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1573 || “The last statement is like a slap to your face, making you take a step back from the screaming match. He lets you go.”

warnings: hella angst bby

a/n: a very long overdue fic,, i’ll be getting to the requests soon btw hehe anyways that gif kills me dude oml also this oneshot is basically splurging all the angst idk man but i hope it satisfies :-D

The front door creaks open as you sigh heavily, stepping out of your uncomfortable shoes and onto the cold tiles. Another day, another crack in your breaking sanity. The wall clock reads 10:33 PM. Earlier than usual, you muse, moving about in your habitual routine. Your backpack drops with a thud, and you walk into your living room with a drooping hand running lazily through your hair. Luke is resting on the couch, legs splayed across its entirety. His head raises from the phone, and he gives you a tight smile. You’re too tired to notice.

“Hey, babe. There’s some food in the fridge,” He softly speaks, gesturing vaguely to the kitchen. You’re unbuttoning your uniform, moving to your bedroom.

“Not hungry,” You murmur. The bedroom is cold; the air conditioner is already on for you. After struggling to change into your comfier clothes, you drag yourself back out to get a glass of water.

“Your bills came in the mail today,” He calls out to you. The glasses clink together as you take one from the cupboard. Your thoughts drift aimlessly.

“Mm-hmm. You can just pass them over tomorrow,” You say back distractedly as you fill your glass. Luke clears his throat, twisting his position.

“Actually, I kind of already paid for them.” It’s carefully said, as if he was testing the waters. Then again, with the situation the both of you were in, you were always testing the waters. You pull back from the dispenser, back straight in surprise. A slow turn is enough to face him.

“What?” Eyes narrow at his figure, and he rises from his seat.

“I did.” A nervous laugh. This wasn’t the reaction he expected.

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Of Ancient Caves and Wonders (Jungkook x Reader)

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Admin: Mimi

Prompt/Ask: Omg so I just got this cool idea!!! A scenario where you and BTS’s Jungkook find out that you’re both mythological creatures… Please and thank you! (:

Fandom: BTS

Genre: Fluff (?) , fantasy

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: slight language

Word Count: 8063

Authors Note: I’m sorry this took so long, I was down lately and I didn’t want to force out a fic, you all deserve better than that. So hopefully the length makes up for it! This was such a cool ask!! (and secretly something I’ve been wait 131413 years for because I’m a bitch for mythology lol) Also, I’ve been watching a lot of Outlast 2 Let’s Plays on Youtube lately (random, I know) and it’s been persuading me to make this scenario slightly horror based but I tried not to lol, but if it creeps in, just know it isn’t my fault. Well, it kinda is, but let’s ignore that for now ; ))))) Let me know of any errors, and happy reading as always! (Also I probably chose the most cliché and overused creatures but I tried my best ok I’m soRRY)

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anonymous asked:

hey im going to orientation in a few days and im rly nervous abt starting college, i was just wondering if you had any tips or any ~advice~ bc im like, lowkey freaking out ((also i also stage manage and i love musicals and astronomy (sry i was snooping around your about page)))

hey!!! ok i am so so so sorry this took so long lol i actually just went back to school myself to help out with a pre-orientation program and we’ve been having like 17 hour days so i’m Exhausted and haven’t had a lot of time to really give a thoughtful answer (UNTIL NOW). some of this is gonna sound cheesy, but this is Emma Danisnotofire’s Official Real List of Pro-Tips for College, so if it’s on here it’s true. that being said, i go to a medium/small school (4,000 students) in the middle of fucking nowhere, so some of my experiences are gonna be a lil different. most still apply. 

first off, it’s TOTALLY OKAY that you’re nervous. i know when i went i was highkey freaking out even more bc everybody else seemed to be just excited and i felt like i was the only one actually losing my mind from how scared i was. i didn’t sleep at all the night before i moved in. being scared is fine. you’ll probably be scared for awhile after you get there, too, and that’s absolutely okay. i remember it took me a solid few weeks for me to stop feeling nauseous from nerves whenever i woke up. i promise i promise this will go away. you will settle in and you’ll make friends and you’ll figure out where everything is and how things work, i PROMISE. 

