lol sorry for my bad handwriting


next week is my finals week… procrastinates on studying by drawing characters studying

i didn’t really think about what they would both study but i like the idea of them being the same major/field bc it’d probably be 2x funnier with them being in the same classes trying to one-up each other every time one of them brings up an argument


Something quick before I sleep (was working all night >.> but a few days off now so yay)

I thought of this at work because I am agonizingly waiting for my RFA vip package and Seven cushion to arrive ;u;

Being the 4th wall breaking goof he is, I figured why not lol xD

Besides, the ticket– THE TICKET!!!


I spent a lot of time trying to recreate it to a similar appearance and it was worth it lololol (Gonna try to learn to imitate that handwriting ._. maybe)

I’m very bad at making dialogue if you can’t tell. Sorry I suck. orz

Btw, is it better if I answer asks like this from now on? (By making a separate post rather than answer directly)

So this is for the vld ship positivity week (@vldshippositivityweek) (it started yesterday but I missed the first one so I’m starting now ;-;) and the prompt was protection/tending, and all I could think of was protective Keef. :3 aaaaand, of course, it had to be klance. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I have a headcanon that when Keith gets mad/protective, he kind of starts to show more physical signs of being Galra and like, yeah. It’s pretty much like, Lance gets hurt and Keith goes into Protective Keith Mode™ and is pretty much just like goING GALRA! XD so… yeah, lol. 
And I feel like Keith would already be the overly protective type. Like, we already know that Galra get extremely protective over things/people they love (just think about it, it’s obvious), so I think Keith would probably have inherited that trait.

Alsooooo, I decided to play with some more lighting, as well as trying some perspective stuff!! I’m really happy with how it all came out~~

Levi’s handwriting

I read AU smartpass latest story yesterday and couldn’t stop grinning because of Levi >< Now we finally know that Levi’s handwriting is incredibly beautiful.

Petra told Levi that his handwriting was beautiful when she saw his signature on the documents. Levi asked her if she thought that he couldn’t read or write because he came from underground city. Petra was upset because she never had such idea. (I feel sorry for her lol She asked the question out of pure admiration but Levi’s language was just too bad lol) 

 After that, she delivered the documents to Erwin’s room. He saw Petra’s troubled face so he asked her what happened. And he smiled after Petra finished her story >< (Why Erwin has to smile at Levi, directly or indirectly, in every smartpass story lol they are such sweet old men couples) 

 Erwin told Petra that Levi might not well-educated as those who were raised normally in the city but his wisdom about the world and ability to look through people was no match for anyone here. 

 Erwin and Hanji began to recall their nostalgic memories when Levi had just become a captain. He asked Erwin, Hanji and Mike (They were co-workers back then) a question: ‘Whose handwriting is the best among you guys?’. At first, they didn’t quite understand Levi’s issue because for them, Levi’s writing and reading ability wasn’t bad at all. He seemed to do document work without any trouble. 

For Levi, being a captain means that he has to handle tons of military documents. Even though Hanji did tell him that his reading and writing ability was the same level as the veterans and he also had an aide who would do document work for him if he wanted, Levi still insisted that as a captain, trust from subordinates was very important (like…the mechanism will fail without subordinates’ trust) (Levi is  so cute that it hurts lol) 

 Therefore Levi, who had already been able to read and write, began to study again from the beginning and before anyone knew, his handwriting became incredibly beautiful and clean as if it was published on newspapers. (Levi did claim that Erwin’s, Hanji’s and Mike’s handwriting were very bad lol I think the worst among them is Hanji XD) 


 I always thought that eruri’s handwritings are beautiful and Erwin’s is better but I was wrong XD Levi being a perfectionist is adorable >< 

 Sorry for not fully translating and my poor English ^^; 


So I thought this was super duper cute and I didn’t mean to make a longish comic lol but it sort of turned into also how they met?? It’s really a doodle that got out of hand and I never had time to like fix up and color but here take it ; v; thank u so much tho anon u inspired me!!!! Pls inspire me more guys lol
The basic idea is that he just?? Greets Alfred, and since Alfred is so flustered and distracted anyway he’s like “ok well I’m gonna go take him to my place so I can take care of him!” B/c poor Alfred isn’t living in very good conditions and Ivan really is trying to help rip


also srry if u can’t read my handwriting it’s so bad I know & im sorry xD
Oumeno @ white day comic (?)

holysht it’s already 21st I should’ve posted this on the said date but I was so busy at that time omg safslghakjg i just finished the inking yesterday aaaaa i procrastinate so much and yeah I did this traditionally (which means no ctrl+z lol) I’m not good at traditional drawing since beginning also my scanner is bad!! some dialogues get cropped (but i hope you still can understand it ;u;) aaand the last warning(?) sorry for my bad english!! regardless of that, I hope you enjoy them!!

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I was tagged by @iwriteblogpostsnotsongs for the tumblr handwriting tag (thank you)!!! I don’t really know who to tag for this, but I encourage you to do it, so say I tagged you if you did ;)) also I’m sorry my handwriting looks so bad, I literally haven’t written anything since may lmao

(side bar: I am going to a concert tonight so I will not be posting, but rather enjoying my time there with the people around me, I hope you all have a lovely day!) (idfk how else to put this link lol but inspired by this post) sorry it looks so bad its just that first time drawing elder poptarts and i cant draw him good twice so i took pictures and messed with the first drawing hard to explain basically the first drawing is the last drawing. also had to fix my bad handwriting also that,s a poptart hes dropping 


This entire chapter is perfect.
 I shall draw the entire chapter slowly but surely.
Sorry my handwriting is messy here LOL I was trying to hurry it up a little so I can draw more scenes.

The next chapter is even more perfect.

But sadly bad times are ahead.

Also I know they were suppose to be walking and talking but I was drawing from memory, by the time I checked back I was done with the comic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Scene from How to Make Muffins by cocojellykellybean.

Art Source: Ice to meet you

Please do no reupload or remove credits.


sorry for the bad quality (and my handwriting lol) i just wanted to draw the 02 kids being dumb with each other

daisuke and miyako can be mean to their friends without supervision (which is hida “no-fun” iori most of the time) sadly hikari and ken’s submissive/quiet personalities often lead them to the ones being messed with

takeru writes down all their shenanigans for potential content for his books and also blackmail