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  • Percy: my goal is not to be the best, but to inspire someone enough to one day surpass me
  • Annabeth: Percy, you can't just say that every time I beat you at connect four
  • Dally: im tough, I've been through too much to care deeply for another person. I was a kid the first time I was jailed, and my dad left me to fend for myself... I've witnessed street fights and cold blooded murder. I've beat someone nearly to death before. I'm emotionally numb and my well being is the most important, I gotta look out for number one.
  • Two-bit: lol but what about Johnny
  • Dally: suddenly I can't read
Historical figures playing Mario kart!
  • Hamilton: Get the f*ck out of the way Jefferson!!!!!!
  • Jefferson: No way! I'm going to be in first place forever! HAHAHAHAHA
  • Washington: How do you play! Someone help me.
  • Eliza: Why do I have to be in last place?
  • Burr: This is stupid!
  • Laurens: YOU'RE STUPID
  • Lafayette: Guys calm down it's just a game!
  • Hamilton: it's a game, ITS JUST A GAME! LAFAYETTE HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT!!!!
  • King George: HA BEAT YOU ALL!!!!!
Someone Like You/Thinking Out Loud (Past!AJ Styles x Reader/Dean Ambrose x Reader)

This is an amalgam of different songs! Someone requested this with Someone Like You by Adele applying to AJ and Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran going to Dean. A lot of it is AJ x Reader, but the current relationship is with Dean. This one takes place sometime after the 2016 Royal Rumble and Dean’s loss of the IC Championship on February 15th. I played a little with timelines, lol. Please enjoy!

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Modern AU in which Eren and Armin are the co-authors of SNK:
  • Eren: ...and then when you finally wake up on the wall, I come running full speed, take you in my arms, and finally kiss you for the first time!
  • Armin: I don't think we can do that, Eren, it's too taboo for boys to kiss.
  • Eren: What? That's stupid, we're totally in love, and we're perfect for each other! Why the hell would anyone have a problem with that?
  • Armin: Beats me... The shonen market will come after us with fire too. We'll do well enough just to get a hug in...
  • Eren: Tch. Well I don't wanna write a story where we can't be together.
  • Armin: Don't worry, we'll *definitely* be together, we can use a little thing called "subtext" to get by.
  • Eren: Ooh I love it when you talk like that... *kisses Armin's neck*
  • Armin: *giggles* It's not dirty talk. But I'll take it... *smooches Eren instead of working for the rest of the night*

Better versions of the concept art from here:

Images taken from here:

All resized because the video was stretched, still not scan quality but definitely clearer (just try to ignore the Gohan ad thing on the one- lol).


sometimes i like to be self-indulgent and draw my haikyuu oc girl’s team (queen city royals) having fun with karasuno. coach ukai invited them over from the united states to japan to help the boys understand there is some heavy competition out there. things don’t exactly go as planned///


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Is it just me or is BTS's music like really different from typical kpop? Like I don't know how to explain it because lol it is kpop but at the same time a lot of their music isn't just good beats and fun times? Like I initially liked them because they were funny but I was drawn more to them because their music almost felt somewhat western in style? It's one of the reasons why I like DEAN so much because despite it being kpop it has that west flare. Idk thoughts?

Yes OMG FINALLY SOMEONE VOICED OUT MY INNER THOUGHTS !!! Bts make real music 😻 meaningful lyrics and smooth melodies 💜 Bts are telling us a story through their songs , that’s why they feel different from your usual kpop boy bands. Most boy bands sing about love ,breakups and those kind of things, but bts approach issues that aren’t spoken of ,and that’s what makes it different. 💕💕 I LOVE DEAN SO MUCH TBH 😻😻😻😻😻😻 JUNGKOOK LIKES HIS DEAN HYUNG AS WELL 💕💕 HE always calls him dean Sunbae-nim by accident lol 😹😹😹

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the House Party

Request:  Hi :) could I request one where liam and y/n are best friends and both attend a house party with the rest of the pack and both liam and y/n’s exes are there so they both pretend to be going out with each other in front of their exes and then they actually start to like eachother and its ends in fluff :))

*I don’t own the gif; credit goes to the wonderful owner/maker*

Note: I’ve never been to a house party because I’m a loser with no life so I had to wing it lol

“Whose party is this again?” I asked over the pounding music, attempting to nod my head along to the beat.

