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A Cure For Each Other

- yo yo yo this is my first story whoop! sorry it has a few sad parts in it lol its all i could think of. i hope you all enjoy it and feel free to request a scenario w any of the svt members!!! ♡

-1559 words
-fluff with a hint of sadness


study! study! study! thats all i heard from everyone. from my parents who pressured me to be better than everyone else. from my teachers who labeled me as their star student. from my few friends who just wanted the best for me. it was all tiring though. i never had free time. i never had random friday night get togethers with someone. i was  always alone with silent tears and studying.

my current thoughts consumed my entire mind until the sound of the classroom door opening disrupted those oh so “pleasant” thoughts.

“Mr. Chwe. Late again I see. Must I have to call your parents?” asked Mrs. Smith with obvious annoyance lacing every word.

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for some reason when i cant draw anything drawing myself fixes it so here’s a random ass gif of how i’ve looked from 7th grade til now euhhhhhh ( 7th grade is the one with super smudged eyeliner lol)  im sorry i was just so bored and wanted to draw

A/N first one for my sweet baby Stan, I hope you guys like it!! I enjoyed writing it, even though I didn’t really know how to go about it lol. I hope you guys like some cute big sis readerXstan. Also, i’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I’ve just been really sick and haven’t had any energy to get onto my computer.

Summary: Eddie big sister gets caught in a dare, causing both her and Stan to admit their feelings

Warnings: bullying, suicide mention, cursing

Stanley Uris

A tear slipped out of your eye as you quickly walked out of the school, Greta finally leaving after ten minutes of her usual bullying towards you.

“I mean, Jesus, if I looked like her I’d kill myself. You’re such an ugly bitch, you know that, right?” She’d told you, before going on and on about how no one loved you and how stupid you were. You knew that she was wrong; that you were beautiful, Intelligent, and somewhat loved, but her words still hurt.

You didn’t understand why she chose to pick on you, what did you ever do to her? You shook her words out of your head, and quickly wiped your tear away as you neared your brother and his friends.

“Hey, guys,” you spoke as you neared the Losers, forcing a grin onto your lips. They all turned and looked at you, smiles appearing on their lips as well.

“H-hey, Y/N,” Billy greeted as you began to empty your backpack out into the trash can. “Best feeling ever, right?” You said as you slung your now empty backpack over your shoulder. Richie smirked, elbowing Stanley,“Funny, Stan said the same exact thing.”

Stanley sent him a glare as you chuckled, looking at the now blushing boy who was looking down. You frowned upon noticing he wasn’t wearing his kippah.

“Where’s your kippah, Stan?”

“Oh, uh, Patrick threw it into a bus,” he muttered, looking anywhere but at you. “What a jerk,” you huffed, before looking at Eddie,“you ready to go, Ed?” The boy nodded, looking at his friends,“Bye guys, see you tomorrow.”

You smiled at his friends, and walked toward your bike. “Bye, Y/N!” Stan quickly called out, his voice cracking at the end. You looked over your shoulder at him, giggling quietly,“Bye, Stan.”

A few days later and the boys had all decided to go to the quarry to swim, and being the kind sister you were, you decided to make lunches for them all and take it down to them as the last time they went to the quarry they’d forgotten to eat and Eddie had come home starving.

They were all swimming when you arrived at the small field, and you called to them,“Hey, Losers! I brought lunch.” They all looked to you, and you noticed three new faces amongst them that you knew would be there. The boys, and girl, all quickly climbed out of the water as you set the picnic basket down and opened it up for them.

Eddie kissed you on the cheek as he grabbed a sandwich, causing you to shove him away with a laugh as cold water from his body dripped onto you. Richie quickly followed his lead, grabbing your face with his hands and smushing his lips against your cheek.

Stanley scowled at him as you groaned, shoving him away,“You’re gonna get her all wet, Richie!” You smiled at Stanley, handing him a sandwich as he sat down,“Thank you Stan, it’s okay.” He smiled shyly back at you, unwrapping his sandwich. He blushed as he realized you gave him the type of sandwich that he likes most, a peanut butter and strawberry jelly.

“How’d you know I liked peanut butter and jellies?” He asked you with furrowed brows. “I remember what all of you like. I’ve made too many of you guys sandwiches to not remember,” you said in an obvious tone, before looking at Mike, Beverly, and Ben with an apologetic look,“Sorry, I didn’t know what you three liked so I just made you turkey sandwiches. I hope that’s okay.”

