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Do you have hcs for the worst injury each Batkid had? (Beside the ones that killed some of them)

(Because it’s almost too easy to hop on the angst express for this one… I’m gonna go with the “worst,” most embarrassing injuries each of the batkids has had. JUST BECAUSE.)

One of Dick’s favourite things to do in Wayne Manor (other than sliding down the bannister) was to swing on the grand chandelier in the ballroom. As a nine-year-old kid, the only risk this posed was getting a scolding from Alfred that “the lighting fixtures are not a trapeze, young sir”, and even when he did fall from it, the distance to the floor wasn’t enough to hurt him. 

When he was twenty-five, on a dare from one of his brothers, Dick decided to give it a whirl for old time’s sake… 

He forgot that he weighed at least a hundred pounds heavier than the last time he did it, and realised this too late as the chandelier came crashing down in a cacophony of shattering glass and clanging metal-work and breaking bones. It was rather miraculous that he walked away from it with only minor cuts and bruises and a sprained wrist, but remains the worst injury in his mind to this day.

Barbara grows to be very careful in her later years as Batgirl and again as Oracle, and is not exactly a natural klutz. But one of her first solo nights, she drove her motorbike off the pier at Gotham harbour and into the ocean while chasing Cobblepot’s lackeys. 

It’s kind of hard to beat dying in terms of injury… but Jason would rather talk about his death than that one time he literally shot himself in the foot. 


That is all. 

(Bruce laughed, actually laughed, for ten minutes straight when he found out about it. Then proceeded to use the idiom every chance he could get, grinning at Jason’s scowl.)

Tim has… far too many dumb injuries to just pick one, let’s be honest. He legitimately has a folder in the cave dedicated to them, entitled: “Stupid is as stupid does.” The highlights of said folder include: that one time Tim slipped on a grape and got a concussion, the time Tim pulled his arms and legs inside his shirt to ward off the cold then tripped and fell, breaking his collar bone; the time he spilled steaming hot coffee in his lap and was in agony for a week; and the time he poked himself in the eye with his bo staff. 

Formidable in combat, useless in day-to-day life.

Although Stephanie is notorious for being a dangerous mixture of clumsy and brash, leaving her with a collection of injuries that would put Tim’s to shame… there is one injury that she will never be able to live down and will yell at you in red-faced anger if you dare bring it up…

She once tripped and headbutt a guy she was flirting with. 

Let me clarify: she headbutted his pelvis and got a nasty lump on her head. 

He wasn’t too happy about it either.  

Cassandra’s stupid injuries are usually quite intentional… running into gunfire and the like. But her high pain tolerance is actually her downfall. She once bandaged a wound up poorly, didn’t notice it was still bleeding, and fainted from blood loss while eating Tim’s mini marshmallows in the kitchen.

Alfred patched her up. She was fine, but only just survived Alfred’s long lecture.

Damian once got distracted while feeding Batcow, and the cow accidentally bit his hand trying to eat. 

It was broken. 

Batcow 1. Damian 0.

And last but not least, we have Duke. Who absolutely did not set his clothes on fire during the fifth grade school science festival while trying to demonstrate his makeshift, DIY flux capacitor. 

Even if no one else was impressed at the story, he received a silent handshake of respect from Tim, which made his humiliation it all worth it. 

  • lestat: oh my god louis you're so whiny. you're a vampire now !! just deal with it and stop setting our house on fire !! i can't believe you're so WHINY
  • also lestat: pay attention to me !! why aren't you paying attention to me ?? oh my god i'm just going to launch myself into the sun and DIE
Got7 as babysitters:

Jaebum: unintentionally makes the kids cry by asking if they want to play // panics and cries internally because he doesn’t know what to do

Mark: plays tag with the kids // swings them around as if they’re doing flips // netflix and chill

Jackson: picks a fight with the kids // gives himself timeout because he’s exhausted

Jinyoung: has breakfast, lunch, and dinner planned out // arts & crafts // reads them to bed

Youngjae: takes the kids out to the park // brings along Coco cause why not // teaches them English*

Bambam: teaches the kids how to dab // has them make derp faces for his instagram uploads

Yugyeom: pulls prank on the kids as revenge for his own childhood // makes fun of them at every given opportunity // lets them give him a girly makeover


The Other Slytherin (Series)


Newt Scamander x Reader

Summary: Reader and Newt have some tea…with Pickett

You sat in your armchair with a book in your lap, something Newt had grown accustomed to. For as long as he’d known you, books were your second passion, your first passion was a bit of a mystery, but from what he heard from his brother, you were very dedicated to your work at the Ministry.

Newt stood in the kitchen preparing a pot of tea for the afternoon since you two had the day off to attend to the creatures, especially Pickett who had grown more restless. Newt suspected it was because he wasn’t getting along well with the other bowtruckles that he had picked up. For the time being, Pickett stuck close to Newt, often hiding in his pocket and eating jewel bugs; small glittery bugs that were similar to fireflies.

