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THE ELLEN SHOW: Chapter 11

A/N: So tumblr is dumb and had been crashing because my chapters are too long. lol wow okay. So I’ve had to break one chapter down into two chapters, unfortunately. I know this sucks for you guys because it breaks the flow of it, so I’m sorry. ANYWAYS ENJOY

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“Alright, so what were you thinking for hair?” The hair stylist asked as he ran his fingers through it.

You looked to Charlie on the chair in the dressing room, the apple on her laptop brightly shining as it sat on her lap. She looked up from her phone and shrugged. She really didn’t care that much.

Looking back to the stylist you also shrugged. “I don’t know? What did you have in mind? I don’t really care at this point anymore?” You had been asked how you wanted your hair, makeup or clothes so many times that it started to matter less and less what was done, as long as at the end it looked good.

“Okay.” The stylist said as he looked over your hair thinking. “What are you wearing tonight?”

You told the stylist the ensemble you would be wearing that was sitting on the rack in the corner of the room. He thought about it a while before he told you what he was planning for hair. A few moments later the makeup artist did the same. They both began to work on you as you sat in the chair looking through your phone and playing your music.

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“I’m pregnant.”

…. I MEAN OKAY SURE! @w-kay

Send me a pairing and a number!

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“Oh God, I ate too much. I’m pregnant. I’ve got a food baby, third trimester, I’m gonna pop any day now.” Seokjin pulled his jumper up over his stomach and sank back into the sofa with a groan. He still had tomato sauce in the corners of his mouth and crumbs of garlic bread on his chest. But he clutched his bloated tummy and groaned, “Oh God, I can feel it kicking.”

“No that’s your guts telling you to poop,” Yoongi said. He was still taking his time with his own quarter of the pizza, and had thoroughly enjoyed watching Seokjin inhale the rest along with two loaves of garlic bread. When Seokjin looked over with a look of self-pity, Yoongi grinned.

He got onto his knees and shuffled across the sofa to kneel over his husband. “So you’re full of food, are you?”

“Uh huh.”

“Well then I guess you won’t like if I do this?” And Yoongi poked Seokjin on the stomach.

Seokjin pushed him away. “No, you’ll make me throw up!”

“That’s how you’ll give birth! Birth the food baby!”


“My son!”

“Yoongi-yah, seriously I’ll be sick.” Seokjin laughed and pushed Yoongi away, clutching his stomach. They sat back on the sofa again, giggling.

Yoongi chewed his pizza slice. “Have you ever thought about that, though?”

“What? Being sick?”

“No. Having a baby.”

Seokjin raised his eyebrows and shifted a little into a more upright position. “I don’t know. A little. Why? Have you?”

“A little.” Yoongi crossed his legs underneath him. “I’ve been thinking lately about a family. Like, we’re married now. Next step is baby, isn’t it?”

“First comes love, then comes marriage,” Seokjin muttered. His fingers traced over his stomach. He smiled. “Would you want a boy or a girl?”

“I’ve always wanted a girl,” Yoongi admitted. “But if it’s with you, I think I’d like a boy and a girl.”

“A boy and a girl,” Seokjin repeated. “Yeah… Sounds good.”

Yoongi moved over so he was curling into Seokjin’s side. “I think we’d be good fathers.”

Seokjin linked their fingers together and squeezed. “The best.”

Be Careful With Her *Loki x Reader*

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Requested by Anon: Just to add to the list: a Loki oneshot where the reader is dating him but she’s also good friends with Thor. She loves getting piggyback rides from Thor and he’s always tossing her around but Loki freaks out because he thinks one of these days he’s is going to hurt her? Just fluff and cute stuff please? lol :’) 
Warnings: Swearing, Fluff & Loki being cute
Admins Note: Sorry, we’ve got so much in our inbox of prompt & ships that sometimes requests gets lost in the sea. I hope this is okay. I actually like writing Loki stuff, I am planning on do a second part to ‘Too Good To Be True’ but that won’t be for a while, maybe end of this month, before doing Christmas requests.

