but do nothing oml
  • Shinhwa : older than half of the teachers. no one remembered them but they still walked into school 5 days after reunion day and somehow everyone kind of did remember them... idk lol. got good grades and sort of encouraged the students after them to pursue their dreams :'). still hella old tho

Kiss Art Challenge | 16 - Kiss on the butt

Even Makoto’s butt doesn’t belong to Makoto.
Ehe, thank you for requesting and sorry for the wait!!

I Thought We Already Weren’t PART 3 (Peter Parker x Reader Angst)

Request: anonymous asked:
Ooh I love angst!! Can you do something where the reader has a huge crush on peter but he likes Liz and he asks her out on date and he asks the reader for help with everything so she basically plans the whole thing for him and he keeps saying things like “wow ur such a good friend” and out of jealousy she asks Flash on a date and they start to go out and Peter says he’s not good enough for her and they get into a huge argument and deicde it’s better if they stop being friends…

Word Count: 1,772

Warnings: angst… lot’s of it 

A/N: So wow i gotta admit this one’s gotta be the saddest i think out of all the parts haha sorry (not sorry) and hey, if you want, it hurts more if you listen to ‘Amnesia’ by 5SOS (just a thought, if you’re into feeling rly sad whilst reading this). But wow thanks so much to all those who’re enjoying this request-oneshot-turned-series! I’m soooooo glad you guys are loving it cuz i’m having such a ball writing it! ❤️❤️ So anyway I think I’m gonna be doing one last part after this, cuz i have such a great way of ending it, i think but more on that later ;} (also i didn’t edit or proofread this really so sorry for grammar lol)

again, anon, if you’re out there THANK YOU for this request ❤️❤️

Part 1   Part 2   Part 4

“Helloooo? Earth to Peter…” Liz summoned Peter from his deep thoughts about what Flash could possibly try to do tonight to ‘wow you’. He jerked his head toward her, off his propped up forearm.

“Sorry,” he stammered. “What were you saying again?”

“I was just asking what you got for number four ‘cause my equation looks different from yours…” Liz looked at him with concern. “Are you okay?” she whispered.

“Hm? Yeah yeah, no yeah I’m good,” he squeaked. Crap he thought.

“Are you sure, Peter? Because you’ve been—”

“Liz, I’m fine,” he snapped. She withdrew a little, eyebrows still furrowed with worry. Peter immediately regretted speaking so sharply; he knew she was only worried and wasn’t trying to be annoying. But every time he was with her he felt guilty. He would spend the entire time in her company trying to force himself to not feel that way, or at least figure out why; but he just couldn’t.

“Okay, come on,” she grabbed ahold of Peter’s wrist firmly and led them away from their library table.

“What—where’re we going?”

Liz led them up the stairs, through the science wing, up the narrow fire escape stairway, until they finally hit open air. She leaned back on an AC unit, and even though her arms were crossed, her face was soft and expectant.

“Look, I know I’m not supposed to push and stuff if you don’t want to tell me what’s going on,” she began. “But, Peter, you gotta give me something! You have to talk to me.”

“W—What?” he stammered. “We are talking, what do you mean I don’t want to tell you what’s going on? Nothing’s going on…”

Liz cocked her head at him, “Nothing going on? Peter, you haven’t been yourself lately, and it’s making me kinda worried.”

Peter hung his head. The last time he had a conversation about him not being himself still stung potent in his mind. The last thing he wanted now was for this discussion to end up like the last one.

“I’m sorry I haven’t been myself lately,” he pleaded. “I just… honestly just… I… I don’t know what’s going on with me, like I’m trying to figure it out but I just can’t and—” Peter faltered when he saw Liz’s eyes. The worry was hidden behind a deep sadness that he didn’t even know could be seen through someone’s eyes. “What?” he shakily asked.

“I know what’s going on with you, Peter,” Liz whispered. “And I think you know it too, but you don’t want to admit it. God, this sucks,” she muttered. She glanced up, blinking rapidly, trying to put back the tears that were forming against her will. “But that’s what makes you all the more so… so… so good and this so fucking hard.”

Peter couldn’t even speak. He could feel his old friend, guilt, clawing up his stomach and latching onto his chest. He knew what was coming, and he knew why, but he didn’t want to believe it. Part of him wanted what was coming too, but not like this. No, this was going to hurt too much.

Liz took a shaky breath, “I know you haven’t been hanging around Ned and (Y/N) as much. I know you and (Y/N), had like this… this falling out kinda thing. I know you haven’t been the same since that. I know you see me differently now, even though you try so hard to fight against it and not show it, and for that, Peter, thank you. Because I know that that’s so hard to do.

“But I also know how you look at her—don’t feel guilty; you can’t help it. You know you can’t keep a secret to save your life. It’s also just one of those things no one can help or hide. I’ve seen the way you look at her, Peter. It’s okay,” she uncrossed her arms and gripped Peter’s shoulders. His eyes were welling up as well, no matter how hard he clenched his throat or bit his lip. “That way you look at her, Peter? You used to look at me just like that, when you thought I wouldn’t notice. Well, there was less sadness in your eyes then, but considering all things now…”

Peter regretted that what she was saying was true. It was every little thing that had gone through his mind these past couple weeks, but refused to truly believe. He wished it didn’t have to be like this. There had to have been some other way this could’ve played out where no one was crying, where no one was regretting anything.

The only thing he could muster out was a small, “I’m sorry…”

Liz pulled him into a hug. For the first time in weeks, this one didn’t feel empty. Peter didn’t feel distant or like he wanted it to be over so it wouldn’t feel awkward. This was a hug he didn’t want to step away from because it felt real.

