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Hi i recently watched some random videos of kai with other people like taemin , & other members of exo specially sehun & baekhyun ! I've seen kyungsoo with other members specially with chanyeol ! but about kyungsoo he is really different with kai in specific . But kai seems to have romantic moments with every members & that made me frustated ! Can you specify some moments or facts that can heal my heart ? like no kai only does that to kyungsoo ! can you please do that ?

hello there ❤️

First I wanna talk about Kyungsoo ..
Kyungsoo is really kinda of tough when he is in front of the camera, but they all said he is cute one like his co-workers and Kai who once said when some fans asked him to choose an animal for Kyungsoo he said two : sloth and koala ..
So if you notice they are all clingy ^_^ and this could tell a lot .. like Kyungsoo is clingy to him and he is huggable and etc ..
Kyungsoo was like that from 2012 until almost 2014 / so since 2015 Kyungsoo starts to get more tougher in general and he was wary and careful ..
maybe he had more pressures on that year or maybe he got effected from the blind gay rumor which start in 2015 …who knows!!!
But really they were so intimate in the airport and backstage too from what we saw by the fancams ..
again until 2015 ..

And about Chanyeol , he is so into skinship, like soooo much and I really don’t even try to analyze the members who like to do fan-service or a lot of skinship , Chanyeol is so close to Kyungsoo also Sehun , I love their friendship..
But again , don’t give any thought to the kpop stars who always do skinship as a fan-service or just they naturally love skinship cause if you do then they have like a hundred lovers LOL..

And let me talk about Kai ..
Just like I mentioned in the previous lines ..
Taemin is so into skinship , and sooo into fan-service too , just like Chanyeol and maybe worse , I love Shinee and I saw so many shows for them and concerts too ..
And believe me Kai is NO special thing ..
Taemin always do skinship and clingy things to all the members he is close to ..
Taemin is his close friend I mean come on ! they were practicing together since they were like 12 or 13 I think !!!
Kai said they were always in competition and when Taemin debuted first they were barely able to see each others but they start to be friends again when EXO debut so its like four years of them being not close !! even though they still see each other in the company..
I really think SM try her best to exaggerate their relationship..
Sure they are close friends I don’t deny that but What I meant is SM push them in the front line to let people ship them just as they pull Kaisoo back to the end of the line …
So again … Don’t follow the members who like to do fan-service and skinship you will misunderstand them ..

So dear friend you said ( romantic moments with every members ) ? I mean like what is your definition of romantic moments !!!
holding hand is romantic!! because even friends hold hand !! Hugging !! also friends do that !! laugh together !! Touch each others !! Almost all korean people do that ..
But .. here the magic comes babe ..
he doesn’t do this with Kyungsoo …and I mean barely not like zero ..
So he doesn’t hug him like he hug others !!!
its maybe just they hugged twice or maybe three in front of official cam , only in 5 years !!!!!
And they never go and touch each others hand or play with each others fingers or show each others stomach, they never pretend to kiss each others like the members do for fun in the concerts and etc ..
Why !!!
Because they supposed to ..
they should be careful in front of the crowd ..
why kaisoo is the only couple who have so many rumors even before debut !!
And why they are the only two on EXO who still roommates since 2011 until now !
And why when the gayrumor showed after two weeks SM immediately Announced KXK out of the blue !! And why Kai and Kyungsoo were teary and so sad and they couldn’t even look at each others after sm announces Kai’s dating news !!
Why he couldn’t even look at Kyungsoo’s eyes who was clearly ignoring him … its not something need any analyze , its crystal clear to anyone .. even my grandmother will notice them LoL ..
Well there is so many why/s I can put here ..
But let me say more about Kai ..
-only when Kyungsoo talk Kai turn and give his back to all the members and start to listen to what Kyungsoo say or should I say just to stare at him !!
-When Kai has any complaining he turns to tell Kyungsoo or Suho , so Suho is the leader and Kyungsoo is his wife lol ..
-at Kai’s sister wedding Kai went with only Suho the leader , Baekhyun which they say he is favorite member for the bride , and Kyungsoo !! The calm and quiet member was there !! Yeah because he is the boyfriend and he is member of the family ^_^
-Kai said many times he and Kyungsoo always watch movies together, so why they don’t invite the other members to their room , they never did..
-Kai is the only one who noticed Kyungsoo’s pain back there at 2013 in Hong Kong ..
And he is the only one was slowing his steps just to wait for Kyungsoo ..
-Kyungsoo is the only member who Kai always praises him like so proudly..
-Should I mention how he stares at him whether he is talking or not , even when other members talk he look at Kyungsoo’s face and admire it ..
-should I mention he call him Jagi !!! Like he did it in front of the cam not just a rumor !!!
-or when Suho was talking about EXO-M and the Chinese fan Kai whispered in Kyungsoo’s ear “ Wou Ai Ni ” which means in Chinese I love you .. and it was pretty clear if you read his lips which all the fans did already so hehehe..
-Kai always follows Kyungsoo and there is so many moments he was obviously jealous over him , they also always wear the same clothes not a couple clothes, its the same piece , I saw over 30 pictures of this .. and NO they don’t its only the two of them …
-There is so many fancams for them out of the main cameras , they touch each others , but why in front of the crowd out there they don’t!!
why when Kai feel sick or tried Kyungsoo is the first one he go to ! And when be need to change or fix anything he went to Kyungsoo only which remind me of my dad how he always go to mom to fix his tie or help him with his clothes..
-Finally , Kaisoo are so sincere you can notice this in their eyes when they look at each other..they don’t try to impress any fans , they don’t act , they don’t fake skinship to make fans scream , they don’t pretend, so real and sincere.. I’m so touched right now T-T