           “I don’t know; some guy on the lacrosse team.” Liam yelled back. “I’m really glad that you could make it though.”

           “Isn’t that what people say when it’s their party?”

           He shrugged and then gestured to my empty cup. “Do you want some more?”

           “What?” I leaned closer, cupping my ear. Someone violently twerking bumped into me, and I stumbled slightly. Man, parties were so not my scene- especially ones with upperclassmen that drank and shoved glow sticks in inappropriate places.

           Liam tried again, “Do you want some more?”

           I shook my head. “I still can’t hear you.”

           Sighing, Liam took my elbow and led me into the kitchen. “I asked if you wanted some more. Like, to drink.”

           Quickly, I smiled and pat his arm. “No thank you. I don’t believe in underage drinking. And besides that, if my parents found out, they would kill me.”

           “I didn’t mean a drink drink. I meant like a drink.”

           Laughing, I nodded. “Sure, because that made sense.”

           Liam’s face dropped. I started to ask him what was wrong- I mean, my best friend was perfectly happy a second ago, so something had to be wrong- when a nasally voice behind us cried out, “Li!”

           My jaw clenched. I would recognize that voice anywhere. Maddie was a cheerleader for Devenford Prep, and she had broken Liam’s heart a few weeks ago.

           I immediately looked in Liam’s eyes, taking his hand in mine and giving it a light squeeze. “Hey, hey look at me.” I whispered when I saw his nostrils flare. Maddie was coming over here; I could hear the clicking of her heels on the tile. “Are you good?” I raised my eyebrows.

           He nodded slowly. I wasn’t sure if he was telling me the truth entirely; his cheeks and the tops of his ears were a bright pink.

           “Li, it’s so good to see you! Aw, and you’re still friends with Y/N.” She cooed, coming between us to put a hand on both of our shoulders. “That’s so cute.” She said in a baby voice, pouting her lips slightly.

           “Babe, give them some space.” Jack suddenly appeared, arm sliding around Maddie’s waist.

           My back went rigid. Liam rubbed his thumb across the back of my hand soothingly, attempting to alleviate the wave of emotions engulfing me at the sight of my ex-boyfriend as of two months ago.

           Jack looked me over briefly. “Wow, Y/N, you look great.” I glanced down at my jean shorts and loose football jersey before slowing looking back up at him. Was he feeling okay? I had literally thrown this on in about five minutes.

           “Yeah, I think so too.” Liam said, and then suddenly arms were around my waist and my back was pressed firmly to his chest. My eyes went wide when he placed a warm kiss to my cheek, making my heart speed up. What the hell was going on?

           “You two are dating!” Maddie squealed. “How nice!”

           Liam nodded, resting his head on my shoulder. “Yeah, it is very nice. She’s perfect. I love her so much.” He cuddled me closer, humming under his breath happily.

           “That’s so nice.” Maddie looked like she didn’t think it was very nice at all.

           “Oh, I love this song!” Jack exclaimed suddenly as Hot Mess by Cobra Starship began to shake the house. “Come on, let’s all go dance!”

           “Tell you what,” I said as I gained my voice back. “Why don’t we meet you guys out there? Liam and I came in here to get a refill on our drinks; we don’t want to hold you up.” I forced a smile on my face as they agreed and left the kitchen.

           That’s when I whirled on Liam. “What the hell was that, Dunbar?”

           His hands in went up as if in surrender. “I’m sorry; I just didn’t like him flirting with you.”

           “Why?” I snapped.

           “Maybe because he completely ruined you and it took me forever to piece you back together.” He retaliated. Oh. Damn. I bit my lip and studied my shoes. Liam sighed and roughly ran his hand through his hair. “Look, I’m sorry-”

           “No,” I cut him off. “Don’t. I know where you’re coming from.”

           “Really? Or are you just saying that because you’re secretly mad?”

           “Really.” I assured him. Then I held out my arm. “Pretend to be my boyfriend for the evening?”


“What are we trying to accomplish again?” Liam whispered in my ear as we pushed past several bodies. “Like, are we trying to make them jealous, or are we trying to show that we’ve moved on, or…?”

           “I say we make the bastards jealous,” I remarked as I dodged a random elbow. “What do you think?”