“I know,” she whispered. “But I don’t want to be part of the reason you’re not happy.” They stood there, softly holding each other for what they knew was probably the last time. “I just regret not asking sooner. I can’t imagine what it must be like, carrying that around with you all this time…”

“You don’t deserve this,” Peter mumbled into her hair. He felt her exhale a chuckle.

“Yeah, but,” she pulled away, looking down, “life isn’t really about deserving, is it?”

Peter echoed her movements, anxiously twiddling his fingers as Liz began to walk back to the exit.

“Just promise me, you guys’ll both figure it out, okay?” she called back. Peter looked up at her, forcing himself to nod. Liz’s lips pursed into a bittersweet smile, and she turned and shut the door behind her, leaving a physically, mentally, and emotionally numb Peter.

Sightings of Spiderman had doubled within these last few weeks, and the crime rate dropping by nearly the same amount. Many were applauding his productivity, wondering how Queen’s local hero had become so efficient and driven lately.

But you and Ned knew why. It was his distraction. Like those Flash dates had been for you. At least Peter’s was more constant and fulfilling than just your two hours every week.

It wasn’t like the hot air balloon lunch upstate wasn’t completely distracting, or the early screening of some new movie Flash was into (seriously impressive, you had to admit). They worked, but just for a short while. And once you really thought about it, you found that you felt worse afterward than you did before. You were just reminded of how you were trying oh so hard to forget the main reason you were doing those dates in the first place. It was like how you try so hard to forget something that you end up having it come to mind more.

Once Peter and Liz ended things, it didn’t stop your pain. But it did make you realize what you were doing was pointless. So you ended it. Not like Flash cared much anyway. But why make Peter suffer anymore than he was already. He didn’t need the weight of seeing you with Flash, added on to his guilt and sadness from Liz, crushing him more. 

“So what do you wanna watch now?” Ned asked, scrolling through the menu.

“I’m cool with anything really.”

As he selected ‘Ferris Buller’s Day Off’, he passed you the popcorn bowl. “So… have you talked to Peter yet?” he tried to ask lightly and casually.

You sighed, “You know I haven’t.”

Ned turned to you, his voice dropping into a more serious tone. “I think it’s about time you guys face this head on, you know? Confront it. Confront him. Well maybe not confront him, but at least talk to him—”

“Honestly, Ned, I think I’m just gonna feel a whole lot shittier if I do that.”

“Well I can’t keep being the mediator between you two! Honestly I always feel like I have to evenly split my time between you two, running from one end of school to the other just to hang with my two best friends, who don’t even want to talk to each other!”

“You know you don’t have to do that, Ned.”

“I know but I do anyway. ‘Cause I love you guys and if I can do anything to help you guys be happy, I will! So, that’s why I’m saying you guys need to talk.”

“I don’t even know if he’s ready, you know? To talk? I mean it’s only been like what? Two weeks since, you know… That’s not that long—”

“Pretty sure he is now.”

“‘Pretty sure’?”

Ned glanced up from his phone. “Almost positive,” he assured.

You stared at the floor, contemplating whether it was worth it to or not to reopen that wound. You knew you both knew that you had hurt the other. What you didn’t know was whether you were ready to admit why. Why you were hurt in the first place, why you hurt him in return.

Suddenly the bed lurched as Ned leapt off of it, jerking you out of your head. “Sorry, I uh—,” he stumbled to shove his feet back in his shoes. “—I gotta go, I just remembered my mom set a new curfew, so… yeah.”

“What?” your brows furrowed. “Since when?”

“Since now, apparently?”


“Sorry, (Y/N)! Enjoy Ferris Buller without me, I’ll see you Monday!” he sped out your door.

“Okay…? Bye?”

As your front door slammed shut with a loud BANG, you pulled out your phone and texted Ned to let you know when he got home. Reading the clock’s display of 10:41, you found it odd that Ned would suddenly barge out like that. You figured you could interrogate him on it back in school, so you laid back and started to scroll through your phone. As early as it was, you found yourself dozing off. Your eyes had just fluttered closed when—

*tap tap tap*

You bolted up, eyelids heavy, not sure if you had really heard it. Grabbing the remote, you shut the TV and listened again. Nothing. Beside you, your phone buzzed and you read Ned’s message.

You up still? it read.

Yeah why???? you replied.

No later had you hit the send button did you hear the window tapping again. You were sure it was real this time, and your body automatically responded faster than your mind did. Throwing the curtains back and raising the window, your heart beat up to your brain. You had no idea where this was going to take you. As you saw those fluffy brown curls amongst the scarlet and blue, your breath caught.



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Kidnapped - James March Smut (AHS: Hotel)

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part 2 | part 3 | part 4

Requested: yes!

   -Request: “Hey! I was wondering if you could do a Mr March imagine where the reader is staying at the hotel and Ms Evers kidnaps her so James can kill her but when she is laying on the bed ready to die he doesn’t because he finds her beautiful. He ‘thinks’ he loves her and she hates him so when she tries to escape he fucks her roughly and shows that she belongs to him. Please write this imagine you’re my favourite blog and it would be AMAZING as a birthday present (I’m turning 21)” -anon

Type: smut (;

Warnings: extremely dom!james, bondage (sorta)

Summary:You check into the Hotel Cortez only to then be kidnapped. However once Mr. March sees you, he can’t bear to hurt a single hair on your head, but unfortunately for him you don’t want any part of a relationship with him. But when you try to escape, Mr. March shows you that you’re his and only his. And to your surprise, you love it.

