lol sometimes idk what im doing

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nickname: i got none irl but im a frog child. or frogbro , froggo idk they gave me lots of them here

star sign: Taurus 

height: I think im probably 5′3 or 5′2 idk

favourite music artists: i like CODA, OLDCODEX ,UB40, mainly bands. I also like Gackt and some others

last tv show you watched: Futurama .

what kind of stuff do you post: memes, jojo, sometimes relatable stuff and my art

do you have any other blogs: nope

why did you choose your url: im a bro and im into jojo

hogwarts house: none

pokemon team: i mean i got none unless u mean pokemon go then instinct 

favourite color: Green

how many blankets do you sleep with:  2 thick ones i just lov blankets

following: 997 lol but i lost interest in many of them so thats slowly going down

followers: 130

20 blogs im tagging: im not tagging 20 ok . @purplemana @cherrym8 @gay-jojo @ollies-outies and if anyone else wanna do it you can! Feel free to say that i tagged you. Also if any of the ones i tagged already have done it or dont want to do it you can just ignore this! :D

anonymous asked:

Im curious, is your blog name pronnounced "simp rising" or "sim prising"? And how did you come up with it?

hey!! it’s pronounced “sim prising”. tbh the story of what’s behind my url is boring af like i wanted a cool url so i was just searching for words that could go with “sim” so it’s a contraction of “sim” and “surprising” bc sometimes sims do unexpected things?? idk i’m a failer lol but i like it :-)

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Nickname: charlie, chuck, cmd, don, donovann

Star sign: cancer

Height: 5′7″ on good days

Favourite music artist: crywolf, usually (listen to rising, rising!!)

Last TV show you watched: the following

What kind of stuff do you post: quantum break, memes, gender stuff, shawn ashmore and aidan gillen, general scifi sometimes idk, whatever im into at any given time

Do you have any other blogs: too many…. my art blog is @cmdonovann and my aesthetic blog is @dancingtheshimmyinsilvershoes, and i am on two quantum break blogs, @monarch-solutions where im mod sigma, and my own personal one which… ahhh yall know which one that is lol

Why did you choose your URL: my original was cmdonovann but that became my “professional” blog so i made this one my personal

Hogwarts House: slytherin with hufflepuff leanings on occasion

Pokemon team: mystic all the way baby

Favourite colour: hm, i like lots of soft blues and lilacs, and im a big fan of dark navys and maroons and olive green, and teals and warm sodium oranges… at the moment my favorite color is probably just… whatever color shawn ashmore’s eyes are hahah

How many blankets do you sleep with: depends, usually one, sometimes 2 or 3

Following: around 1,000 blogs i think? i used to follow around 5,000 but i went on an unfollow spree pretty recently

Followers: um, a little over 1,000? at last count i think it was 1,080

20 blogs im tagging: hm i doubt i can think of 20…. @charmyjouta @rickrnoranis@toteczious @imsinning-rightnow @gwinny3k @ehcanadianhedgehog @poetandthemuse @bugmcguiness

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name: elizabeth

nicknames: betsy sometimes

zodiac sign: leo

height: 160cm ish

orientation: ace af

ethnicity: british

favourite fruit: probably le strawbs

favourite season: autumn but the warm bit

favourite book: atm its like inheritance from the inheritance cycle lol

favourite flower: i do like a forget-me-not tbh and also maybe a daisy bc lately i seem into those

favourite scent: freshly fallen rain mmm or just Outside in the early morning/late evening tbh

favourite animal: beeeeez

coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? yes

average sleep hours: im trying to get up to 8 a night but probably 6-7ish

cats or dogs? catsss

favourite fictional character: atm cedric diggory literally don’t talk to me abt him i Will cry

number of blankets you sleep with: 1 duvet and 1 blanket

dream trip: a free one

blog created: like jan 1

number of followers: 2376 woop

literally only do this if u want idm 

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Nicknames: nah no nicknames

Height: 5′7″ i think?

Time right now:  9:46 PM

Last thing I googled: cheap bluetooth headphones for ps4

Favorite music artist: shit idk. Nicki Minaj

Song stuck in my head: All time low by john ballion

Last show I watched: miraculous ladybug

Last movie I watched: To kill a mockingbird

What I’m wearing now: a cat pj shirt and black shorts

When I created this blog: 2013

Kind of stuff I post: personal stuff and political shit sometimes, opinions, anime, video games and shit

Do you have other blogs: nope

Do you get asks regularly?: HA nah

Why did you choose your URL: cause im mexican and im that one mexican lol

Gender: female

Hogwarts House: im not really into harry potter lol

Pokemon team: team valor

Favorite colors: Purple

Average hours of sleep: 9 sometimes like at least 13 oops

Lucky number: 8 i guess

Favorite characters: right now its Trevor Philips from GTA 5

Dream job: i have no idea honestly

Number of blankets I sleep with: umm 2. if i get cold then i add one more

Following: 2,220

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1: Are you named after someone?

Not my first name, but my middle name is for my cousin ^^

2: When is the last time you cried?

erm? sometime last week. i was watching a kdrama ksjdfkdjs 

3: Do you like your handwriting?

Yes, but I’m trying to make it better still

4: What is your favorite lunch meat?

lunch… meat? like deli meat? idfk like black forest ham?

5: Do you have kids?

loL no

6: If you were another person, would you be friends with you?

probably not im screamin idk why i even have friends

7: Do you use sarcasm?

yes, frequently.

8: Do you still have your tonsils?


9: Would you bungee jump?

Yes! I’ve always wanted 2 try

10: What is your favorite kind of cereal?

Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Honey Bunches of Oats

11: Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

Sometimes, depends on how lazy im feeling

12: Do you think you’re a strong person?

emotionally? idk maybe. physically, yes…

13: What is your favorite ice cream flavour?

Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food

14: What is the first thing you notice about people?

Eyes or the way that they hold themselves

15: Red or pink?

u can’t make me chOOSE

16: What is the least favorite physical thing you like about yourself?

My waist or my thighs ^^”

17: What color pants and shoes are you wearing now?

Grey pants, black shoes

18: What was the last thing you ate?

Hash browns!

19: What are you listening to right now?


20: If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

I’m a synesthete so I’m just going to go with my color, which is lilac

21: Favorite smell?

Petrichor or roses

22: Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

My mother…

23: Favorite sport to watch?

Volleyball or gymnastics

24: Hair color?

Dark brown

25: Eye color?

Also dark brown

26: Do you wear contacts?


27: Favorite food to eat?

Sweets haha or mac n’ cheese

28: Scary movies or comedy?

Comedy but like honestly neither I like action/adventure movies the best

29: Last movie you watched?

frACK its been a while rogue one i think

30: What color of shirt are you wearing?


31: Summer or winter?

? Both?

32: Hugs or kisses?

Both haha! no, idk, probably hugs 

33. What book are you currently reading?

“A Swiftly Tilting Planet”, Madeleine L’Engle

34: Who do you miss right now?

Sleep T.T

35. What is on your mouse pad?

mouse pad?

36: What is the last TV program you watched?

Scarlet Heart

37: What is the best sound?

When snow is falling and everything is so soft and quiet ^V^

38: Rolling Stones or The Beatles?

Th…the beatles obviously but like

39: What is the furthest you have ever traveled?

Bali, Indonesia ^^

40: Do you have a special talent?

When I roll my R’s really fast I sound like a chainsaw!! ^^

41: Where were you born?

Washington State (u kno. Not DC. The one up in the northwest that’s rly outdoorsy and might as well be canada)

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