lol ryo


@changeling-droneco I need to draw Ryou more often tbh, haha

I got mine a few days late because we ordered it online and had to wait for shipping, but I’m 100% certain that Ryou waited in line until midnight to get his hands on a Switch at launch. That boy needs his Zelda fix.

I want to get to know the world more. On top of getting closer to that, I want to gaze at Japan once more. Because, I’ve never done anything like have a part time job. Of course, I probably know about things that a lot of people don’t know about but I feel like I don’t know about all the really basic things that everyone else knows about. That’s really a waste, or rather I feel like it’s a shame. Because I also want to try doing a part time job with someone getting angry at me. That’s why, before when I had to work as a mover on a TV show and they got angry at me, I was a little happy (laugh)
—  Nishikido Ryo, NEWS Wink Up Feb 2011

hc: rather than starting off texts with a greeting, kyohei will often send a selfie to start off the conversation


Some free ryoyasu to put a smile on your face. ❤

And I’m sorry Yasu, even if you play the role of the samurai, you still look the girl of the pair. 

But that’s okay ❤

I was working on something else and then this happened. It is on a random dented sheet of kraft coloured paper I found in my desk and you can see all the efforts I put into it. I feel like somebody must have done a joke like this before? If not with Hokushin then maybe Toguro Ani? Itsuki? Yatsude? Did I miss anybody? Ryo/Kai? lol (gee there sure are a lot of characters in this series suitable for handy jokes)