lol sometimes idk what im doing

I’ve seen posts about the paladins making up their own memes while in space, but I don’t think I’ve seen anything in regards to them referencing Earth memes and confusing the shit out of poor Allura and Coran. 


*everyone hears about Hunk’s cooking at the space mall* *proceed to throw Gordon Ramsey jokes everywhere*

Pidge, running in circles: “WHERE IS THE LAMB SAUCE???”

Keith, holding Lance’s face between two pieces of bread: “What are you?”

Lance: “An idiot sandwich”

Shiro, squinting at a plate of food goo: “This goo is so green, it could be coming out of your nose.”

Allura and Coran: ??????


Lance, to Keith after an argument: “Catch me outside, how bou dat???”

Allura: “We’re in space please do not exit the castle????”


*Lance slips and falls on something*

Pidge: “I can’t believe Lance is fucking dead.”

Coran, befuddled: “He’s perfectly fine all of his suits functions show-”


*loses Keith in a crowd* *Lance climbs onto a chair*



Lance: “There he is”

Allura, to Hunk: “Do humans often scream self deprecating sentences over crowds of strangers?”


Allura, in the middle of a fight: “WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP”

*cue paladins singing “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley*

Allura: “We are in BATTLE”


Coran, discussing infiltration plans for Galra base: “And then Shiro and Keith will enter in through the main doors.”

Shiro: “One does not simply walk into a Galra base.”

Coran: “That’s…that’s what I just said. Were you not listening?”

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last movie tv show (i almost never watch movies, i couldn’t remember) i watched: fleabag
last song i listened to: i blame myself – sky ferraira
last book I read: if it’s last book i read, the handmaid’s tale. if it means last book i finished, the regulars by georgia clark. 
last thing i ate: drunken noodle @ this great thai place
where would you like to time travel to: early 1800s
fictional character i would hang out with for a day: ilana wexler
if i could be anywhere right now where would i be: nineteen years old so i could change some things, shshsh
current fandom obsession: harlots, im gonna miss it so much omg idk what i’m gonna do w/ myself…and i like talking about history on here, altho i read someone say that if ‘you call it the ‘history fandom’ i’m never taking you seriously ever again in life’ more or less which like…if you think history is sooo prestige and only Reserved for True Academics maybe don’t post abt it…on tumblr(.)hell…just a thought. i will call it the history fandom and if ppl don’t want to take me seriously for that or in general that is …. w/e to me..

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2, 4, 28, 26, and 24 for Mitch AND Jonas. Plz and thnk

24. In their own words, how would your character describe what their lover is like?

(answered #2 for jonas here!)

02. What is one of your character’s biggest insecurities? Are they able to hide it easily or can others easily exploit this weakness?

mitch actually has really low self-esteem when it comes to his appearance and also doesn’t eat around other ppl. …he also forces himself to throw up a lot jkldjgsd sighs

04. What are their favorite traits about their lover? (one psychological and one physical)

MM jonas likes to act like he hates when mitch is overprotective of him (sidney does the same thing sometimes) BUT he appreciates it. esp at school, or at home when his foster dad is being a jerk. it’s not that he can’t stand up for himself, just that ppl tend to not take him seriously…… and physical uh he thinks mitch is cute in a. weird sorta way. n he has nice arms and big hands (thumbs up)

and shit mitch loves like everything about joey honestly (wow gay) but favorite psychological thing prob how he turns into such a smartass when he’s mad! he’s like a little sass machine and mitch  thinks its the funniest thing. physical UH he likes how jonas is soft n squish and also all his spotty spots

28. If your character became a celebrity, what would they be famous for?

JEEZ I DUNNO if not for jonas’s wacky superpowers then i guess either skateboarding or drumming? i doubt a life of fame is really his Thing though

mitch is much more likely to be infamous with his telekinesis i think lol. i cant imagine him being a celebrity omg how about a reality show following him around and his stupid fucked up life yeah id watch that

26. What is their lover like sexually? How do they feel about their lover’s quirks, needs, etc?

(since this one is n/sfw im puttin it under read-more HAHA SWEATS…)

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hi! how do you have time to make your notes so pretty? mine are so smudged and just ??? lmao is that a communism sign drawing on the right corner??? cookie crumbs??? who knows?? tell us pls mother

idk i dont really do anything special i just use colours for titles and sometimes i just sticky notes, it rly doesn’t take very long (✿◠‿◠) also what sign?? 😅 are u referring to a post i reblogged or a post i made? bc i’m pretty sure there isn’t a communism sign on any of my notes lol alSO IM UR MOTHER NOW??? amazing i lov

Blackpink Reaction to Their S/O Having Weird Sleeping Habits

So first of all yay! First request! Honestly it took shorter than I thought it would hah okay anyway


