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I will admit that I enjoyed season 4 but Hiccstrid becoming official wasn't as I expected? I thought it was cute but idk you know? I mean...I am not disappointed but I'm not like over the moon. I was excited when they kissed

Ok anon. I totally understand you but… I’m done with it. I already said everything I need to say and quite frankly I don’t care anymore. I shouldn’t care anymore… I’m going to follow Avannak’s advice and just be done caring about things that I know are not gonna make any difference either in the show or in the fandom.  

Now, I’m not saying AND HAVEN’T SAID that the rtte Hiccstrid content is crap because that’s a lie. The Hiccstrid interactions throughout the series are really good actually, you know in a platonic and friendly “I got your back and I know I’ve got yours” kind of way, it’s actually something they totally did right in the show. As for the kisses, I really liked, like REALLY liked the scene in the stairs in episode 12, Here’s my opinion on Blindsided X,X. I liked that they held hands this season, like A LOT. Also those hugs were lovely. I still don’t know what to think about the fact that they kept it their relationship a secret actually, but yeah I was a little uncomfortable , confused? with the end of Hiccstrid just after Viggo… died? I actually have mixed emotions about it. 

But I never said I HATED it. I DID like the Hiccstrid in these last episodes. It’s not the Hiccstrid I expected or the Hiccstrid that I think it should’ve been. It’s not even Hiccstrid canon for me it’s just, like I said before, a fanfiction level Hiccstrid, which I’m meh with at this point. But I don’t hate it. I respect it at some point. Maybe my opinions will change, maybe not. Yes, I’m still mad at the writers for how it turned out and how they treated Astrid. No I can’t do anything about it and complaining is actually not the answer, I’m gonna stop now. Yes, I will say my opinions which are not hate and are not right nor wrong, but no, that’s not complaining.

So anyway, I hope this is the last time I talk about this because I’m honestly tired, I’ve already given my thoughts about RTTE Hiccstrid here, here and here. For those who know me, I’ve always been a hardcore Hiccstrid shipper up until recently with rtte being a total ass to Astrid and stuff. I still am actually but with the content I feel comfortable with and the content I think it’s real for them.

I like rtte for what it is, as I’ve said before, a fun show about viking riding dragon. As you know I’m mostly here because of the gang’s interactions. Oh and I totally loved Mala and Throck. I totally dig for that. And Snotlout, and the Twins, and the Berserk Siblings, that something I adored this season. All the Dagcup, the SNOTCUP GOD PURE PERFECTION, the Tuffcup, ALL THE STOICK AND TOOTHLESS AND HICCUP MOMENTS GOD. THE RUFFNUT! YES. The new dragons yes. Berk. :) Yeah I have to say I was satisfied with this season on all those levels with kinda surpass all the things I didn’t like. So yeah the good is much bigger than the bad :)

I know my our opinion is unpopular and that people don’t want to hear it because we’re ruining the fun for them but quite honestly, the thing is that it is pointless being pissed about a show that’s not even canon. People will treat it as they will and so will I. I will ignore the things that I didn’t like and just stick with what I did like. And I did like A LOT. Yeah maybe I’ll reblog an opinion or two that I agree with but I’m not and I haven’t picked fights. Because let’s be real, it’s just an opinion and people often can’t tell the difference between hate and criticism AND shitposting, so if the people who unfollowed me these last days think I hate rtte let me tell you, you’re wrong. If you have unfollowed me because you don’t like my opinions then be my guest but just know WHY you’re actually unfollowing me. Because if it’s some petty reason like I’m totally being negative and bringing bad vibes to your picnic, and you can’t take other’s constructive criticisms and you just prefer to live in your little perfect bubble then I can’t give enough craps about it.

Thanks for asking :) I hope you understand my points of view and don’t take all my opinions as hate because a fandom is to express your opinions. Not all opinions are bad, people can actually use them to help understand THEIR own point of view. Read analysis, Read critisims, is actually good for your health and sorry again for all the people who thought I was being rude or mean about your opinions and rtte because I NEVER meant to offend anyone ok? Everyone has their opinions, let’s just stick with what is good :)

ive seen some art of dave celebrating christmas which is understandable considering the fact that his and roses jewishness is not very visible to goyim but consider THIS:

  • dave, karkat, rose and kanaya celebrating hanukkah together
  • dave introduces karkat to matzah and he thinks its boring and dry but keeps eating it anyway
  • they all get their own blank dreidels and paint them, kanaya makes hers pastel green and purple, rose makes hers black, karkat makes his pink, and dave covers his in dicks
  • they all wear ugly jewish sweaters like these

I feel like I never play a huge role in anyone’s life. I’m easy to forget. Nothing special to hang onto. I understand that I’m not the best at anything really. It’s just depressing that people mean so much to me where I go out of my way to give them all the best in life then get casted away. I’ll never be prioritized by myself or by others.
-Unwanted & Unloved

during rehearsal today, i was walking to get dinner with my bf. we were holding hands and one of the directors wedged himself between us and yelled “SAVE ROOM FOR JESUS”

Why I hate Executive Dysfunction

Logical Thought: I have so much to do before Christmas break; I have to book my exams, study, get 100 other things important done in that span of time

Executive Dysfunction: But instead… just hear me out… how about we don’t do any of that until the last possible second and obsess over my 3 intense special interests!