Girl .. My fingers hurt me and still there is so many things I want to say LoL sorry I already spell so many thoughts ..
But again , don’t judge any relationship by the skinship .. its a very wrong way specially in the Kpop …
Stay strong and I wish I swept some of your frustration , and if someone want to add extra it will be great …


so i saw the video on the right on ig and IMMEDIATELY thought of victuuri lol

i need a new tablet so i’ll wait until i get that to color it but until then have this crappy sketch!!

if you for some reason want to repost this idc just give me credit!!

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Hello!!! I'm a newbie witch and I'm confused about grimoires(I'm so sorry if I spelled that wrong lol) what are they used for and how should I go about creating one for myself?

Hi there!

You spelled it right, don’t worry lol.

A grimoire is essentially a collection of spells and information about magic that is kept for the magic user’s reference. Consider it like a magical textbook - it contains information about what can be used in spells, such as correspondence lists, as well as actual spells themselves that the witch can reference and use at their leisure. Some people also keep notes of the spells they write, the magics they practice, and how the spell works and manifests in such books too.

“Grimoire” is not the only term I’ve seen used for it either. “Book of Shadows” is more geared towards Wicca, but covers a lot of the same things, as well as includes magical rites and rituals, prayers and devotions specific to the religion and deities. I’ve seen the word “agyr” used a couple times too, though I’m not sure of the context on that one. “Magical book” honestly works just fine if you don’t wanna be fancy, lol. Some name their books specifically after their path - a sea witch might call their magic book “The Book of Tides,” for example, but that is something really personal to each person / craft.

There are many ways to create a grimoire. My blog is one of my grimoires, for example - within it I have many informative posts about magic, as well as spells and sigils that I want to keep track of for potential future use. They can be kept private, and are password protected, so I find keeping a digital grimoire is great for people that need to be secretive. (Blogging platforms aren’t the only options - you can also use Google Docs, OneNote, whatever other online note or cloud program to store your information.)

I also have a folder of spells and sigils on my computer as well.

Commonly, and most easily recognizable, grimoires are books. What sort of book is up to you, what you can do, and what you want to do. Some people love the aesthetic of the thick, leather-bound books, and that works awesome. However, if that’s out of the budget, or you need something more discreet, there are so many options available.