“How do you like your tea?” Newt asked as he prepared his own cup.

You told him how to prepare your tea distractedly as you were engrossed in your reading.

Newt didn’t mind your inattention, seeing as he was quite the same when he was with the his creatures or when he was doing his own work. He prepared your cup to your preference and placed it on the tray that contained his own cup and a plate of biscuits.

“Here you are.” Newt gave you your cup and you took it gratefully. You blew at the steaming cup and took a sip. Newt sat on the couch just adjacent to your armchair and took a sip at his own cup while feeding Pickett a small biscuit. Pickett chittered disapprovingly as he tried to bite at the biscuit, but found it too hard. Newt chuckled at the creature and dipped the biscuit in his tea for a few seconds and then gave it back to Pickett who cooed softly as he bit into the softer biscuit.

You watched the interaction from your peripheral and hid your smile behind your tea cup, it was then you noticed something glittery float to the surface of your tea.


“Hmmn?” Newt looked up at you and saw you staring at your cup. “What is it?” He asked.

“There’s a bug in my tea.” You said blandly as you stared at the pink glittery bug that was quite still, you suspected it either boiled alive or drowned to death…or both.

Newt’s eyes slightly widened as he leaned just a bit closer to you to see inside your cup. “I am so sorry,” He quickly apologized as he stood and approached you. “I’ll get you another–”

Newt stopped abruptly however, as he stared at you in shock as you drank the entirety of your cup, bug and all. You even chewed the bug, giving a faint crunch as you hummed in consideration.

“You….you ate it.” Newt said dumbfounded.

You merely stared at him as you continued to chew and then swallow the bug. “Yes, I did. It was slimy…yet satisfying.” You held your cup out to him. “You were offering to get me another cup, yeah?”

“Uh…” Newt was speechless for a moment before he blinked and shook his head to gather his wits. “Why did you eat it?”

“You were making tea with Pickett right?” You asked back, to which Newt nodded in reply. “Then Pickett put it there. He understands enough to know that we both like tea and we’ve shared our tea with him. He probably figured that he should share something with us return. He likes jewel bugs so he probably put a bug or two in our cups. You probably have one as well.” You explained to him as Newt grabbed his cup and sure enough there was a bug now floating to the surface.

“He’s sharing.” Newt murmured, astounded as he looked at the bowtruckle –who was standing next to the plate of biscuits– in wonder. In turn, Pickett watched him in anticipation.

“Yes, and he’s expecting us to like what he likes. Refusing is not an option, Scamander.” You told him, giving him a subtle warning not to upset the creature.

Newt grew a little nervous from your stare and looked towards Pickett who was also watching him expectantly. Without a second thought, Newt gingerly drank his cup, being careful not to scald his tongue. Once he’d finished he made a point to chew the bug as you had, hearing the tale-tell crunch of the jewel like exoskeleton of the bug. “Mmm. Salty.”

Pickett grunted in approval as he took another biscuit and waved it to imply that he too wanted more tea. Newt smiled fondly at the creature as he picked him up and gathered your cup along with his to make all three of you more tea.

He paused only for a moment and found himself staring at your cup. You had eaten that bug as if it was an everyday occurrence, you had even figured out that it was Pickett’s way of sharing something he enjoyed with you. He found it strange that though you weren’t as interested in magical creatures as he was, the care and thoughtfulness you showed them was something that even Leta didn’t often do. Leta was more curious of the creatures, more interested in studying them than actually caring for them, she mostly left that part for him to handle on his own.

He looked back towards you and saw that you remained as you were moments before, simply sitting there reading your book. He smiled as he thought that you yourself are a very interesting and mysterious creature.




“Two bugs, please.”

“Right away.”

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Why does the Squip always have to be so wishy-washy? Sometimes helping, sometimes purposely fucking things up, sometimes outright murdering people. Doing the second and third are just insuring everything repeats, and you'd think the Squip would want the loop to stop too? Of course, why be productive when you can be a dick or an outright murderer?

??? Is this about my Timeloop AU or just in general?

Tbh I think the squip doesn’t have a concept of “good” or “bad”. It’s programmed to cater to its host’s wants and desires, so it doesn’t care what it has to do to fulfill those desires, even if it does something that’s considered “evil” to other people. That’s its sole purpose, its core code—telling it to do whatever it’s host wants it to, and achieving that goal by any means necessary. If helping with things will end up making Jeremy become cool (Jeremy’s one desire, the one that is the squip’s PURPOSE to fulfill), then yeah, the squip will help! If messing things up will make Jeremy cool? It doesn’t care, it’ll do it anyway. Those things don’t matter, as long as it fulfills its mission. Does that make sense…?

