lol remember this trend

masquerabe  asked:

Ayyy, “No — no. Just keep your clothes on.” from Kagome to Ciel? 😂😂😂

*cracks knuckles* YES!!!

This is set in the same universe as the last CielKag piece I wrote, btw.


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Wednesday, January 7, 2015 we trend: Olicity 2015

Come join the fun!

- No hashtag needed

- Do capitalize the first letter of each word in the slogan (not hard to remember this week lol)

- No matter when the trending starts, we’ll be tweeting the whole hour, so come have fun with us!

- Tweet all the things - big or small - that you’d love to see with Oliver and Felicity in the new year.  Have songs you’d love to see used for their scenes?  A color dress (ahem green) you’d like to see Felicity wear?  Dying to see Felicity tell Oliver she loves him, too?  It’s all material for Tweet content and you’ve got several days to think of all the Olicity goodness you want.

So please help spread the word and then come join in the fun on January 7th.