second, once you get there, don’t be afraid to talk to people!! i know that sounds super cheesy and unhelpful, but seriously. talk to your orientation leaders!! they’re usually upperclassmen and 99% of the time they had to APPLY to get that position, and it’s because they’re so so excited to meet you!! i’m a mentor for this pre-o program (it’s arts-focused), and we all had to apply, and every single other mentor is super passionate not only about the arts but about making sure the incoming freshman feel comfortable and happy and at home right off the bat. we want to like you!! talk to us!!! talk to each other!! at my school, (bucknell), orientation is actually pretty fucking legendary (it’s 5 straight days of just. nonstop activities), so getting to know your group is always nice. good conversation starters include: compliment something they’re wearing/have done, mention pets, ask about what classes they’re taking. that’s usually where i start when i’m talking to my kids!! 

okay, now for some Actual Tangible Advice. most of this is actually taken from when i gave my friend natalie some advice about college, but it’s still applicable to you!! i’m putting it under a readmore bc It’s So Very Long, I’m Sorry, I Really Hope This Helps/Makes Up For Me Not Answering For So Long

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TMC Just Before Drinking, Soraru and Mafumafu Talks 02/25/2015 Namahousou ft. Soraru and Mafumafu

The audio’s pretty weird  haha, but i’ll try ^_^ Thank you to kazuian for recording it! I’m sorry I posted this late, this week was such a weeeird and crisis-filled week for me personally haha.

But i’m not gonna bore you anymore, here have a shitton of Soramafu bickering and flirting like lovers~  remember, ninniku is garlic and garlic is life. 

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it’s sweet ‘till it isn’t, really.

She really just was looking for Tikki, her beloved ladyfish, and while it’s dangerous to come out this time of year without an already mated siren, she knows that if anyone finds out that she owns a rare fish Tikki might be stolen, or worse!

As she swims through the currents, she spots a head of golden curls leaning on a rock. She, of course, momentarily forgets that this was the worst absolute time to say hi to her crush, who was indeed a siren who has not bonded with anyone as of yet.

“B-bonjour, A-Adrien! Have you, uh, s-seen a red fish with, uh, big eyes, v-very cute, very p-petite?” She stutters miserably, and is about to just swim away in shame when he finally lifts his head up and stares at her.

Of course, the first thought that leaps through her brain is ‘oh no’, because everyone knows what the eyes of a hormonal male siren looks like, slits and all, and she probably would have already been alarmed by the smell that he emits if she wasn’t busy fangirling over him.

Suddenly, he’s directly in front of her, and any normal, sweet aura that she basks in has vanished and is replaced by a sharp, tangy territorial scent that shoots straight to her instincts. It tells her that she should probably get the heck out of there.

She squeaks as Adrien leans in closer, eyes glazed over with lust and tail tightly wrapped around hers in a way that effectively trapped her. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to travel outside during puberty season for males.

“Ah, Adrien, I need to go-” Her eyes darted side to side as she tried to find an excuse reasonable enough to shake him off. “…Find food! You know how hungry we can get without some food, well, nice meeting you-”

“When we become mates I’ll get you all the fish you want.” He purred, rubbing his neck against hers, and it becomes terribly apparent that he was scent marking her. Actual scent marking, which, while she dreamed about it, is actually really terrifying once she’s forced to go through it.

The friction between their necks is unbearable, and she feels like bursting from both happiness and embarrassment as her face flushes a deep, blooming red that Adrien smirks at. 

Once he’s finished, he begins to press soft butterfly kisses on her jawline, making her ear fins flap happily and a sharp trill to escape her mouth. The effect that male sirens have over female sirens with their pheromones is clearly an overpowering feeling for him given by the smug look in his eyes.

“You’re being absolutely perfect now, Marinette.” He comments, happy with her sudden compliance, and her heart soars with happiness at the sound of her name. It meant that he actually realized he was doing this to her, plain old Marinette.

Soon, his grip on her tail loosened, and he started focusing on how to properly smooch on all of her freckles. She was still pressed tightly to him, thanks to the strong arms clutching her waist. Suddenly, his head snapped up, and he started looking around.

He began dragging her to who knows where, and it’s with sudden clarity when she realizes what’s happening. “Adrien? Wh-where are we going?” He doesn’t stop pulling her, but he does answer. “We’re going to look for a sea cavern, ma cherie, and then I’m going to make you mine.”