As for my Timeloop AU, well, after so many jumps the squip kinda starts to go a little crazy. That’s a lot of information to process and data to store, and an infinite amount of outcomes that change every time Jeremy goes back in time, so it’s a loooot of processing that kinda slows it down and jumbles its brains, so to speak. So in some timelines it goes out of control and does some really terrible things;; an error or malfunction of sorts.
And of course it wants the timeloops to end, that way it can go back to fulfilling its main mission and helping Jeremy be cool. But like I said it doesn’t have a concept of good or bad, so it’ll do whatever it takes to get Jeremy to escape, even if it means accidentally killing off one of his friends, ya know? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Seriously, can we talk about the gifset magnuslightswood just reblogged from shadowhuntersdailly about Alec closing his eyes while hugging the people he loves? Because with his mum, it’s obviously hard for him to see her suffer, but he’s also not used to showing her this open kind of love. He doesn’t know what to do. With Jace, it’s just pure support, ‘I’m here for you’, ‘you can lean on me’, ‘I’ve got you’. He’s glad Jace is sharing his grief with him. True parabatais. But with Magnus… 1/2

… oh with Magnus it’s all the desperation and fear and love and relief of finally holding the man he loves safely in his arms. I’m gonna die. (Btw, I’m writing this to you because I always love your interpretations/analyses of Alec’s behaviour and you’re one of my favourite blogs. I just felt like sharing my emotions. Sorry if that’s weird. >.< ) 2/2

oh thank you so much and sorry it took me like…6 million years to respond but thank you!! (and no it’s not weird please always talk to me about alec)

but yeah i love all of this!!! i love love love alec giving those emotional hugs because when you hug someone they can’t see your face and i really like the idea of alec - who in the past has not been and is still not used to or comfortable with showing emotion outwardly - getting to have a moment of release where they can’t see him and he can kind of let it out and close his eyes and just feel it as strongly as he actually feels it b/c that’s how i see some of those moments 

because alec is in jace’s words “sensitive” and he does feel things very deeply which has been kind of the tragedy of alec, the depth and extent of his emotions contrasted with the way he could never not only express them but properly deal and understand them until recently (and he’s still learning) so i like the hugs and the way he closes his eyes because of the hugeness of these feelings, some - like with magnus - that he’s never really felt before and, like in the magnus hug, it can almost be overwhelming, for lack of a better word 

and with maryse and jace, you see alec feeling like he has to be a pillar of support for the people he loves, but these are things that affect him too - the pain of his parabatai in one case and sympathy for his mom + his dad being unfaithful in the other case -  so in giving the hugs he’s providing the support and care and strength to them that he feels that he needs to, but there’s just that moment of vulnerability that he allows himself to have when they can’t see his face

anyway yes im emotional


alright people i went back to MAMA era and traced EXO’s steps since then to put this shit together so i hope it was worth it. since i went back to MAMA and 3 members have left since then, some of the storyline may have changed as the new EXO comebacks rolled in. As i went along, i noticed A LOT of things that seemed to connect or mirror each other in different MV’s so i’m just gonna mention the ones that seem relevant. I tried my best to get as much information as i could so hahaha here i go!!! 

also before i start, i read somewhere that Lee Soo Man started planning out the group EXO when he was reporting on 12 UFO’s on the news in the 90′s. And apparently their director said that SM has official documents of the universe cause the concept is so intricate.

The only theory I’ve read about the comeback is based on the Monster teaser so here’s a link to that one: (i think it fits in pretty well.)

ALRIGHT LET’S GET STARTED. ( btw I’m not technologically advanced enough to make gifs so i only provided visual examples in the form of screenshots. )

1st let’s start with MAMA. here’s the opening lines that i’m p sure are actually very important 

“When the skies and the grounds were one, the legends, through their twelve forces, nurtured the tree of life. An eye of red force created the evil which coveted the heart of the tree of life, and the heart slowly grew dy. To tend and embrace the heart of the tree of life, the legends hereby divided the tree of life in half and hid each side. Hence time is overturned and space turns askew. The twelve forces divided into two and created two suns that look alike. The legends traveled apart. The legends shall now see the same sky but must stand on different grounds. They shall stand on the same ground but shall see different skies. They day the grounds be kept a single file before one sky in two worlds that seem alike, the legends will greet each other. The day the red force is purified the twelve forces will reunite into one perfect root…a new world shall open up.”

In the opening we see images of the tree of life, and the symbols of each of the members’ powers and stuff so let me point some things out

here’s the tree after the heart grows dry ^ Look at how it has 3 main branches (keep this in mind for later)

When the narration mentions the different grounds and same skies/ different skies and same grounds a butterfly is shown like this:

It’s like they mirror each other, and form each other’s sky and ground. There’s quite a few thing from the MAMA MV and future MVs that seem very similar to this image so here I’ll show u

So the images pictured above are the ones shown in the MAMA MV and in the first one, chen and kyungsoo appear as each other’s sky/ground while in the second one, it’s chanyeol and Kris. Maybe this is some sort of connection their powers have. through out the MV the members seem to be sending signals/messages to each other and here let me point out kris and chanyeol’s interaction:

Chanyeol sends a message to Kris through fire. If you look closely at both of their flames, there seems to be wings flapping in both of them, and it looks pretty darn similar to a butterfly’s wings.