      No one really understood how you could date Loki. You were probably the nicest person any of the Avengers had ever met, sweet and caring, almost motherly over them all. Yet, you are dating Loki. It baffled them all, he was the exact opposite, he wanted all humans to either kneel for him or die… but yet you were the exception for him. He really did care for you, not that he showed it in front of anyone but when it was just you both, he was actually really sweet and nice; a side you were very grateful to see. 

      You got along with all the Avengers, you did sort of work for them, help them with injuries but it’s very rare they get really injured; something you are also grateful for. For a while everyone was slightly on edge with the fact you are dating Loki but eventually they all got over it, well some more than others but still they respected your decision, plus you told them that Loki is a sweetheart to you- he wasn’t amused that you told them that but it made them let off. 
You especially get along with Thor, since you are so much smaller than both him and Loki it amused him- you reminded Thor of a doll because of how petite you are. Thor treats you like a rag-doll, he picks you up, throws you in the air, he makes you laugh: Loki treats you like a porcelain doll, gentle touches and light hugs. 

      “You are so light, its like there is nothing on my back,” Thor muses loudly, making Natasha, Steve, Jane and Bruce laugh. You were gripped tightly to Thor’s back as he strides around the living area. He was now moving quickly, it was difficult to hold on, it made you laugh as he jumped so you would move upward and be more comfortable. 
      “Well not everyone is a massive God,” you teased back, he chuckled loudly with everyone. “I mean you fly around and fight people, I’m a fragile human,” you confirmed and he carried on laughing, running around the sofas with you on his back.
      Thor grabbed you and held you under your arm pits, you already knew where this was going, he then threw you in the air and everyone laughed loudly as you screamed; of course he caught you every time but he would throw and let you fall on the sofas with a bounce sometimes. 

      “OH MY WORD!” someone shouted. Thor jumped and turned around as you fall onto the sofas with a smack, you peaked over and see Loki glaring at Thor and everyone else. “What did I say about doing this?” he asked, his voice sharp and stern, looking right at his brother who stood sheepish but a small hint of amusement still; Jane and Natasha stood snickering, Steve was trying to hide his smile also.
       “Not to because (Y/N) is not a God and can be hurt,” Thor muttered childishly, you giggled looking between Thor and Loki. “She likes it,” he defended and you nodded, only to have the same glare cast at you, you shut your mouth closed and remained behind the sofa.
       “Be careful with her, please” Thor nodded and you stood up on the sofa, jumping slightly as you waited for their small dispute to be over.

      “Can I have another piggyback ride now?” You asked, Loki started to shake his head, saying he doesn’t want Thor to anymore and you pouted. “Steve, please?” you begged both and Loki rolled his eyes and nodded, making everyone chuckled as you leaped onto the surprised Steve’s back he stumbled and laughed before running off, Thor chasing after you both.
      “Let’s play catch the (Y/N)” he yelled, Steve then stopped and tossed you to Thor who ran with you, all the while you were laughing with Natasha and Jane, and Loki was running and yelling after you three.

(Sorry its slightly short, I didn’t really know what to do with this, I had fun writing it but I honestly lost it like half-way through. Hope this is actually okay. You can request; imagines, ships and one shots by myself or Angie - Rosalee)

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yo, thoughts on how yuuki tells zero she thinks of kaname when they hold hands?

So sorry for taking this long to answer your question, anon! I was mainly waiting for a relatively complete translation.

I know at first glance, one might think that Yuuki was missing Kaname again (romantically). However, I don’t think this is the case. Zero says “Me too” right after. I seriously doubt Zero thinks of Kaname this way (Kaze fans sit back down lol). I think Yuuki was referring to the wish Kaname had for them- to be together, and she hasn’t followed through with it yet. I know some might not agree with me, and that’s okay. Hino hasn’t exactly been clear, as always, but Zero’s choice of words imply that Yuuki’s thoughts include both of them.

That’s my two cents. Thanks for the ask!

so I was strolling around the mall today and guESS WHAT I FUCKING GOT FOR JUST $20


***shoutout to the cashier at too cool who’s also a fellow army and told me not to get a bag bc I should stare at these all day u da real mvp

lol okay so i’m too lazy (and busy) to gif the scene, but i loved that silly moment where lorna is reasonably complaining that her room is cold and james INSTANTLY jumps in with “well, that’s the delaney home, no warmth here” LIKE MAN i had to pause the episode to laugh for a minute cuz this fool is so transparent, like “OH YEA? YOU’RE COLD, LORNA? THAT MUST MEAN YOU DON’T LIKE ME! WHY DON’T YOU LIKE ME??? i could warm u

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That's okay! Long story short: Blackwall's snarky attitude was surprisingly funny. And I now want to romance him. That was really all I had to say lol. Sorry!

