lol remember last season

Hey did y’all know I love Red vs Blue

can we talk about all the asian representation on this season of sytycd tho

i am sO HAPPY like 3 asian contestants??? 4 asian dancers????? I JUST SAW AN ASIAN COUPLE DANCING?????? TOGETHER? ON LIVE TV!!!! thiS IS LIKE THE FIRST TIME ive evER SEEN THIS


On this episode of Real Husbands of Storybrooke:

Maybe you should have rethought that statement, David.

Sonny Question

Is it me, or did we never get a Sonny-centric episode in all of Season 18?

I woudn’t count Great Expectations, because Sonny had his normal amount of screentime in that episode, and it wasn’t actually about him. In S16 we got to meet Bella and Sonny had tons of screentime, not just at work but also “at home” (well, Bella’s home) for the first time. In S17 we got that amazing episode of him going undercover, giving Peter a great opportunity to play something else and, again, getting tons of screentime. Even Liv took a backseat in that ep, since Mariska was busy directing it.

In this season’s Great Expectations, Sonny just had the one moment, when he talked about his past for less than a minute. I’d compare it to 41 Witnesses or Unholiest Alliance (lol shame on me for even comparing it to those great eps), as in, it was a normal SVU episode with a heavier Sonny content, but not actually Carisi-centric.

In S18, Barba got Know It All, Amanda got the episode with her sister (queen Kim!), Fin hasn’t gotten an episode since the iconic Ludacris saga, and Liv got all the episodes :D

Nothing for Sonny? No real chance to let Peter shine, other than a fleeting moment or two? As bored as I’ve been with this season, I was at least banking on the “standard” (or so I thought) Sonny episode to get me excited.

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wait, maybe we got one and i forgot about it? that’s possible. i only remember about 3 episodes from this season

also yay i found that Malcolm in the Middle moment in gif form

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what do you think the odds are of mickey coming back next season??

i’d say a solid… 10% lol i mean we gotta remember that they thought s7 was the last season and they were literally gonna leave us with mickey and ian not being endgame so idk why they would suddenly change their minds, but who knows 🙁 ian can have fun selling his meth, mickey doesn’t need to be around that mess hahah

1 yr ago Korea and Salami were united as gal pals.
Seriously tho the fact I can state korrasami is canon is fantastic.

Happy (Late) 1 Yr Anniversary guys!

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omG I DIDN’T NOTICE IT UNTIL NOW (I WAS SO FOCUSED ON KUROKO AND AOKAGA BEING DUMB IN THE BG LOL) but remember the end card in the last episode of season 2?? i think akashi couldn’t make it to their graffiti event so they left it blank for him to write the “a” he took a picture of it and texted it to kuroko

it’s like akashi couldn’t be there physically but he’s there in spirit via text LOL and i think that’s really cute ; u ;