lol sometimes idk what im doing

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(1/2) Alright, truth be told idk how to write well like at all but this has been on my mind for so long so here I am. For starters, I wanted to say that I support the gay community a lot. I hate seeing malice for the community. I love it when everyone is happy. Thing is, im not gay (at least i dont think so sexuality is confusing). And sometimes, I feel like the LGBT community... would hate me for saying so?? Like, idk, i really dont like when people hurt LGBT people. U guys are awesome.

(2/2) But then i see awesome artists, and people i look up to on this site say that they hate straight people. (I look up to u but u dont do this just makin that clear lol) And i feel so… bad for being straight. What should I do? Im so confused. and this is literally the worst thing ive ever written or thought and im sorry im just… sucky, i guess. From, confused anon. (Once again sorry this probs upset people i just needed to get this off my chest)


Ohhh my god I can’t believe the gays right now, honestly

This never occurred to me that someone would make others feel bad for their sexuality and this is a gay person that is making them feel like it when they just wanted to be accepted for their sexuality and instead they treat others wrong.

Anon, listen

Do not ever let people make you feel bad for your sexuality


You choose your sexuality and not them. Anyone who tells you otherwise should not be spoken to and you should avoid them uvu be straight anon

Nothings wrong with that or being gay

Heck I’m asexual and panromantic and I don’t even whine about straight people. I only whine about the people who hates someone for their race, sexuality and gender

That is all uvu

So you be you anon


There are a few things i am absolutely sure of, and those are that my name is seb and will be for what i hope is forever, i feel mostly masculine most days but prefer to not be thought of as either gender at the end of the day.. idk i might be NB but im not sure because i do prefer tradtionally masculine identifiers over everything else. Sometimes im afraid that my gender issues stem from growing up as the oppressed gender lol… like what if this is some sort of self hatred thing to seperate myself from every gross thought and memory i have from my shitty childhood and super traditionally sexist family. #justtransthings

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Theyre misgendering ciara lol fucking scum...

literally i know!! what the fuck!! im guilty of doing it by accident sometimes (i feel REALLY bad but its never on purpose <3) so i can understand them i GUESS  (but its still shitty idk like try being more cautious?) but some of them (see: the most recent anon they got about it) are just being straight up nasty and transphobic and its so fucking disgusting my jaw literally dropped like i couldnt believe someone would say that to someone?? its not even about being ‘sensitive’ thats literally someones gender……. and like… its literally disgusting to do in general but on anon? over the internet? to someone who you dont know? and dont know how severely it would affect? GR OS S. it makes me scream gross.