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Terashima Takuma and Sato Satomi Marriage [July 6th 2017]

First thing first, congratulation!!!!

Well..I think there’s a lot of fans that are crying right now, and I’m one of them (lol)

-Terashi [Ittoki Otoya(utapri), Shiroe(log horizon), shintarou(kagerou project)
-Satomi-chan (Wendy Marvell(fairy tail),Ritsu(K-ON!!)
I don’t know what other series that they’re working together, except for Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei.

If you look at the twitter right now. Here and there, many seiyuu are saying congratulation to them. Both Terashii and Satomi-chan announce it on their blog, Terashii also said some comment about it in his radio program “Unison”.

Tachibana Shinnosuke said in his blog that he’s happy that a person from the same agency is marriage (following him XD). Okay.. idk about Morikawa-san but I think… JunJun? Can I take this as a hint? 😅😂😂

Also since finally Terashii is marriage right now, when will be Waccha turn? Since both of them said that they want to marriage and live next to each other so their child can become childhood friends XD (If I’m not wrong)

I’m happy really. Since the life of the people who live in the entertaiment world is really hard, with tight scedhule and everything. So having a person who can support them is a really good thing. But I’m a bit shock, because as you can see Terashii is one of my favourite seiyuu. :’)

Still I wish for happiness for both of them. And let’s cry for now for those who are sad, but support them from now on because they won’t change even after marriage. (See Suzuken and Sakamoto Maaya

*it seems they’ve been dating for 8 years… Even for a normal citizen this long is worth admiring ^^

shamelesspunwhore  asked:

OMG YAY ASKBOX OPEN. Hi, i love this beautiful blog so much i check it daily for updates and my friends and i always talk about how damn accurate your gifs are. its so laughable and the nsfw ones are just.... wow. And i also realized the secret behind the name of that blog. its actually kuroko saying "look at these guns", right xD. So um i would like to request GOM+Kagami,Hanamiya reaction when they get scared of something. (like screamin like a woman lol idk xD) thanks!

You are the sweetest  Thank you so much! And yes, you cracked the Kuroko gif code!