Now for chen and kyungsoo! So there’s a scene where chen starts to use his lightning and puts his hand to the ground, which causes like some sort of earth quake? And as we know, Kyungsoo’s power is earth. So this is like a connection between earth and lighting/ earth and sky?

both the butterfly, and the sky/ground thing relate to what is said and shown in the intro.

Now back to the introduction, when the narration mentions the forces meeting each other, the symbols are shown again. Kyungsoo appears first and the the rest are shown with Kyungsoo, Suho, and Tao being in the center and the rest surrounding them.

Also look at their beggining formation for the choreography. Kyungsoo is in the middle again

 So in the mv most of the members are alone. Except Xiumin and Lay who are in the same room, and baekhyun and suho who are in the same room. Kai ends up teleportating to almost all the members; he meets with Kyungsoo, Suho, Baekhyun, Sehun,  Chanyeol, Luhan, and Chen. Throughout the music video, they all send messages to each other. I think the messages are based on whatever Kai told the people whom he met up with. (kai met up with kyungsoo first, which i think is pretty significant) Mmkay so let’s talk about kyungsoo for a sec. First, let’s look at this recent scene from the Monster teaser

And let me go into the Pathcode teasers for a sec. Kyungsoo’s teaser was the last one shown. There’s a part where he’s walkin around and he stops by a door and looks into the peep hole. 

as soon as he looks in it, theres really fast flashes of every other member from their own teasers. It’s hard to see bc there’s like 15 scenes in the span of 1.5 seconds, but yes every member is shown once or twice. In the Pathcode teasers, they’re all recieving messages from someone/something except for kyungsoo, so what if kyungsoo is the one sending out the messages? They’re all in different time zones and stuff, but after doing the math kyungoo’s location and time ( Colorado 09:01) is ahead of everyone else. this conclusion kinda connects to that scene in Monster because he seems to be on top of everything and “all seeing” to the others, which may be the symbolism behind those security cameras. This way, it seems like he has some sort of control over the members, making him the monster right? WELL i thought of it a different way.

I think those cameras represent some type of authority and kyungsoo being on top of them like that in the scene from Monster, is like a portrayal of him challenging the authority. In the lucky one teaser the boys seem to be in some type of asylum and they’re like running away from/running to something right? and in Monster they seem like they’re trying to fight back or rebel against something/someone. Considering they get tortured and tested on in these places they’re in, there’s probably authorities watching them all the time. Those ladies in lucky one, and the men with masks in Monster. In Pathcode, both kai and baekhyun seem to be being followed. Now look at this scene from Romantic Universe

In romantic universe they’re all trying to complete tasks which either end up failing, or succeeding. The way they’re being watched here by the security cameras could be a connection to the cameras in the scene w/ kyungsoo. The members are being monitored and evaluated on their actions. 

I think kyungsoo knows something about the future that will impact exo as the “divine forces from exo planet” negatively. And i think he knows about this “authority” i been talkin about that will kinda cause it. As stated in the narration from MAMA, a “red force” created evil and damaged the heart of the tree of life which is the reason the forces divided in the first. So maybe kyungsoo knows something about this red force, and wants to do something to stop it, and knows what he has to do, which is the message he wants to get to the others. Kyungsoo’s roles in the past MVs and in Pathcode really lead me to believe this. 

Remember his connection with Chen in MAMA? well look at this scene w/ Suho from What is Love

they both see the eclipse, and the image from the sky is reflected onto the water. This seems similar to those sky and ground scenes from MAMA u know the ones. As we also know from MAMA, the eclipse represents the alignment of the different grounds, the unification of the forces (aka exo), and the rebirth of the tree of life and a “new world”. 

Before i keep going, i wanna explain somethin about kyungsoo and Luhan before Lu left. Ok so in MAMA, luhan is surrounded by these orbs and at the end, he’s holding one with EXO’s image on it.

Luhan had telekinesis, so he had psychic abilities. I think since Luahn left, some of the elements he had were applied to kyungsoo instead. Not necessarily the psychic abilities, but just look ok

These are the balls kyungsoo has in his pathcode teaser. To me, they seem pretty similar to the orbs luhan is surrounded by in MAMA. Luhan can see all of exo through those orbs, and in Kyungsoo’s teaser all of the members are brought up. 

Alright let’s take a quick look at Kyungsoo in Love Me Right

As we’ve gathered from other exo conspiracy theories, Love me right is alice in wonderland themed and Kyungsoo represents Alice. In the MV he’s constantly going through doors, and i think this represents his want to get to the rest of the members because he wants to warn them, or connect with them. Love Me Right is kind of a chaotic video bc there seems to be a lot of symbolism within the scenes. I think the football scenes are obviously the boys struggling through “the game of life” and going through hardships together, but overcoming them in the end. Kyungsoo can sense this, and he wants to find the rest of them so they could be together again. But he feels like he’s getting no where and just going in circles. He’s stuck in “wonderland”. 