I really want to empasize something - a book doesn’t have to look witchy to be a witchy book. This means that, while the aesthetic is nice, for some of us it just isn’t in the budget or practical. Some of us don’t have the art skills to do the fancy page designs, and that’s okay! If you can do it and want to, that’s awesome, but that isn’t required for a grimoire to be a grimoire. Even if you can do it, you don’t need to if you don’t want to. It’s your book, do with it as you wish!

Simple notebooks from dollar stores can be used to store spells and info in, and are super easy to hide. I have a variety of notebooks that I keep herb correspondences in, tarot spreads, as well as a book of more in-depth tarot interpretations.

I have four binders now in which I keep magical info - I like the binder because I can add and remove pages at my desire, I can keep it organized exactly how I want it, and also it’s easier to make mistakes without worrying about “ruining the whole book.” I hate tearing out pages from bound books. Not to mention, I can take it out in public and work on it, and people just think I’m studying for college, lmao.

There are also more ways to keep books of magical information - bullet journals, planners, sketchbooks, collages, even just printing out the info and storing it in a folder… However you want to store the info is up to you!

Ultimately, what you use and how you use it depends on your preferences and what you can do (for instance, a secret witch may not want a fat leather tome with a huge pentacle on the front - they would need something more discreet). I do think it’s important to keep a magical book, regardless. Storing all your info in one place makes for easy access, helps you find what you need when you need it. Keeping notes on your spellwork can also help you if something goes wrong; going over what you did might help you locate an error, or even just be good if you want to perform the spell again.

I actually made a series of posts involving creating grimoires that I think you should also read through - it covers things a bit more in detail.

There is also a lot more info in my [#grimoire tag].

I hope that helped you anon, and good luck! If you have any more questions, let me know! :D

That One Special Hug

A/N: Muse burst out of nowhere and before I knew it, I was jotting down this blip. Based off of the AnimalSet from SIF. Semi-crack(?)
Words: 4,782
Ships: Kanan x Dia, implied You x Riko
Summary: In which the popular body pillow Panda went on a journey to find her one night stand the mysterious stranger who shared her bed.

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I posted a thing saying that you should never trust a man if he puts down your English. I've got a follow up question! How come when I admit I struggle with English, a man will tell me 'You are bad! The way you say this is wrong!' and get angry or mean, but a woman will be kind and 'this is how you can fix it' and 'let me help you.'? Why are men so passive and give me no help? They just tell me my English speaking is bad like I don't already know? (Apologies for any mistakes in spelling/grammar)

First of all this is perfect English lol, I think it’s because many men would rather feel like they are superior to others (therefore needing others to stay “inferior” so they can maintain their sense of status) and women usually learn to feel good about themselves through helping others.

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wait! ross said he's only ever been with woc? where? when? *hoiks up boobs and drives to atlanta right quick*

Lmaooo. Correction: I think he probably said something along the lines of he’s “mostly” been with women of color.

But it was on the 2 Dope Queens podcast a few months ago. The title was “Fifty Shades of Matthew McConaughey.” (Shout out to me if that’s spelled correctly, lol.) They asked him how many Black women he’s slept with and he answered very… honestly. 👀

By the way, @kiaschronicles told me about this while we were in line waiting to meet him, so I had to work very hard to control myself. 😄

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I'm just starting on on being a Sigil Witch?? (Is that a term lol?) And I'm curious for the first sigil I should draw/make/bind?

I believe the first sigil I ever created was my name sigil. I personally suffer from a dissociative disorder and anxiety so it helps ground me and I use it nearly everyday. I would suggest it even if you don’t have a mental illness as they are fairly easy to make and are useful in so many ways!

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Hi! I'm new to the whole Elderscrolls universe ... & my newbie lorehound keeps gorging itself, there's almsot too much to learn! lol But I was wondering. How do the people of Tamriel keep track of time? Are there clocks/clock towers, some form of magic spell? Or the odd little "notched candles" that I found in ESO? (The candles would be more like timers I'm guessing though, instead of telling the time of day) ...I haven't found much yet, but have you had more luck with this? Just curious. :)

I would assume it varies from culture to culture especially since there is so many different ways of doing so. For example I would be surprised if there isn’t at least one Sundial somewhere in the Imperial City


I just finished Ishmael and really loved it. It was a pretty great read. This is way too many photos of a book but this was a good scene. Forgive me ;__;

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Since people are talking names.. Everyone spells my full name wrong...even family! I mean how many ways can you spell Alannah?!? I used to wear a name tag in my old job and it still got misspelled! No-one can decide on how to say it either.

