lol she's such a boss

I love when people make Lance Allura’s little brother.

But let me raise you protective older sister Allura that puts Keith through the ringer to see if he’s good enough for her little baby brother.

Later on Keith finds out that she liked him the first time they met but she had to mess with him and Lance a little bit and show him shes the boss lol

BTS during the party
  • Jin: loud laughter at everything
  • Suga: passed out from drinking, with his arms spread and slumped, snores like a grandpa
  • J-Hope: dances while someone is singing at the karaoke
  • Rap Monster: sings drunkenly at the karaoke, doesn't let anyone "borrow" the mic
  • Jimin: tries to "borrow" the mic, ends up getting hit with a mic
  • V: takes funny and awkward selcas and pictures of them
  • Jungkook: sober in the corner, probably scarred for life because of his hyungs

Royal Commander, y’all. Whenever I have to play those levels that are like, “Use all this magic to rack up your KO Count!” I immediately choose Zelda b/c it’s raining light arrows time, mooks!! 

Neil Gaiman, Preludes and Nocturnes

i hate people who try n erase how important aisha was (and still is) to johnny so they can push their gatboss fantasies lol

LOL. Really? I guess …

Boss: “Send St.. She’ll shut them down so politely, they won’t know they’ve been shut down at all.”
Coworker/friend: “Dude … You don’t even begin to know … “

Stop sic’ing me on folks! LOL

That is pretty much the summary of my entire career. If there’s an issue that is too big and it needs to be made smaller, they send me. If someone is an issue and they need to be made smaller … they also send me.

It’s simple. Just talk to people like the adults that they are while you lay out your expectations of how their going to interact with you. If you set your boundaries early and often, people learn very quickly to respect that.

… And a bewitched aura doesn’t hurt either.

talesofsymphoniac  asked:

Tales of Graces! I've always felt that one was a little underrated, haha

(For this ask meme!)  Oh, don’t worry.  I may have gotten really really frustrated playing the game a few times (the joys of having friends egging you on to keep cranking up the game difficulty as you go, lol), but I credit my current Zestiria/Berseria prowess to letting Graces kick my ass for hours on end.  (AKA get ready for a long-ish answer because I have a love/hate relationship with this game, also known as “Damn it Emeraude”.)

  1. best girl?  Hmmm, tough choice.  I love both Team Mom Cheria and Mysterious Girl Sophie, and I’m not sure if I can really choose between them.  But I guess if I had to pick, I’d go with Sophie, mostly because I felt like Cheria could have gotten a little more love in the character development department.
  2. best boy?  Hubert, from being the constantly striving for perfection younger brother, to his nerdy love for super sentai, and his battle artes, he just became my favorite.  Hrmmmmm, that’s the 3rd tsundere bishounen I’ve picked for best boy.  I think I have a type …
  3. any ship/s?  Hubert/Pascal, mostly because it felt organic and it had room to grow, even as it’s mostly Ship Tease.
  4. favorite part of the game?  Asbel shutting down Lambda at the final battle right at the start.  I just love how quickly he shut Lambda down to prove him wrong.
  5. opinion on the mascot character (if applicable)? Don’t think Graces had one either …
  6. opinion on villain/s? (in the least spoilery way)  The main villain is a bit of a Woobie Destroyer of Worlds, but it’s Emeraude that gets me going both as the game’s That One Boss and her attitude toward Lambda and Sophie in the first place.
  7. main team of 4, and who did you play as mostly?  Hubert.  I love how he’s a jack of all trades with his artes with a wide variety of weaknesses he can hit.  I solo’ed a few bosses on him, including Emeraude.  Before Hubert joined the party, Cheria.
  8. favorite town/city/area?  Barona, mostly because I really like the fanfare-y town theme that makes it really fitting for a capitol.
  9. favorite or most used arte?  Rolling Thunderbolt, for both.  I mastered that arte faster than any other on Hubert, and it was great especially late game since it kept Hubert mobile and aerial (so he was harder to hit; Hubert’s not exactly great at taking hits), had a decent AoE, and was Nova type so it could guaranteed guard break against Nova type enemies that were everywhere late game.  It’s my favorite for a reason, lol.
  10. favorite music track?  Ooooh this one’s tough.  I have 2: Sword Draw!  Grind! (aka the normal battle theme), and Mad Dance (aka Emeraude’s battle theme - you can hear her laughing over it, can’t you?)
  11. favorite monster?  Do bosses count for this?  Because honestly?  Emeraude.  She made me flip out and rage harder than any other boss in Graces, and there’s quite a few that will make you do that (*glares at Kurtz*) but Emeraude.  Just … That Laugh of hers while she’s murdering your party - I had the pleasure of playing this game in Japanese, and instead of that evil little giggle she does in the English version, it’s a fucking Kyoto laugh.  Yes.  She goes “OHOHOHO~!” at you while she’s ruthlessly kicking your ass.  And because I was playing as Hubert, she mostly hung out in the middle of the arena, so her massive AoE spell became an evade-or-die spell, and she wouldn’t keep her focus on me - she’d go after any AI ally I tried to Life Bottle, so it literally turned into me soloing her with Hubert.  So if anyone is wondering where I learned the basics of my fancy footwork and why I’m always stepping around the arena in Zestiria and Berseria, there you go.  The Emeraude fight was literally the fight that forced me into doing it, and I never stopped after that.

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super shy reader want to date so she goes on a site you know and like she found her boss (76 lol) on the site and because she dont look like her photo when she is at her work she starts to chat with him and one day he found out [to be continued ...]

I don’t know if there was meant to be another one with this yet or it’s gonna wait until this out but I’ll do this one.

You typed in the chat, your boss’ chat box pinging on the dating website. After a quick look around you answered his question, about what you did for a living. You answered vaguely, not mentioning the company you worked at. 

You watched as he wrote something then erased it, typing again. When it erased again you got an email, you switching tabs to open it. Nervousness fluttered through you as the man you were talking to wanted to see you, as a boss however and not as the charming man you’ve come to feel affection for.

You knocked on the fancy door and stepped in when he called, body scrunching in on itself with worry. 

“ called, sir?” you stuttered, unable to meet his eyes.

“Have a seat,” he said, leaning forward intimidatingly and you immediately plopped down in the chair.

“You’ve been here a few years,” he said and you nodded, eyes wide with terror, “And your employee record is nearly spotless, the only complaints you have is that you do work too fast and you keep to yourself.”

“How do you feel about work,” he asked and you nervously fiddled with your hand.

“It’s easy, I’m done ahead of everyone else,” you confessed, finding work itself dull which is why you spent all your time 

“I figured,” he rubbed his cheek and you squirmed.

“May I ask sir,” you asked, looking through you lashes at him, “I didn’t think that the Ceo would take interest in a lowly employee.”

“I normally wouldn’t, but I’ve taken a personal interest in you,” he said, his eyes suddenly soft as your face burnt red, knowing what he was referring to

“You’re more confident online,” he said and you grew more embarrassed.

“I’m sorry,” you squeaked, covering your face. 

He chuckled and you peered at him through your fingers, “Don’t be, I’m not mad.”