Jisoo would find it totally adorable and internally fangirl over how cute you are before hugging you so tightly you’d probably suffocate and wake up. However, she’d complain about you cuddling with stuffed animals and not her (I don’t care what you say Jisoo is the jealous type okay)

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Chaeyoung would find it a little weird at first, but after a bit she’d be comfortable with it, and I totally think she’d like keep a journal and write down the stuff you say and try to make out what you’re dreaming (this is what I do with my brother sometimes when im bored and cant sleep lol) (also idk what the gif has to do with it it’s just cute ok)

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omg this cutie okay so I feel like both jennie and lisa have weird sleeping habits too, and jennie would 100% fangirl over you like jisoo but like ten times harder. She’d be the type to take videos of you snoring and save them to her computer to watch when she’s bored and for blackmail

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Lisa would be really happy that you also like stuffed animals bc she totally has a collection don’t fight me on this and she’d be like “Y/N omg I’ll trade you this lion for that hippo” and you two would probably fall asleep with a mountain of stuffed animals stuffed in between you two aww this is so cute wow (in the gif you’re rosé)

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Do you just stop whatever you're doing when you see French and try and read it? Cause I do all the time lol My understanding is basic at best but I do try!!

yess!! i follow a bunch of french newspapers on twitter and i like to read the news that they share, it’s really helpful 

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my ldr girlfriend never rly calls me pretty.. idk, she'll call me "cute" or says "ur cute" sometimes. but when i randomly send selfies (idk why i do?? lol) she won't rly answer, 45m or so will pass and my clingy ass will say smth like "what's up?" and then she'll answer that. im just worried that she thinks im ugly and feels bad for me so she forces out a "ur cute". idk lol sorry for rambling.

Tell her how you feel maybe she doesn’t realize only calling you cute makes you upset

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okabee!!! this is gonna be really weird, but when we were doing the cosketch thing, i really liked your little nagito doodles!! i want to try doing it for a character i like, but im not good at arting in the first place, and im not sure h o w?? pls, help ,,

Since this is not KHT its under the cut thing

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Okie dokie,

Nickname: ??? ppl call me catty sometimes but like eh idk if I like it anymore uhh

Zodiac sign: Scorpiooooooo

Height: 5'1" i can’t reach a n y t h i n g

Last thing I googled: tramp stamp definition (i was trying to prove a point)

Last movie I watched: the emperors new groove again the other day actually

What I am wearing right now: my new y11 leavers hoodie im so snugly

Why did I choose my URL: im mezzo and im lesbian

Do I have any other blogs: @singingfutch is my “main” blog lol follow for memes and gay existential rambling

Religious or spiritual: ???sometimes

Favourite colour: yellow is super rad

Average hours of sleep: 7, sometimes like 6 now bc of revision in the early mornings

Lucky number: 11 or 23

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what do you think about waterboyy the series? so far im liking the movie better. i think the series is not bad, it has some potencial and i intend to watch until the end of the season. i loved the movie, but it seems to me that its a very low budget series, i find the acting so bad sometimes and the quality is not so great... idk lol

I agree with everything you said: bad acting, poor quality, bad sound/editing, etc. Makes sense if it is low-budget.

I know some people who are disliking it because, unlike the movie, there are a bunch of other non-BL couples but I actually don’t mind that at all. Sure the swimmer girl is annoying (prime example of bad acting) and I’m not into the lesbian-turning-straight thing they seem to be going for… But Wan and Min’s story is kinda interesting and they have chemistry (the better acting helps).

I’m obviously into the BL couple. I was dying to see Newwie (Apo) in a BL role, he has that perfect adorable face / hot body ratio :3 The other guy’s acting is… tolerable. I think his scenes with Apo are where he’s the most natural tbh. 

So yeah it’s not amazing, especially when compared to the movie, but I’m keeping my hopes up and if everything else fails we still have this face and several abs to look at. (ღ˘◡˘ღ)

Hrrrrk all sometimes I forget im lonely until I realise all my close friends at least know of each other but all my friends have all these other friends I’ve never heard of before.. idk I’m not saying I should I just feel bad about it. Like it’s just weird to me they got all these Other People and I don’t, what do my friends say to them?? ? I’ll never know lol. I have like a group of friends and they all know each other and they’re the only people I talk to besides sometimes people from school..,. I’m jealous

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Hello there there's a guy I have a crush on and I think I'm obsessed with him. I just collect a ton of his information and idk if it's weird that i know like everything about him including his orthodontics appointments and stuff. I try to give up but idk how. Please tell me if I'm creepy and be honest and help me stop. Sometimes I feel awkward when his friends ask him a question and I know the answer and sometimes I say it and they look at me and just stare. I dunno what to do! Im a creep right?

Firstly try to hold back from answering lol so they don’t know, and being a bit creepy is fine as long as you’re not accessing information illegally