She’s finally lucid enough to come to the conclusion that if he successfully brings her to a cavern she might be forced to sing with him and bond through unconventional purposes. She might adore him, but she’s caring enough to know he will regret it once the season is over. Wait, once the season is-

“No! Adrien, I don’t want to go! Let me go back to the safe haven!” She cries, trying to tug herself away from him. He turns back, eyes angry and possessive and snarls, loud, and she’s stunned by the fact that Adrien, sweet, kind, Adrien would snarl at anyone.

It’s with a bitter feeling when she notes that if Chloe were to be as foolish as her to approach him during this time, he might do all these very same things to her instead. Oh, she was a fool to think that this was a special moment.

She needs to focus on getting away from him before she’s trapped for an entire season with a heavily influenced male siren. Now. “Please! A-Adrien, mon coeur!” Even though he loosens his grip at the affectionate words, he does not let go, and it becomes apparent to her that she must resort to trickery.

“I-I’m really ever so hungry, Adrien, do you mind getting me some food before we find a cave?” She flutters her eyelashes and makes a show of groaning for food. He brightens up at this, because only parents and mates catch food when not in a hunting group.

His large, green eyes focus on her, and a chill goes down her spine. “Can’t you wait until we find a place, mon amour, I promise afterwards I’ll get you anything and everything you want.” He tries to please her.

“Oh, Adrien, I don’t think I can sing well on an empty stomach…” She tries to sigh in the most disappointed way possible. “Maybe Nathaniel would get me some food. I wonder if I should go with him instead…”

Adrien full out growls, and with a whip of his tail he’s off to get food. She’s left floating there, speechless, before the task that got her in trouble comes back to light and she’s off in her own direction.

sorry not sorry♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ (i’m a line break)

“I’m back, Marinette!” He returns back to the place with the rock, arms full of seaweed and clams with a proud beam on his face at his plentiful catch. “Now we can go find our new home, ma cherie, and then-”

He stops talking once he realizes that no one is there. His sweet Marinette, with her alluring body, big blue oceanic eyes and shimmering scales is no longer in her previous spot. He’s been tricked. 

But she couldn’t have gotten far. He’s only been gone for around five minutes, hadn’t he? He sniffs the waters, and just before he follows her, he’s praises himself that he remembered to scent mark her.

oops mari’s in trouble( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°) (i’m a line break)

“Sorry for running off, Marinette…” Tikki apologizes. “I just smelt some really nice human food that they dropped into the ocean, and, well….” The siren only patted her head in a way that told the fish that she was forgiven.

“As long as you don’t do that again! Goodness, just wait until you hear what happened to me today! Ah, as soon as we get to the safe haven we’ll both be nice and safe and that whole thing will never happen ever again-”

“Marinette? There you are!” Her heart stops. “I have your food! Come on, Mari, let’s go find our home.” Adrien smiles gently, and she forgets that he’s not himself and is about to swim over to him, feeling dazed, before Tikki slaps her on the cheek with a fin and she snaps out of it.

When she hesitates and glances down at her companion Adrien finds himself reaching out to grab her wrist to tug her to him. She squeaks out once again, and he loves how cute it sounds. Just like her.

“Marinette! We have to go!” A tiny red fish squeals out, and it’s size reminds him of his own fish, Plagg. “Come on! Before it’s too late!”

Okay, now he decided that the creature’s a definite foe. “Mari, darling, come here..” He cooes. The pheromones fog up her mind so strongly that she lets herself be pulled into his arms, only to faint right after. Once she’s safely secured in his arms, he shoots the red fish a glare.

“Here, Plagg, you can play with this one.” He calls out, and a black-colored catfish comes out of the seaweed bag slinged over his shoulder to look curiously at Tikki. “Make sure to bring her back with me. I have a feeling Mari won’t be happy if she wakes up without her.

As Plagg turns his green, slitted eyes over to her, she gulps.

ಠ⌣ಠ u can call this yandere! adrien lol (i’m a line break)


Alya glances at the empty bed and looks out the small hole in the coral wall to see an empty seabed, clear of any red and black spotted tails. She sighs.

