lol sarah i love you :p

Thank you @mayuonline for tagging me!

This is my first real attempt at a SimSelf and I think I did an okay job,lol.

RULES: Post a photo of your simself, answer these questions and tag some friends.

Favorite Season: I love fall! I love cooler weather and colorful trees :)

Favorite books / author: Oooh,this is tough. I think my favorite author would be a tie between Sarah Dessen and J.K Rowling. My favorite book series would definitely be Harry Potter! I also love all of Sarah Dessen’s books. I’ve read them all at least once!

Favorite song: I have a lot of songs I love but I think the one I can listen to all the time (as of right now) is Finding You by Kesha.

Favorite food & drink: I have quite a few favorites. Basically all the meals that my mom cooks,lol. I also am a big fan of mashed potatoes :P As for drinks,I try and drink water mostly but when I’m being “bad”,Mountain Dew is my go to.

Dogs or cats: I’ve always considered myself a dog person until my boyfriend and I got our cat,Venus. I just fell in love with her (she’s our baby) and have a new found love for kitties ♥ I still love dogs too though!

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okay so i’m bored and i feel like posting something so here’s this outline of sarah and brendon that i have from a while ago and never finished as you can see there’s experimentation in this, i just throw my dart at the board and hope it lands somewhere on it when it comes to art. the farther away from the center, the better. anyway, i’d just like to thank all of you for the 100+ notes i have now on the meagan and pete post, i’m so happy, i could scream forever, if i didn’t have only one lung. anyway, i’m seriously contemplating making, like, a redbubble now. lol. let’s hope for the best :-)

hello everyone~!

I’m here to present to you kim-jongiin’s 2ND follow forever! Woo~ My blog turned one years old not too long ago, and I just wanted to celebrate it somehow…. c:. In such a short amount of time, I was able to meet some great people on here even though I don’t talk much…… lmao. (Please come talk to me because I’m really not that bad! T3T hahaha)

Anyways, another reason why I wanted to make another FF was because my first one was so bad lol. I made it during Christmas, when everybody changed their URLs, so I honestly forgot a lot of people.. :( not to mention my edit was extremely ugly hahaha so I wanted to make up for it! :)

I’m really thankful to all of you who decided to follow me, even though my blog isn’t that great lol (seriously i dont even do anything besides reblog lol). But anyways, thank you all! I’m also nearing my next thousand followers and like… wow how… hahaha~ Thank you all once again! You guys are amazing! I love youuuu~ ♥

To my amazing irl friends, I love you guys so much ♥

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Thoughts on Chapter 6

Kudos to Angela Bassett this was top notch
Okay the switch up in this episode was fantastic 
Now I’m gonna have to learn the actors real names too lol 
I really hope Sidney dies by the end of this 
Sarah and Evans characters :P 
As soon as y'all see shit like fetal pigs GTFO 
Shelby and Dominic though lmaooo 
The butcher really fucked up Agnes mentally 
I really loved Lily swearing at the end 
Shelby, Matt and Lee are all stupid for coming back… really stupid… and it’s the blood moon 
I’m really looking forward to see how the plot advances now
RIP Diana Cross you were the only one with enough sense to get the fuck out lol