Notes: okay so i know this sounds sorta like rape but i mean this is just an imagine and obviously rape isnt okay irl but i really liked this request so i tried to make it more just domrough rather than nonconsenting?????  aNYWAY i tried to make it really hot so i hope you guys like it lol ps i went way overboard with this im sorry its so long

💀 🌼 💀 🌼 💀 🌼 💀 🌼 💀 🌼 💀

“I’d like to book a room, please,” you smiled, as you walked up to the front desk. The woman sitting there startled as you spoke, as if this was the first time in weeks that anyone had come in.

She pushed her large black glasses up the bridge of her nose and spoke. “Oh, uh, alright, for how long?”

“Just one night.”

“And your name?”

“Y/F/N Y/L/N.”

She scribbled your name down in the guest book and then turned around to get a room key and placed it in the palm of your hand. “You’ll be in room 63.”

“Thank you.” you replied, taking the small silver key and turning down the hallway with your bags. The hall looked eerily empty, except for a maid vigorously scrubbing at a sheet. There was a large patch of blood on it, and you thought it was kind of odd for her to be handwashing blood-stained sheets in the middle of the hallway, but you just laughed to yourself, assuming that someone’s period came early this month.

You found your room and let yourself in, before dropping your suitcase and purse on the floor. For some reason, the room felt really warm, so you pulled your jeans and shirt off before laying back on the bed to relax. Just as you’d gotten settled in, you heard a knocking at the door. “Housekeeping!”

“Shit,” you mumbled, hurriedly digging your bathrobe out of your suitcase before answering the door. As soon as you opened it, you were pushed against a wall and a cloth was pressed over your mouth. You suddenly felt extremely drowsy, and your eyelids got heavier with every blink. You could feel yourself falling, but you were too far gone by then, and didn’t feel anything when your head smacked against the corner of the coffee table.

When you finally awoke, you could feel an intense pounding on the right side of your head. You tried to reach up and touch it, but your hands wouldn’t move. You slowly opened your eyes, and saw that your wrists and ankles were tied to the bedposts. Your bathrobe was nowhere to be seen, leaving you only in your bra and underwear. Your mouth was gagged, but you screamed hoarsely, not knowing what else to do. The maid you’d seen earlier in the hallway quickly came into the room. “Goodness child, keep it down! We must wait for Mr. March!”

Mr. March? Who the hell was that?

But your question as answered soon enough, as a booming voice came from around the corner, along with some footsteps. “Mrs. Evers, did you get the next one?”

A tall man with jet black hair and a small mustache walked around in, straightening his tie.

“Ye-yes sir, she’s right here.” she responded quickly, almost like she was nervous.

He stopped walking the second he saw your face, suddenly intirigued. He slowly set down the gun he was holding and walked around to the right side of the bed and kneeled down on the floor. “Good god, you’ve injured her!”

The maid looked confused, “Oh, I’m very sorry sir, I-I didn’t think that would matter seeing as you’re planning to kill her.”

“You may leave Mrs. Evers, I no longer need your assistance with this one.”

She practically ran out of the room, muttering about how much work she still had to do.

“My sincere apologies about the wound on your head, I don’t intend to hurt you.” he said, stroking your cheek and running his hand down to your collar bone. He touched your head and you winced, still feeling a dull throb. “Did that hurt darling?”

You cautiously nodded, and his expression turned into a hard frown. “I apologize, the last thing I would ever want to do is hurt you.”  He gingerly unbound you and took the gag out of your mouth.

As soon as you were released, you jumped off the bed and ran towards the door. The doorknob wouldn’t budge, and you assumed it had soemhow been blocked on the other side of the door. Just as you began to turn around to look for a new way of escape, you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist from behind. “Where do you think you’re going?” Mr. March asked, lifting you up and bringing you back to the bed. “I didn’t want you to have to be tied up, but if you’re going to try and leave then I’m afraid that’s what I’ll have to do.”

He grabbed the rope he had just unbound you from and tied your wrsits to the headboard, but left your ankles free. “Let me go you asshole!” you yelled angrily, trying to kick him.

He made a “tsk” sound and pushed your legs down to the bed. “You’re practically begging for me to completely tie you up again, is that what you want?” he mumbled. “You belong to me, you understand? You’re mine, I love you, I would never hurt you my love.”

“Like hell you love me! You don’t even know my name you fucking psycho!”

“Ah, but I do, Y/N.” he retorted, placing a finger against your jawline. He leaned down and pressed small kisses against your neck and collarbones, mumbling things like, “so beautiful,” against your skin. This was wrong, you knew it was, but you couldn’t deny that you liked the way it felt and the way it was effecting you. You let out an almost inaudible moan, and you could feel him smirking. “No.” you said quietly. “I’m not yours, and you don’t love me – you can’t love me because I hate you.”

He stopped, and looked you harshly in the eyes. He angrily stood up and reached down to unbuckle his belt. “Don’t you get it Y/N? You belong to me.”

He finished undressing faster than you would have thought posible, and clambered back onto the bed. He roughly pushed your thighs apart and quite literally ripped off your panties, and then unclipped your bra. Thankfully you’d worn one that clips in front, so it remained in tact, but stayed around your shoulders since your hands were bound above your head.

