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Past and Present

Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well! This was a request made by @dajumintz, a long time back. I even don’t remember lol. But, as I always say better late than never!

Pairing - MCxHunt

Warnings - Sad, with happy ending though.

Summary- The MC sees Thomas kissing someone else.


What is that feeling called when you see the love of your life with someone else.

Yeah, betrayal.

Lets start from the beginning.


“ Oh my god! Thomas!” I laughed loudly earning stares from people around us, I shrugged at them and turned my attention back to him.

“ What? Its true” he smirked but his face instantly fell into a shocked one. “Yvonne?”
I turned my head around to see who he was referring to and then I remembered, she was the girl I saw in the photo with Thomas on the date auction, she was the girl whom he loved with all his heart but left to pursue his career, she was Yvonne.

She turned around as soon she heard her name and the smile she gave, created an upsetting feeling in my stomach. She was beautiful.

“ I can’t believe this! Thomas!” She laughed and hugged him. He hugged her back smiling.

They started talking, catching up and completely ignoring my presence. Well, its not their fault. So, I decided to leave them alone for sometime and go do something for myself.

“ Hey, Thomas, I am going inside the mall. Nice seeing you here Yvonne” I said but she just smiled and looked back to Thomas.

He looked at me apologetically but I smiled and nodded. I turned and walked inside.

Letting them be.

[ Thomas’s POV]

I saw Crystal leave me alone with Yvonne. To be honest, Yvonne haven’t changed even a bit. But, now I love Crystal with all my heart and it will not change at any cost.

“ Who is she?” She asked suddenly, bringing me back into reality.

“ She is Crystal, my girlfriend” Yvonne’s smile faded at the word. “ How is your husband?”

“ Oh-” she smiled sadly “ We divorced” my eyes widened a little. “..We were fighting a lot lately and it was the best to get divorced” I nodded

“ I’m sorry” she shook her head. “

Its okay, well I came here to meet you, thinking that we could pick up from where we left of but..” she trailed off.

I was not shocked or anything but yes, I didn’t expect this from her. If she was hoping that I would leave Crystal to be again with her, she is wrong.

I was so lost in thought that she took the opportunity and kissed me. My eyes widened and I pushed her back, away from me.

Then, my heart shattered at the sight. Crystal was standing there with tears in her eyes. I was about to call her, but she quickly turned and left.

“ I’m sorry, Thomas ” Yvonne quickly said guilty of the action. I shook my head.

“ I have to go” and I ran to find Crystal.

[ Back to Crystal]

I came out of the mall, all loaded up from the shopping bags in my hand. Thomas didn’t come inside, of course, they have a lot to talk about anyways.

As I turned around the corner, my legs froze and tears instantly filled my eyes. This was something I wasn’t expecting, or was I?

They kissed. Kissed.

Before I did or make myself do something wrong about this, I ran from there.

I hired a taxi and gave the driver the address of My and Addi’s apartment. I couldn’t go back to Thomas’s, after running away from there.

Tears were falling continuously from my eyes, but I quickly wiped them off.


I opened the door from the spare key I had, and thanked god that Addison wasn’t here. I went to the bedroom and fell down on the bed, staring at the wall blankly.

It wasn’t Thomas’s fault, its all me. What I felt was insecurity, what if Thomas still loved her and wanted to be with her again?

I mean, why wouldn’t he still love her? He only said that she was a type of woman whom he never met in his whole life, hell she was his first love.

Suddenly, I heard the door open. Maybe it was Addison.

“ Addi? Sorry, I came here with-” I opened the door and cut myself off “ Thomas?”

He was standing there with a sad look on his face, and guilt in his eyes. Believe me, I hated myself at that point because it was because of me,my insecurity.

“ Crystal. I’m sorry” I shook my head, No.

“ No, Thomas, its not your fault, its just me.” He looked at me and hugged me tightly as if he was never letting me go.

“ Its all me, I felt you still love her and wanted to go back to her. Because why not? She is beautiful and I am nothing in-” I was cut off with Thomas kissing me softly.
“ No. I love you and only you, Yvonne is my past and you are my present, future, everything. You are perfect Crystal. Even, Yvonne wouldn’t have fought for me, for us the way you did. I love you”

Tears again filled my eyes.

“ I love you too”

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