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this is the comp het anon again and do you think its also a symptom of comp het if i want a man to love me but i feel like no man would ever be genuinely attracted to me and id be cheated on eventually if i ever married one and like i couldnt ever trust one but in relation to women i feel sexy when i think about having sex with them and the thought of marrying a woman feels comfortable/right more than exciting (it is that too but i dont go on about women im attracted to like i do men so idk)? ty

I’m a different mod but I think I have an ok answer to this. 

I don’t want to be like condescending or anything but I think it’s good for us to acknowledge that comp het is a misogynist structure and not really something that we “have” or that displays symptoms. Every women experiences it. I think it’s ok to talk about it that way as long as you understand that, though. Because it can be hard to talk about otherwise. 

But also I think that if you can’t imagine a healthy or happy relationship with a man that might be a sign. I know I couldn’t even imagine myself with a man, but I kept telling myself that I wanted to be with them. This may be the same kind of thing. And definitely wanting a man to love you can just be a sign of internalized misogyny rather than actually being a sign that you like men. And then also not being able to picture a happy future with a man….And also being able to picture a happy future with a woman….

Also just because you don’t talk as much about the women you like as the men, doesn’t mean you can’t be gay? You need to ask yourself why that is. Is it because you like men more? Or because you are expected to be heterosexual? 

I think this definitely might be a sign that you aren’t attracted to men. But you have to do some soul searching because no one else can tell you how to identify. 

Maybe check out @closet-keys ’s comp het tag and read about it if you need more info.

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She’s the betta half of the two

  • me: *stumbles upon something i kno w will trigger a moodswing or will cause me to split*
  • me: *checks it out anyway*
  • me, once ive been triggered: oh no ://// im so sad ://// why do i always feel like this ://// im so miserable :///
  • me, the next day: *stumbles upon something i kno w wi-
how to make friends for life (lit edition)

the secret history: get high, do a bacchanal and start a series of plans to cover a murder that lead to a second murder

the raven cycle: try to find a dead welsh king in a magical forest dreamed by your farmer roommate

the foxhole court: stop hiding from your mobster father to play an unpopular sport and let your teammates protect you