“Sure hope she didn’t get into any trouble.” She shrugs. “Maybe she’s fangirling about that coral shaped like Adrien’s head. Poor girl.”

Then she lies back down.

\ (•◡•) / thanks for reading (also i do not own miraculous ladybug as well as it’s characters. this is purely for fangirling purposes.)

also if u have any dark adrien prompts plz send me a message. something like chat blanc idk

please pardon my french duolingo says im 21% fluent in french but its kinda far fetched (maybe like 1%)

Headcanon: Suitors’ Rapping Styles

Because I’ve been listening to a lot of rap music recently (Sorry if y’all don’t understand my rambling about rapping, LOL. :P).

Alyn Crawford - The Storyteller: 

  • Stage Name: Captain Badass
  • Pretty good at freestyling: Alyn can definitely beat his fellow knights at rap battles (he used to practice with Leo when they were kids). 
  • When he raps, he has to tell some kind of story. Otherwise, he’ll get lost if he doesn’t know what he’s rapping about. He feels like it’s the most effective way to put some meaning into his rhymes. 
  • He likes to use movements/hand gestures to emphasize his lyrics. 
  • EXAMPLE: “As a knight of Wysteria I vow to serve the crown / Mess with my country and I will shoot you down.” *”shoots” audience with his finger guns*

Louis Howard - The Genius Lyricist: 

  • Stage Name: Ice Rhymes (Geddit? B/c he’s the “Ice Prince”? ((Hey, I didn’t say their rapper names were gonna be good, okay? :P)))
  • Louis picked up some rapping skills from Sid when they were younger (Louis probably overheard Sid one day, which then led to impromptu rap sessions during their free time.).
  • Louis hardly freestyles anymore because he’s worried that he’ll say something dumb, even though he’s actually really good at freestyle rapping. 
  • He prefers to think about his rhymes beforehand. Once he comes up with something good, he writes the lyrics down, finds a good beat/backing track, polishes up his song, and then memorizes the rap in case he needs to share it with his buddies in the future.
  • He probably practices in front of Lucia TBH.
  • EXAMPLE: “I’m ignoring all the haters: all their faces and their words / Cuz once the ice starts breaking they’ll see how much it hurts…. Oh wait, that was good. I need to write that down.”

Leo Crawford - The Linguist:

  • Stage Name: Double Entendre
  • One of the best freestylers of this list (Maybe freestyle rapping runs through the Crawford family? Lol, idk: I’m just putting some things out there. 😂). Leo’s a fast thinker, so he can come up with lyrics in less than a nanosecond.
  • He also loves playing with the words he uses - he’ll experiment with close-rhymes, monosyllabic & polysyllabic words, and even words from other languages.
  • He’s such a show-off, but that’s what makes him awesome at rapping: he’s not afraid to show his confidence. 😄
  • Also, Leo’s a witty and sassy little firecracker, so he’s got a few diss tracks up his arsenal (he won’t roast you too hard though, I promise).
  • EXAMPLE: “I’ve been learnin’ and searchin’ about why you’re standing there lurkin’ / Why don’t you come a little closer? I won’t bite ya, good lookin’.”
  • (Did I mention that his flirtatiousness skyrockets when he raps? 😂❤)
  • Also, Sebastian can now rap thanks to Leo.

Giles Christophe - Emotional Rapper:

  • Stage Name: Cat Daddy (LOL, LIKE THE DANCE MOVE. 😂)
  • Giles can freestyle if he’s in the mood for it (or if he’s got time for it), but he usually prefers to write down his rhymes.
  • He’s kind of like Alyn when it comes to rapping: Giles often tells stories through his raps, and they always end up being so emotional (His raps often get pretty deep.).
  • He can change the moods/tones between his rhymes very smoothly through both his rapping and the lyrics themselves. His audience is always moved somehow by his performances, so I promise that HE WILL MAKE YOU FEEL THINGS if you ever listen to him rap.
  • EXAMPLE: “Helpless and hopeless are the voices in my head / As darkness consumes my reality in bed.” (Shooot, this got super-emo real quick. Whoops. :b)

Sid Arnault/Lloyd Grandier - A Freaking Legend:

