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bc mark’s smile warms even the coldest of hearts
↳ for the softest mark stan i know @99mqrk 🌻💛


A lil halloween poth comic ;w; my art tride w/ @angexci hon actuallyyy

honestly I rly want to make it a lil more special but i ended up ‘hated’ what came up ;–; so i decided to make a lil comic out of it.. and well… HOPE U LIKE IT ;;W;;


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@moquall asked me: Edgar Roni Figaro or Sabin Rene Figaro ?


Young Justice + character quotes part one - “the guys”

(Written by Peter David with art by Todd Nauck)

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Top five favorite fanfics and why?

Omg how could you do this to me? There are so many fics I love. All right, well, there are at least two for sure I can think of off the top of my head. I’ll have to wrack my memory to think of the rest since I’m terrible at remembering things, even things I love. lol

The Opened Watch by @tisiphon - Probably one of my top favorite fics ever. I went into this one not expecting anything different from the other royai fics I had read up to that point, and it seemed unassuming. I liked that it explored what might happen to Roy and Riza as they aged. The end is what killed me. I didn’t expect it to evoke so much emotion and I absolutely cried. I was not expecting the end reveal even though it was there in front of me the whole time. The foreshadowing was fantastic. It was such a brilliant idea. I can’t believe I had never thought of that kind of thing before. This is a must read for royai fans.

Soulbound by Minerva Aemilius - Another fic that made me gasp and filled me with emotion. It had a similar theme to The Opened Watch so I guess that concept is just my thing. I began this fic expecting it to just be angsty and a generic ‘Mustang loses his mind after Hawkeye dies’ kind of fic, but it turned out to be so much more. It really solidified their relationship, how close they are, how well they can work together. I love this fic, okay? I can never explore this kind of idea because I will never execute it as well.

An Empty Land by @rizascupcakes - Listen, I love all of Kate’s fics, but this one has stuck with me ever since I read it, like, a year ago, probably because of how much the ending hurt. I gasped, cried, and had to clutch my chest. To be honest, those kinds of emotions are hard to elicit from me. I don’t tear up too easily and it takes something really emotional to make me feel pain like that. Do yourself a favor and read this so you too can join me in wallowing in royai angst hell.

Call to Arms by @aheartmadefullmetal16 - I adore the idea that Roy and Riza have personal codes they use besides Roy’s alchemy code. It was a headcanon I had after reading the scene in the cafeteria in the manga and I was so happy to see it manifested in fic form without me having to come up with it because I’ll be honest, I really really suck at coming up with codes and languages and the like. It’s done very well here and in all the fics Kaylee uses this idea in. I love the fluff in this, it gets me every time.

A Snowball’s Chance by Janieshi - So many of my favorite tropes are in this one. Being trapped in a snowstorm while injured, cuddling up for warmth, a little fake dating, pretending to be a family. Lots of royai fluff and some mama hawk/Ed that I don’t see enough of. And Ed finding out about Riza’s tattoo is another idea I love seeing explored. The fluff was fantastic in this and I enjoyed the plot too. Good combination of fluff and plot. 

It was so hard to choose just five. There are at least five or six more fics I wanted to list. But these are the ones that are most memorable to me, that have scenes that stuck with me long after I finished reading them. I highly recommend reading them.

Thanks for the ask! <3

Belive or not my candy is actually dating Lysander in the game, even looking like i’m team Castiel i’m not lol
i don’t have a team or anything because i really like all of them equally :(
if it had the option in the game, i would refuse dating one of the boys and then stay with the same relationship i had with all of them before the episode 26. I really miss that time in the game, it was very fun. I miss having images with diferents guys instead of only with my boyfriend, and spending more time with them and having more dialogues~
Well the reason why i wrote that is because a lot of people tell me that i don’t give a shit for other boys instead of Castiel and they want more drawings with other boys, and that makes me kinda sad because i really like all of them, and if you guys are kinda bored of my drawings of Castiel i’ll try to change that. The reason why i draw him so much is because he’s the easyest to draw for me xD
Each boy has something that catchs me and something i identify with, like i’m Castiel and Armin on the outside, but inside i look more like Nathaniel and Lysander (i’m kentin in both sides lol)
Aaaaaaaaa it’s so hard choosing one @~@ i’d rather stay friends with all of them instead dating just one
how about you? do you feel the same as me? 
Thank you for reading all of that and if there is some mistake tell me because my english is kinda shitty i guess xD