“Mm, so beautiful,” he smiled slightly, leaning down and taking one of your nipples in his mouth while roughly kneading your other breast. He left a trail of wet kisses down your stomach until he got to your pussy. James pushed your knees up and put his face down to your core. He let out a satisfied humming noise and began eating you out, gently licking your folds. His hands came to rest on your tighs as he began tongue fucking you. As much as you thought you didn’t like him, you had to admit how good it felt– you were completely at his mercy. His tongue moved back up to your clit as he shoved two fingers inside of you. “Oh,” you let out a breathy moan, and felt the restraints’ tug on your wrists when you tried to thread your fingers through his hair. His dark colored eyes flicked up at you and one of them dropped down into a wink as he continued his incredible attack on your pussy.

You could feel your climax nearing, and as you started to get louder, it signalled to him that you were close. He immediately added a third finger, stretching you just a little bit too wide, and sped up the pace of his mouth. You could feel a buzzing in the pit of your stomach, and with one final flick of his tongue over your sensitive bundle of nerves, James had you coming undone underneath him. “Fuck, ohhh, fuck James.

He smirked and sat up, giving you a nice view of his cock, which was so hard that it was flush against his stomach. You unconciously bit your lip at the site and looked up to his face. James was still smirking at you, noticing that you were enjoying the view. “Now darling, you’re going to take my cock like a good girl, Y/N. I know you’ve just come but there’s no rest, there is no fucking rest. You’re going to take my cock and come for me again. You’re mine.”

He grabbed your thighs and wrapped your legs around his waist as he slammed into you. You felt a slight discomfort since he gave you no time to adjust to his rather large size, but the pleasure soon overtook that, as the tip of his cock grazed your g-spot. James leaned down to leave his mark on your neck, sucking in various places and then peppering the area with kisses. He leaned his head into the crook of your neck, occasionally letting out things like, “Fuck, you feel so good,” and “Mm, such a good girl for me.”

You tugged at your restraints again by accident, wanting to scratch your nails down James’ back and let him know how good he was making you feel. He noticed your struggle, and looked up to your hands. “Now, if untie you, are you going to keep being my good girl or are you going to attempt to escape again?”

“I’ll - mm, fuck - I’ll be a good girl, I promise,” you whined, throwing your head back into the pillows. He briefly stopped thrusting into you and reached up to pull the knot out of the rope that was binding your wrists together. You quickly wrapped your arms around his neck, encouraging him to start fucking you again. James gladly obliged, but this time he leaned down and kissed you. He ran his tongue along your bottom lip, and you quickly opened your mouth to allow him entrance. Even though it was just something as simple as a kiss, it sent arousal directly to your core, and you could feel a flutterly feeling appear in your stomach.

You orgasmed fairly quickly, due to how sensitive you still were from your first. You clenched around him, and he moaned, so you did it again, and then felt him spill inside of you. You could feel some of his cum dripping out, but you honestly didn’t care, because all you could think about was how good it felt kissing him, even after he’d pulled out. James had worried that as soon as the sex was finished, you’d just try and run off again, but he figured there was nothing he could do if you did– he didn’t want to hurt you and he was too tired for more sex, so he pulled away from the kiss and rolled over so that he was laying next to you. To his surprise, you shyly cuddled up to his side, and carefully put one around around his stomach. He put his left around around your shoulders so that his hand was resting on your ass, letting you know that he was still in charge. He pulled the blankets up around the two of you so that only your shoulders were poking out the top. Suddenly, the door creaked open, and you heard Mrs. Evers come in. “Mr. March, have you finished with th-” she started, but as soon as she saw the two of you in the bed, realizing what must have happened, she placed on hand over her mouth in shock. “Oh, bother! I’ll never get that stain out!”

i hope this is sorta what you were thinking of and that you liked it, feel free to request again if you want something else lol bye !


request anything, requests are ALWAYS open (just tell me who you want it with (anyone from ahs) and if you want smut or fluff and what you want to happen) ! xx -l

EDIT: here are the links to PART 2, PART 3, and PART 4

Lost (Peter Parker Imagine)

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request: “Hey! How about the reader is coming over to comfort Peter after he lost the internship or smth. instead of going to an, for them, very important event? Like a concert of their favorite band, or a meet and greet or something? Like they looked forward to that evening for a very long time but Peter is more important. And Peter feels bad about that but it’s just really fluffy and they confess their feelings for each other? Idk just an idea 😅 Love your work 💕❤” (requested by @theweirdlunatic)

short summary: ^^

length: 2.6k words

warnings: kinda sad bc ya boy lost the “internship”…lol yah

A/N: idk how i feel about this either i feel like i lost my mojo bc of school truly sorry guys its been a minute sorry this took forever sorry this isn’t just one dance part 2 bc i know y’all really want that i promise it is like half done in my drafts. but here’s something read on fellas

“Yeah, I’m about to step outside to wait for you now,” you said excitedly into the phone as you talked to your best friend. You were haphazardly putting on a pair of jeans while balancing your phone between your ear and your shoulder. 

The two of you had gotten tickets to see your favorite band that you’d won in a radio contest about a month before. It was somewhat of a miracle considering there was no way that you’d be able to afford it otherwise, being an unemployed teenager makes it hard to do anything. But, one of the two tickets was in your possession and you were excited to see your favorite band after years of listening to them.

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Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. 

— Gérard de Nerval 

i just wanted to draw them in suits and holding flowers lol forgive meeehh

12 Days of (Lance) Whumpmas! - Day 8 [Mental Health Day]

i am…. late….. i’ve been away from my computer wayyy more than usual these past few days which is ahhHHHH but i still wanna get all 12 days done;;;; will slowly but surely finish them before the new year :’)

this one’s a sequel to my Day 5 Prompt (Burns), so you can read that here to avoid confusion ^^;; i had trouble thinking of a story for this prompt so i just brought back David because i was drawing a blank LOL i’m sorry

part of the 12 Days of VLD Whumpmas hosted by @vldwhumpmas2017! check out more info on the challenge here if you want to participate!

