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Why Santana and I can’t be together
  • I Need A Medic:We can’t be together because it’s I’m a sergeant and she’s a specialist.
  • Living With Mrs Pierce:We can’t be together because she’s my sister’s wife.
  • Bad Romance:We can’t be together because I’m her foster mother.
  • Life Among Mortals:We can’t be together because I’m a human and she’s a god.
  • The New Teacher:We can’t be together because she’s my teacher.
  • Paperweight:We can’t be together because she’s my boss.
  • I’m Like A Lawyer:We can’t be together because I’m an accused and she’s my lawyer
  • Glee:We can’t be together because she had an “energy exchange” with another girl and broke up with me because she wanted to be mature/because Sam Evans forgot he liked Mercedes anymore and thinks we’re soulmates.
  • Ryan Murphy:You know what would make this show better?
  • Glee fans:Continuity?
  • Glee fans:Character development?
  • Glee fans:Respect towards female characters?
  • Glee fans:More focus on the original cast?
  • Glee fans:Good writing?
  • Ryan Murphy:MORE NEW CHARACTERS!!!!! :D

I still, to this day, believe Ryan Murphy resents Dianna Agron for making Quinn Fabray likeable. He openly admitted that the character was written to be the stereotypical mean girl like Regina George. The fact that fans not only liked Quinn, but rooted for her and came up with reasons behind why she acted the way she did, I think that ruined whatever plans he had for her. It’s probably why the character has had so many shitty storylines where she was repeatedly knocked down and stomped on.