That’s no problem! I just felt bad that it got eaten by tumblr.

But yeah Blackwall ends up being really amusing actually, it’s not something you first expect but it’s great! I love his stories about his mercenary group, particular the one where they were hallucinating from the elements and thought nugs were chasing them down.

As for his romance, I haven’t done it. Too busy with Dorian, Bull, and Josie so far, but I’ve seen some of his romance. He aims to please, wants to desperately in fact. If I’m not mistaken, he makes quite the innuendo about getting on his knees for the Inquisitor romanced.

Also I’m like 90% sure he climbs through the Inquisitor’s window romeo style (but that’s just because of the animations have him pop up out of no where, also his dip animation with Adaar A+-). So yeah! I do want to try his romance eventually, just so I can say more about it. But what I’ve heard and seen seems to be pretty amusing and satisfying.

Okay I'll make this because I don't agree 100% with what many have said

Let’s start with this. I stand with Pewdiepie. I know the way that makes you feel, like an immediate turn off to my explanation, but please hear me out.
Felix is someone I’ve been subscribed to for years. I enjoyed his content, and that is solely why I subscribed. But as time often does, time has changed since.

Felix has not changed since he started. He’s always made risky jokes, pushing on the edge of comedic boundaries. As issues have become more prevalent in recent years, these jokes have become more risky to talk about.

Yes, I’m not stupid. We all know the jokes were bad. They went too far. I think Felix does that often. But no, it’s obvious Felix is no Nazi nor a racist or fascist and anyone who goes and assumes that has done their research on a headline.

And I’ll say it, I love the guy but he’s always been pretty shit at handling criticism. I’ll admit he tends to do this thing where he blames others and gives a half-ass apology. That’s the kind of guy he always has been, and that’s how he is now. And let’s be honest, just cause he’s big he’s not gonna change himself in those regards. In this particular case, the WSJ went way too far in reaching out to his bosses and pushing them to drop him, but Felix didn’t really do well with the situation either.

And no, just because I’m a fan I won’t jump on the bandwagon of supporting him because I’m a fan. No, I support him because I have done my research. I support him, but I don’t 100% agree with him on everything.

All that being said, I think the backlash he has gotten is far too harsh. People who have even done their research tend to be swayed by the whole “hate everyone who insinuates bad things” Tumblr mentality. I’m not a nazi because I support him. The Holocaust was bad, if you want me to say that. Everyone knows that. Felix obviously is beaten up over it, being just one guy against everyone, and people need to stop accusing him of terrible, horrifying untrue opinions by saying they are personally offended by his obviously untrue words and actions.

But hell, you know almost everyone who made an anti-Pewdiepie post is not Jewish, and they like to try and group all Jews into one big offended group when you have no idea what each Jew thinks about it, using a whole “I have friends family who is Jewish” thing. That’s one flaw in 100% hating Felix.

Another one is assuming that all his supporters are Nazis. Like I said, I’m not a nazi. I support him because people are cutthroat and incredibly rude to a guy who ultimately meant no harm. I support him because people pushed him too far, and because people cancelled a fantastic show because they like to assume. I don’t like the jokes. They went too far. He didn’t apologize enough. He did do harm. I know, I know. But really? Pewdiepie is over party? Glad his show got cancelled? You’re just preaching hate back.

And one of my biggest pet peeves. Attacking other YouTubers for supporting him. I love Markiplier with all my heart. I love his views on pretty much everything. I mean come on, Mark is a friend. All he was saying was to stop celebrating Felixs losses, and anti Pewdiepie bloggers attack him for supporting Felix. I do wanna say that it was kind of out of character for Mark to get into drama and give his opinion so strongly on the matter. You can see the passion in his eyes. It’s a bit odd, and I know it was risky for him to do it. But it doesn’t change my views on Mark. I still love him. Please stop attacking Mark. You can disagree, but yes, do it with respect. Same goes for Jack.

