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One of the biggest challenges during the time I have spent to watch Glee was to not cry sometimes when characters like Sue, Will or Santana made horrible comments.

And even though Will’s incapacity of being a good teacher or Sue’s abusive behavior were nothing but painful to watch, Santana’s rant addressed to  Kurt in the last season made me regret starting the show.(I’ve seen that out there are still posts about it and people have different opinions)

1. Yeah, Kurt was wrong. He could’ve talk face to face with Santana and maybe Brittany, not  stand up during the proposal. Nobody was mad when Blaine proposed to him, maybe just Kurt himself.

2. But to follow him in the hallway and start to insult every part of his body and the way he is is intolerable. All she had to say about him interrupting the proposal was said in 10 second at most. The rest of that LONG minute or so was just her way to make sure that he was gonna be a good boy that day forward.

3. I still cannot believe the writers could have come up with such disrespectful script. Instead of making Santana insult flows of Kurt, they wrote a piece of garbage about Chris’ “flows”. It is not his fault he has a high voice or small teeth. It’s not his fault his lips are not RIB’s favorite lips. And certainly he has done nothing wrong to his bosses. They think that their good writing was what had made Fox to give them season 4 , 5 and 6. This is true maybe in their dreams. The reality is that Chris made so many people fall in love with him that watching the show was a small price to pay in order to see that beautiful boy. And if somebody cannot see how amazing he despite his flows, they don’t deserve to work with him.

All in all, us, Chris’ fans should remind him on every account of social media how amazing and beautiful he is and nothing, not even Ryan or Brad or Ian can change that . Because, let’s face it, every word Santana said was a stab at Chris.

Bullying Rant

the brittana fandom thinking we’re calling santana and brittany bullies because of brittana and how we’re “jealous” like no, santana and brittany are bullies who insult people in every dam episode, back eachother up with their insults and never apologize. AND then people in this fandom supporting them with their verbal abuse  because “its how their characters are" 

….it has nothing to do with this endless/pointless ship war like since when is being a bully ok because its "who they are” ????? has glee taught you anything? all of santana’s good actions (aka the 4 times she was nice) mean nothing because she is still the same verbal tormentor she was in season 1. Saying “she was always like that” is not an excuse thats like saying “she was always a bully so its ok”

and then we have brittany insulting people as well but its ok because “SHES BRITTANY” and “Santana taught her so well” like do you hear yourselves? your blindness to this bullying is disgusting. and we all know if sam or blaine or one of the newbies were to ever have a 5 minute rant insulting a character ya’ll be going crazy but because its santana its ok because “shes just being honest” and “she was always like this”

you’re supporting two bullies and then have the nerve to say they are the most inspired aspect of glee, trust me no one is inspired by bullies. 

santana and this fandom take a lesson from naya 

ANDDD  saying santana and brittany arent bullies because they dont physically hurt people ????? may i remind you of one of the glee actors experiences with bullies 

have a nice day i sure hope you arent bullies yourselves considering you stan ones everyday. 

Oh dear, how DARE Kurt offer unsolicited advice to Santana based upon his experience and his obvious concern for her and her relationship.

I mean it’s not like Santana has ever gotten involved in other couple’s relationships.

Fin/chel’s first break-up, Fin/chel’s second break-up, Bro/chel’s break-up, Ka/dam’s break-up (I mean god bless, but still), B/artie’s break-up, Br/am’s break-up and Fabre/vans’s break-up had NOTHING to do with Santana getting involved without being asked, right?

*deep sigh* Okay, I understand that Kurt kinda messed up a really nice moment and that he shouldn’t have said anything if no one asked, but DEAR LORD, SANTANA! That was waaaay out of the line, yes, I know that probably you wanted everything to be perfect and you have every right to be mad at Kurt, but insulting him in that way? That was just plain mean and pathetic. I really wanted to see Santana giving Kurt what is called “cachetada con guante blanco” because it was a great opportunity to show her “true colors”,but, why have her to do that when you can ignore five years of character development? I mean, it was really low, even for Santana.

It doesn’t matter how mad you are with someone, but you should NEVER say those things to your “friend” or someone you’re closed to.

The writers put Santana as another Blaine stan, I mean, it wasn’t enough for the entire glee club and Kurt’s “friends” to ignore what Blaine did to him,now they are all defending him and they haven’t ever bothered to ask Kurt about how is he doing. I really liked Santana, because I thought that all the bitchy act was just a way to protect herself, and I thought that she would know how it is to be uncomfortable with yourself, to have insecurities, but she just used all of that to make Kurt feel bad, because that was the whole point in the discussion, it wasn’t about defending her love for Brittany or her right to get married with whoever she wants,no, the point was just to make Kurt feel worthless and unwanted, it was to HURT him, and the thing that just broke me was Kurt’s reaction, he didn’t even fight back, he just stood there and took everything Santana threw at him, and you know why? Because he actually believes all those things, he thinks the break up was his fault, that he is ugly, that everything he does is stupid, that he is not good enough for Blaine (which we all know it’s not true), and that no one will ever love him. And one of the worst things you can do is to feel disgusted with yourself, to think that everything is wrong with you and you’ll never be worthy.

So congratulations to the glee writers, you’ve just ruined an amazing character.

Are the Glee writers mad that Chris has become happy and successful? Do they want him to stay beaten down, so they can brag about saving him with their Important Show? And when he won’t, did they try to put him back in his place with the Santana rant? No wonder they glorify an abusive relationship like Klaine.


I understand that Santana was angry and honestly, she had every right to be. But insulting Kurt that way? That was way out of line and offensive as hell, which was actually Brad Falchuk’s pure hate towards Chris Colfer. What’s wrong, Mr.Falchuk? Are you that desparate that you make fun of the things they can’t change?


Santana had every right to be upset with Kurt for spoiling one of the happiest moments of her life but come on. Insulting his appearance? Insulting the things he likes? Blaming the whole break up on him without even knowing the whole story? That was way more than a regular Santana-rant. That was Brad Falchuk acting like a whiney child. Butthurt much Mr. Falchuk?

So Kurt tried to support Santana when Finn outed her, let her live in his apartment after she just walzed in, wasn´angry at her when she went through all of their stuff or constantly calls him lady. She constantly oversteps her line with Kurt without him even saying anything, but if Kurt once oversteps his, she´s a nasty, homophobic, effeminophobic asshat to him.

Okay I'm not happy with the song previews and I'll tell you why;

Chris did not get a solo! He did not get anything, not a single song in the most important Glee episode ever! He’s playing the brother of the young man who dies in this episode and RIB who never allowed Finn and Kurt to ever have a duet couldn’t even let Chris sing to Cory. I’m just…I’m fuming over this shit -.-

Rachel gets her solo which she should since she was Finn’s love. But why the hell does Finn’s bully get a solo???? And Puck gets 2 songs?! ‘Fire and Rain’ is good but I’m still not happy.

They should’ve gave 'I’ll Stand By You’ to Chris, that song was significant to the beginning of the Finn/Kurt relationship! Kurt was the one who suggested Finn to sing it as his ballad to make him feel better about the baby situation in S1. That was also a Cory solo and as much as I love Amber, Mercedes did not have a special bond with Finn at all. This is unforgivable..I’m not over this I’m annoyed -.-

Well I guess since they allowed Chris wear Cory’s jacket, they probably figured that was enough acknowledgement to their relationship -.-