lol remember when i didn't ship them

What? When did i do that? I don’t remember.

15th December. Antis and ReySky theorists walk into the cinema to see The Last Jedi.

“We’re gonna collect reylo shippers tears today, HA!” They say as the movie starts.

But the shock, the horror is painted on their faces when none of what they expect happens. All their bad-conceived theories crumble down in the span of two hours. When the lights come on again, they’re left in their seats. Paralysed. Terrified. Doomed.

“How… how are we going to face Tumblr after this?”

“I made 3 whole blogs just to hate on reylo, I will look like a fool now!”

“At least you don’t have a blog called reyskywalkerforpresident.”

The apocalypse begins. Entire blogs disappear, URLs change, people swearing to their gods that they never meant to hurt anyone and were totally shipping reylo since the beginning, people denying ever believing in such a stupid, debunked thing as Rey Skywalker, thousands of words of hate disappear from tumblr without a trace.

It’s the 16th December. The reylo tag has never been as clean from hate as it is today. It almost feels unreal.

“I always knew they couldn’t be cousins! Please believe me! I never meant to tell anyone to die over a ship!” an anti screams down the corridor as they get dragged away.

But it’s not that easy. It can’t be that easy.

A lonely ReySky theorist trembles in a corner. The Reylo fam looks around. Everything is quiet. All Antis gone.

“When they come and ask you what happened here,” a reylo shipper tells the poor soul, “tell them that Tumblr remembers. Tell them that Reylo shippers came for them.”

when im feeling /really/ Rowdy i follow some ziams bc those people eat conspiracy theories for breakfast and F*CK YOU if you haven’t thought at least once that zayn leaving was an alien mind control scheme or something like tbh?????? i’m here for the ziams

(i mean this with all the love in the world i literally love ziams so much they keep me young)

anonymous asked:

Peter Maximoff+Reader for the ship meme please!

Gives nose/forehead kisses

Peter. You know he’s around if you feel random things touching your face. The random things being his lips obviously.

Gets jealous the most

Peter. If somebody flirts with you, they end up miles away and very confused.

Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive

If you get drunk, Peter will tolerate driving so you don’t get extra sick due to his speed. He can’t really get drunk though (in my opinion).

Takes care of on sick days

Peter is used to being babied when he’s sick because of his mom so you take care of him.

Drags the other person out into the water on beach day

Peter. You literally have no choice you’ll just appear there.

Gives unprompted massages

Peter tries but he’s too fast so it’s not that great.

Drives/rides shotgun

Peter doesn’t have the patience to ride in or drive a car.

Brings the other lunch at work

Even better, Peter will whisk you away and take you somewhere awesome for lunch.

Has the better parental relationship

If you’re just talking about his mom, it’s Peter, because his mom is the best. His dad is the opposite.

Tries to start role-playing in bed

Peter tried, but you both ended up finding it more hilarious than sexy.

Embarrassingly drunk dancer

You. Peter has so many videos.

Still cries watching Titanic

You always tear up a little and Peter makes fun of you.

Firmly believes in couples costumes

Peter. He’s usually very set on dressing up as band members.

Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas

Peter and he actually pays for the things instead of stealing them, which is always a shock.

Makes the other eat breakfast

Peter already has breakfast made before you’re even awake so you really have no excuse.

Remembers anniversaries

Peter only remembers when he notices you looking pissed and spends the whole day trying to make up for it.

Brings up having kids

It was actually Peter’s little sister. She always asks when you’re going to have a baby and Peter just blushes.