They all nodded, Beverly smiling at you,“Thank you so much.”

“Yeah, you didn’t have to make us anything,” Ben said in a thankful tone as he took the sandwich from your hand. Mike nodded in thanks, sending you a small smile. As you all ate your sandwiches and joked around, you couldn’t help but notice Stan’s eyes on you.

Looking over at him, and sent him a small smile as he realized you had caught him staring. The both of you blushed, and he quickly looked away. Soon enough, Richie noticed and came up with an idea in his mind.

With a mischievous smirk, he suggested,“Hey guys, why don’t we play truth or dare?”

Everyone eventually agreed, although it took some convincing from the others, and the game started. It was all innocent at first; Eddie was dared to drink the quarry water, Billy was forced to tell the group the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to him, and Richie was forced to tell his most precious secret. It went on and on, until finally it was Stanley’s turn.

“Stanley,” Richie spoke, causing the Jewish boy to perk up in slight fright,“truth or dare?”

Stan thought about it, knowing that whatever he said, he’d be forced to do something he didn’t want to do. “U-um, dare?” He said, questioning his own answer. Your eyes widened lightly, having not expected for him to choose dare. Richie giggled,“I dare you to kiss Y/N.”

Eddie gasped loudly, and everyone’s mouth dropped; including yours.

“No, no, no! Absolutely not. That’s my fucking sister!” Eddie exclaimed, throwing a carrot at Richie (he missed). You usually would’ve scolded your little brother for the language, but you were too focused on Stanley who was blushing deeply.

“Alright, let’s do it,” you spoke, shocking everyone once more. Eddie shrieked, Billy gasped, and everyone else just looked on in amusement. Stan looked up to you, eyes wide,“W-What?”

You stood, holding a hand out for him to hold,“You heard me, come on.” Stan hesitantly lifted a shaky hand and grabbed onto yours, allowing you to pull him up. You ignored Eddie’s heavy breathing and the puff of his inhaler, knowing he was just over reacting.

“Wait, where do you think you’re going?” Richie questioned as you began to walk off, eyes wide and arms spread out. You looked back at him, eyebrows furrowed,“My first kiss isn’t going to be in front of all of you, and neither is Stan’s.”

Stan squeaked as you yanked him off, looking back at his friends with wide eyes as Eddie protested loudly. Richie’s mouth was open wide, protest after protest leaving his mouth as well. He didn’t expect for the situation to go that way. He was expecting it to be funnier, for literally everything to go wrong. But now, he didn’t even get to witness what he’d dared Stan to do.

“You don’t h-have to kiss me, we can just lie,” Stanley stuttered as you pulled him off to an area where they couldn’t see or hear either of you. You smiled at him,“Don’t worry, if I didn’t want to I wouldn’t.”

Stanley’s mouth opened and closed, unable to make a coherent word come out. You placed your hands on his shoulders,“But, if you don’t want to, we don’t have to. I won’t force you, either.”

“No, no, I want to!” Stanley quickly protested, before he realized what he’d said and a hot blush rises back onto his face. A blush rose onto yours as well, and you smiled softly. “I mean, I, uh, I like you, Y/N.”

“I like you too, Stan,” you responded. You placed one hand softly onto his cheek, the other to the back of his neck,“I’m gonna kiss you now.” Stanley nodded quickly, eyes slightly wide. Shutting your eyes, you placed your lips gently against his. His eyes stayed open for a few seconds, until they fluttered shut.

When you pulled back, Stan wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you back in, his lips pressing back against yours. You giggled at his newfound confidence, his nose pressing awkwardly against yours as you kissed. When the two of you pulled back once more, the both of you were grinning.

You intertwined your fingers with his,“Let’s get back, hm?” Stan nodded, too lovestruck to say anything as you began pulling him off again. You sat back down in your original spot, but this time Stan sat next to you.

“Oh my god!” Eddie shrieked, his hands covering his face once he saw the two of you holding hands. Richie laughed loudly,“Holy fuck, you actually did it! You actually kissed! Wait, wait, how do I know you really did it? Do it right now.”

You rolled your eyes, placing a hand back on Stanley’s cheek and pecking his lips before sending a pointed look at Richie. Beverly aw'ed, and you smiled at her as Stanley turned bright red once again.

“Happy now?” You asked Richie, who smiled smugly. Now, he could always use the fact that he was the one who got the two of you together and there was nothing anyone could say about it.

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