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    “oh, angel sent from up above
                 you know you make my world 
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Slowly making progress on a long overdue MAP project :’D

Hey, did you do your homework?

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can you make an imagine of luke being jealous of you and calum and he tries to get your attention and like he thinks you don't like him and you like calum and ahh basically a jealous/fluffy imagine? :)))

a/n: okay I felt bad that I hadn’t posted anything at all and then I got so carried away with this that it’s still only half done but I figured I’d split it into two so I could give you guys something now. There is a little smut in it, I mean it’s like pretty tame but. Also it’s my first ever attempt at writing anything smutty so be kind lol :-) 
word count: 3600
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Luke could pinpoint the very moment he realised he liked you; when he tripped on nothing stepping to shake your hand the first time you met and his cheeks went so red he could feel them burning because of course his first impression would be so lame and you were so pretty. You just smiled sweetly and took his hand, steadying him and introducing yourself. He wasn’t sure he believed in love at first sight, but the romantic in him liked to believe in clichés, and he liked to think that one might be real every time he looked at you. 

He could also pinpoint the moment he realised his love might be a little one sided, a little more unrequited than he initially hoped. In fact, he could pin point various moments since he’d met you when that little pang of envy had hit him right in the chest. Every time he walked into Calum’s room and you were there, tucked under the blankets watching a movie, or napping; every time he spotted you across the room laughing at something Calum had said; every time you needed a hug and it was Calum’s arms that comforted you.

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Benedict Cumberbatch in 2015:

3rd January | Palm Springs International Film Festival

→ The cast of The Imitation Game won the Ensemble Performance Award. Watch their speech here.

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🦄I just read the voice she couldn't find and it was so cute omg I almost need a second one lol 😂 no pressure tho I know you're finishing up this blog but I just wanted you to know how good it was. Do you ever wonder tho if joe would date someone who's mute I can just imagine that relationship it would be so quite and cute and he's just talk all day and you'd have to think that eventually the person he's dating would get annoyed with him but they just love him more every time he talks. Rambles

The girlfriend would just smile fondly at him, and he’d ramble on about anything and everything, and it would be adorable.

Thanks for the feedback, love!
I was actually quite nervous about posting that one since it was a little different.
But I also wanted to try and get a story for those that are mute, or partially mute, because everyone deserves a story :)