lol so adorbs

  • Lance: Hey Keith, my boyfriend's better than yours!!!
  • Keith holding Lance's face, foreheads touching, looking into his eyes: You are the light of my life, the most beautiful boy I have every laid eyes on and everyday I wonder what in the universe I did to deserve someone as perfect as you. I love you, with all my heart and soul and would cross over galaxies to find you if you were ever in trouble, which is why if I have to hear you say anything deprecating about yourself again I will need you to write down the first and last names of anyone that has ever said anything bad about you and destroy them.
  • Lance: *literally dies*
Cos our youngest loves Arashi (& work) so much ~ TOKIO Kakeru 04.10.2017

The third wish Jun makes for his dream house: an underground rehearsal room for dance rehearsals (with members of course!)

How extravagant~~ 

Maybe Model Pair can prepare a round for them to enjoy at their own Bar Counter ala~

And a small nook for the five to have deeper discussions…

Shipper squeals that it’s mini-Sho who gets placed in front of the prototype rehearsal room mirror…

… before mini-Jun is set in his place. 

Look familiar? Let me refresh your memory…

… and even the chairs share the same colour scheme.

Then it’s fun time with other mini-members, except…

TOKIO nii-san insist that mini-Satoshi-kun would not want to dance and will slack off at the back of the rehearsal room.

ひどいなー TOKIO お兄さんたち!  (^_^)  (^_^)

And there are cameras to capture footage for further checks and references… and I just 😍😍😍 that it’s Kokoro no Kora ‘footage’ that’s ‘playing’.

Cr: TOKIO Kakeru 04.10.2017