Now, remember previously, when i mentioned kyungsoo in his Pathcode teaser, and how he looks into that peephole trough the door? In Love me right, kyungsoo and going through a bunch of doors so In Pathcode he finally finds the one that will lead him to the boys. That’s why he urgently sends the messages to them. Those little marble things he has represent the members ( there’s 10 of them and 10 members were in exo at the time). 

Alright so now that we kinda got those orbs explained, when kyungsoo is fiddeling w/ the marbles in his hand, more images flash and they’re kinda hard to catch but here’s what i gathered. ( they’re in no particular order, but there’s 9 in total)

the first image is this:

so first, that storm could be a reference to chen bc his power is lightning and lighting is usually part of storms right? It could also be a reference to Sehun bc he controls wind and it kinda looks like a tornado right? Alright so let’s look at this end scene from Chen’s pathcode 

a storm is forming. and Chen’s power goes off after he sees the eclipse 

You know which member is the only other one to see an eclipse? Sehun. And when Sehun notices the eclipse, his power kinda goes crazy as well. When you watch his teaser, you can see the clouds and the weather outside the windows going a bit crazy. I think they react this way bc they already kinda know something about what the eclipse means. In chen’s teaser it looks like he’s been researching something. And it seems like he’s been there many times. Maybe he chose to be at a rooftop because he kinda secretly hoped he’d get to see the eclipse one day? idk man

And look at what his book says!! Overdose reference that WILL come back later and is v important!! 

As for Sehun, when he looks at his phone in the teaser he’s lookin at google maps. The marks he makes on the map looks like he’s been keeping track of certain locations or something ?? But let me go way back into What is Love. Mmkay so, sehun and luhan are on like some sort of roadtrip and sehun is seen looking at a map in one scene, as luhan drives. Ok so now look at this scene from What is Love

he has that pic moon cycle behind him. and there’s an article from a newspaper that looks like it says “event eclipses aliens” (REMEMBER THAT THING ABT LEE SO MAN AND THE 12 UFOS I MENTIONED WAY AT THE  BEGINNING) So this leads me to believe that sehun and luhan knew something about the significance of the eclipse, and about the tree of life and all that jazz. Since luhan is gone, Sehun is continuing his investigation/search on his own in pathcode. 

Now here’s the second image from kyungsoo’s pathcode:

I think the light automatically makes us think of baekhyun bc his power is light, right? I agree that the light here may be a reference to him. In MAMA, when the narration talks about two suns who form in two worlds that seem alike, we see this image

Xiumin and baekhyun seem to be portrayed as the two suns. Maybe the light shining through thos clouds is baekhyun as one of the “suns”.

BUT that nice heaven-like picture also made me think of this:

we all know lay is a magical healing unicorn, but look at where the unicorn is standing! it’s like clouds and there’s a light around the unicorn. The pic of the clouds from kyungsoo’s pathcode look like they could be like a bottom view (?) of the scene in this painting. So let’s look at Lay in Pathcode. When he’s at that place about to drink his tea, a light flickers, and then his phone goes crazy and we see this

u see that static?? u see that blurry closeup of lay’s phone after the static passes?? It’s not super clear as to what that is, but it looks like a person lying on a bed or something. It kinda gives me a vibe of the lucky one teaser and maybe that’s another member inside the asylum?? He knows something is wrong so he leaves really quickly. When he passes by on his bike, notice that a dead flower suddenly get’s revived again. He had passed this same flower at the beginning of the teaser, but nothing happened. So it’s like his healing power suddenly activated bc he was triggered by what ever he saw on his phone. 

Now let’s take a look at Xiumin’s Pathcode teaser

Like Lay, static appears on his TV (the image revealed later is a river and the caption ‘Edinburgh 15:25′ which happens to be sehun’s location in the next teaser btw) After he see’s what’s on the screen, he immediately flees and similar to Lay, he power unconsciously goes off.

His frost starts spreading on the cup he was holding before. So i’m pretty sure the static is mostly connected to xiumin. It has appeared before in Love Me right:

And now in the new Monster teasers:

Look at xiumin in Every version of the love me right MVs. he’s always around old fashioned TVs or radios, which are known for being static-y.

