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haikyuu!! yearbook superlatives [part 2] | based off this post 



and when the lights start flashing like a photobooth
and the stars exploding
we’ll be fireproof

—troye sivan “youth” / © hoshi majoo


WWCOMMS, Here for you, where ever you are. And whoever you are.

WWCOMMS Pride flag edits for pride month I guess!
They’re not all the same size, I tried OK these are my first edits like this but I’m pretty proud of them… I tried to be as inclusive as possible but I know I missed a bunch of flags and orientations and gender identities…

I might open requests for these? They’re quite quick and easy to make… Eh we’ll see. (I mean if enough people want a certain identity then I’ll see what I can do.)

Please credit me if you use these! Thanks.

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Do you have any resources you recommend to self teach? :D

Andrew Loomis’ books are great. 

Other books and videos -

Basic perspective:

Color theory:

Anatomy/figure drawing:



Other books:

Online teachers:

Online figure drawing resources:

There’s a lot more stuff out there but these should get you started. GET DRAWING FOOLS

RUFFLED SKIRT FOR TODDLERS - EA child to toddler conversion

Hey guys, back with another toddler CC! I’m sure everyone’s getting a little sick of looking at them by now (I’m not though:3), but I still think it’s really great that EA finally decided to release tots for us. Anyway, I had to have a skirt like this for my toddlers, because back at home, I have a niece who wears things like this, so it just didn’t make sense to not have it. And it’s freakin’ adorable, right?! 

- Edit of EA mesh 

- 14 swatches

- Known issues: If your little tots have a big tummy, your top may have some cutting issues (not all of them do, just select ones)

- Tag me with @keikosim, @keikosimlookbook, or #keikosim if you use it! Would love to see your adorable babies <3

- Made with @sims4studioofficial

- Download here!

EDIT (I forgot to write the rest of this LOL): I think I might take a break from making toddler CC and go back to making CC for adults, and maybe ever kids? I’ve never made kids CC but I think that would be interesting to try. Also, should out to @qvoix for her amazing tutorial about converting adult to toddler CAS items. Enjoy! 

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Do you know any good day6 blogs to follow? I recently made a day6 blog and I don't know much about the fandom here

oh yaaaaayyyyy for more day6 blogs on tumblr!!!! 

since there have been quite a few new day6 blogs and some people’s urls have changed since the last time i had one of these asks, i’m going to answer this properly lol

so uhm idk if you’re looking for purely day6 blogs but tbh most day6 fans have quite multifandom blogs. Here are some you should check out (i’m going to exclude fyeah blogs bc i’m guessing you’ve already come across those): 

  • @jaechicken - nicole makes day6 gifs and tries to keep her blog purely day6 so makes thousands of sideblogs but occasionally fails lol and she likes making nicknames so don’t get confused when you read her tags hahah she has a really nice voice as well so go check out her day6 covers on her blog!!! 
  • @everyday6 - cree makes fanarts when uni isn’t being a btch. her blog’s probably 50% day6 and 50% bts so her blog’s heaven if you’re a bts fan as well. one of the nicest people in the fandom tbh
  • @theday6 - text posts master tbh!!! I love reading her thoughts about everything day6. she also makes gifs and edits. she has a great taste in music so you should check out any of the music she recommends!! 
  • @youngk - aka lifesaver liz lol translates and subs day6 content and also makes gifs
  • @its-youngk - is liz’s husband mae also makes gifs and her tags are gold and always make my day. she also posts a lot of got7 so you’ll love her blog if you’re a gotday fan
  • @dowoonerie and @professional-kangaroo - gifmakers and two of the sweetest people in the fandom
  • @bryankang - og senpai and always makes quality gifs
  • @w-onpil - pretty much has every important day6 post on tumblr. very nicely curated blog
  • @day6sbum - posts anything and everything she likes but when she’s in the mood for day6 (which is quite often lol), you can count on her to spam your blog with day6 content. also knows all the tea in every fandom
  • @kimwonappeal - makes veeerrryyy nice edits!! 
  • @so-na-gi - go check out krisztina’s fanarts!!!!
  • @sungchims and @kwonshinji - just started making gifs. yaaaayyy for more day6 content on tumblr
  • @daysixdreams - has been slightly mia BUT she’s writes day6 fanfics/scenarios/etc. and they are so good please go check them out!! 
  • @saracho and @notbrian - gifmakers
  • other day6 fans: @won6pil, @kangswang, @seoulhite, @ftday6, @wonismypil, @wonfeels, @got67day, @dowoonscookies, @deisikseu, @thejaedream

I’m sorry if i forgot someone TT


Part 2 of my followers gift! this is just an edit of EAS gtw hair. its NOT perfect but i thought it was cute and was getting annoyed with it lol.

  Things you should know before downloading!
includes all EA colors as well as all of the Sandwich colors from @wildlyminiaturesandwich
~Custom Thumbnail.
~Enjoy. :)

You are welcome to recolor, just please don’t include my mesh.
no paysites ect.
Don’t be a jerk and claim as your own.
if you use tag me so i can see it! (obviously you don’t have to, would just love to see it in someones game!)

Download: SFS


RWBY in a nutshell

100 points for guessing the one above the Reese’s chocolate 


(Well this has been sitting in my drafts for a while……)

what i’m working on

Do This: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or as little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they are working on. This can be anything! 

@siodymph tagged me and I LOVE to be tagged in stuff like this but uwu she is working on so much more than me by comparison – lol! But here we go.

+ that original thing that I’ve been trying to muster up the courage to look at again huehuehue (mostly I know I have to re-read it and edit some things and it’s right at the beginning so I’m all pissy about that)

+ science bros week – am I going to do it this year? I should lol and it’s in the back of my brain so I’m putting it on here to legitimize my intent.

+ I really should pick back up that impromptu road trip science bros fic I was writing but ughhhhhhhhhhh I am SO BAD at writing cheesy peppy dialogue and there needs to be cheesy peppy dialogue uhasf9uq37htqp9iunfas

+ also rolling around the idea of resurrecting this 3x5 fic I was three chapters into I just have no notes and little recollection of where I was going sooooooo

+ also lmfao ereri big bang??? am I going to do that or?? I literally have like four ereri multiparts started that I could easily finish in the time frame allotted but like all of them are variously blahhhh to me so????? who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m tagging @seekingsquake @miss-m-muses @handypolymath @amberlyinviolet @kangofu-cb @gundamwing-ellesmith @daftpunk-delorean and anyone else who wants to????

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Could you please do an edit for Nobuyuki wet? Glasses/shirt not needed. ;]

@dreamfar628 hi, i failed. enjoy :’)

does anyone read tags LOL

so i guess i should address what’s going on with this blog? if anyone cares lmao

sorry we’ve been gone for a year (oops lol) but basically we’re on a permanent semi-hiatus. i say “semi” because sarah and i will be posting occasionally. we’ve both been busy with real life, but it’s summer break for her and i’m done with my personal commitments at the end of june so you’ll be seeing us a bit more soon!

we will only be posting our own stuff (gifs and edits). which means we will no longer post fanart from pixiv! we will reblog everything else either from the tags or from our dash. i’m sure now that there’s some dw9 news, the tags will be a bit more active.