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The brotp as two of my fav girls in the Digimon series that also happens to be a seiyuus joke~~

Vandead Carnival Prologue Translation

If You Choose Kou   If You Choose Subaru


-Scene: Sakamaki Living Room-


Ayato: *chewing food* Huh!? What’s that… …? We’ve been invited to a carnival?


Reiji: ――Ayato, refrain from opening your mouth while takoyaki’s in it. That’s ill-mannered

Ayato: Shut up! It’s not like I’m making a mess or anything, so back off… …

Geez, that old man, why the hell does he have to always suggest these crazy things … …


Kanato: But he’s never said anything like going to a carnival before… …Why now, I wonder.


Laito: Who knows? This wouldn’t be the first time with his craziness… …

If he ordered us to go to Mars after this, I wouldn’t be surprised. Nfu.

Hey, Bitch-chan. You agree, right?


Yui: (Hmm… … I don’t know much about their father… …)

From the things I hear, it makes me wonder if he’s really that scary of a person.


Laito: Oh he is. He’s the kind of person who makes a living out of tormenting us~.


Reiji: Laito, that’s crossing the line.

Anyhow, I just received a letter of invitation from one of Father’s familiars to attend Vandead Carnival, being hosted in the demon world tonight.


Subaru: Tch… …What a pain! Why a carnival! All I can think is that there’s something wrong with his head!!


*Subaru Punches Wall*


Reiji: Subaru, if you make any more holes in the wall than this, I will deduct the repair expenses from your pocket money.


Subaru: Hah!? Fuck off! That’s tyrannical!!


Reiji: What, exactly, is tyrannical?

In any case, based upon the circumstances, we’ll be attending this Vandead Carnival.


Ayato: Who the hell would wanna go to that! I’m sure not.


Kanato: I don’t want to either.


Laito: Seems boring, I guess I’m passing too.


Subaru: No shit, I’m passing. I’m not obligated to go.


Shu: Same. I don’t have spare time to daddle in the old man’s fun.


Reiji: Is that so… …? Well, I’m perfectly fine with that then.


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Vandead Carnival Kou Sub Scenario w/Ruki Translation

Prologue   Chapter 1   Sub Scenario w/Ruki   Sub Scenario w/Reiji   Sub Scenario w/Yuma   Chapter 2   Sub Scenario w/Ayato   Sub Scenario w/Subaru   Sub Scenario w/Azusa   Chapter 3   Sub Scenario w/Kanato  

-Scene: Garden Shop- [Location on Map: Mazeross Main Street]

Kou: I wonder what kinda plant this is.

Ruki: Wait, don’t touch.

Kou: Eeh! Why not? It says here that you can pick them, no?

Yui: I think they’re mandrakes. I’ve heard of them somewhere before, but I can’t remember what they were… …

Ruki: They are. Mandrakes can move like a human being and once one is pulled out of the ground, it’ll scream.

Yui: Ah! That’s right! It’s that mythical plant that screams when uprooted; those who hear it get paralyzed and then they faint.

(I’ve only seen them in books, but how amazing. This really is the demon world)

Kou: How fun!  Say say, can we pull one out? Just real quuuuick~!

Ruki: No.

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~September Dengeki VC Informationals~


(☞゚∀゚)☞ For basic game information, refer to this post. Scans (x)


Vandead Carnival Scheduled Release Date: December 4th

  • Regular Edition:  ≈  $58 (+tax)
  • Limited Edition:  ≈  $78 (+tax)
  • Download From Vita Store:  ≈  $50.48 (+tax)


Regular Edition Jacket Illustration: Sakamaki Brothers


Limited Edition Jacket Illustration: Mukami Brothers



Laito: Now, if anyone has anything to say to me, I won’t care.

Because… … you chose me.

Nfu ♪ And that means,

No matter where my Bitch-chan goes, you won’t be leaving my sight.


Yui: But wait… …


Laito: Fufu. Don’t worry, it’s okay. As your guard, I’ll make sure to protect you proooperly~

Okay, well now, shall we start heading towards the castle?



Yui: Wah… …!


Reiji: This silverwork piece hangs from this chain so it may be worn as a necklace.

Now, since this is a gift from me, you should be wearing it at all times. Understood?


Yui: Y-Yes.

(B-But, it tickles a bit with the way he’s putting it on… …!)


Reiji: Please keep still. Are you a child?


Yui: … …S-Sorry… …



(~˘▾˘)~ While I was at it, I decided to do Ruki bae’s Q&A as well hehe. His character song is called “冷たい血" (Cold Blood) for those wanting to know.


Q1: Ruki-kun, you dress so cool and mature-like, it always makes me dokidoki. I was wondering, do you like dressing in monocolored clothes? (PN. Sora-san)

A1: I wouldn’t say that I like it, but it fits. Maybe because it balances well with my hair color? I’m more concerned about the material. I take comfort into consideration.


Q2: What kind of books do you like to read? I’m curious because you seem like you’d read complex sort of books. (PN. Masako-san)

A2: I don’t read only a certain kind. It can range from books about politics to novel stories. Though recently, I’ve been getting into mystery. As long as it’s an enjoyable read, then the type doesn’t matter.


Q3: I heard that you were interested in creating original recipes. What kind of dishes do you make? (PN. Tsubaki-san)

A3: The ones I make are based off of Japanese-styled dishes. Like subtle Dashi with bold seasoning. I’m also interested in basing my dishes on the uniqueness of French ones.


Q4: Between Kou-kun, Yuma-kun, and Azusa-kun, who can you rely on the most? (PN. Murasaki Ren-san)

A4: Yuma can get outside of my control. With Kou, there are times when I don’t really know what he’s thinking. But, it’s possible to guess… …  Azusa’s the most reliable. He’s quick-witted.

Dark Fate Yuma Dark 06 Translation

Mukami Prologue     Dark Prologue     Dark 01     Dark 02     Dark 03    Dark 04     Dark 05     Dark 06     Dark 07     Dark 08     Dark 09     Dark 10     Dark Epilogue     Heaven 01

Note:06 is no longer part of the situation chapters. It’s now a story chapter. Also, the love choices are now made in 06-10 while the S/M choices are made in the situation parts (01-05).

-Scene: Castle Living Room-

Yui: (――Some time has passed since we came to the demon world, but nothing much has happened)

(It sort of makes it hard to believe we were attacked before… …)

Yuma: Ahh… …

Yui: Yuma-kun? Is something wrong?

Yuma: … …I’m bored.

Yui: What?

Yuma: I said I’m bored.

I don’t have my garden or flowers here. Basically, I have nothing. There’s no way for me to kill all this damn time.

I can’t stand it anymore. Do you wanna go back?

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Ruki on Stand Up! Japan