           Liam grinned. “I think a little bit of both is in order. I don’t know about you, but looking at that-” He jerked his head to my left; Maddie and Jack were grinding on each other in a dark corner. “Well, let’s just say that I don’t miss her at all.”

           “That’s good.” I encouraged. “You deserve so much better than her.”

           “Well what about you?” Liam asked. “Do you miss Jack at all?”

           “No,” I didn’t even have to think. “I don’t miss him. I just miss having somebody.”

           “You have me.” He pointed out.

           I grinned. “Very true.”


“They’ve come up for air.” Liam mumbled in my ear. “Crap, they’re looking now. What do I do?”

           “Put your arm around me and laugh.” I instructed, easing a smile onto my face. Liam did as I said, letting out an incredibly loud, obviously fake laugh. But it got the job done. Maddie and Jack were walking over to us with tight smiles.

           “Finally out of the kitchen I see. Do you guys want to dance? Maybe one for old times’ sake?” Maddie fluttered her long eyelashes at Liam.

           Liam shook his head. “I’m not really that good of a dan-CER.” His voice cracked when I casually slid my hand into his back pocket and pinched his ass. He cleared his throat. “I mean, yeah, we should definitely dance. Y/N, you wanna dance with me?”

           “That’s not what I meant-” I interrupted Maddie with a smile, “I thought you’d never ask, babe.” With that, I removed my hand and laced my fingers with his, leading him into the crowd.

           As soon as I stopped, Liam flicked my shoulder. “Why’d you pinch my butt?”

           “Because if I didn’t, we’d still be stuck talking to them.” I told him as I bounced to the beat. “Now come on. Get all up on me. Don’t be shy.”

           Liam looked more than shy when he placed a hesitant hand on my waist. Rolling my eyes, I grabbed his wrists and yanked, pulling him flush against my body. He gasped softly as I rolled my body against his, closing my eyes and tossing my hair back with my hands in the air. “Whoa,” he mumbled.

           “C’mon, goober, we gotta sell this.” I teased. The corners of his lips turned up at the sides as he said, “Is that a challenge?”

           “You bet it is, baby.”


The cops ended up coming by the house on a noise complaint and the music had to be turned down. This caused many people to step off the make-shift dance floor; Liam and I were among them. We had gone out in the backyard to sit on the edge of the cement porch. It was quieter out here. None of the party-goers had stumbled out either. It was nice. “Do you think we lost them?” I referred to Maddie and Jack.

           The tips of Liam’s ears went pink. “They went upstairs like twenty minutes ago.”

           “Oh.” I giggled. “Hey, good for them, right?” When he just glared into the grass, I frowned. “Hey, are you alright? You said that you didn’t have any more feelings for her. Were you really telling me the truth?”

           “Yeah,” Liam’s brow furrowed. “Of course. I wouldn’t lie to you.”

           Raising an eyebrow, I nudged his shoulder with my own. “I don’t know whether to believe you or not.”

           He sighed. “Believe me, I definitely don’t have feelings for her.” Seeing my suddenly eager expression, he groaned and covered his face with his hand.

           “So if you don’t have feelings for her… who do you have feelings for? What’s her name? Do I know her? What does she look like? Does she go to our school? Is she nice? Do you think we’ll get along? How long have you liked her? Have you-”

           “It’s you! Alright? It’s you!” Liam’s frustrated yell pierced the slowly darkening yard. He was breathing hard, like he had just ran a marathon. My mouth closed instantly, shocked from his sudden outburst. His eyes glittered in the dim porch light like gold. “It’s you.” He whispered again as he looked me up and down, trying to find any hint of a reaction.

           “Look, I know that I’m your best friend, but these past few weeks… I just can’t… I want more than that. I want you. And I get it if you don’t feel the same way. I mean, I’m just this dorky werewolf that can’t control his temper. You’re this goddess who has a beautiful smile and a kind heart. And when Jack was flirting with you- how he had the nerve to even look at you after what he put you through- I hated it. I hated every second of it. So yeah, I got protective and crossed the line, maybe. But then you ended up going along with it and… just… God, the way you were dancing… and how you would look at me and touch me… I realized that I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t just sit by while you get more beautiful every damn day and maybe fall in love again only for the guy to be a total douche that breaks your heart when I would never-”

           Alright, maybe what I did was cliché. Maybe it was stupid. But in that moment my heart was pounding so hard and he was rambling and I didn’t know what else to do. It had worked in movies, so why not? I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and yanked him forward, planting my lips on his firmly. Liam inhaled sharply. Then he lurched into action. One of his hands knotted in my hair while the other glided over my lower back.