And you know what who else he’s always around?? CHEN. Chen’s power is lighting right? and when there’s lighting, electricity always glitches. So xiumin is always around static-y technology bc of chen?? Idk what this really sums up to, bc i feel like there’s still pieces missing (this concept is complicated as hell and they’ve only been a group for 4 years, so i’m sure there’s still more to come) But bear with me through this. As you can see, Xiumin is talking on the phone in Romantic Universe. And would u look at that,

so is chen! Look at these screen shots from the Monster teaser:

Xiumin on da phone again… Now let’s go back to pathcode real quick 

As you can see, there’s books all over Xiumin’s floor (+ a random spinning thing that im confused about??) And remeber that Chen is also surrounded by books in his teaser? But that’s not all, Check this out:

Look at that radio next all of chen’s books! #xiuchenconfirmed

Alright, but let’s take a quick look back to Xiumin’s scenes in Love Me Right. The most obvious thing to point out is When he’s sitting alone at the tea party

Which immediately made me think of this from the Monster teaser:

( the link i put way at the beginning of the post is a lovely theory about this table in monster and i think u should read it if u haven’t already) 

back to love me right, Here’s a scene where we see xiumin through a mirror. It seems like an odd angle, but the mirror actually appears to be on the ceiling and reflecting xiumin from up above. 


that’s the room lay and xiumin are in in MAMA. Look at the ceiling, it’s covered in mirrors. There’s also a table. Oddly similar to the scene in Love Me Right…

Since we know that Love me right is Alice in Wonderland themed, let’s take a look into “Through the Looking Glass” which is the sequel. In through the looking glass, mirrors are a theme. In Lewis Carroll’s book, Alice goes through the looking glass to find a world both clear and recognizable yet turned sideways. Many things in it mirror the opposite from real life, such as clocks running backwards. Through the looking glass is extended as a metaphor into any time the world turns strange, or when things get turned around, as if one were Alice, inside of the mirror. 

So this kinda connects to what i said about kyungsoo in LMR earlier. LMR is a trippy video so maybe it mirrors things from whatever exo’s “reality” is. And remember the thing from the MAMA narration “in two worlds that SEEM alike”… it oddly fits to the theme of through the looking glass right?? So, maybe xiumin’s mirrors represent the looking glass, and his static-y electronics are  the bad connection the members have to real-life when they’re too caught up in whatever their “wonderland” is.

Now here’s the 3rd pic from kyungsoo’s pathcode

In the video when this appears, it looks like the light is reflecting on water bc the surface moves the way waves do. Light+water leads me to Suho and Baekhyun. Again, going back to MAMA, they’re in same room. Kai teleports to them, and after the message he gives them, suho and baekhyun send xiumin and Lay messages through the mirrors.

Baek throws his light to Lay

Suho throws his water to Xiumin and he feels it from one of the mirrors on the ceiling

I think my point here is, the members just keep and keep connecting to each other. As we go along, there’s always something that leads from one member to the other and it keeps happening in different MVs. The reason i bring up xiumin, baekhyun, suho, and lay, is bc there’s something in What is love that catches my attention. Chanyeol is looking through a worn out book, and the pages that are shown have images of things that represent the super powers.

In this first one, arrows are drawn from Water, to light, to Healing. When these are put together, they seem to form what’s shown in the diagram, with something new formed in the center. Suho, baekhyun, and Lay were all connected through the mirrors in MAMA.

On this next page, it seems to be a closeup of the object in the center of the previous diagram. The word are blurry, but looks like “teleportation instruments” which of course leads to kai. and look at his symbol

it looks at least a little similar right?? so the symbol in chanyeol’s book might not be kai specifically, but it says “instruments” as in plural. So maybe, This shows that when the boys combine their powers, they can really create something new and powerful. There’s probably dozens of different combinations in that book, but this is the only one shown. 

When the forces come together, they’re going to revive the tree of life and create a “new world”. So that means that when exo is one, they have a big impact and are the strongest. Look at wolf when they form the tree themselves

they created something new which is the wolf, and since wolves always travel in pack, exo are always together and the strongest when they’re together. 

If they can become so strong when they’re together, is that what pathcode could be leading to? Will exo ever unite their “powers”?

In the Monster teaser, it looks like they’re trying to come together and fight against the authorities, or the red force. (not to mention that red is color shown quite a lot in monster). Red can be associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination. It’s a pretty intense color, and the Monster MV will probably be really intense. Speaking of red, here’s the 4th image from kyungsoo’s scene in pathcode

idk what else to connect this to, other than the color red mentioned in MAMA and emphasized in the Monster teaser pics and videos. Considering Kyungsoo knows a lot about the members and their future, maybe this flash of red represents something that will happen in the future.

Now the fifth picture: 

So what other connection could this dried up tree have other than it represents the tree of life? Also this looks a bit similar to something back in MAMA…

In chen’s scene there’s a tree that kind of looks similar, but of of the branches fell off. Notice how there’s 3 main branches just like in the dead tree of like shown at the beginning of the MV, during the narration.

The sixth picture…

The water droplets can symbolize suho’s water. And again, water and light are shown at the same time. there’s a light being reflected the the background.

The Seventh…

so these sparks can be connected to baek bc he has light. Or chanyeol bc sparks are created w/ flame and chanyeol has fire. BUT they also remind me of this from the monster mv teaser:

actual fireworks that produce actual sparks!

