lol sorry i've been too busy to make things and stuff

So I got some bad news today. Health stuff wise. This is personal stuff that’ll likely have a big impact on my writing, but ultimately it’s still personal so I’m going to put it under a read more. I apologise in advance to people phone-browsing.

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squirrel-moose-winchester  asked:

Hello! So this is a new blog that I've made. I told myself that I wouldn't make a themed blog but I couldn't help myself. I mean, it's SUPERNATURAL. With that said, I was wondering if you could recommend me any blogs to follow. I love Supernatural and reading amazing stories by amazing people. Please LMK. I'd really appreciate it. xx

First of all, I am so sorry for the delay! Life has been crazy busy, and I wanted to make sure to give you a nice, thought out answer!

Keep in mind I’m not 100% Supernatural, although I would say a majority of it is. I follow a few fandoms to varying extents, and so most of the people I follow are also multi-fandom (although they are also mostly Supernatural). So with that disclaimer, welcome to my list of amazing people who write amazing stories and over all just post some excellent content. It’s in no particular order, really (although my absolute loves of my life will probably be closer to the top :D )

Oh, and PS! For those I knew for sure, I tried to put whether they were safe for work or not. I follow a lot of people who don’t have an age limit on theirs, but I also follow a lot that do. Please heed any warnings, which should be listed in their description at the top. None of us want to be involved in destroying what little innocence kids have these days, and also it’s icky. (I only say this because I don’t know how old you are, and I’m covering all the bases. lol) Please respect the authors if they give an age warning. Alright, carry on.

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anonymous asked:

hi miya! it's pancake anon 😊. i've come by with another question, but there's no pressure for you to reply to it quickly. who out of bts do you think would be genuinely interested in astrology? i know i always ask about bts and i would've liked to ask about got7 too but i just don't know enough about them to know what to ask haha. you can answer it whenever you want to! i also want to thank you for replying to my last message. (1/2)

i’ve read it and i’m always touched that you’re so nice and passionate when replying to every anon… even when you’re busy you still make time to reply and i appreciate that a lot! take care of yourself and i hope you have a nice week 💙. i’m sorry if this was asked before and i didn’t see it! (2/2 pancake anon)

Heey! This is such an interesting question, thanks for sending it! And it’s totally fine to ask only about BTS if you’re not that into GOT7, don’t pressure yourself because there’s really no need. So here we go:

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I have been busy with exams so I've been away from Tumblr (or any social media for that matter) for a while now. Can you please explain to me whatever happened with TMZ? They had begun setting up the denial story but then nothing happened after that. Could you help explain why, what the purpose was, or what the next step is? (I'm sorry that this isn't relevant to the whole bandage thing from today, but I was really hopeful the denial was going to happen earlier and now I'm confused)

We all hoped the denial was going to happen earlier, anon, but they seem to be drawing this out. We’re not sure exactly why. It could be because the contract is in force longer than we anticipated and they’re waiting that out; it could be for some other reason entirely. I don’t think we have enough information about their contractual status and what’s going on behind the scenes to know why the timing has been this drawn out.

So, TMZ has hit the high points of this story, but there have been something like three weeks between each new plot development. First, you had the constant papping right after the birth and the consistent reminders that he hadn’t taken a paternity test. Then there were the stories about custody and support conflicts. This set up the idea that Louis had limited access to Freddie and that Briana was demanding a lot more money than Louis was willing to pay. This also set up the idea that Louis’ lawyers would insist he take a paternity test before proceeding with negotiations. The stories that came out after this also set up the conflict between Danielle and Briana, with Briana supposedly objecting to Danielle being around Freddie because she didn’t want him bonding with another woman at his age (never mind that Briana has changed at least her hair color since them). These stories were followed by Louis going out every night, traveling all over, and getting seen with Danielle consistently, all behavior that would seem to be in conflict with the idea that Louis was trying to make himself the perfect father figure for a custody battle. We all thought that was going to lead to a story that either he had already taken the paternity test or that Briana was so upset she was going to force this court, which would require a paternity test. Neither happened. Instead, TMZ (Dax, in particular) started talking about whether babygate is all a hoax. It was mocking in tone, but they laid out a lot of the evidence and consistently drew attention to all of the fakeness of everything (I called it a “faux-mock,” which didn’t catch on to my disappointment lol). Buzzfeed also picked up on this and had a long article on how it could be a hoax, which was read by a lot of people in the general public who agreed that things seemed fishy. Both TMZ and Buzzfeed referenced Larry in all this coverage. After a week or so of this, we got pap pics of Louis with an actual baby. TMZ used this as evidence that babygate was “solved” because that was clearly a real baby. However, (1) Harvey pointed out that could be anyone’s baby, there’s no evidence it was Louis’ or Briana’s, (2) even Dax noted that he doesn’t know if Louis is the father b/c there’s been no paternity test, and (3) they haven’t shut up about it – TMZ has consistently been tweeting about babygate being “solved.” You’d think they’d move on if that were true. Also, Buzzfeed did a follow-up where they pointed to the birth certificate and said that that means it isn’t a hoax, but most of the people who read their initial article didn’t see the follow-up and lots of people agree that it could be forged. But as it stands there is a real baby, so the idea of a paternity test is plausible. They planted the idea of it being a hoax in the GP’s minds, but provided enough evidence to go the paternity test route.

So, this is where we currently stand with TMZ, until they pick up on the bandage pics, if they do. They’ve “solved” babygate, though they keep talking about it. And Harvey isn’t convinced. It’ll be interesting to see if and how they pick up on the bandage pics. The Daily Mail has also been regularly publishing a lot of this stuff, too, so that’s another source to keep an eye on.

We don’t know why it’s been done this way but I think there are a few options: (1) they’ll just go with the paternity denial story, but having raised all the suspicious stuff, they’ll trust that people have enough information to understand that it was all fishy, especially if and when Louis comes out, or (2) they’re intending to do a full exposé of the stunt, and probably cast blame on Simon and OT, either soon or in the future (like when Louis and Harry come out). They’ve put enough information out there that they can trust that people will be able to figure out this was all a hoax, but whether they actually ever explain it is the question.

If you want to see the specifics of what TMZ has done @tellmethisisnotlove has a great timeline here. I think I hit all the high points, but I probably forgot something because I was going from memory.