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People who call Darren “Ryan’s precious snowflake” need a reality check, because Darren’s character on Glee was butchered like no other. Blaine was first introduced as this charming,confident guy with the occasional silliness and an interesting backstory and later he was turned into this insecure,whinny mess whose only goal in life was to marry Kurt. Does any of these say “producer’s snowflake”? And when Darren was asked what he wanted for his character in season 6, he said all he wanted was a storyline that made sense. And what did he get? A love story with Karofsky. Does that scream “special treatment’? So he got a lot of songs, or screen time, so what? That was because people liked Darren, so Ryan Murphy gave them more Darren, that is all…

Here’s to actors of color who will sign up for future Ryan Murphy’s projects.

I hope they treat you better than they treated Amber.
I hope they treat you better than they treated Jenna.
I hope they treat you better than they treated Alex.
I hope your characters don’t become targets to offensive jokes.
I hope your characters get storylines they deserve.
I hope you and your characters are treated with respect.
I hope you never have to deal with people like glee fans.
And I really hope the paycheck is worth it.