lol ryan murphy


                                “I WANT THEM TO LOOK LIKE MIDWESTERN KIDS”

“Not      A b e r c r o m b i e   &   F i t c h      models.”

                                                                              “ NO.”

I still, to this day, believe Ryan Murphy resents Dianna Agron for making Quinn Fabray likeable. He openly admitted that the character was written to be the stereotypical mean girl like Regina George. The fact that fans not only liked Quinn, but rooted for her and came up with reasons behind why she acted the way she did, I think that ruined whatever plans he had for her. It’s probably why the character has had so many shitty storylines where she was repeatedly knocked down and stomped on.

Bless Chris Colfer for liking pics on Instagram while ignoring the awfulness that is Blee and avoiding talking about or posting about toxic bull shit Glee and Toxic Klaine Kledding, I feel you hun, I am sad and pissed off for Kurt's awful ending too

And fuck you RIB for not giving Chris not even one fucking thing he asked for Kurt to have before Glee ends, you destroyed Kurt’s journey an disrespected Chris and all his hard work and effort he put in Kurt for some piece of shit ship and actor, Fuck. You.