lol remember when i made graphics

okay so i’ve been meaning to put one of these out there for a while but i didn’t remember i’d made a graphic for this until now so that’s why there was a little delay. this is a permanent starter call. basically what this means to me is that if i see you on the dash and i think up something randomly, i can just throw it at you with the peace of mind that you won’t be like “ lol wtf get off my dick fallon “. this is also so i can make smaller starter calls that are based off of a mood/verse/length and then delete them when i’ve finished off the starters to keep everything cleaner. this is not a timed starter call; liking this won’t guarantee interaction. but it’s a nice neutral way of saying that you would be interested in intereacting with fallon.

as per my rules, you must be a mutual to like this.