In all honesty, Lance had forgotten about David after he’d been transferred off to another campus. The whole thing had freaked him out, yeah, but the knowledge that the guy was no longer in the vicinity was comforting enough for him to go back to his daily life. More importantly, Hunk’s Christmas party was coming up, and he still had presents he needed to buy for the group. But one thing led to another, and Lance found himself jogging home—careful not to slip on any ice—with an armful of shopping bags because he was running late. He was hitching a ride in Shiro and Keith’s car to get to Hunk’s, and they’d be coming up to get him in a few minutes. Which was good, since he had too many things to carry down on his own.

It didn’t take long to get back to the apartment, and he pressed at the elevator button, busy trying to adjust his grip on the bags in his other hand. The doors opened with a ding after a few seconds, and he startled when someone pressed a hand against his back, firmly pushing him inside.

Lance stumbled forward before he whipped around, irritated. “Hey, what’s your prob—”

The sight had Lance’s blood run cold. David was there—actually there—in front of him, staring straight at him as the elevator doors slid shut. Why the hell was he here? His mind blanked out for a moment, alight with panic at the settling realization.

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Sweet Sake

A/N: Since my brain apparently arbitrarily decides what I’m going to write I wrote this fluff by accident in the frenzied space of a few hours. But I’m really proud of it??? So I figured I’d post it. This is for all the Ikesen Kenshin-lovers out there, y’all know who you are. I hope you enjoy this little fluff.

He lifted the sake Shingen had offered to his lips, musing absently about the day’s events as the familiar burn warmed him. Time had seemed to halt to a standstill ever since they waited for the perfect opportunity to retaliate against the Fool of Owari, and boredom wracked his days as much as his evenings. Listless eyes roved at the intricate screen and lavish finery adorning his chambers, thoroughly jaded.

A puff of air filled the silence. How utterly dull.

As he lowered the disk the scent of that foreign flower she loved so much–what had Sasuke called it, jasmine?–drifted from his collar to bombard his senses. Memories like shards of ice tore through his thoughts, leaving his idle heart pounding as he remembered.

“Lord Kenshin please, if my arm were in working condition I’d take her there myself.” Sasuke pleaded, unable to bear the sight of his close friend so unwell.

“Absolutely not, why should I bother? She’s just another useless woman.” Sharp and uninterested, he made to leave.

“Even for a week’s worth of pickled plums?” The ninja coaxed, holding up a familiar container.

Muttering under his breath, Kenshin moved to lift the unconscious woman. Dressed in Azuchi finery, truly she looked the part of an Oda princess. Though she didn’t much act like one.

‘Let me out!’ She’d cried, 'You’re going to regret this!“ Her protests had been endless. When she’d understood there would be no freedom even as her throat turned to sandpaper, still she had clawed at the wooden beams until her fingers bled and her nails were unrecognizable. For all her bark, she didn’t hesitate to bite.

Though undignified, her vitality was hard to ignore. For all his desperation to dance at death’s door, she seemed equally desperate to survive this and return to the enemy.

"Where do you want her, Sasuke?”

“The nearest empty room should be just fine. Thank you, Lord Kenshin.”

He didn’t bother to answer and merely grunted as he stalked off. The closest empty room was the one beside Sasuke’s, and if he was so eager to take care of her he saw no reason to stop him. If he wanted to waste his time so be it.

As he walked he noticed with a hint of surprise that she was rather light; lighter, in fact, than when she first arrived. Had she stopped eating? Her face was drawn, mauve shadows under her eyes only serving to exacerbate her pallor. Were their accommodations so undesirable she would neglect herself?

Hmph. It mattered little. She would be dead or gone soon enough.

Nudging the screen forward with one boot, he found a futon there laid out and ready. Fast as ever, Kenshin mused wryly as he moved to lower her into the bedding. It should have been simple, quick–painless.

But her tiny hands had shot up to cling to his chest, her face nuzzling into the fur of his collar. “Mm, soft.”

Her delighted sigh skated across his neck, earning a startled shiver from him. What was this girl doing?

Again he attempted to extricate himself, but that only seemed to tighten her hold. “No,” She murmured. “Please…don’t go…”

Her broken, silken whisper made his stomach somersault; longings he had long since buried and strangled rising to haunt him. Flashes of silver, racuous laughter–eyes that had sparkled like stars for him alone–no.

No. No, that wouldn’t…

He felt her chest rising and falling against him with the ease that came with peaceful sleep. His eyes closed as he took a deep, shuddering breath; unable to name the strange relief that weakened his limbs. Afraid he would drop her, he sank slowly to his knees and crossed his legs. Moving slowly, he adjusted their position without jostling her. She murmured sleepily from time to time, but showed little to no inclination of moving other than to burrow deeper into his collar.

He didn’t dare make a sound until his eyes met the stars that dwelled in hers.

Foolish, he cursed both at himself and that strange slip of a woman as he downed the disk and refilled it. Perhaps then he could believe the light flush that had overcome his cheeks was the product of inebriation.

She’d addled him beyond any hope of repair; princess of the Devil King was right. She must have implemented some kind of sorcery.

A hand rose to rub at his throbbing eyes, willing thoughts of her away. But it only reminded him of what she’d seen in them.

As the screen door behind him glowed orange with the setting of the sun, she had stirred fitfully in his arms.

“Mnn, Sasuke? Lemme go, what time is i–” She’d blinked up at him blearily, eyes like saucers when she realized who was holding her.