Me: Lol ok


How can he ignore me like this?

so i just screamed this in the tags of a gifset i queued buT: im really glad magnus said “you’re forgiven” instead of smth like “its okay” bc really?? what alec did/said was NOT okay. not ever and magnus called him out. and alec had to step back and understand that and when he did he came back and he apologized. and magnus asked what he was sorry for making sure he understood what exactly he did wrong bc its not enough to just say ‘sorry lol can we have that steak and vodka now??’ alec needed to understand what he did exactly that was wrong so he can improve his behavior. and after that magnus softened up and was like: you’re forgiven and also hey. i’m proud of you bc in general its hard to admit you screwed up. and this relationship is so healthy and im just so damn proud of them.

dewagon replied to your post “no offense but mari decided to take on the role of ladybug again…”

At this point i don’t know if you guys are being serious or not with these posts anymore LOL!

oh my lord can someone please explain to me what people aren’t understanding about this fucking post its a post with multiple responses with actual canon evidence of alyanette’s existence and even if it doesn’t fucking exist in canon people are allowed to ship what they want!!!!

why is it so hard for people to realize that girls can love girls in actual real life and in fiction!!!!!!!!!!

marinette and nath interacted once in canon and i see no ship hate going on there!!!!! alya and marinette have built up this amazing relationship where they care about each other and people are shitting all over the ship!!!!

if adrien saw marinette in trouble and decided to take on the role of chat noir you all would be swooning over how in love he is!!!!!!!!!! but when you make it marinette and alya its about ‘friendship’!!!!

and honestly full offense if you have the mentality that fictional wlw ships are just for ‘fandom fun!’ and not serious ships youre kinda homophobic

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oml boi you're an august bb too omg❗ i turn 20 on August 26th my good man ❗❗❗aahhh I'm always happy meeting people with same bday aa me. Plus looking young happens to me too ppl think im 12 Btw your pun made laugh. I mean Jin's puns usually do too.

OOOOOOOOOOOh I turn 19 on August 24th ;-))))) but ur birthday is denied plz change ur birth date for 1998 or over :-//// i deny everyone who is older than me sorry its the rule….. u can keep 26th august, as long as its after me : -) that means ur a virgo <3<3<3 :-3cc and yeah me too ppl think im 12 lol, sometimes i even look 10 wait imma search for pics

????????????? honestly i dont understand myself how I look so young ???? im prob secretly a vampire

btw wow tonight im Wild showing so many pics of me???????????

and listen,, i love jin sm he isnt my second bias for nothing,, his puns and hobis r the best uvu <3

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I agree, the smut about Tyler and Ethan is disgusting. I really really really don't like seing it on my dash from the Tyler Schied tag. Its really shitty how much shit your getting for pointing it out and I'm sorry (Excuse my language)

Language excused lol. I agree. I know some people have made a point that they don’t put it in the tags, but some people do. I appreciate people who go to lengths to keep it out of the tags and into an adult oriented section, but you also have to understand when people reblog it, it gets out.
[Insert Wendy’s tweet of “You don’t have to get mad because you forgot other Tythan and Septiplier shippers existed” ]

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This is probably not a good question... but why are you religious? Sorry its just something i want to know bc i never really understand it im sorry

i’m not i have to go to church but religion is such a man made concept. The fundamentals of religion are actually not that bad. People have come and twisted it to adhere to their negative agendas. But i’ve seen religion be the basis for good people but also the basis for bad people. I respect everyone’s religious choices and lack there of. Just be a good person lol



Okay, I’m struggling to understand something here……

yeah i ofc want flint to be happy, but i just… i never thought it was possible? introducing this as an option just feels really cruel, especially if they never follow through with it? like it was mentioned just to have a Huge Twist, but lol ofc flint wont get a happy ending, why you even hoping. LET THE MAN BE HAPPY

I am definitely not disagreeing on that front, and I will be right there with everyone being super upset and angry. And I am super worried. I’m hoping for a lot because the alternatives are literally too painful :| I don’t want to see Flint get broken again, that’s so unnecessary and cruel. #LetJamesFlintRest2kForever

But I guess part of why I’m struggling with why people might not feel it’s realistic is because I have always seen the possibility of Thomas being alive even though I know I’m super biased. But there’s always been small things.

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i don't understand this pic with harry and this girl with purple panties with "harry" harry wanted to say us something about this? this is just his name on girl panties lol

absolutely no problem whatsoever, i can explain the whole thing.  the woman in the picture is chelsea handler, a comedian, and she is wearing a bikini with the name Harry written on the bottom half of the suit.  people in the USA (and elsewhere?) call that part of a swim suit the “bikini bottoms” or the “bathing suit bottoms” or just the “bottoms” etc.  so it is a visual pun with the message “harry bottoms”. or, that is the message in my opinion, anyway. 

so, draw your own conclusions on what that means.  

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Am I supposed to do rewrite/organize my notes or do homework first? Im a high school student so I have regular small assignments in choir, math and spanish and occasional projects in health and english and im setting aside an hour to be in a café to study almost every day but im not sure whether I should prioritize that time for homework or organizing my notes during that set-aside time in a designated study space (sorry its repetitive im sleep deprived lol)

I would suggest doing your homework first, considering that’s your duty in the very first place. 

If you are concerned that you don’t know the topic before your homework, what I would suggest you to do is to put more time to preparing for classes rather than rewriting your notes. Instead of spending time after class to rewrite and review your class notes in order to grasp the topic, make sure you do sufficient class preparation beforehand and listen attentively + take notes effectively in class such that you can understand everything during class time. This would effectively reduce the amount of study time you need.

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Lol I am so proud I can understand everything you say in French ♡ i still really struggle with this language in school, so having it pay off a little feels sooo gooood. Oh and what college did you go to? It wasn't in your FAQ, at least I don't think i saw it there, and I'm suuuuper curious cause your style is drop dead gorgeous; Gobelins, by chance? ❤

Yooooooo rlly????? You must be really good at french!!!!!!
And I dont rlly want to tell in which college i go sorry 😅😅 (but its not the goblins eheh) but tyyyy