Now the Eight image:

the flame is most likely a reference to chanyeol since he’s the one who control fire as his power.

Finally, the ninth image:

ok so a clock would obviously refer to Tao and his time control. Even though he left exo, the stuff he left behind seems pretty interesting so let me point some things out. 

In his pathcode teaser, look at the newspaper he’s reading from

the headline says “The comet is appearing in 10 cities around the world” Remember the thing about Lee Soo Man and the aliens, and Sehun in What is love with that article about eclipses and aliens?? “10 cities around the world” In every pathcode teaser, the members are each in different locations, and of course there’s 10 of them. Also check this out from the History Mv from a long time ago:

this flying blue space rock is shown at the beginning of the MV right before the music starts. Could this be connected to the “comet” in Tao’s newspaper? Another thing we see from Tao’s newspaper is this:

it says “…less strange…covered 3380 : ?”  I don’t know what that means but… those lights probably represent exo bc there’s  10 of them. When tao sees this he seems kinda shocked, and suddenly stops time. I think he seems to do this as a reflex, or subconsciously bc he was shooken up by what he saw on the paper and new somethings up.

Ok so somewhere when Tao’s Time control really comes in play is in Miracles in December. in MID they all seem to have like “normal lives” until xiumin and tao use their powers. Xiumin uses his power to make it snow. After he makes it snow, all the members kinda look up at the sky to see the falling snow. I’m gonna go wild here and say that Xiumin did this as a way to subtly capture all their attention so that he can get them al looking at the same thing; the sky.

Why, you ask? bc then an eclipse shows and they all have pretty interesting reactions to it. And we all know what the eclipse represents. It sorta seems like something is supposed to happen, until tao reverses time. This left me thinking, was tao trying to undo this event? was he trying to change something? like, what’s his purpose in reversing time? then i thought of something crazy. The butterfly effect

Xiumin changed the laws of nature by making it snow, so maybe that was going to cause something that would change exo’s future forever?? But then again, they all defy the laws of nature bc they’re from ‘exo planet’ so it shouldn’t be a big deal to use their powers right?? 

or maybe, this is going back to the “two worlds that seem alike” and tao is time traveling to see how exo’s lives change in ‘different worlds’ ??? I mean he controls time he can do anything.

And speaking of the butterfly effect, we see a butterfly in MAMA’s intro, we see it in chanyeol and kris’ fire, and if u watch the MV, you’ll notice sehun sends a butterfly to tao. Maybe it’s just a coincidence buuuut yeah.

On a last note about MID, when u watch the mv notice how the snow starts going up instead of falling down. Even in the scene w/ the 3 singing members who aren’t in the same setting as the rest of them, the snow goes up. So is tao’s time change effecting more than just one dimension?? And also this seems to fit in with “shall stand on different grounds but see the same skies” the sky is behaving the same even tho they’re in a completely different place?? The same applied to What Is Love! They all look at the eclipse. No matter where they are, they’re all looking at the eclipse. so, different grounds but same skies.

Alright so Tao’s ending scene of his teaser shows a clock counting up and landing on 10, w/ gears turning. Like this:

And when i saw these gears, i thought of something i saw way back in overdose:

these gears randomly pop up for like a mili second when Kai is shown outside the maze in the very beginning. I think there was supposed to be some type of connection to Kai, Kyungsoo, and Tao, but things may have changed after tao left? First of all, Tao and Kai have the same rings in their pathcode teasers.

In kai’s teaser, when he looks at the message he recieves, flashes of scenes from overdose pop up. Then he teleports and disappears 

And remember chen’s book from his pathcode? it said overdose on it so i think overdose is some sort of link in everything.

so first of all, there’s this:

Flickering lights are shown a loth in the pathcode teasers, and there’s a flickering light in Overdose as  well. Next,

that wall behind Baekhyun  looks like a bunch of picture frames. But what if they’re actually mirrors?? And since they’re all blocked out, maybe it’s bc reality has been blocked from them and they feel trapped in an endless maze.

The same concept of mirrors goes for the scenes similar to this one shown of sehun. Just think about the mirrors from love me right that i mentioned earlier. “a world that seems alike”. I think that in overdose the boys are having trouble deciphering reality again. They maze is just an illusion, but they feel like it’s real. Which leads me back to kyungsoo:

He has this cube and when he opens it and looks inside, it seems like he has a vision of some sort. These images are flashed:

You know what this gives me a vibe of? Lucky One. those hands in the first pic kinda look like what you’d see if say, you were lying on a bed and suddenly wake up to see a bright light and people examining/ testing/ experimenting on you?

When kyungsoo sees these images, he looks taken aback and drops the cube. Sand spills out, and i think sand might be a reference to time (aka tao) bc the symbol for time control is a sand timer. “Hence time is over-turned and space turns askew” Ever since the heart of the tree of life grew dry, the concept of time and reality just gets fucked up and i think that’s why the boys get ‘stuck’ in places like the overdose maze, or the wonderland in LMR. 

