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Ahem. So I now have the most authentic historical (and firsthand) knowledge about how OFD Sherlock would have tied his cravat (he favors the style on the left obviously, the Gordian Knot), and of course, most important of all, how sailor John UN-ties them… 😏😏😏

My Valentine

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Words: 2,175

Summary: The reader and Chris have been friends for a long time. Chris gets invited on a triple date for Valentine’s Day and without wanting to be a third wheel, he tries to convince the reader to come with him even though she hates the holiday. 

Author’s Note: I wanna thank @mrs-squirrel-chester for being an awesome beta. I am absolutely the worst person ever! I meant to put this out last week (i.e. Valentine’s Day) but due to writer’s block I wasn’t able to do so. Call me Jean-Ralphio cause I’m

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Warnings: None just tons and tons of Fluff… Oh and Chris being a total meatball (Should that be a warning?)

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You heard your phone go off in your purse as you opened the trunk to your car. Setting it inside your trunk, you dug through your purse, finally pulling out your phone and saw Chris’ name flash on your screen.

“Hey Chris.” You answered, holding your phone between your ear and shoulder, grabbing your gym bag.

“Y/N!” He shouted. “I’ve called you three times already! What were you doing?” He sounded urgent.

“I was driving Christopher.” You deadpanned, swinging your gym bag over your other shoulder and slammed trunk shut. “Everything okay?” You asked.

“Everything’s fine.” He answered, “Are you home?”

“Yes Chris I just got home why?” You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion.

“Oh good, cause I’m inside waiting for you.” He said.

“What?” You looked up and saw Chris at your window and waving at you with a huge grin on his face.

“Motherfu-” You quickly hang up and jog over to your front door.

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my first dabble into fan art

Last night I picked up my graph paper notebook (from Redbubble, with cute paper dolls of Jeremy Brett as Holmes, by @bluebellofbakerstreet​) and on the first page I started drawing “Ratlock” characters. Some of you know that I used to have pet rats and I adore them. I trained the rats to walk upright, which they can do for a few steps if you encourage them with snacks. (One rat was willing to walk further than a few steps. I made my Holmes rat the same coloring as him.)

Last night I started drawing a rat version of Sherlock Holmes and I don’t know why. Maybe I was a bit inspired by @e–q​’s lovely Catlock drawings. I enjoyed drawing “Ratlock” so I kept going and drew more Sherlock Holmes characters, all in outfits based on their Granada counterparts. I’ve never drawn fan art before so I don’t know what to do with the drawings, but they are all drawn in ink and scanned. I just have to find a way to color them…for now, here’s what Ratlock looks like. The quality of the scan was so-so, and I played with the contrast and tried to edit out the graph background but it didn’t look as clean (yikes???) as this:

See the position of his tail? He totally just did a twirl. Which is another rat trick, but it’s more likely that he had something to say to Watson.

  • Sherlock: *Spends 99% of his time obsessing over his male roommate, shows no interest in romantic/sexual relationships with women and refuses to have sex with four attractive women who were basically throwing himself at him, and spends an entire episode having a fever dream involving his male arch-nemesis simulating oral sex with pistols and cross-dressing.*
  • (Presumably blind) people: LOL, Sherlock is so straight. You kids today read your subtext into everything.

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"What the hell is this?" Sherlock said having walked into his room and found his brother, his blogger and his DI in bed together. "Sherlock, I have no idea how this happened," John said scrambling to get out of the bed as fast as possible which meant crawling over Greg because there was no way he was going to crawl over Mycroft. "Looking good," Mycroft said as he saw the army doctor's bare ass. "This is clearly my brother's idea of a joke," Sherlock replied covering John in his dressing gown.