  • Stage Name: $iD (I’m not even sorry about this one: I can totally see Sid signing his name with a dollar sign instead of an “S.” 😂👌)
  • Name three or four of the best rappers you can think of. Now, imagine that they all had a baby (Hypothetically! :P): their child would be Sid. Honestly, this guy’s rapping skills are so good that he would probably have the honor to be considered as an equal among rap legends IRL.
  • Sid was basically born with the talent of rap (it’s a legit God-given talent), but he definitely honed his skills while traveling for his job. He especially learned from the best rappers while hanging out at different bars.
  • Sid will most definitely destroy his challengers in a rap battle (It happens like 99.9% of the time, so watch out!), but he can also sit down and write actual masterpieces.
  • There are no other words to describe Sid as a rapper except for this one: A-FREAKING-MAZING.
  • EXAMPLE: This was how Sid ended his first rap battle (Which he won.): “They call me S-I-D. Don’t you dare forget my name / I’m the dude who straight-up put all you f*ckers to shame.”
  • (Oh, did I mention that he almost never strays away from profanity? LOL, classic Sid~. 😂)

Nico Meier - The Disser:

  • Stage Name: MC Clutch
  • Nico is one of the best rappers on this list (I could see him as a really good improviser.). I also think he’s also one of the fastest.
  • He can make up silly/fun rhymes if he’s just jamming out with his buddies, but hoooo boy he can be brutal when it comes to rap battles.
  • Heck, anyone will REGRET challenging this guy to a rap battle because he will lay out ALL THE DISS TRACKS. I guarantee that HE WILL ROAST YOU LIKE A MARSHMALLOW UNTIL YOU BURN (he is the 0.01% that Sid has yet to beat, LOL).
  • Besides completely annihilating his challengers at rap battles, Nico can write pretty decent rhymes if you give him enough time (because I don’t think he has the patience for that kind of thing: he’d rather just spit out whatever comes to his mind at the moment).
  • EXAMPLE: “You’re in a pickle? You’re stumped! Let’s let everybody know / That your flow is as slow as your bank account’s growth.” (BTW this was an example of one of Nico’s “nicer” roasts. I promise it gets worse: it’s just that I couldn’t think of anything more savage to say at the moment. 😅😂)

Byron Wagner - The Inspirational Rapper:

  • Stage Name: Star Lord (jkjk). His rapper name would probably just be BYRON (Yes, with all the caps.) because honestly, his name’s already cool enough to be a stage name. 😊
  • Byron’s okay at freestyling, but he prefers to prepare his raps ahead of time.
  • He would rap as if he was giving an important speech to his people. I’m not saying that his lines are boring and monotonous: he actually finds ways to connect to his audience (He’s basically the motivational speaker among the other rappers in this list.).
  • He also isn’t afraid to rap about touchy or controversial subjects, especially when they are relevant to whatever’s going on in his kingdom or in the world.
  • EXAMPLE: “Though tragedies like war and famine may never end / We must join hand-in-hand to keep the peace and make amends.” (Aaand this sounds like the conclusion to a Shakespearean tragedy. Whoops x2. xD)

Albert Burckhardt - The Rhymer:

  • Stage Name: Al the Poet
  • For a guy that loses his glasses quite often, he sure doesn’t lose his flow (LOL sorry, Al. 😂)! Albert’s actually pretty talented when it comes to freestyle rapping.
  • He’s really good at rhyming, but not just at the ends of his bars. Oh noooo, this guy can find rhymes almost ANYWHERE in his raps.
  • He really only stops freestyling when he thinks his raps get a little… umm… “out of hand” (Which is why he’d rather write down his lyrics than embarrass himself in a rap battle. 😅😂).
  • EXAMPLE: Al: “You know I’m gettin’ down to business when I put on my glasses / All these ladies are so fine, so I’ll compliment their - *record scratch*” Nico: “Ooo, Al was about to say something dirty~.” Al: *blushes madly* “No I wasn’t, you brat.” Nico: “Oh yeah? What were you gonna say?” Al: “… classiness.” *brusquely walks away* *locks himself in his room for three hours* 😅

Robert Branche - The Innovator:

  • Stage Name: DJ Robert
  • Robert treats rap music as an art: he’s the kind of person that acknowledges the genre as poetry.
  • Like Louis, Robert is a master lyricist. However, Robert’s raps are intriguing and unique, mostly because he ignores the “conventions” of rap. Like he doesn’t mind if a few words don’t rhyme or if the rhythm isn’t consistent throughout his song. Some people call it strange, other call it new and different, Robert calls it art.
  • Along with surprising his audience with his unique lyrics, Robert’s known for making (somewhat subtle) references towards his own life as a way to get his listeners emotionally invested into his songs (Yup. Robert’s an emotional rapper too.).
  • EXAMPLE: “The ruler of a country that doesn’t exist / Was a boy; was a son; was a king that won’t be missed.”

And here’s something a little extra for y’all:

The Princess of Wysteria - RAP GODDESS:

  • Stage Name: Queenie
  • There’s a reason she has that stage name…
  • And that is because….
  • EXAMPLE: “Princess today, queen tomorrow. / Not even one of you fellows can suppress my flow.”
  • (Lmao, I couldn’t help myself, okay? 😂)

anonymous asked:

Can you write about aomine, kagami, and hanamiya wondering why their gf was spending so much time on her phone until late at night and getting worried about her liking someone else only to find out she's reading fanfics? Thank youu~

Omg I feel like that’s going to be my future problem with my future boyfriend lol. Anyways! Enjoy anon-san! xx Raniku


Everyone who knew Hanamiya knew he wasn’t the affectionate type of person. Even behind closed doors, you were the one who constantly initiated it. But Hanamiya couldn’t help but feel frustrated for the 5th day in a row, watching you on your side, as you scrolled through your phone.

He narrowed his eyes on you. Were you cheating? Because that could only be the logical reason for you to be spending more time on your phone than your usual annoying bed talk.

He turned to face you only to glare at your back. He seriously didn’t know wht he had to do to get your attention.

The next couple of days were spent with Hanamiya pouting. And you couldn’t believe your eyes when you first saw it. It was probably the most hilarious thing in the whole world. He was pouting and glaring at the same time, and you couldn’t help but feel distracted by his eyebrows. And the first thing you did was snap a photo and laugh at him. 

That definitely did not change his mood because he stayed pissed the next few days. 

“Ok what’s seriously bothering you?” You asked, wrapping your arms around his shoulder as he chopped the vegetables for your dinner.

“Oh now you care about me being upset.” He sneered. 

“I was waiting for you to approach me about it.” You shrugged. “You should cut that into smaller pieces.” 

He suddenly stopped chopping and turned and headed towards the sofa to sit and watch TV instead.

“Ok what the fuck is your problem Makoto?!” You glared at him as you walked right in front of his line of view.

“I don’t know, care to share to me your late night conversations with your new boyfriend?” He said rolling his eyes.

“Boyfriend? What boyfriend? The only boyfriend I’ve got is the one with caterpillar eyebrows and who wouldn’t stop pouting for days.”

He narrowed his eyes on you. 

“Then who the fuck were you texting this past few days in bed!”

And it clicked. He was jealous over you reading fanfiction. 

“Hmmm. I never knew the bad boy of the Uncrowned Kings could actually get jealous over fanfiction.” You smirked.

“Who the fu-wait what?! What fanfiction?!”

“Yep fanfiction.” You shoved your phone at his face to show your browser history.

Days later and he still wouldn’t stop pouting/glaring at you for tricking him into getting jealous over fanfiction.


Kagami has been trying to peek over your shoulder the past few days. Its been bothering him how you could one day be “all cuddling and kissing him before bed to”, “lemme ignore you while I spend my time on my phone because its way more interesting.”

And Kagami was worried. He knew he wasn’t the most charming guy in the world, so you answering his confession definitely got him going. You gave him a chance despite his lack of experience in the dating side of life, and his awkward personality. More like dorky. 

So seeing you pull away to spend more time on your phone definitely got him worried. 

So the next day, when you got home for dinner, you were shocked at the sight of your living room/dinning area. It was filled with flower petals, a good home cooked dinner waiting by the table, and some candles to light up the room.

You saw Kagami all nervous by the table set with some flowers for you.

“What’s this all for Taiga? Did I miss something?” You asked.

