lol pretending i know how to color


We are out of mostly everything but bananas so I’ve been making the most of that today lol, grilled bananas with English muffin French “toast” for breakfast and cereal with extra pecans and another banana for lunch.
My daughter was coloring while I was taking a selfie and she was saying, “mommy I’m going to make a big spider, I know you won’t like it but it’s going to be so funny. Mommy it will be a pretend spider, not a real one. It’s going to be so funny.”
And I was chuckling to myself because she was being so cute and then I kid you not A GIGANTIC BLACK SPIDER (just like the one she was drawing) COMES UP OUT OF THE THROW BLANKET I WAS SITTING ON AND JUST MAKES HIS WAY OVER THE ARM OF THE COUCH REAL CASUAL LIKE.
I hate spiders so much 😭😭😭
This thing was so huge.
I was like STAY CALM EVERYONE I HAVE TO KILL IT STAY CALM EVERYONE JUST CALM DOWN and of course I am the only one freaking out, in fact my baby is toddling over trying to touch it.
I killed it with one of my daughters toys and grabbed the carcass with a wipe. Yecchhh.

Needless to say those two selfies are before and after the incident.