lol rock and roll


I thought he was just confused…but no, Pete was literally getting a fucking tattoo done while all of this was going on. This just blows my mind.

If you ever feel useless, just remember that Kirk Hammett has been doing back vocals for the past 36 years. Do you know what his singing voice sounds like? Neither do I. No one does.

This was a wip, and today I decided to finish it up today.

I have a bad habit of being messy when I sketch. I had to pause from studying so I can get this out of my system. I’m sorry if it looks bad.. v_v

I’m thinkin’ this is something they would both enjoy doing together.. listening to rock n’ roll while cuddling or nuzzling together. 

Anyways, I have to get back to the books..I might take a while to draw another one… but I’ll take advantage when I get the chance. 

Anyhoo, enjoy! and sorry again! 

Miraxus is life.