Especially JK Rowling, I mean what’s the deal? Just saying, she used a terrible site with one look at the title and accused Felix of being a fascist. Just saying, that was terribly irresponsible for a well respected writer.

But with all this shit out in an unorganized mess, I just want to wrap it up. Yes Felix did wrong, and didn’t compensate enough. But he’s no anti-Semite, racist or a bad guy. He’s a kid on the internet not claiming to be anything more. It’s wrong to attack him with death threats and pushing way too far into personal issues. Hate needs to end, and no one is exempt from ignorance even if their opinion may be true. I want to give him love in a tough place, and that why

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tell us about ur friends!!!

!!! i’m sorry i’m answering this kinda late but i wanted to spend a good amount of time writing it and i haven’t really had time until now

also this is gonna be kinda long so i’m gonna put in under a read more

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Oo! maybe later you can rec a few? I'd appreciate it!

okay, gah, i’m so so bad at these, but let’s see here, amnesia fics…

take my hand (and my heart and my soul) by bananasandboots  this one is amazing and heartwrenching and just incredibly well done so yeah defo read that one

home for christmas by haloeverlasting  this one isn’t really amnesia but it kind of is?  it’s complicated but it is beautiful and so well done so i really suggest you read it too

okay, so that’s all i had bookmarked, but thanks to @icanhazzalou and @silentlarryshipper i also have these to offer:

fugue by iwillpaintasongforlou  HOLY SHIT I FORGOT ABOUT THIS ONE BECAUSE I READ IT BEFORE I UNDERSTOOD BOOKMARKS ON AO3 AND OMGOSH IT’S GOOD TOO sorry.  i just…this is like finding a missing limb hahaha  glorious, so anyway, i defo suggest this one too lol

and holy shit, tin is amazing and just linked me to this so since these are the three fics above that have amnesia in them that i’ve actually read, i’ll leave it to that but here is a link that will hopefully work for you that shows fics with harry and louis in a relationship that have amnesia tagged!  tin is amazing with searching ao3.  i get annoyed and give up before figuring out how to tweak it all just right lol  

anyway!  i hope these work and sorry it took me a few days to get them to you!  enjoy and don’t let the pain hurt you too much lol

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If you had to tag 6 of your closest mutuals as bap members who would they be and why?

Oh fuck this is a hard one o_o Okay let’s see here 

Yongguk and Himchan - @sparklepiplup & @perfectlyimperfectme86, I can’t really decide. They kinda fit to both? I dunno just yeah

Daehyun - @hana-bunny first off she talks a lot lol, about food too, and super sweet like Dae. 

Youngjae - @daehyunny  cuz she is a traitor okay. I dunno she is just a bit sassy, blunt and hella cheesy if she want to be. Snake. srry Sindy lmao

Jongup - @strongchannie is a nerd, silly lol and random sometimes /.\

Zelo - @asvang cuz they both are extra AF. And the biggest cuties ever ^^

I hope I did okay?

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ahhH im sorry i designed a child unit for my other ocs but i didnt know you already had a sumia reincarnation child unit @-@

ok i just checked and w h o o p s, i guess we’re twinsies then lol

but that’s okay! you know why?
I don’t own sumia, so I can’t stop anyone else from having fun and making their own sumia reincarnations fam. u v u b

plus I know a lot of people (outside fatesonas) who have made their own sumia reincarnations for canon characters too, so i’m not really the first one either.

sorry for making you worry \ ; w ; /
indulge yourself in sumia goodness my friend!

hanako and chika are sooo cute!! <3 <3 <3

mythomagically-delicious replied to your post:okay but maybe Ford’s wearing a speedo cause…

According to Google, yes. 70s swimwear for men fashion-wise was speedo/really short swim shorts. And now I need to go kill my eyes.

omg I’m sorry you had to google that! I hope your eyes are not too damaged by that! 

