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XMFC Modern AU pt 6

(PS: A special shout out to endingthemes​ for writing this amazing fic inspired by these silly things <333)


Charles + Erik according to AO3 tags

Much Ado About Nothing AU

Emma Frost is throwing a party at her house upstate this Labor Day long weekend – and everyone is invited. Her old friends Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr will be in attendance, which means of course that their constant tension-charged bickering will be there too.

One argument too many, and Charles and Erik’s friends have had enough of their foreplay-masquerading-as-banter. These two idiots are going to give in to the sexual tension between them this weekend whether they like it or not. The wine is flowing, the sun is warm, and the time is right for some good old fashioned gossip, mischief and match-making.