Alannah is a beautiful name and hella easy to spell from what I see! It’s one of those names that sticks with you (I already know imma be saying it all day tomorrow lol) LIKE ITS SO EASY. 👏🏽👏🏽you should start charging people $5 every time they misspell it I bet you’ll see a change babe!

@jimtheviking BUT his canon name IS Victor Nikiforov! All the Japanese merch that writes it in English uses the C. Many western fans use the K, due to the above, but I’ve seen arguments for the C based on 1) Official Spelling™ obvs and 2) it’s not Cyrillic anymore, so the phonemes don’t matter since both are said the same way in English/with Roman letters and the K isn’t really “more Russian” in any way (this has one from actual Russian bloggers here, btw)


I do kind of want to read/write something about him literally choosing or being encouraged to use the C because that Winner Aesthetic™

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21, 22, 23 for the Salty Asks

What are your thoughts on crack ships?

I think they can be funny but most people don’t make them funny. Or think being completely random is funny, which it isn’t. Overall I don’t r have a strong opinion abt them either way 

Popular character you hate?

Uh is Clara Oswald or however the fuck you spell her name from Doctor Who even popular? She’s a bitch and I despise her and was one of the many reasons I stopped watching the show :/ 

Unpopular character you love?

Robbie from GF tbh lol everyone I see hates him but honestly… I can’t. Tbh I can’t really think of many “unpopular” characters I love that most people hate so :/ 

Uh… Rose Tyler from Doctor Who too? I really loved her when watching the show but everyone hates her it seems so like… 

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Any good spells fortime manipulation? I have way too many things on my plate and my family and i cant stop fighting about my priorities so i just think i need more time in general rather than spending time figuring out how to manage time lol

Also sounds like a motivation spell might be necessary! Sometimes you just gotta get going without hesitation. Make a quick list with no particular order, just write them in the order you remember to write them down in. Number them. Roll a die, and do that number on the list.
But I will reblog what I can find on time manipulation spells rn. But I apologize if I can’t find any, I’ve only ever seen spells to make time seem to go by faster


Hey Taylor, I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself
I’m Carly I just turned 25 ( yay we are in the same club) and I’m from Sydney Australia
I’ve been a Swiftie from day one ( can I get a yasssss bitch)
I’ve been bullied most of my life
Reasons? To be honest I have no idea
I’ve spent so long trying to figure that out.
I’ve been called fat since I was in primary school
Spat on
Been told to kill myself
To go die
To no longer live anymore
They have wished Cancer on me
They hope I get pushed infront of a truck a bus, anything moving
You think it would stop after school but it didn’t.
They know everything about me
But I have no idea who they are
They hide behind being anonymous
I’m not going to lie
Sometimes these thoughts take over your mind
They consume you
You start to believe that they could be true
Sometimes maybe they are
Id be lying if I said that ending my life hadn’t crossed my mind once or twice
Or maybe a lot more than that

They’re times when you feel extremely alone
But now at 25 I feel like for the first time it’s going to be okay
And that’s because I have you to thank for a lot of that - you gave me the worlds greatest friends I could ever ask for, you were there for me when no one else was, you make me feel like I am important enough to be here, you gave me a voice and gave me a reason
And these things I’ll never be able to repay you for.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you personally for Shake It Off…
This song has saved me from so many tears and protected me from so much hate and turned the bad days into good.

I’m so passionate about bullying and people being treated the right why and I know you are too
Thank you for being a voice in everything I believe in and having fun while doing it!
You’ve inspired me in so many ways and I know that some day together we can make love take over hate.
At the end of the day the good always outweighs the bad.

I know we each have our own stories and you probably hear this everyday
But I just wanted to thank you for being a light in my life on my darkest days.

Love Carly
I know you already have a friend named Carly but different spelling totally can count for a new one right?