           Suddenly I was pitched into his lap. Liam’s hands came to rest on my hips, anchoring me down. His lips were forceful on mine, like he couldn’t get enough. My fingers tangled in his hair. All I wanted was him closer to me.

           The back door banged open behind us. We jumped and quickly pulled apart. I squinted as I panted, trying to recognize the towering figures. Lanky stature with a loose long sleeved shirt accompanied by a bulkier, slightly shorter companion.

           Oh. I knew who that was.

           “We were about to leave.” Scott stated awkwardly, standing behind Stiles, whose hand still clutched the doorknob. “Then I remembered that we’re your ride.”

           “Right. Thanks for not leaving us here. That would’ve sucked.” I laughed uneasily, running my fingers through my hair in an attempt to tame it.

           “Yeah, it would’ve really sucked if we left you two alone any longer.” Stiles remarked. Liam blushed as he got to his feet and offered me a hand up. Gratefully, I took it. I didn’t know if I could stand after all that just happened.

           We all stood there for a few uncomfortable minutes, avoiding looking at each other. Then Stiles clapped his hands together. “Well, it’s been fun. It’s getting late. You guys have a bed time. Let’s go.”

           Scott pat him on the back, “Yep. Sounds good.” The two goofballs trudged inside, letting the door close behind them. I guess that they were expecting us to follow.

           “Listen,” I said suddenly. My voice sounded too loud in my ears. “Obviously I feel the same way about you, so would you be okay if we just skipped over this awkwardness and started dating?”

           “I would be so okay with that.”

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when did you first realize that you actually "like" girls? like when did you notice? and HOW did you notice that you like that person in a romantic sense? like I think it's hard for a woman to realize that she has feelings for another woman, I mean we women also naturally admire other women as well so it's kinda hard...?

It could definitely be difficult for some people. Personally, I just knew that I liked someone when I’d feel incredibly nervous or flustered by their presence. Like if they touched my hand I’d have a fucking heart attack lol. I remember once this guy tried to put his arms around me in some awkward ass backhug and I swear my heart started beating slower LMAO. So from my experience, I have very strong tangible reactions towards people I actually like.

Romantic love can be hard to define, because it might be different for every individual. Some people equate wanting to be intimate w/ being romantically attracted, some people associate sexual attraction w/ romantic attraction, and other people might have a completely different definition of what romantic attraction is.

But I don’t like girls in general just because they’re girls, I like the person for who they are. So I never had a moment where I was like “Ah yes, I like girls”, it was more like “I like this person and they happen to be a girl”. Like I admire some of my female friends, but I couldn’t imagine ever being in a relationship w/ them in a million years because I don’t feel any sort of attraction towards them.

fwips replied to your post “Seeing people praise/glorify Sanji makes me reflexively gag ”

lol the asks and comments im getting after making a post venting abt his decisions and behavior in the updates are gross lol someone even defended sanji as being extremely kind and then said they hate Reiju??? okay.

that’s actually the exact reason I made that post! I saw your vent post, wholeheartedly agreed with it (”I know that my brothers literally just beat a woman almost to death just for shits and giggles like 12 hours ago but I need to save them from the consequences of their own decisions!” like fucking come on Oda stop that). But then I checked the notes and promptly saw a “Sanji is the most beautiful and kindhearted soul whose love and purity radiates out to illuminate the whole world” comment and promptly felt like throwing my laptop across the room.

I do not miss being active in the OP fandom and having to see, deal with, and respond to that kind of stuff every day 

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How about for the ask meme: 001 for Boku no Hero Academia? If someone beats me to the punch, then KnB instead. ^^

001 | Send me a fandom and I will tell you my:

