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People who call Darren “Ryan’s precious snowflake” need a reality check, because Darren’s character on Glee was butchered like no other. Blaine was first introduced as this charming,confident guy with the occasional silliness and an interesting backstory and later he was turned into this insecure,whinny mess whose only goal in life was to marry Kurt. Does any of these say “producer’s snowflake”? And when Darren was asked what he wanted for his character in season 6, he said all he wanted was a storyline that made sense. And what did he get? A love story with Karofsky. Does that scream “special treatment’? So he got a lot of songs, or screen time, so what? That was because people liked Darren, so Ryan Murphy gave them more Darren, that is all…

Here’s to actors of color who will sign up for future Ryan Murphy’s projects.

I hope they treat you better than they treated Amber.
I hope they treat you better than they treated Jenna.
I hope they treat you better than they treated Alex.
I hope your characters don’t become targets to offensive jokes.
I hope your characters get storylines they deserve.
I hope you and your characters are treated with respect.
I hope you never have to deal with people like glee fans.
And I really hope the paycheck is worth it.

Bless Chris Colfer for liking pics on Instagram while ignoring the awfulness that is Blee and avoiding talking about or posting about toxic bull shit Glee and Toxic Klaine Kledding, I feel you hun, I am sad and pissed off for Kurt's awful ending too

And fuck you RIB for not giving Chris not even one fucking thing he asked for Kurt to have before Glee ends, you destroyed Kurt’s journey an disrespected Chris and all his hard work and effort he put in Kurt for some piece of shit ship and actor, Fuck. You.

Why people doesn’t realized yet that Glee was completely finished happily at S3x21 Nationals? The show which we’ve been watching after that is the spin-off series about Rachel Berry on Broadway. Glee has been over 2 years ago. RM has just forgot to announce this to us.

Glee's Rules to Dating & Relationships

Rules about dating and relationships as taught to the impressionable youth of the world by Ryan Murphy & Glee.

1. You are the most important person in the relationship - remember there  is no U.S. In the words dating or even marriage but there is an I

2. You must marry your high school boyfriend/girlfriend otherwise you’ll be alone forever with your only company being the hundreds of stray cats you adopt.

3. Any problems in your relationship can be solved by cheating on your partner

4. Any girl or boy is fair game EVEN if their your best friends boyfriend/girlfriend

5. You must be involved in at least 1 love triangle a year otherwise your only chance at finding love will be if you hooked up with the unfortunate person in rule #2

6. It’s totally not creepy at all if you were to sleep with the estranged mother of the girl you made out with who was also replaced by your love child which was adopted by said mother (rather unnervingly easy for my liking) all the while once again screwing over your best friend.

7. You are not a sex offender if you get a girl drunk so you can sleep with her. But you may end up as the lead story on Dateline or America’s Most Wanted.

8. Long distance relationships never work out.

9. If you’re feeling down or bad or even insecure in a relationship the easiest way to remedy the situation is to emotionally blackmail your significant other until they too feel absolutely shit about themselves too. Congratulations you have once again restored balance to your relationship.

10. The best way to get back at your boyfriend/girlfriend is too date the person who bullied them all throughout high school & also threaten to kill them.

11. NO WAY IN THE WORLD are you a whack job if you ask the parent of your significant other for permission to marry their child immediately after you finished cheating on said child.

12. Teen marriages NEVER work UNLESS they’ve been officiated by one of the people getting married parent.

13. You are an AWESOME friend by immediately hooking up with the ex boyfriend of your friend who you know still has feelings for said person & also who you spent hours commenting that they belonged together.

14. Don’t worry if you have a baby, unplanned pregnancy or get cheated on you’ll forget it ever happened in about roughly 42 minutes or the length of a TV episode.

15. It’s perfectly acceptable to hold up your wedding so that the person who was most vocal about what an UTTER MISTAKE your making can make it to your nuptials & object properly like a normal person during the ceremony.

16. The dreams & goals of your boyfriend/girlfriend don’t matter. Cause remember rule #1 you are the most important person ever.

17. It’s perfectly cool to string multiple people along because as we discussed earlier cheating is cool & stringing someone along will also count towards your love triangle quota.

18. If your SOULMATE should dump you or tragically die the best way to move on is to never talk about them & start screwing your friends ex boyfriend.

19. The best part of any relationship is the end no matter how much you fought & hated each other throughout the middle stages just make sure you have a happy ending & get married that solves everything.

20. Lastly every person you date in your entire life will apparently be your one true love & soulmate & apparent endgame. Until you break up & jump on the next available person preferably someone who recently or still is dating a close friend of yours.

21. Oh one more thing quick rushed marriages & cheating are the two go to cures for any relationship woes.

There you have it ladies & gentlemen the 21 rules of dating and relationships as taught to your teens by relationship expert Dr Ryan Murphy. Thanks Dr Murphy the future sure looks bright thanks to your knowledgeable expertise & suggestions.

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Hey I've just started watching glee and I saw your post on Santana's rant to kurt in S6 and I just want to say that I'm completely disgusted and appalled by the fact that everyone treats it like a mere joke and not the toxic lashing out from the writers that it is really is. Not to mention how that goes against the very ideals and values that the show preaches since season 1. I'm currently on season 3 and it's kinda depressing to get a glimpse of the degradation of writing quality in store sigh

The writing for Glee is, unfortunately, pretty abysmal. Especially after season three when Ryan Murphy totally screwed the pooch. There were some shining moments (and we could always count on good acting from Chris, Matt, Jane, Naya and to a lesser degree Lea) to overcome the lousy writing and trite storylines but yeah… it’s hard to get past just how bad Glee got and a lot of us stayed watching out of a desire to support our favorite actors. As much as I rag on Darren’s crap acting and how Rachel was transformed midway through season 4 into Lea Michele, no one was served well.

Santana’s rant (in Jagged Little Pill) was especially had to swallow (no pun intended) because it totally destroyed all of the character development that Santana earned in six seasons. She had gone from a petty bully to one that was opening herself up to love and friendships. She put herself out there for Rachel (who went on to stab her in the back) and Kurt and felt absolutely guilt stricken over how she’d treated Finn while he was alive. She had grown so much and to see her yanked all the way back to her season one behavior, she she was cruel and cutting and didn’t care about anyone else… that was very hard to take.

And it wasn’t hard to see that the showrunners were not only abusing Santana’s character, but taking out their frustrations on Chris personally by using Santana as a mouthpiece to mock the things that not only Kurt was known for, but Chris himself. It was a very shitty thing to do to both actors and their characters (and leaves no surprise that neither Chris nor Naya plan to work with Ryan Murphy again anytime in the foreseeable future).