DOODLE DAY #1!!! okay! WOW! got carried away! but i was just having so much fun!!! XDDD HAHAHAH!!! @kittylittlefoxmlxth submitted prompt for Hux/Mitaka/Bala-tik/Poe!!! sorry though~ Poe got the shaft… it was already too much!! HAHAHAH!!! but this was so fun! XD

i kind of imagined a situation in which Bala-tik had been hounding the First Order to acknowledge the Guavian Death Gang in some way, and Hux finally took it upon himself to humour the idiot and hear him out (cuz he has a thing for scruffy bad-boys XD lol!) So Hux plans a meeting and he and Mitaka and Bala-tik are talking in some office somewhere. Bala-tik has all these demands about how the FO should respect their gangs dominion over certain areas and what not, and Hux (though he has no intentions what-so-ever to actually do anything) plays the game of “negotiation” with him (cuz he’s a fucking jerk <3) and this carries on for hours and hours! Poor Mitaka thinks this is all completely serious and is doing his best to keep record, while Hux counters everything that Bala-tik says with the most placid, fake, BS answers; however, Bala-tik has no idea that it’s all just a game to Hux and he refuses to give in no matter how long the conversation goes on for (because he’s a motherfucking gangster and he doesn’t back down from anybody!!!) Eventually, more than an entire sleep cycle passes and it ends with this scene! and Hux is WAY too pleased with himself, because nobody out negotiates Armitage Hux! <3

(BONUS: Kylo walks in and is like “WTF!!!! (╬ Ò ‸ Ó) “ pulls Hux into his arms and force-flips the entire couch XD lol lol lol!)

(O wO) well! hope you all enjoy this first one! now on to piece number 2!! XD it’s gonna be SUPER random! LOL! LOL! LOL! <3

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favorites songs at the moment?? looking for new music!

Omg how long has this been here??! I’m so sorry! Hmm okay wow I feel a lot of pressure? Haha okay I haven’t had a lot of time to keep up with music lately but I would always suggest Childish Gambino, any song. And maybe Jhene Aiko (did I spell that right?) too. I know those are artists and not songs but I’m lazy lol happy listening!😊🎧🎶


#KnbWeek: Day 3(26/07) - Bonds

i decide to go for a short comic for bonds , forget the old bonds and make a new one . was feeling really ambitious honestly planning this idea and in the end it didnt turn out the way i wanted but it is okay ,i had fun experiencing it lol orz i was rushing so much so finish this since it’s technically day 4 in my place already but its still day 3 somewhere lol and i purposely dont put words to see if people understand or i hope the comic conveys the feelings (i hope it does orz) . lesson learnt: dont be too ambitious when ure a lazy ass person who can’t get thngs finish on time :’D

note: im sorry for drawing the guys really weird and looks lke a goblin , look at nigou he looks lke a goblin puppy or sth, i kept on laughing while drawing the 7th image coz like i have no space (i should hv made the caanvas larger bt i was forgot wtf) so i drew thr seirin dudes like trolls above LMAO, that’s nijimura on top of aomine’s head btw 

I was waaaay too impatient to wait for 500 followers (and who knows when I’d get to that lol) and with some things that have come up, plus how many of my mutuals I feel like I’ve gotten to become really close to, I just!! Wanna talk about some of the Fae Baes that have come to become really important to me and I just want to express my platonic love to them!! You guys are the ones I talk to a lot (OOC or IC- some more OOC in stream or in sO MUCH OF MY CRACK POSTS OMG). Don’t be discourage if you’re not on this list- I still love ALL my followers. All of you guys keep me SUPER MOTIVATED to keep this blog up and running when you like my posts, my long winded metas because i CARE WAY TOO MUCH ABOUT FOP AND TIMMY and just???? *cr1tikal voice* Let’s do this shit:

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“a woman’s life is nine parts mess to one part magic, you’ll learn that soon enough… and the parts that look like magic often turn out to be the messiest of all”.

okay but…. cersei actually gives sansa this speech in acok, so when the reader has still no clue as to her dark background and ominous history with maggy the frog’s prophecy and the bloody curse that’s haunted her all her life. thinking back on this quote once you’re aware of what cersei might actually be referring to, surely gives it a whole new meaning imo. surely, nobody can deny that the part in cersei’s life that “looked like magic” (meeting a witch, being cursed by her and then growing up to realize that everything you do only brings you closer to fulfilling the prophecy you’ve been so desperately trying to escape), was the messiest of all. and she tried to teach this to an ingenuous and clueless 13-year-old. wow. just wow.