“Lord K-kenshin?” There was a note of fear in her trembling voice, her body tensing. But as she gazed at him she slowly relaxed again; easing into him.

He did not understand this woman. “What is it?” He groused.

“Did you bring me here?” She asked, voice like velvet.

Gods, he hated how it soothed him as nothing else ever had. “What of it?”

“Nothing I just–” She worried her lip, looking down. “Thank you, it was very kind of you.”

Kind? “If there is anybody to thank, it is Sasuke. He insisted; I was merely saddled with the task.”

She shrugged, “That’s true,” but then her brows furrowed, a hand reaching toward him before she caught herself. “But then, why do you look so sad?”

“Should you care this much about the man that kidnapped you?” He looked to her, carefully blank-faced this time.

Her tinkling giggle rocked him, heart leaping to his throat at the unexpected sweetness of the sound. He gazed at her, lips parted slightly in shock.

“I care this much about the man that held me while I slept. You could have just shoved me off you know, I’m just a prisoner after all.” She grinned back before it dissolved into a worried frown. “I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable, I didn’t think I was such a clingy sleeper…" 

He cleared his throat, shifting away from her as he finally realized he hadn’t let her go even when she’d woken up. "I do as I please. Get some sleep and make sure you eat something.” He didn’t look back as he closed the door behind him.

And now here he was, drowning himself in sake as if it could replace the warmth she had given him.

“Shock Control” - Oneshot

“Shock Control” - Oneshot

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Bruce Banner  x Reader

Word Count: 2,215

Key: Y/N = Your Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: None that I can tell? Please let me know if I missed anything!

Summary: Reader has the power to control electricity, but is still learning to control it. Bruce helps most of the time. But when he goes out on a mission, things don’t go so smoothly back at the compound.

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

Author’s Note: So I am still on my hiatus, but I wrote this a week ago and decided to post it now. This will be my last fic for a couple of weeks probably. This is just a random idea I had awhile ago. It wasn’t meant to be this long, but I’m a wordy bitch. Lol. Hope you enjoy! Also, there needs to be more Bruce fics. Just sayin’

Also, @the-witching-hours12-3 is honestly one of the best online friends I’ve ever made. She is so supportive and caring and so amazing in every way. Her writing is equally amazing. Please go show her some much deserved love.

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces, check out my tag list above and let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!

I’m so sorry to make you guys wait, but life isn’t the kindest thing and i can only do so much. 


- DreaSaurusREX

It’s only been a couple of months since you started living at the compound with the other Avengers, but you’ve known Tony and Bruce for a while. There was an electrical fire in the middle of a forest in Michigan, you were the center of it. You could manipulate electrical energy thanks to Hydra, but you didn’t know how to control it. The only one who was able to help you get things under control was Bruce. Your electricity was like his “other guy”; you lost control of it during emotional outbursts. But thanks to Bruce, now you were able call on it when you wanted, not just through emotions.

That being said, you still had trouble with control some days; Today was one of those days.

Bruce, Tony, Wanda, Natasha, and Vision were in Russia tracking down another Hydra base. The base had been known for its chemical work, hence the science bros were both on the mission. You thought you were going to be okay; Just go about your daily schedule and relax. But after a week, you started to feel yourself faltering. You hadn’t broken down or anything, but that fear still lingered.

You knew you weren’t doing too great. You were so worried about something triggering you, causing you to lose control again, and Bruce wouldn’t be there to help. You were still working with him on being able to calm down by yourself.

You also had been thinking a lot about Bruce, outside of him helping you. You couldn’t help but realize that you had feelings for him. You couldn’t tell him though; It’d make things awkward. Bruce is the closest person you have, you couldn’t risk losing that because of feelings.

You were leaning against the edge of the hangar with Sam, looking at the view outside, lost in your own thoughts. It wasn’t until Sam poked your arm that you realized how lost you were.

“You doing alright, Sparky?” You had actually taken to liking this nickname that a lot of the team used for you. You smiled at him  before shrugging, your smile slowly falling.

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anonymous asked:

where did you get the brushes you use for your digital art? either its the brush or the texture of the image but something about it makes the artwork look as though it was actually painted, ;-;

Sorry it took so long to answer this! I just found the links to the brushes ^^;

I primarily use these two brushes when painting (excuse the language lol)

I think I got them from this guy named, Houstonsharp.  If I’m wrong it’s one of these people (whom I’ve also possibly downloaded over the years): Jonas De Ro, DanLuVisiArt, TheEchoDragon, AaronGriffithArt, Sakimichan, WLOP

The “AWESOME” brush is what makes the paintery textures you see in the backgrounds of my paintings while “THE SHIT” brush is for the character itself ^^;

In addition, I put a grainy filter to give it more texture (keystrokes for mac’s):

1) Cmnd+Option+Shift+E - essentially compresses all the layers of your entire painting into one separate layer

2) double click that layer and a separate window should pop up

3) click “pattern overlay” and pick the 5th pattern

4) choose “Multiply” for “blend mode”

Opacity is always 100% but I usually adjust the scale to ~70% or lower depending on the painting.

Not sure if this is what makes my stuff look “as though it was painted” but these are the biggest changes of my painting process compared to my old stuff 😬 

A Fairytale Ending

Originally posted by martziplier98

Request: Could you do a Tyler storie/blurb thing where reader is his girlfriend and she is a singer on youtube, she gets a sponsorship from Disney for Beauty and The Beast and gets to record at one of the Castles at Disney world dressed in a Belle style dress and she has Tyler be her ‘Beast’/Dancing Partner for the music video and he proposes in at the end of it??