Since LMR is alice in wonderland themed, remember when Alice gets back to the ‘real world’ and ppl think she’s crazy so she gets put into an asylum? EXO is in an asylum in Lucky One which makes me think of the connection is might have to Love Me Right. When EXO are in the asylum, maybe they feel so trapped that it feels like an endless maze. Ever since the beginning i talked about how kyungsoo keeps trying to find ways to get to the members bc he might know something about the red force. In Monster, that scene w/ all the cameras:

Maybe it’s cause he escaped the “maze” and managed to do what he wanted to do? And that’s why they’re all fighting in Monster, cause they’re fighting against the red force??? idk man

but i also wanna point out some things about Sing For You

that gate remings me of…

these from monster. Maybe it’s meaningless, buuuut i thought i’d include it any ways AND ABOUT SING FOR YOU

the boys are either deeply struggling with themselves or with others. At first, they’re all having fun together, but as we go on, they all start disappearing and some of the boys are left alone. Also, we know that the whale represents the hertz 52 whale, the loneliest whale in the world. So, yeah this video is about lonliless. Something i wanna point out is this scene where kai throws the radio at the mirror

it kinda makes me think of a scene from love me right:

Like i’ve stated before, I’m pretty sure that mirrors and TVs are linked to xiumin. Kai threw a radio at a mirror and these things can relate what i said earlier about reality being unclear in LMR. As for the scene from LMR, i guess Xiumin could be the TV, Chanyeol the fire, and Kyungsoo the bowling ball (?)

I think that the TV and fire and stuff can somehow be a way to show that The boys can still be turned against each other even though they’re supposed to come together in the end ?? And look at this pic of Chanyeol from Monster:

See how it looks like there’s a radio or something behind him? Is that yet another reference to xiumin?

And thing about Sing for you is, They start of together, then one by one start disappearing, then in the end are together again. And Suho and Chanyeol are shown fighting with each other. So, this plays in with the whole thing about them having conflicts w/ each other even though in the end, they all come together. Maybe some of them end up having misconceptions of each other and that’s why there’s a “monster”. It makes sense, since reality is constantly being warped so maybe they get to a point so strong where they don’t know who to trust anymore, and kinda turn on each other ?? ?

Alright I’m almost done with this theory let me just point out one more small thing from light saberrr

look at those number nines. in case u haven’t heard, 9 is a recurring theme is EXO’s comeback. here let me show u 

CREDITS TO ALL THOSE USERNAMES SHOWN IN THE SCREEN SHOTS but yeah, i think they were originally starting to hint at 10 being significant in Pathcode, but things changed and now they’re really emphasizing 9!!! that is all…

Okay i’m officially done with this theory oh my god it took me hours to complete i’m so done ;-; goodbye 

When I was walking home today I had the weirdest flashback to the time we read Buddenbrooks in highschool. We were watching the 1959 film version in class and one of my classmates said they were confused about why the character Hanno and his friend had randomly been portrayed as small children instead of the teenagers they were in the book. To me, this seemed obvious and was confirmed by our teacher after. In the book, the friendship between those characters was extremely intimate and heavily queer coded. They were fairly obviously in love. It being the 1950s, they didn’t want to deal with the gay subtext, so they made the characters into children.

I cannot fucking believe that they pulled the same bullshit move with the Sherlock Holmes and Victor Trevor relationship on fucking BBC Sherlock in fucking 2017.

My Day at AnimeNEXT (pictures included!)

I went to the AnimeNEXT convention on Saturday, June 10th as Rainbow Quartz from Steven Universe. My friend came along with me for her first ever convention. She arrived on Friday night at my house and slept over. We had to wake up at six in the morning, but we were able to get ready in a timely fashion and leave the house by seven. It took two hours for my father to drive us to Atlantic City. We had breakfast at a small place near a bay area before we were dropped off at the convention center around ten. My friend and I waited for an hour to get our tickets. By eleven, we left the registration hall and were immediately bombarded with the sounds of cheering and booing. 

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BTS as anime

Seokjin: Paradise Kiss

Yoongi:  Kuroko no Basuke - Basketball which Kuroko plays

Hoseok: One Piece

Namjoon: Oregairu - My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong as I Expected

Jimin:  Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - Your Lie in April

Taehyung: Noragami

Jungkook:  Sakamoto Desu ga? - Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto.

Other random things

Happy Birthday To The Bang Twins!!!

Never forget that Yongguk has an older twin name Yongnam~! And today it’s his birthday too~^^ I just had to draw a fanart for him too hehe :3 this is also an excuse for me to draw chibi B.A.P and Yongnam tbh LOL

Anyways, Hope you guys like it~ :D

PS: Yes I changed the age to Korean age this time haha~