“No..I…I just wanted to show you how much you mean to me ____-chan.” He said blushing.

You couldn’t help but walk up towards him and hug him tight for the gesture.

“Thank you so much Taiga. This definitely means the world to me.”

“____-chan, if you ever find someone else, you’d tell me right?” Taiga mumbled as he hid his face at the junction of your shoulder and your neck.

“Taiga what are you talking about?” You asked pulling away to look at his face.

He sighed, “You’ve been checking your phone more often and you stopped cuddling before we go to bed. And it bothered me.” He said, his eyes looking all upset.

“Oh Taiga I was just reading fanfiction!” You giggled.

Kagami blinked at you.


“Its where people post stories about their favorite shows! And I’ve been reading some online before going to bed!” You said caressing his cheek.

“Fanfiction…” He said in wonderment.

“Yes fanfiction. No I will not cheat on you okay Taiga? You don’t have to worry about that. I’m yours.” You tiptoed to kiss him on his lips softly.

He really was lucky to have a girl like you. 


Aomine was rejected from having sex with you for the 3rd time. And he seriously didn’t understand why. You’ve been on your phone for the past 3 days and it was fucking him over. 

He’s always been the type of person to show the person he loves everything he’s feeling about them. But after noticing how happy you were on your phone, he couldn’t help but feel beaten down over it. 

You were a great girl. You were beyond everything he wanted for in one. And having to feel you pull away after everything kind of broke him. And he had enough. 

On the 4th night, he stop your phone from you and glared.

“Who is he?”

“Who’s who?” You glared back.

“The guy you’ve been messaging.”

“What are you talking about?!”

He suddenly unlocked your phone in front of you, your arms crossed against your chest glaring at the blue haired ace.

His eyes widened at the realization you were reading a fanfiction.

You grabbed the phone back from and narrowed your eyes.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to accuse you of anything.” He whispered.


“I owe you big time.” He flinched.

“Mmhmm.” You lips twitching in amusement.

“I’ll do laundry for a week?” He mumbled.

“Make the two and you can take me to bed every night till it ends.” You said kiss his cheek before wrapping your arms around him.

“Is sex part of the equation?”

“Shhhh be quiet Aho. I’m trying to read.”

He grabbed your phone and wrapped his hand behind your neck and pulled you in for a kiss.

“Next time I’m talking to you, your eyes better be on me,” He said huskily before pushing you on your back and straddling your hips.

He leaned over you and grinned. 

“How about I show you how much better reality is compared to fiction?”

| L.H.| Where Do Broken Hearts Go


“Fuck you. I’m done.”

“Wait babe I was drunk we just kissed I-”

“No! You cheated on me, Luke it’s over! I’m done with your shit. Everybody around me has been telling me for the past couple of months to get rid of you but I didn’t listen because I actually fell in love with you. Nice to know you feel the same.” I scoffed walking away from him.

He catches up to me grabbing my wrist pulling me against his chest. I refused to turn around and squeezed my eyes shut so I wouldn’t start crying in front of everybody at school. The bell had already rang for classes to start a couple minutes ago so most students were already there, but there were a few late ones giving us weird looks as they passed. If I saw bad boy Luke Hemmings and an innocent girl like me fighting in the middle of the hallway, I’d stop and stare too, I couldn’t blame them. There was a party this past weekend and me being ill I didn’t go. Luke had offered to come to my house to spend the weekend with me but I refused, not wanting him to get sick. Also, my parents didn’t know exactly we were together, let’s face it, if they knew straight A innocent girl me was fucking a pot smoking, never goes to class, and parties all the time Luke Hemmings, they’d lose it. One of my friends had gone and snapped a picture of Luke and a girl I had never even seen before, kissing. I was already sick but seeing that picture literally made me dash to the bathroom and throw up. When I got to school this morning Luke had done the usual to kiss me on the cheek quickly so people around us wouldn’t see, but I pushed him against the lockers and told him off instead which shocked him.

“I really care about you, (Y/N),”  he whispered in my ear running his fingertips down my arm. Another problem in our relationship. He refused to say I love you. Maybe it was because he actually didn’t.

"Bullshit. If you cared about me even just a little you wouldn’t have kissed that girl,” I spat turning around to face him, “I fucking hate you.”

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