Summary: Fem!Reader is filming a Beauty and the Beast music video when boyfriend Tyler proposes and everyone cries :)

A/N: Hey y'all! Don’t know what it was about this fic that was really difficult for me to write? Anyway here it is! It’s based on the Ariana Grande and John Legend music video, just pretend there’s no John Legend lol. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1086, the hardest fics are always the longest why to heck

Requests are closed at the moment, sorry dudes!

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Hwang Minhyun Fuckboi!

•Hwang Minhyun would practically be the pure definition of a flower boy if he didn’t have rep with messing around with girls

•He’s also the type of Fuckboi that looks soft but he really is a fuckboi

•Minhyun picks girls based off looks more than half of the time and would swoon them with his gentlemanliness, singing a sweet song to them or something along those lines

•You on the other hand had no idea who in the world Hwang Minhyun was

•Like honestly the school was huge but it was still kinda hard not to notice Minhyun and his fuckboi squad

•Anyways what happened that day was that you were working at your part time job at a cafe when his squad came rolling in

•You took their order not really noticing or caring who they were, there was so many different face coming in that day you didn’t bother to recognize the unfamiliar faces coming in

•after you took their order and made their drinks you headed to their table and one of the guys had his legs kinda sticking out from the side of the table lol thanks Daniel

•You weren’t really looking where you were going because you were more concerned in trying to remember who ordered what

•And surprise,surprise  you tripped over his leg and ended up spilling the drinks not just on yourself and the floor but almost on thee emperor Hwang Minhyun

•”omg I’m so s-sorry. O-Omg I-I didn’t mea- Here let me get you-“

•Minhyun stopped your blabbing and grabbed your arm before you could walk and get him a dry shirt from the back

•”Don’t worry about it. If anything I should apologize since my friend had his leg sticking out, right Daniel?”

•”Are you sure I can get you a dry shirt from the bac- wait no here you guys can have free drinks too since it was my mistake I should have looked where I was going.”

•”No need, really here let me help you clean up the mess. My friend can order new drinks anyways it’s on me.”

•”Are you sure.” You hesitated a bit, cause sure he was nice but maybe a little too nice

•But never the less you helped him clean the mess and remade their drinks for free and that was the end of the interactions from there

•Well at least that’s what you thought

•It was just a normal day with you walking the halls with your friends when your eyes caught someone familiar

•Your heart literally sunk when you saw him at school and you quickly put your head down to avoid his gaze

•But honey there’s no running from Minhyun’s sharp eye

•He noticed you instantly and a small smile grazed his lips. He thought you were a cute the moment he laid eyes on you and was hoping he’d get a chance to mess around with a girl like you

•You wanted to die when he started heading in your direction so you ushered your friends to hurry up so you could avoid the awkward confrontation

•Minhyun was quicker though and once again grabbed your wrist to stop you from walking away

•”Hey (y/n) right?”

•You were kinda shocked that he remembered your name but you went with it and nodded slowly

•”I’m sorry, but what was your name again?”

•”Minhyun.” He shot you his best smile and you swear your heart melted a little. “Sorry about yesterday mind if I treat you to some coffee after to school at the same place?”

•Your friends were all giggly because they knew who Hwang Minhyun and they had never seen a boy interested in you

•You were honestly too nice for your own good and agreed to his offer off impulse because you didn’t wanna make things awkward

•”O-Okay sure.”

•”Great see you after school then~”

•He winked before walking away and your friends started to nudge and tease you making you roll your eyes and cross your arms in annoyance

•Throughout the day, at some point you remembered that you had a shift after school

•Instantly a wave of guilt ran through your body and you literally would have whined and thrown yourself towards the lockers if the halls weren’t filled with people

•But since you figured it was the weekdays and the cafe wouldn’t be that busy and maybe you could take some time off your shift so  you could have a short hangout session with Minhyun

•Luckily you were right and not a lot of customers had stopped by to get a drink

•So you sat by the window of the cafe and tracing the rim of your hot chocolate cup watching as the minutes passed by

•You waited long enough that you actually started staring off in the distance, your cup of hot chocolate barely warm anymore

•Minhyun on the other hand had forgotten about the offer he had made, it wasn’t the first time he stood a girl up

•He did it a lot even if he was the one interested in the girl, relationships and commitment just wasn’t his thing

•While he was walking with his group of friends he had passed the cafe only remembering about his promise when he had seen you in the cafe window

•You looked pitiful in all honesty. You legs were crossed with your hand still tracing the cup of drink, staring off

•He would have just ignored it if it hadn’t been for one of your co-workers coming up to you, to see if you were okay

•”You guys go without me I just remembered something.”

•His friends didn’t think too much about it and  let him be not caring as he entered in the cafe

•You looked up after hearing the small jingle of the bells when the front door opened and your once dull from boredom eyes lit up

•”Hey sorry I was late I got held up by some friends.”

•”It’s alright I had to work my shift anyways.” You brushed it off set your cup on the table “Want a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.”


•You nodded and walked behind the counter and asked him what he wanted before making him his desired drink

•He watched with amusement because he thought you looked cute while making his cup of coffee

•Like he never thought a barista could look so happy

•Afterwards y’all just talked about random stuff like school, hobbies, friends and if you were being honest Minhyun was pretty funny when he talked about his friends especially when it came Jaehwan and Seonho

•Both of you were having such a great time talking that both of both of you had forgotten the time till you took out phone to check it

•”Shoot I gotta go home, my mom’s gonna kill me.” You replied sheepishly before getting up “It was nice getting to know you.”