  • Favorite character: Kirishima
  • Least Favorite character: Mineta, no one had doubts about this one xD
  • 5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): kiriBaku, MomoJirou, EraserMic, TodoDeku, ShinsouDeku
  • Character I find most attractive: Kirishima
  • Character I would marry: Jirou (I lean towards girls more, in the end, sorry xD)
  • Character I would be best friends with: Ojiro
  • a random thought: I’m having troubles following the plot lately, lol
  • An unpopular opinion: My head is empty right now, but I surely have some somewhere xD
  • my canon OTP: I don’t think there are canon ships?
  • Non-canon OTP: These children/happiness
  • most badass character: Inasa
  • pairing I am not a fan of: All Might and izuku’s mother
  • character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another):
  • favourite friendship: Kaminari, Kirishima and Bakugou
  • character I want to adopt or be adopted by: I want to adopt them all

Did anyone think about Clark for a minute during the whole Jason Todd dies? Cuz if you’re like me and you have superbat&Jason headcanons, you’re gonna want to place Clark during that moment

Like do you think he heard Jason being beat? Do you think he was lifting a school bus out of a river and making sure everyone was ok, holding a little girl’s hand while they wait for the ambulance, but he’s also filtering out other, normal, everyday sounds like what sounds like someone hitting a wall or a carpet, surpressed grunts as someone probably lifts something heavy, the dragging of fabric on walls, the beeping of a microwave–no…a bomb
(Or do you think he knew what all those sounds were but stayed with the little girl because it was his duty and surely another hero has got it taken care of…do you think he’s hounded by guilt for it when he learns Jason is dead?)

So he sends the little girl off with a paramedic when they arrive, and he follows the beeping except it turns into an explosion the minute he lifts off the ground. And mixed in with the explosion is a short lived scream, a voice he knows well, and a heartbeat stops.

Do you ever think of Clark arriving at the warehouse to find Batman holding his son close and crying amongst the rubble?
Do you ever think what a different story it would be if Clark was the one to bring Jason back? If he went behind Bruce’s back because Jason was just a kid, just learning to love life, and he deserves to be happy; so Clark tracks down a Lazarus Pit, one rarely used by Ra’s, and tosses Jason in. He keeps a tight hold on Jason when he comes out of the water snarling and rabid; he hides out with Jason in a secluded cabin, for the boy to recover and come to terms with what’s happened, with his death and resurrection

And it’s easy to change Jason’s memories; Clark inputs here and there, things that maybe sorta happened (elaboration on Bruce’s part in the whole thing) and things that are a cover up (“Ra’s told me to come get you”) because who is Clark to hold power over life or death? He’s no one, and he knows what Bruce will think if he ever finds out

But see, Clark is a hero and he saves people; it just so happens Jason was saved from death

insults I’ve heard from the types

*paraphrased slightly because I can’t remember shit*

  • INFP: Stop saying swag. You’re like an uncool dad.
  • ENFJ: he’s hot….but also a douchebag.
  • INFJ:  It was probably just an opinion thing. But they have the wrong opinion… )-:<
  • ENTP: I’m going to break into your house late at night and cover your entire staircase in legos. Don’t  fucking test me.
  • INTP: You’re almost as overrated as FROZEN.
  • ENTJ: Why are you so bad at everything?
  • INTJ: Fuck off.
  • ESFP: I’m a 3? I’M A 3? yOU’RE A 3! 
  • ESTP: Lol. The TV is your only friend.
  • ISTP: You can’t even fight….bro….
  • ESFJ: *threatens to beat someone w/ a club* 
  • ISFJ:  …I bet our geometry teacher was lying about his girlfriend…i bet he’s single as fuck…..and owns a pinterest…and cries….
  • ESTJ: Lol. U never know what you’re fucking talking about.
  • ISTJ: I hope you enjoy the minion movie.

So the new Osomatsu Party cards are absolutely adorable and as sweet as chocolate ♥ All six of them are really, but one of the cards that really caught my eye was Ichi’s. Look at this tsundere :P And Jyushi smiling in the background while he watches his best brother get chocolates from the viewer someone who we can assume to be a very sweet special person. Everything about the Ichi card is cute, period.

Jyushi’s card is no slouch, either. Look at that smile!! He’s so happy to have received chocolates from the viewer that certain very special person; I think his irises may actually grown bigger and shinier than usual in his card lol. To me he even looks like he’s offering to share some of his sweetheart’s sweets with them! (Meanwhile Totty looks upset that someone beat him to getting chocolates from an admirer lol) Basically Suujimatsu + Valentines’ chocolate is a cute combo.

…And because I’m me, my mind went to a certain place. Those who know me will probably see where this is going.

Enter a certain beloved homerun girl.

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