•You shot Minhyun a smile and he smiled back before taking a glance out the store window

•”Hey it’s getting dark, I’ll walk you home.”He stood up abruptly and held out his hand towards you

•It was one of his charms and he was fully planning on swooning you, not a trace of guilt about doing it either. Even if it meant breaking your heart

•”No no it’s okay. I live close by anyways.”

•”No come on, I left you waiting for a while let me walk you home .” In reality Minhyun was lowkey surprised his offer was rejected

•but you gave in because you couldn’t afford the time to argue but Minhyun took is as you giving up to his charms because he full of himself lolz

•Anyways while ya’ll were walking both of you continued your conversations and  Minhyun decided it’d be okay to hold your hand

•You were kinda shy about it because it was abrupt but that was all

•when you reached your house you thanked him and walked in quickly before you parents could bombarded you with a bunch of questions

•The next day you didn’t really think too much about yesterday because you thought it was gonna be a one time thing, considering you thought he was trying to be nice

•But the next thing you know Minhyun had asked for you to sit at his table once again and of course you agree because you were too nice

•While you were looking for his table, once you found it you rushed over not looking where you were going You really need to fix that mate But anyways you fall into your princes Minhyun’s arms

•”Fancy seeing you again like this.” You face heated up not because of his adorable ass laugh but because you had managed to trip over Daniel’s damn leg again

•And before either Daniel or Minhyun could say a word you turn to apologize to Daniel because like you thought it would hurt to have someone accidentally trip of your leg

•Daniel just kinda laughs and brushes it off telling you it’s alright and when you smile at him something just kinda goes off in Minhyun but he doesn’t bother to say or do anything

•but during lunch the guys obviously knew that minhyun was “into you” (i say into you because he was never looking for true love)

•Course your reactions didn’t go unnoticed by Minhyun and he kinda felt like you were honestly too innocent and naive and low key he didn’t like it how his friends were flirting

•Oh and honey his  behavior didn’t go unnoticed by Super observant Mama Jisung

•Because usually Minhyun didn’t really care because usually it was a game too see if you could steal another guy’s “love” interest but it was so obvious he did care because his face looked pissed

•And at the end of lunch Jisung didn’t hesitate to point out his different behavior to him

•”I recon you try keeping her away from the guys unless she’s just another girl to mess around with.” Honestly Jisung wasn’t trying to mean he was just being honest cause he knew how the guys where

•Minhyun was slightly annoyed and brushed it off at first

•”Mind your own business you’re not better than me or the other guys.” Was all he said before walking away

•Though as the week progressed he realized he didn’t like how the guys would casually put their arm around you or playfully pull you onto their laps

•he grew protective and would often have his hand around your waist or shoulder during lunch, whether you were sitting beside him or on his lap

•only then did he start taking Jisung’s words seriously

•before he wanted to mess around with you but now he didn’t want anyone to play with you he wanted to protect you and keep you from getting hurt

•So Minhyun started to pick up the habit of following you to the library to do homework

•or just follow you around the bookstore because he liked how you’d get excited when you found an interesting book

•One of his favorite ways to tease you is when you’d try reaching for a book that’s too high, he would press his chest against your back and get you the book and hold it up high forcing you to go on your tippy toes and try to reach for it and he just thought it was the cutest thing ever

•He was a man of skinship when it came to you

•if he had extra time after school/practice he would drop by the cafe to talk and have snacks with you

•at this point it became very clear to the boys you were very much off limits…I mean unless they were asking for a death wish

•aHeM that’s not the point

•they were like why aren’t y’all dating already

•Minhyun was Lowkey wonder the same thing but then remember most of his love life as via phone and texting


•he had no idea how to tell you he liked you because once again he was a fuckboi and most of his dating experience was on the phone for about a week max

•So he kinda just basically google searched a bunch of way to ask a girl out

•he decided they were all too cheesy and decided to do things the way he knew best

•he texted you…

•to met up at his apartment

•when you went you were Lowkey a nervous reck cause

•one you never been to a friends apartment (?)

•and because two you Lowkey had caught feelings for Minhyun

•part of you wanted him to confess but the other part of you though it was too surreal for that to happen

•anyways you make it to his apartment and was just expecting a casual “hey what’s up?”


•the door had a note saying it was unlocked and so you opened it and when you looked inside all you saw was darkness

•well not complete darkness because there were candles and flower petals leading to a room

•and you were like wowowwo what’s going on here is this the right apartment?

•after you checked the address like 50 times to confirm you were at the right place you followed the petals to the room and open the door

•what you saw behind it left you shook

•there was Hwang Minhyun with a bouquet of your favorite flowers

•he looked almost too perfect for this to be real

•and you would have been normal and be like “What is this all for?” but who said you were normal

•”What is this a happy anniversary?” You joked

•even though the room was dim you could tell Minhyun’s ears were getting red and how his face contorted into shyness

•”Wait no hey I’m sorry I didn’t mean to-“

•”stop saying sorry stupid,  you’re making it difficult for me to profess my love for you”

•You start laughing because who says “profess my love for you” anymore and because your Lowkey so happy

•Minhyun couldn’t help smile and pull you close making sure not to ruin the flowers

•”So are you gonna take my confession or continue to laugh at me?”

•”only if you promise not to say ‘profess my love for you.’”


•”great cause I’d love to profess my love to you too .” You said playfully


•Minhyun still managed to crack a smile cuz he found you absolutely adorable before pulling you into a kiss

but y’all can thank daniel for your relationship cause without him you wouldn’t have never spilled the drinks on Minhyun just saying